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Join host Sam Sanders as he guides you through the biggest pop culture stories, trends, and ideas we can’t stop thinking about. With help from Vulture friends and the occasional celebrity, Into It is answering all of the important questions. What summer blockbusters are worth your time? Do we really know Taylor Swift? What does the future of TV look like? New episodes drop every Tuesday and Friday. From Vulture and the Vox Media Podcast Network.

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  • queuea
    Loved it! So sad about cancelation
    Great podcast blending news and pop culture topics. Bummed they cancelled it but thankful Sam has another podcast to fill the void.
  • ChelseaRoseA
    Devastated this show was cancelled
    Sam is such a thoughtful journalist as well as entertaining. This was the highlight of my week. Sad this queer voice will no longer have his own show.
  • airplainchild
    The one podcast that got me through the week
    Please bring this back! (Side note, Sam’s 2023 was my 2022: lost my job in May, lost my mom in July, fiancé dumped me at that time.)
  • nick bartholomew name
    Bad takes, naive and unhelpful
    Temper tantrumy with no realistic ideas. We all wish we lived in utopia. What are you willing to do to achieve it.
  • Thecommonraven
    This podcast will forever be my culturegeist
    So bummed it was cancelled!
  • AvidListener108
    Top notch
    I never write reviews but I had to when I found out this podcast got cancelled. Truly the best podcast I’ve listened to! Will miss Sam and his incredible hosting skills, warmth, and insights. Please bring this podcast back!
  • Christmas in October
    Woke nonsense
    Woke nonsense
    The best of the best!
    So sad Into It is not continuing, but wishing all the best to Sam, his other podcast Vibe Check, and all the rotating guests on the show! Thank you very much for your thoughtful, well mapped opinions on culture.
  • JohnnyGenZdad
    I will miss you!!!!!!
    Sam, Sam, Sam, Sam!!!! Why did they cut the podcast? Into It was my go to podcast when I needed a break from the horrors of the world to find nice, sweet people talking about culture and tv and media news….. I rarely missed and really loved the culturegeist pieces, too. Please tell the world where we find you next! Thanks for the memories... John p.s. in case your tracking demographics, as a 59 year old white dude, I am sure I am in your base demographics…. Lol. But I loved the pod.
  • beenlisteningagain
    Bummed it’s leaving!
    Have truly loved this podcast. Super bummed it isn’t continuing!
  • Jenn Wolfe
    THIS Episode
    I am CRUSHED about losing Into It. So much to say but I’ll scream into the void instead. I spit-laughed during the coronation episode. Always a great show, but I will relisten to this one just for the pure funny.
  • BLE227
    Come back p, my life was podcast
  • LibbyAPierson
    Sad it’s over
    Really disappointed this show has ended. Felt like it was really getting it’s groove and then had the rug pulled out.
  • Strong-bird
    Bad decision Vulture
    I’m sad to hear this podcast is ending, but I will follow Sam Sanders to his next podcast just like I did with It’s Been a Minute! Sam is the best.
  • paloma says
    Heartbroken 💔
    I love this podcast, and I love Sam! I can’t believe I’m no longer going to hear his take on culture and everything else. Sam you’re a star in my eyes !
  • melissafitz
    I’m so bummed this podcast is done! I loved listening to Sam — snarky and sweet — a great combo! Will look for more stuff you’re doing! Best of luck
  • gravityapplied
    I Will Never Recover!
    RIP to a fav
  • angelawo
    Please bring this back someday
    I'm so disappointed to see this show end - like others have said this was a bright spot in my week. Sam is an excellent host that brings out the best in his guests. I always learned something new and had a laugh from each episode. Really sad this is going away.
  • Charlie_Mingus
    Thank you Sam
    I love this show so much. Thank you for everything you do Sam.
  • stacy 2024
    So sad
    I’m so sad to hear that you’re leaving. Your take was always so fun, truthful, and needed!
  • Counting Blu Cars
    Bring Into It back!!
    I adore Sam Sanders and “Into It” has been one of the podcasts I faithfully listen to no matter the topic. Sam’e commentary is humorous and insightful, and he always has such great chemistry with his guests. If anyone at Vulture is reading, please bring this show back. We need more things in this world to look forward to.
  • klowee210
    Miss you
    Heartbroken to have this show end. I listen to vibe check also but I loved hearing from Sam three times a week. It’s brought me joy through some tough times this year. Thank you Sam and team!
  • jen_ash
    Wait, what…?!
    Why are Sam and the show over again?! Noooooo! I loved this show😭 The good ones die young yet again
  • zocalo1889
    So sad it’s ending! Looking for your next podcast
    So sad. This is my favorite new podcast. We need more Sam! I hope you get a new podcast soon. You are so funny and have a fresh view that I relate to. And you picked the best guests. I wouldn’t change a thing. Sending wishes for a reincarnation of this show and to hear more from Sam!
  • Neil Higg
    Why is this going away!!!?
    I am so sad this is going away! Sad sad sad!
  • Tealiqua
    Why is this ending???
    Really the best and funniest. Such a mistake to cancel it. Please reconsider!!
  • JessicaNG1984
    Don’t go!
    I’m so sad this show was cancelled. I always looked forward to hearing from Sam.
  • EOB84
    Ugh why is this being cancelled?!
