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Wrestling #17

Kevin Nash, wrestling's six-time World Heavyweight Champion and twelve-time Tag Team Champion, is inviting YOU to become an insider in the most exclusive band of rebels in the Podcast sphere! Kevin and his crew grabbed the wrestling business by the sack in the 90's and never let go, making his Kliq the most powerful faction in the history of the business, both on camera and off. They spent countless hours together, riffing on the business, the lifestyle, and everything else under the sun, and this podcast is no exception. Kevin left wrestling and built a successful career as an actor and guest on dozens of talk shows. His opinionated nature has made him the most requested guest of shoot interviews and network shows for more than a decade. Now, Kevin and his frequent host Sean Oliver, bring you all that you loved about their shows in this weekly podcast. No guest or topic is off limits. Are you sweeeeet enough.......to be the next member of the Kliq?

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  • Tall Can Dan
    Big fan 🤘🏻
    I’ve been listening to the podcast since episode one, I stopped listening to JRE podcast because to me this is leagues ahead and entertaining. Thank you for the great episodes. And as a Muay Thai practitioner and fighter Nash could be a deadly threat in Muay Thai! His insights on every topic are great from the JFK conspiracies and the daily news updates. Thank you again for the show.
  • RyanElliot
    Thank You Gentlemen
    A podcast where you go to laugh and enjoy some introspective thoughts and opinions. A healthy mixture of jokes and serious lessons learned from life. I look forward to hearing Kevin and Sean’s voice every Monday.
  • BoRevere
    Full Protection Mode
    It's pathetic for Kevin to use this platform to defend someone who's accused of sex trafficking. Nash went into full protection mode for his boy Hunter in WWE and defended Vince McMahon while blaming and joking about his accuser. He laughed about everything McMahon did to her while deflecting with a sham "review" of WWE's main competitor. Just sad, man. Oh and his co-host is "famous" for hitting record on a video camera while wrestlers spill their guts. Should be proud.
  • Bobcast Goldthwait
    3 stars
    Like the majority of his matches, his podcasting is lazy/boring. I tried to like Nash but comes off as a jerk. He comments on Grant’s lawyers appearance without knowing a thing about her. I’ll Kliq off.
  • icepick21
    Hilarious and smart
    Have watched Nash for decades and was curious to hear his roast of AEW. As a longtime business traveler who covered Albuquerque, I was sold by his review of the hotel service during his recent visit. Now I’m a weekly listener to this thoughtful gentlemen. Thank you, Kev and helpful host guy!
  • primitivepleasures
    It’s insulting to hear that you think the audience is dumb for not wanting to hear your takes on foreign affairs. It’s dumb to think I’d want to know the opinions on such matters from a former pro wrestler whose entire outlook is based on what they see on cable tv. I’m sorry, finally had to tap out. Best wishes guys, loved the old shoot interviews, this just ain’t for me.
  • Phlegmwad5000
    Speak up!
    Been listening since episode 1. I’ve been losing patience with the show because Nash always sounds like he’s 3 houses away and Sean always goes into these dramatic sounding explanations where he whispers. Please Speak up or at least speak into the microphone or something.
  • dogfan4lyfe
    Look at the adjective — “Play”
    Great podcast about nothing. Covers everything from wrestling, current events, social commentary, politics and everything in between. Great humor. Always leaves me satisfied and smiling.
