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  • RichmondAvernal
    Love this
    Great podcast I like more and more as I listen. Robin is charming. Michelle is chill and clever. Great dynamic. Great podcast.
  • hoooo2394
    Hard pass
    Hard pass
  • stellaaaaM
    I was so excited to listen to 90 day UK and was so terribly disappointed! The tangents they go in are so confusing that I can’t keep straight who they are talking about! The pauses, the TMI, the lack of humor! And I tried I listened to the 1st season of 90 day UK. A sister wives episode and a 90 day episode. I thought they would find their groove, their unique voice but no that didn’t happen. It could have been so good :(
  • theladyelizabeth
    90 Day AND Anne Bolelyn 🤯
    5 stars to any podcast that can merge 2 of my favorite things…trash reality TV and Tudors - the OG trash reality just missing TV technology . The biggest and best surprise listen! Love you guys and please share how to find a British man 😂
  • iwantedthefamily
    Frustrating recap podcast
    Interesting comments hidden in tmi about the hosts and their relationship Better with Elliot
  • petrainlondon
    Is there an episode where Michelle DOESN’T bring up her neurodivergence? No.
  • shaunadukes
    Definitely my 3rd, 4th, or 5th favorite podcast
    I’m kidding, I don’t have a ranking system for that but I love these two. I found them through their collab with Reality Gays what feels like forever ago and have spent a LOT of time since then conversing with Michelle and Robin….. while standing in my kitchen, alone, listening to their recaps and talking out loud to no physical human. But I digress. Thank you for sharing your lives and your humor, and for creating a wonderful community of awesome people, bonded by so much more than just our love for trash TV.
  • the_dizzyweasel
    Definitely not my fourth favorite!
    You are absolutely my third favorite reality recap podcast. And that’s not nothing. I love the hosts, Cousin Dan, Friend Elliott, and the emotional vulnerability that they all share while talking about something seemingly so silly as reality tv. But if you listen to these folks, you may find that reality tv is a stepping off point for deep discussions on gender, sexism, classicism, racism, jingoism, and so much more. The hosts are so genuine that in between the snark they have made me tear up at the beauty of their relationship. Talk fast, talk slow, just keep talking.
  • atlgal404
    Interesting but…hypocritical
    I like the couple and most of the points of view. There is a lot of prefacing which is tough to get through. Michelle picks and chooses the trauma. She’ll ignore the behavior of one man because she likes the couple while blatantly blasting another for exactly the same behavior because she does not care for the couple. How can this be ignored? I stopped following after this hypocrisy.
  • Nottttyou
    We get it. You have issues. All they do is complain and guess what? No one is fircing you two to have a podcast. We are not children who need a stern talking to because you’re upset for bad reviews. Also, keep politics out of the podcast. You dont live in the US so dont comment.
  • sissylove90
    (Disclaimer: I am not witty enough to earn a tote bag, but HAD to leave a review nonetheless!) Over the past three years, I’ve listened religiously to only two or three podcasts… until fate intervened, and thanks to a crossover with Reality Gays, I was introduced to Blighty Day! I keep writing and erasing all the aspects of their podcast I adore, because I can’t find the proper words to do them justice (and my inner perfectionist is on a tear today…) So I resort to bullet points. Reasons I listen.. —Robin’s accent (c’mon I’m American 😂) —Lovely “transatlantic” couple (open-minded, educated & very bright…Also delightfully self-deprecating, down to earth, and excited to connect with listeners.) —Thoughtful discussion of subject matter combined with wonderful (and wicked) senses of humor (loved that Spanish Civil War joke—OMG I screech-laughed.) —Wonderful combination of viewpoints with a native Brit and an American expat living in the UK. —Their professional, educational and life experiences related to the entertainment and performing arts industries (just one example: Robin has worked as a TV producer) —Alfie Thank you, Robin and Michelle, for becoming my newest “podcaster friends.” 😁
  • arcApple
    Fun except the extremely long tangents
    I love their chemistry, humor, perspectives and that they share their opinions rather than doing a scene by scene recap of a show we already watched. I do listen to them at a fast speed but that doesn't help with the extremely long tangents about completely unrelated topics.
  • DSilva4lyfe
    Loooove them
    The obvious chemistry is incredible and I love Michelle’s dry humor she’s incredibly talented and funny we always need more neurodivergent people in this space! Robin has an amazing podcaster voice and brings an incredible insight being not only from the UK but in the media industry.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Hollyo75
    Interesting international point of view
    Michelle and Robin’s experiences as an international couple give unique context to recapping the 90 Day universe and more. And, their chemistry is great!
  • amyfowler223
    Love this fresh POV
    Michelle & Robin have a unique point of view, their hard work and dedication reflects in the pod. I enjoy hearing the side stories and even the marital banter (the real life stuff). Michelle’s voice is so soothing I could listen to her all day! Great content, love you both!
