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Medicine #30

SEASON 2 will launch July 6th, 2023!Step up your knowledge on caring for patients with substance use disorders (SUD)! This show features addiction medicine experts who are dedicated to bringing you practice changing knowledge about substance use, and substance use disorders. We use expert interviews to demystify common addiction medicine topics, reduce stigma, and inspire listeners to be fierce advocates for all individuals who use substances.This mini-series is hosted by Doctors Carolyn Chan, Shawn Cohen, Kenny Morford, Natalie Stahl, and friends, where they discuss how to diagnose, assess, and treat a wide-range of substance use disorders.By listening to these episodes & completing CME through VCU, this can be used to count towards the new DEA 8-hr requirement on substance use disorders education.Contact the team at ( .  Follow us on twitter @CurbsidersSUDs ( , show notes available at .

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