  • Jayofelony
    Nah… Hard pass
    Sadly, this would be a decent podcast if it wasn’t laden with regurgitated neo-lefty talking points, and the nauseating virtue signaling that always comes along with it. When it comes to wrestling stories, Nash is one of the best. But he constantly bashes anything perceived as conservative, makes false comparisons, exaggerates the truth, and just repeats whatever he watches on CNN & MSNBC. I mean like every 3-5 minutes. And Sean Oliver just goes along with anything he says, like a good little sidekick does, regardless of his true feelings. Like it’s so blatant & ridiculous that it makes you wonder if it’s all a work, so Kevin can gain clout among Hollywood elites that he so desperately wants to be a part of. Kevin is smart when it comes to wrestling. He is not smart when it comes to geopolitics & domestic politics. He thinks he is, because he consumes all his news from the MSM, but they do nothing but spread misinform him… and everyone else. Anyone with a brain of their own knows that. Anyhow, if he ever decides to stick with wrestling and give up the virtue signaling, I’d consider listening to the show again. But until then, I’ll just stick with Konnan & Disco’s show, where they’re much more levelheaded. 🤷🏾‍♂️
  • Trsmitty5
    Been listening for about a year
    I enjoy y’all’s podcast. Y’all is what you all means to the south. I was at the 2nd WCW Uncensored in North Charleston SC at the age of 10, Sting dropped down from the rafters that night for the first time. Kev, have you ever worried about these types of stunts? This one was before Owen tragically passed.
  • sglyde97
    Groundhog Day
    Love the show! The aew blood and guts 2023 episode was like Groundhog Day, it kept plying the intro and starting over at least 5 or 6 times. Just an fyi. But I love the show one of my favorites!
  • dude7842689
    Just awful
    I was a huge fan of Nash as a wrestler but his podcast is the worst. He has nothing better to do with his time, but run his mouth about the current product. Then he throws a tantrum when people call them out with the truth.
  • ΣαPяоdцстιопs
    Nash’s podcast is great!!
    Love the show. Always loved Kevin!
  • Brainiacxiii
    Incredibly low energy hosts make it really hard to hear and follow, they flit from topic to topic saying nothing
  • gsr852
    Must Listen Podcast
    Obviously given Kevin Nash’s career as a professional wrestler, you might expect all the show would revolve around is wrestling. Guess what, you get that and much more. Kevin and his co-host Sean Oliver give you their unique perspectives on pro wrestling, as well politics, current events, Kevin’s personal life, and whatever else may be on their minds. I truly can not point to another podcast hosted by a pro wrestler that can have you laughing and crying, while at the same time is also thought provoking, and just plain entertaining. If you’re a fan of professional wrestling , give it a listen. If you’re not a fan of professional wrestling, give it a listen.
  • jeffery37
    I have no Twitter … #asknask What’s your opinion on Van Life?
  • Nightnight81
    Kliq this is always too sweet!
    This is my favorite podcast, I’ve been in it since the beginning. I am a lifelong wrestling fan so grew up watching since I was 11 months old. The reason I love this podcast so much is that it reaches beyond the wrestling world and talks about all the other things that are on my mind. Kevin and Sean talk the way I talk to my friends. Also as the parent of an autistic child it was beautiful to see Kevin and T working on a passion project together. Know that you’re seen, heard and appreciated. Not for nothing, I laugh every time I have to explain my 11 soft shirt.
  • Tbapp
    Love it
    Great stuff barely a wrestling podcast but that’s OK. It didn’t need to be we have plenty of those. Basically a talk show and the guys are hilarious. Keep up the good stuff boys.
  • Jeff "Wild Man" Beers
    The podcast is rad
    Dude it’s a rad podcast and the Kevin Nash dude talks about stuff with another dude
  • Jtc935
    Love it
    By far best podcast thanks Big Sexy John studd that’s a funny comparison, thanks Sean and thanks to Tristen for making this a 5 star podcast. Mike from OC
  • mustachio7512
    Nash is King
    Probably my favorite podcast out there. I love Kevin’s era of wrestling but this show is much more than that. It doesn’t hurt that I have the same political leanings as Kevin & Sean but either way this is a smart show. It’s funny, topical & thought provoking…but above all it’s ENTERTAINING
  • spacesuit
    Better than a pro wrestling podcast
    Sure, there are plenty of fun inside baseball stories from Big Kev’s days in the squared circle, but Nash and Sean go way further with this show. Look forward to each new episode every week to accompany my work outs and my commutes. Cheers, guys!
