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We all have to deal with narcissists. Now, it’s time to heal from them. In this groundbreaking series, clinical psychologist and world’s leading expert on narcissism Dr. Ramani Durvasula talks to survivors and experts to help millions left reeling from narcissistic abuse. The powerful, transformative conversations on Navigating Narcissism break down classic narcissistic patterns like manipulation, control, gaslighting, and love bombing and help unpack feelings of betrayal, shame, confusion, pain.

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  • no nick name 2
    Narcissists are a head f***
    I’d like to see more discussion about narcissism in friendships. I had a “friend” for 25 years, had a gut feeling that something was amiss for about 20 of those years, it was a terrible relief when I finally saw the truth, but ooh boy, did it ever play a number on my head for YEARS afterwards. I still don’t trust female friendships. I like to think I forgive her, but the truth is, if I could punch her off her delusional pedestal, I would. Please talk more about SPIRITUAL NARCISSISTS!!
  • AADamselfly
    Narcissists are threatened by this exposure!
    Thank You Dr. Ramani! Without your expertise in this area, and my therapist, I’d continue to swim in a pool of sharks. I prefer to swim with empaths! Narcissists love to make you feel less than. It’s wound they keep pouring salt in to remain dominant. It’s frightening to lift the veil and realize how many are around you. I see the red flags and just avoid them now. It’s a mistake to assume all people are kind and loving. Without this knowledge evil can slither way too close to a person!
  • The gaslighter
    Empower the lies and that abusive to chest! This stuff cracks me up! Always a victim don’t forget the tantrums and the solid narcissistic gaslighting! It’s flat abuse! Makes as much sense as Biden nomics! Bottom up too down play on words!
  • reemu99
    Love Dr. Ramani
    Dr. Ramani is empathetic, intelligent, passionate and facilitates wonderfully deep, fascinating conversations with survivors. She is so needed❤️
  • Toredaleparker
    Best podcast about narcissism
    I found Dr Ramani about 2 years ago on YouTube and have been obsessed with her content ever since. I’ve officially started my healing journey with her and every single episode I can relate too. I kind of wish I was on this podcast as a guest so she can tell me how crazy my life is too haha. Really though, she’s so informative and I wait every Thursday to drive to work and get retraumatized before taking on my day. Thank you for helping me heal and understanding my family and the narcissist in my life.
  • silkysusan
    Two hotties who have survived and are doing God’s work
  • ginagaliano
    Simply put, Dr Ramani saved my life.
    Everything has been said already about how Dr Ramani has impacted their lives. I am just another person. She is truly my therapy. There’s many wonderful therapists that specialize in mental disorders but Dr Ramani is in a league of her own. Her delivery and compassion is unique only to her. She is an angel from above, doing what she was put on this earth to do, devoting her life to helping all of us. I am forever grateful to her.❤️
  • SonoAnna8
    So helpful
    I didn’t know what a narcissist was, nor did I know that I was married to a narcissist for four years, and when the marriage ended, I was completely broken, confused and longing to be with him again this podcast helped me navigate the worst time of my life, I became stronger, saw things very very clearly for the first time, and understood what the relationship really was. I even saw things that existed that I didn’t see before all of this has made me realize that I was not crazy that I was being manipulated and married to a narcissist..
  • Kalfisher
    Im one of those people who has a natural sort of ..not skepticism, but I’m not generally comfortable with generalizations (see what j did there) in the mental health context, though it’s more out of a fear of minimizing a complex thing rather than out of fear that these generalizations aren’t apt. The thing that dr Ramani is able to do in speaking about the types of harm that arise out of a (general) narcissistic culture and/or personal relationship is in how she quickly cuts past the more philosophical/contextual reasons that the narcissistic behavior or personality, like what about their condition makes the narcissist behave a certain way and gets instead right to what the harm ultimately means, the effect of that abuse, and what that looks like. That’s not to say that she simply reassures the person or situation where abuse has occurred if it’s being a not deserved or proportional behavior, she does do that, but she shines in how she breaks down the ways in which the person navigating narcissistic abuse can frame and understand themselves and the behavior as following along a general, predictable path, and by understanding and recognizing this path, she helps it become a thing that can be better spotted, prepared for, navigated through. She gives listeners tools, really thoughtful and helpful tools. She states some thresholds like “they may never change” and “you won’t get what you need from this person” and that kind of certainty can be - in most of the available content in this area tends to be — rigid and therefore suspect, but she is able to back up why she makes these statement and it’s very ….it’s just really helpful. Informative. She does explain the behaviors basis, but she’s also aware that it’s a somewhat unknowable thing, and her focus instead on validating the effect narcissistic abuse has on its victims (or whatever word you want to use, victim is a loaded one I know) - she uses the situation to build and teach from, to draw from in a logical and affirming way. She’s rare in the sense that she’s able to talk about these things and in a way that is accessible to many listeners from many varieties of experience; I think it’s because she listens keenly and can definitively call the ball or strike and then get into what that means. It’s the what that means part that is so helpful. I could not recommend her enough, and as a person who, again, eye rolls at most TED talks or books about how the world is yours if you just manifest it - like this is not anything like that. This is informed, relatable and informative content. I dunno if I’ve ever written such a long review ooof. 🥳. It’s one of those topics that can go so so quickly bad - had to note that!
