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Join host Sam Sanders as he guides you through the biggest pop culture stories, trends, and ideas we can’t stop thinking about. With help from Vulture friends and the occasional celebrity, Into It is answering all of the important questions. What summer blockbusters are worth your time? Do we really know Taylor Swift? What does the future of TV look like? New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday. From Vulture and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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  • shelly46ms
    The best!
    Always a perfect mix of laughter and thought provoking content
  • ️Mags
    This is the kind of news I need
    With the world burning down, flooding or being blown away by hurricanes this podcast is a chance to breath while still hearing about what is happening in the world. Love all the guests he has on but Jay is my probably favorite
  • Reviewguyok
    Can’t get enough Sam
    Sam knows what’s up and I’m glad he’s able to share some here
  • AccioPixie196
    Give it a try
    Definitely give this show a listen & see if it’s for you.. I enjoy most Vulture shows & listened to this one for a couple months as most topics are ones I am interested in…I was on the fence on if I liked it overall or not but the recent Billboard ep helped me decide to stop listening…I appreciated the guests knowledge of the subject & their willingness to take how the industry actually works into account whereas the host was quick to make broad assumptive statements.. some artists have a distinct disadvantage when radio play is disproportionately weighted & if their fans are savvy enough to use the rules Billboard sets up to help impact chart positions then those artists reap the rewards… Hosts don’t have to be experts on all subjects but I only want to listen to a hosts opinion if I respect it & this episode showed, while he seems like a lovely person,I do not..
  • honest reviews daily
    Sam is wonderful
    I’ve been listening to Sam since the NPR politics podcast. “Into It” seems like he is having the most fun of any his podcasts. Now that he has revealed he goes to the Huntington Dog Beach I feel an extra affinity towards him. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕
  • PenelopeQ
    Sam is the cool friend you wish you had
    …Or at least he’s the friend I wish I had. Fun guest hosts, smart topics, always a great listen. Love this podcast!
  • Slululu
    Love Sam Sanders
    He’s so buoyant, quick and informed and I generally agree with all his pop culture opinions 😁
  • E. Dub
    Sam is the BEST
    I’ve been listening to Sam since the start and followed him from his NPR show. He’s such a warm, charismatic and authentic host. His coverage of all this pop keeps me up to date with laughter and thought provoking commentary!!
  • ceeteebeeeee
    I love everything Sam does
    The bright spot of my week! I am Into this podcast, no questions asked.
  • sarahbsreviews
    Solid pop culture discourse
    Smart discourse on pop culture topics I’m interested in as an elder millennial
  • sabbbbycat
    Great show!
    Hope Charles Entertainment Cheese is in your future
  • MusicLuva_09
    Fun. Fun. Fun.
    Really good episodes, just wishing Sam will get his pizza party? Come on Vulture! 🍕
  • nenmex
    Sam is my fave
    This is one of the few podcasts I listen to almost every episode of. Sam is funny, sincere, relatable & intelligent. I only know what’s going on in pop culture thanks to him.
  • Jaewalker1
    Great show!
    Like many folks, I was sad when Sam left It’s Been a Minute, but Into It is one of my favorite podcasts!
  • ,GF,UHF,UHF,u,v,ugv
    Charles Entertainment Cheese
    I'm really only doing this because I love the show and I want to be invited to the pizza party.
  • Tim Elliott
    It’s easy to be into Sam. He’s a dreamboat. They often cover a tv show that I’m not into, (rhw-anything) and that’s the whole show’s theme. That’s a boner killer but other than that, a pretty fantastic show full of smart people and again Sam is fantastic!
  • Emkay Tela
    Hope this helps Sam get his pizza party
    I listen every week & as someone who has to spend a lot of time during the week on the phone/Zoom for work, he’s helped me think about my public speaking voice in those settings.
  • Justice013
    Pop Culture
    Sam is a great journalist. The show has a really good flow. It tends to lean in the direction of negative opinion loosing its positive and uplifting energy.
    I have been listening to this podcast since the launch, and it is one that I just can’t miss every week. Even when I think I won’t be interested in the subject, the conversations are insightful and passionate. They strike a great balance between explaining the context, going deeper, and making connections to the world at large and what our society values. Sam is so funny, but also lets his guests really shine. Love the Culturegeist segments too! Been missing them lately.
  • Hutchy8623
    Sam Sanders, how do I love thee?
    Let me count the ways. So charming. So funny. So insightful. The Taylor Swift episode? Come on now. The country music episode? Amazing. Such an incredible interviewer. Asks thoughtful, unexpected questions. Has his own opinions. I could listen to him run into it/not into it all day long. Bring us more Sam Sanders content. We are amused.
  • ratherthan
    Into this show!
  • CateBerg
    Wicked Smart, truly kind and a lil bit sassy
    Sam hits all the notes for me. Smart and clever but with a true gold soul - I’ve listened to him for years and haven’t heard the mean snark that afflicts many smart entertainment reporters. Authentic dude that I will follow at this podcast and/or any other he joins.
  • vic0496
    Sam needs pizza! 🍕
    I’m always excited to see this show in my feed, and I’m glad it’s on a twice per week basis. :) It’s always insightful, funny, and on-point. Definitely one of the best culture podcasts right now!
  • Gablopper
    Great show!