  • Fozzitude
    The best podcast on my rotation
    As someone who was a Kevin Nash growing up I was excited to check out this podcast for the great wrestling stories, but I’ve stuck around for everything else that I didn’t expect because it has something for everyone. It has sports, politics, entertainment, life, and the occasional wrestling discussion. It’s one of the few podcasts I eagerly anticipate listening to every week.
  • Dizzle559
    Too Sweeet!!
    Kevin Nash is a wrestling icon that speaks openly and freely which is something so many people are afraid to do these days. Ive never met the man but I feel like im in the room with him smokin a bowl when hes choppin it up with Sean, everything from politics to the ring and all stops in between, Kevin keeps it 100%....... 4-Life!
  • Kole716
    FUBU Nash meets Chet Lemon
    If you loved any version of Kevin Nash, you’ll love the real guy. It’s about more than wrestling, as it should be, it’s not the only thing why if I’d are interested in. Sean’s here too, you remember him, I promise.
  • PLeish43
    Makes me look forward to Mondays
    I started listening for the wrestling but I stick around for Kevin and Sean. This is way more than a simple wrestling podcast. The hosts have engaging conversations about every and any topic. My name isn’t Mark but that’s what you can call me for this show. Kevin was my WWE champion and I’ve been watching Sean’s Kayfabe Commentaries for years. But together they are absolute gold. Keep it up guys.
  • LarryB78
    Wrestling and so much more
    If you’re a lifelong wrestling fan you already know Kevin Nash the performer. Now you have a chance to get to know Kevin Nash the man. Just as entertaining on the podcast mic as he ever was on the one in the ring, Big Kev talks about the glory days and so much more. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll learn a thing or two. Equal parts Howard Stern and Seinfeld, Kevin and Sean have a great rapport akin to locker room chat that’s incredibly engaging while being about pretty much nothing at all. Kliq This has become a staple of my Monday morning commute that I genuinely look forward to each and every week. Check it out, if you’re not overly pretentious you’ll like what you hear.
  • Jeh228
    Quickly becoming my favorite podcasts
    People are losing their minds over the political chatter on their podcast. Why? I don’t always agree with Kevin and Sean’s opinions, but how boring would this world be if everyone agreed with everyone else? The banter is hilarious. I love getting a peek into the inner working of how the wrestling industry works behind the scenes. Kevin’s stories are great. Keep up the good work, Big Sexy and Mr. Oliver. Much love #ForT
  • Jay-rod
    Great podcast
    This podcast is great it’s just not for wrestling fans, anyone could jump in to any episode and almost certainly Relate to something they’re talking about .
  • omgjaowknd
    Kevin Nash: forever Big Sexy
    This podcast was shown to me by my wrestling loving husband. I used to watch WCW and remember Kevin Nash as Big Sexy. I have food it so interesting to learn about his other wresting profiles and his real life. While this podcast is geared for men; as a 30 something woman I listen each and every week. While others may despise the political talk, I find it refreshing and I find myself agreeing with Kevin most times. The bits they do are hilarious and now that Kevin has a better sound setup I love it even more.
  • JFNDUB52
    Although I don’t agree with Kevin about his take on LA knight and that is ok. This is still one of my go to listens for the week it gets me through the week and definitely enjoy listening to Nash talk. I could listening to him talk about anything. Love ya kev 🤘
  • Travis Fowler-Harkrider
    More Than a Wrestling Podcast
    Politics, entertainment, wrestling and everything in between. I love listening to this podcast every week. They talk about anything & everything and I always listening to their takes on things whether it be serious or tongue & cheek. Keep it up, guys and give them a listen.
  • danx19
    Podcast Greatness
    Top notch listen right here. What’s great is that it’s like you’re sitting down and just chatting with Kevin Nash and Sean Oliver about wrestling and anything else going on in the world. Whether you agree or disagree with what these two say, you can’t deny how logical they are. They are hilarious and entertaining.