    This show was really hitting its stride and had great interviews interspersed with more light hearted pop culture coverage. This will be missed in my weekly listening rotation. Can’t wait to see what Sam does next.
  • Istanbulnotconstantinopal
    Thank you and goodbye
    It has been such a joy to listen to Sam be Sam. I love everything about this show
  • type roleplay name here
    Love it
    I love this show so much and so sad to hear the news that it’s ending!! I will miss Sam and his fun guests!
  • TMoney312
    So funny and informative
    I can’t believe they are ending this show. It is the highlight of my week and especially since Culturegeist was starting back up. I laughed every episode and learned something new. It was a nice break from the madness of the world today. Sam Sanders is so talented and I hope we get to see more from him.
  • Into it fan
    Love this show
    I am so disappointed that this show is ending! Love Sam! Love everything about this show. I hope it gets a revival (and sooner than later).
  • Brianhalloran
    Sam Sanders, so much love for this show
    I can’t believe they are ending this show. Sam, keep doing you, I’ll follow what comes next! Love the honesty, the vulnerability, the diversity of tone. I wish there was more like this in this world.
  • e42vt
    Bring it back
    WTH would they cancel this show? It’s my favorite. So long Sam 🥲
  • Juniper in Durango
    Sam Sanders and this show are AMAZING!
    I’m so bummed that this show is being cancelled!! I look forward to the new episodes every week! I’ve followed Sam Sanders from NPR Politics podcast, to Its Been a Minute, to Vibe Check. I know whatever Sam does next will be great and if it’s another podcast, I’m here for it!
  • whoneedspalswhenpodsexist?
    Don’t leave us, Sam!
    This show was getting better by the week. I can’t imagine a week without listening to it. I hope this isn’t the end of Sam’s podcasting because he really is the best.
  • Nohoamateur
    Just when I got into it…
    A heartfelt thank you to Sam Sanders and producers for this show, I learned more about pop culture than I ever thought I needed to know. And an equally heartfelt opposite of thank you to those who decided to cancel the show.
  • electricgrl
    Don’t go!
    Why is this podcast ending? I have a huge pop culture blind spot and Sam helps me with that. He’s not vapid like so many other pop culture podcasters. He’s smart, funny and thoughtful. So sad to see this podcast go.
  • perhapswerehumxn
    Hey, Sam Sanders! I like you. I listened to this podcast during snoozy, boring parts of my work day. You made a really great work friend. Thanks for the laughs and I’ll keep listening to you over at Vibe Check.
  • @jwmtalley
    going to miss this
    going to miss sam and his takes and the great production of this podcast. some of my favorites featured guest co host jay jurden. they are FIRE together and i laugh scream every episode.
  • Manadarae
    Why Vox, why?
    I love this show so much and am gutted that it’s been canceled. Sam is a national treasure and I will very much miss hearing from him. I’m thankful that we still have Vibe Check but all the same why did you canceled Into it???
  • Et c'est parti.
    Great listen!
    I love Sam’s voice and how he leads conversations with his guests. UPDATE: I’m so disappointed that this show has been cancelled. It was my favorite listen and there’s truly nothing comparable. Best wishes to the whole team.
  • chart_of_darkness
    Cancelling Into it = My forever culturegeist
    Sam is a pop-culture scion, a wonderful human and an extraordinary podcaster. For the foreseeable future my culturegeist will be wondering how and why this show got cancelled. The lack of Into It will be haunting me, haunting you, haunting all of us. Fingers crossed Sam’s next endeavor will be more of his cultural insights (we need a Katy Perry retrospective) and less pizza party promos- yikes Vulture.
  • amyrad/amyriad
    SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!!! Sam sanders continues to delight 🌊
    The man is a national treasure and I will follow him to ends of the earth - as long as he’s breathing into a microphone about it. I assume he’s a water sign too 🌊🌊🌊 plz do not correct me if I am wrong 😘 Edit to add: I listen to Sam sanders when I’m hungover and he heals me 💐
  • Mpowell21
    Give them Chuck E. Cheese!
    This review is too late, but Into It is the only show I listen to every ep. Love Sam and the content. I hope you finally get your pizza party. ❤️
  • Nicole Schedler
    What a way to go out
    Sad to hear about the end of Into It. Through listening to the show, I believe Sam proved the relevance of pop culture and its far-reaching impact across different aspects of out society. I appreciate how Sam always took the pop culture news of the week seriously, but with a lighthearted touch. But, if things have to end, Naomi and Andy are stellar final guests. I hope Sam and the rest of the team continue on to great success! Whatever they do, I’ll be Into It.
  • Marigold135
    The show is ending!!
    I love Sam. I cannot believe this podcast is ending. I protest
  • Jefer1116
    I am sorry I didn’t do this earlier! This is such a great podcast, brings me so much joy and keeps me smiling and laughing. I second everyone’s reviews here. Please please don’t go! I subscribed to NY magazine just to look up the various articles mention here. It was a great platform for those Vulture writers.
  • Samfan29
    The best part of my week
    This is literally the best way to start a tough Monday and round out a fun Friday. I’ve been a listener to Sam since the pandemic and it has truly gotten me from some of my toughest times. Please do not cancel. The people need Sam Sanders!
  • DJ Burgermeat
    Don’t go!!
    This show was a public service, providing commentary on the pop culture news I always wanted to know just a *little* bit more about. I was so disappointed to hear it is being canceled. Sam Sanders is a treasure.
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