  • AndJusticeForAnimals
    Great show but torn.
    As someone who was married to a malignant, narcissist celebrity, and is also the daughter of one, the show is super powerful. But I find it incredibly ironic that it’s executive produced by someone well known for being a narcissist in Hollywood. Crazy. Hard to maneuver that one. Oh well.
  • Finding_doll
    Can’t thank her enough
    So happy to see Dr. Armani’s career grow. Finding her YouTube channel saved my life. I was able to recover and understand my relationship with my narcissistic abusive ex. Because of her empathy and knowledge she is able to break down reasons people get into these relationships and also how the narcissist works. She helped me realize it wasn’t me who was wrong or not good enough. Thank you for everything!
  • 3girlmama
    They all have and live by the same playbook
    Episode 17. July 6, 2023. This is the life I lived for over three decades. I also didn’t know I was being abused. The post-separation abuse has been the most painful. Legal abuse for over 2 1/2 years. Alienating my adult children against me. The estrangement from my children is the worst form of cruelty.
  • I know loys of stuff now !
    Captivating content
    The respect & tenderness given to victims by Dr Ramani is validating. She informs us of harmful systems & individuals with healing resources & conversation. Listen and become sensitive to others while becoming less likely to be trapped in a narcissistic environment because of the freedom this podcast is promoting! Well done
  • MoreBrandi
    Thank you so much
    I’m actually going through a divorce and this has been very helpful in the process. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with people that may need it
  • Miranda0813
    Thank you.
  • lunalgt
    Podcast Dr Ramani is great
    Dr. Ramani is an incredible listener, and I think the standout element of these podcasts is to learn from how she listens. She is so tuned into what the other person is saying, it is a manifestation of selflessness that in itself is a counterbalance to narcissistic tendencies, if we as listeners ourselves wanted to know how to be more collective and less self-centred. (If it is possible to edit the guest speaker’s interruptions of Dr Ramani, it could be worth it: the latest episode with Cheryl Burke is almost unlistenable because of how frequently Dr Ramani is interrupted and spoken over.) I found Dr Ramani on youtube, but it’s great having her to learn from in my headphones when out walking: thank you for the podcast. I agree with some other reviewers that it’s more interesting to hear a higher proportion of “regular-people” stories over “prominent” people/celeb stories, especially when the people’s stories intersect with high-profile organizations, like Hillsong etc. Please also continue to be choosy about which ads you play during these episodes: hearing conspiracy theories, weight-loss scams, and other nonsense is so jarring and contradictory of the content and meaning that Dr Ramani is offering us.
  • jmo2jmo4
    Thank You
    Keep up the amazing work! I am peeling the layers of the onion for years; however, thanks to your modeling and advice I know how to whether the storm…I am m the storm!!!
  • monkeyfish68
    Follow on YouTube
    So excited to find this podcast! Recovering from narcissistic relationship with my mother. It helps to hear stories and feel validated when I’m feeling vulnerable. Thank you!!
  • garrinevan
    I have listened to your Youtube channel
    And your channel has helped me immensely. I can’t thank you enough. I am so happy to hear about your new podcast and look forward to listening.
  • Julcolello
    Thank you!
    This podcast is done very well, easy to listen to and informative. Thank you for all you do for your guests and listeners. 🤍
  • T1244321
    Dr. Ramani is so helpful
    Thank you Dr. Ramani for all of your helpful advice
  • Happy98403
    Lili Bernard
    This two-part Lili Bernard interview was in my opinion the most excellent in a series of excellent conversations hosted by Dr Ramani. I feel great appreciation to both participants for the examples of kindness, compassion, courage, and honesty presented. This podcast is a treasure.