    Great show, I look forward to the episodes!
  • izzy___b
    love the show,
    but i cringe every time sam refers to covid/the pandemic in the past tense. :/
  • Arkikoke
    Love Sam and the show!
    As sad when he left his last show, but was happy to hear the new one is great too! Always listen right when they come out!
  • MooseTheDJ
    Sam is the perfect balance
    Sam has all the things. He’s smart, he has a very sharp quick sense of humor, plus an even balance of knowing pop culture and Duz at the same time. There is nothing he can’t do!
  • bizzyesteph
    Easily enjoyable convos
    I enjoy the chats, guests are fun, and the tone is light and funny
  • Mandicita175
    I stan Sam. Sam I stan.
    Sam is delightful and I cannot get enough. This show is an eclectic mix of snark, celebration, and thoughtful critique. He is an excellent interviewer, empathetic and insightful. I just love it.
  • ustazaduktura
    Twice a week, twice as good
    Never miss an episode!
  • jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj111111111111
    Into it
    Just started listening to this show a few weeks ago. The host always asks for reviews and I enjoy the content so here’s my review: it’s great! Listen! Into it! Hope you get that pizza party.
  • Sofi_chavez
    I never miss an episode!
    my favorite pop/culture podcast. I love the guests, love Sam, love the coverage. Thank you for publishing twice a week!!!
  • Skssmc
    Favorite host
    Love Sam! Have been listening to his podcasts for ages. Such a thoughtful host with fun takes on cultural happenings.
  • ISureAmListening
    I just heartedly enjoy it.
    That’s it. I just enjoy hearing the quick perspectives on topics that are new to me and on topics that I THOUGHT I knew. It brings a bit of joy whenever I listen in. Adding: I just listened to the Serial theme song come in as Sam Sanders waxed poetic about wanting an investigative reporter to cover Beyonce and Taylor Swift and I’m obsessed. From host to production… on point.
  • PrettiNPynk
    This Show is Awesome
    I’d follow Sam into a raging river just for his hilarious commentary and thoughtful interviews. He’s well-versed in the topics, and he’s also always learning something new. He’s THE best and I’m glad he shows up in my podcast feed all the time. ♥️
  • amcdavid
    Club Sanders
    Thoughtful, hilarious, empathetic, amazing conversationalist and intellectual. I will follow Sam wherever he goes, especially to a pizza party.
  • Word mom rocks
    Loving this podcast! 😎
    I started listening to Sam during the pandemic and loved that he was from my hometown (San Antonio). Hearing his voice and how he thoughtful interacts with his guests, makes me feel like I’m the quiet observer at a table of friends. Maybe one day, I can bring my book picks knowledge to his show to throw in my two cents, but for now, I enjoy his honest insight about pop culture and the world around us.
  • A podcast addict
    Love it
    Just found you and now will follow! Hopefully you get your 2000 reviews and pizza! Love your energy and insights. Keep up the great work!
  • LppCo
    Great podcast
    Love this podcast. Sam is so funny, he always brings a smart perspective, he has great guests and interesting topics.
  • Hirschberg1
    Listening from Germany
    I am an American living abroad and rely on Into It to stay up to date on US pop culture…and medicate my homesickness ❤️‍🩹
  • anypersons
    Sam Sanders is in his slay era
    This show gives me life. Sam is so smart. Very into this show 🔥
  • LCP 💕
    Smart and Funny
    Great show!
  • Asdfgkejfo1384917
    Love Sam and love the show!
    Sam may be my favorite journalist, I’ve loved his work for years at this point, he’s been a constant in my life. This podcast is also admirably produced and edited, with thoughtful discussions intertwined with levity. I look forward to listening to every episode.
  • cplopez88
    I missed you, Sam!
    So glad this one came up on my recommends! I love Brittany Luse, but I didn’t realize how much I missed Sam’s voice 🥲 Looking forward to listening more!
  • carla2692
    “Post-pandemic! POST-PANDEMIC!”
    Holy smokes! This delusional post-post-post- pandemic talk is so grating. We may not be in 2020 or even 2021 territory, but it sounds like Sam has just become obsessed with framing things in a post-apocalypse way and it’s distractingly inaccurate
  • Jogren92
    Sam Sanders!
    Followed Sam here from his NPR podcast, and he’s simply the best. He’s so quick, yet relatable, and he keeps me up to date on pop culture!
  • Ughnicknames111
    Love Sam’s work
    I’ve been following Sam Sanders since the NPR Politics days and he is always smart, insightful, good-hearted, and authentically himself. Sam’s conversations have become my favorite way to find shows and artists to follow. Sam’s political reporting background also comes out in periodic observations on how an artist’s work is in conversation with current politics, which I really enjoy and appreciate. I almost always am able to listen the day his episodes drop.
  • mcgiuliani
    Can’t stop, won’t stop
    I was a loyal listener of Sam’s from the moment he created It’s Been a Minute and have missed him since he left. So happy to be able to listen to him, his insights and the amazing array of guests and topics he highlights on this new show.
  • CQUALandis
    I’ll follow anything Sam Sanders does ❤️
  • !~!~*~*~!~!
    I’m a new listener and am so happy to have come across this podcast. Sam is so fun and engaging and the show is super informative. After listening to my first episode, I went back and listened to 5 more 🖤
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