  • junior7684
    Best podcast that’s out!!
    Love how it’s a anything goes podcast. Talk about everything and anything besides wrestling. Keep up the amazing work!!!! Best way to start my mondays,
  • Iceo54
    Review Request
    I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about having this show in my regular downloads. But, Kevin and Sean really put out solid shows every week and I even enjoy their non-wrestling segments. Their commentary on various topics are well thought out. It also helps that Sean has universal appeal, even to tri-state area folks such as myself. With that said, this is a great show and keep up the fantastic work.
  • mcedwards87
    My new favorite!
    This is by far my new favorite podcast. It’s refreshing to listen to a wrestling podcast that isn’t JUST about wrestling. Good job guys.
  • jsmbr549
    Listen every week
    Love the podcast
  • RyMac☘️
    When you’re NWO….
    …. You’re NWO 4 LIFE!!! And this podcast is just toooo SA-WEEEEEET!!! Been a fan of Big Kev since I was 10 years old and he was Shawn Michaels bodyguard. Glad to say I got to meet Kev at my local independent promotion in Cleveland a few years ago, an honor. Sean, I’ve watched a ton of your work on YouTube as well over the years and it’s always top notch! Keep going fellas 🤘
  • BigTop34
    A cornucopia of great discussions
    I enjoy this podcast because it’s not ONLY about wrestling. I enjoy listening to Kevin & Sean’s take on current events, hot topics & even politics. Also appreciate the fact it is time stamped so I could listen to the segments which interest me the most.
  • R. Gibb
    So good
    Each episode gets better than the last. It’s not even the wrestling commentary that keeps me. It’s the overall banter.
  • mathoblu97
    Phenomenal Podcast
    Kliq This is by far my favorite podcast, and look forward every Monday to hearing Nash and Sean’s take on various topics keep up the great work!
  • philip shuford
    NWO 4 life
    Enjoy the podcast brother! I like that it just feels like we’re having conversations about life. Keep up the good work guys!
  • klyestones
    Best way to start the week
    Everyone hates the beginning of the week and this podcast is one of the few highlights we get. The guys talk about anything and everything, and have a refreshing perspective in a world dominated by extremes taking up all the airtime. Absolutely worth the listen every single week. Give it a go.
  • Puerto Rican Demon
    Dope Podcast
    Two cool dudes.
  • M in Lakewood
    Just a good time
    I listen to Corny, I listen to Busted Open, I listen to WhatCulture, but Kliq This is one of my favorite podcasts in general. What wrestling content Kevin and Sean cover is great, the political commentary is fantastic, and really I’m just here for Kev’s singing and impersonations. Keep it up for T, guys, we love it and so does he.
  • MLopezAZ
    5 star podcast
    I love the Kliq This podcast. I’ve enjoyed the chemistry between Sean and Kevin, even going back to the Kayfabe Commentaries days. When I heard they started a podcast, I couldn’t subscribe faster. One year into the podcast and without a doubt this is my favorite podcast. Thank you Kevin and Sean.
  • tslovell
    Keep up the Great work
    Great blend of Wrestling, pop culture, no slant politics and humor. Must Listen!
  • Sleazer Sanchez
    Too sweeeeeet
    Love the show. Not your typical wrestling podcast. Love the chemistry w/ Big Kev & Sean. RIP Tristen. 🙏🏽
  • TioVince23
    Nash - The legend
    Out of any podcast I listen to , I’d recommend this one before all.
  • KrisLaniLewie
    Great show for staying informed!
    Big Kevin has a great sense of humor, and a great story teller. His objective views on political news, sports news, and popular culture, are great for staying entertained. I wrestled for 15 years(2900 matches+-), and it’s like listening to the boys tell stories; going down the road. It takes me back to my happy place.
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