  • nelli825
    Red flags in social media and relationships
    THIS! This episode really hit home and really, really spoke to me. Many of them did. But THIS is classic narc in the social media world. Almost all of them love, love social media… and I’m wondering if social media will exact the issue in the future.. I mean what if social media stops existing? Probably will never happen. My ex I am pregnant by did many of these exact things.. I’m no contact. And I believe I’m getting to indifferent stage pretty quickly. These podcasts and you tube videos are the staple of my healing journey. Thank you Dr. Ramani. I sincerely love the work you do!
  • bmbutler2
    Are you kidding me?
    Dr. Ramani helped me so much in finding out what narcissism is and keep my sanity with a prior employer. Listening to the most recent podcast. So now the mental health is racist and only geared to white people?! Are you freaking kidding me?! Here’s a news flash: not everything is racist. That is CRT and I can’t believe you agree with that. I had a great early therapist after a breakup. The reason I had to stop my sessions had nothing g go do with my skin color. I was a student and could afford it even on a sliding scale. I went to two several years later. They both offered nothing except “well, how do you feel about that?” Had nothing to do with skin color.
  • Duncanomics
    Great work
    Wonderful dialogue, content, and pace.
  • PB1334
    We Need This Podcast
    I began listening to this podcast out of interest in human behavior and psychology. I continued listening because it is so well done. Dr. Ramani is well-educated, perceptive, and empathetic. Her show does not sensationalize or take advantage of victims. Our society suffers from narcissism in many complicated ways, because we don’t understand it. Navigating Narcissism provides empathy and insight that can benefit people in every kind of relationship: romantic, child-parent, employee-boss or company, student-teacher, etc. etc. This is podcast listening time very well spent.
  • asc0502
    If you are interested in narcissism
    …you’ve come to the right place! Love Dr. R! wisdom, expertise, easily understandable.. if you don’t have anyone who understands the feelings of being tethered to a narcissist you need to listen to her. The Aha experiences will blow your mind.
  • MVélez
    Respectful, Educational, Freedom Ignighting
    Thank you for the learnings in this podcast. Freedom feels a little more accessible for me and my child with the education and insights in this podcast. As an academic and so much of my personality based on being an intellectual and shinning a light on social oppression, I never expected to be wrapped up in a spider web that ultimately torments my child most. I look forward to more education and getting to the other side.
  • TaraRealllllll
    Changed my life!!!
    An absolute mind blowing and mind growing experience. This podcast is a gift to self educate.
  • Hispitaliajun
    Beyond Helpful
    This podcast saves lives and sanity. I constantly share and quote what I learn. I even talk about it on my own podcast. I can’t thank her enough for her work!!
  • bvggbggfg
    This rocks
    I like how it is so amazing and how much time you put in to it
  • jbbolton23
    Women are narcissists too
    Heavy on the man hate. Most narcissists I’ve encountered in my life have been white, American, females. This show repeatedly refers to “he/him” when discussing narcies. C’mon ladies.
  • nbvc75432$@&
    Dr Ramani is truly a life-changer
    I’m so glad you moved into podcasts! Your latest episode about Relationship Red Flags with Matthew Hussey was easy to listen to, informative, and reassuring. Your work educating regular people, free of charge, about the effects of narcissistic abuse, has affected my life in a profound manner. Please keep doing what you have been doing. You are appreciated🌻
  • Hammer jammer.
    A person who wants attention …
    Is the definition of the host 😀 Congratulations - you may have learned something today
  • Pinkchampagne73
    Wonderful Podcast
    Such an intelligent and thoughtful podcast. It’s a really entertaining and educational look at the subject. I absolutely loved Dr Ramani’s interview with Matthew Hussey. It was so touching when she opened up about her personal experience. She’s so beautiful, brilliant, and seemingly confident that I was shocked that she also struggles with self worth. Even though I’m married, I had a complete shift towards being more authentic and loving. My eyes were opened. Thank you, Dr Ramani, you are changing people’s lives.
  • sydwms
    It was a mistake to have Matthew Hussey on
    This man has made a career indicating to women that 1) they can expect men will be disgusting to them 2) he has the answers to help disgusting men be given a pass by women who trust Matthew Hussey, or at the very least given second chances to continue to treat them poorly. It’s not women’s responsibility to teach men. This culture fails women catastrophically by lifting men like Hussey to fame.
  • @thessamloe
    So incredibly informative and helpful!!
  • ClearRainbows
    thank you for doing everything that you do, you have saved me.
  • Женя Жданова
    The interview with Matthew Hussey was such a disappointment. So he teaches women how to be wise and patient, how to hold their standards, but what about men? Does he have anything to teach them as well? He sounds very sexist and narcissistic himself.
  • velvet352
    You’re amazing
    I have to say learning the terms of narcissistic behavior. Is mind boggling to think these ppl actually think about the stuff they say. I find the knowledge you have on this , n the kindness you give to the ppl affected. Thank you for sharing n explaining my crazy life.
  • GettingHelp?
    Not what I thought
    I clicked on this because I thought it was a podcast about having narcissistic personality disorder and trying to navigate life. There has to be someone out there trying to live with this problem, and get better. This is a mental illness. Is no one getting help?
  • Succeding
    THANK YOU Dr. Ramani!
    How l wish to have known you so much sooner, but it’s never too late to dodge the next more likely worse narcissist or narcissistic trait high conflict being. I’m much more confident now, with your wisdom and guidance the past few years. Thank YOU for making it so much easier to understand whenever you giveaways those real life scenarios. I’ve shared your videos to the narcissist group or Parental Alienation group to support many from such abuse that is still not divorced even after divorce due to co parenting. I pray for you and wish you endless prosperity ❤️
  • Imb922
    She is the ultimate guide on narcissism
    Dr Ramani is absolutely amazing & every single time I listen to an episode I am always nodding & screaming YES!! when she describes the impact & experiences of what it’s like to be in a narcissistic relationship! and also suffer from narcissistic abuse. She gives real life solutions & can help you see things as they really are. She is THE BEST person to help you navigate narcissism.
  • Jan Riches
    All the ins and outs if there was a ten star I’d give 10.5
    Im always a day late a step behind. But this validation and understanding is GOLD! It’s also a pain reliever. Thank your work and being you!!
  • T. Willson
    Brilliant perspective on Narcissism in church!!
    If anyone who can describe what’s going on in a systematic religious community, the person would be Dr. Ramani! I really appreciate how she worded! Very grateful for her help for the world!
  • JeniferjF
    The Real Deal
    Dr. Ramani shares her knowledge in a remarkable and powerful way. This is a must listen for anyone looking for continued growth!
  • Serena LCSW
    A MUST LISTEN for any woman dating or in a relationship
    I’ve been looking for a podcast like this for years! Every single episode I’ve listened to I’ve had aha moment. This is the education that every woman needs when dating or in a relationship that is giving you any kind of pause. Dr. Ramani gives educational wisdom and guidance that is unparalleled. Highly highly recommend!!
  • Stacy32070
    Interesting & Educational
    As someone who has always been fascinated by cults and who has gone no contact with a narcissistic mother, I find it so educational to hear the similarities between what I thought were two completely different situations. I know now why my interest in cults has always been there. Thank you
  • Two Moms Day Drinking Podcast
    So so Helpful
    Hearing the episode on generational trauma has hugely relieved a ton of guilt I feel as a parent. I’m in a very similar situation to the guest’s mother, and I have spent 10 years - as old as my twin daughter are now - for being such an impatient parent. Having been raised by a mother whose behavior was incredibly narcissistic, I’ve spent a decade of my life trying not to parent my daughters as I was parented, and we are struggling. I am struggling, so hard. It was so helpful to hear this guest’s mother put within the context of the position in which she was left. That distinction between narcissistic abuse and the legitimate exhaustion of single motherhood within an ongoing dysfunctional family system was transformative in my thinking on this issue in my life. Having grown up in an emotionally, financially, spiritually, abusive home I have spent 10 years thinking this irritability and nervous system activation of mine is a failure on my part to overcome the generational cycles. This episode helped me see that I am doing actually a pretty good job. Thank you for this. For real. I feel more empowered as a mom, and as a daughter who’s putting up healthy boundaries with her own narcisstic parent. 🖤
  • loving awareness
    I loved your interview with jay shetty and I loved your introduction to this podcast. Not attempting to stir a pot but one question that I have which also lead to the other. ( it was almost answered or maybe I didn’t fully understand it ) The first question arose in the beginning of the interview with you and jay shetty. You spoke about narcissistic people and how it’s a personality. I wanted to know is it treatable, changeable, able to be helped. I know you spoke about how therapist treat certain cases. This leads to the second question. Say if I was a narcissist or I knew someone and I wanted to point them in a direction (not attempting to save them per day )is this a place I or then can go to be better. To learn to want to be better or are most of not all narcissists helpless?
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