  • Bhutan
    Love the show!
    This is my favorite show for 90 Day UK updates! The hosts are an absolute delight and I love to spend just a little bit of my day with them.
  • Rozy524
    My favorite to listen to in my commute to work
    Great show, great people, and lots of laughs. In the top 3 fav podcasts I listen to.
  • Erica0987
    Love this podcast
    These two are so fun to listen to!
  • Marie Aalders
    Former Paid Subscriber
    These two spend almost as much time complaining about reviews as they spend qualifying every thought and statement they make. Oh...wait...there is just general complaining about life too. They've stolen from us paid subscribers for months, have tiered subscription levels, don't put out content and try to guilt subscribers into staying around.
  • Ymom
    Love Michelle and Robin
    I love the singing, great job on harmonies by the way Robin! I love the personal stuff, the encouragement and the UK explanations since I’m in the US. Thank you for your refreshing recaps - and no-nonsense approach.
  • Dawn_m4
    Love the honesty
    I love y’all’s honesty about the show and yourselves. You crack me up!
  • Britt Paettie
    Y’all are great! ❤️
    Love this couple! Found them on Reality Gays, been listening since! Love their coverage on 90 Day UK. Thanks for always brightening my day! ✨
  • Travelgirl316
    Michelle and Robin are a must listen!
    I make a point to never miss what these fabulous and amazing folks put out! Keep being your magnificent selves! Love you both!
  • MelisaBakker
    The rest of the planet deals with the same issues these two complain about for half of the show when they can find the time to sit in front of a microphone for an hour and figure out a way to function. Sarcastically exclaiming "good for you" to us for finding away to function in society with our issues diminishes the work we've put in to surviving. Don't diminish our struggles and journey.
  • zgray_512
    Thin-skinned whinybabies
    They do that classic podcaster thing where they bring up negative reviews as if the listener is familiar/ gives two hoots. Always makes me shake my head when podcasters ‘joke’ about bad reviews,& you know instantly that they’re upset about them. Don’t read them, then. Anyone going online looking for comments about themselves are going to inevitably find negative stuff.
  • asc0502
    i love them
    this is a must-listen for every lover of 90 day content. unique perspectives. reality gays turned me onto them:) chef’s kiss!
  • MLOAttorney
    Dynamic duo!
    Thank you Reality Gays for introducing me to BDF! I love their dynamic and their inside perspective to all things English. Their recaps of 90 Day UK make me excited to watch the episodes each week on Max.
  • Cabrita
    The baloney Jam-which
    “If she had sat on sat on his face…” Omg the Emerald episode is gold people.
  • Mrs Ivanna Humpalot
    So slow
    Why does it take this woman 30 minutes to finish a thought ?? She takes 5 minute pauses between each word Jesus Christ get to it already. The guy’s voice is horrendous
  • Nice Plant!
    Great Podcast!
    Fun, witty, enjoyable! I heard about you on the 90 Day Gay podcast and am so glad I did! You two are a perfect couple and your humor feeds off of each other well; you even sing well together! Love hearing your views on the various couples. I have become a regular listener. Thanks!
  • Katiewnh
    Our toddler knows nothing
    Leaving this in my review because.. I want to tell you that our toddler sleeps in our room and always sleeps straight through our special time (he is in his crib across the room and he's a very heavy sleeper). We reach our Heaven and whatever else it is, in contrast. My new favorite podcast!! Please laugh and send me stuff, thanks 😝
  • ExtendedVacay
    Trans Atlantic Fun
    Love their content! Like Robin, I’m new to Sister Wives so it’s great not to feel like an all alone newbie to the franchise. I’m so glad I found them during 90 Day UK. My only critique— sometimes Robin can be hard to hear as at times his voice is pretty soft so I have to replay several times to catch what he is saying. Hopefully that’s something that can be improved upon as they gain more and more listeners!
  • AlliPodCastLover
    If you are. not political…
    Don’t be.
  • Hoostina
    The wit, banter, and laughter hooked me in!
    First of all when you mentioned DePeche Mode in an ep you had me hooked! The banter and clear beautiful relationship you two have comes through! I look forward to ever episode and you could be just talking about rats in the walls! Thank you!
  • jen stoddard
    Keep it up, both of you!
  • KiLoLo207
    Quickly become one of my new fav pods!
    So glad I found you guys via Reality Gays!
  • BlueEyez82
    Big fan!
    I am loving your podcast. You two have a great dynamic that is fun to listen to. Keep up the great work!
  • MrsSPoppy
    Dynamic Duo
    I think this pair has slid effortlessly into the world of 90 day podcasters. The being such a unique perspective with their own relationship! I love the teasing and tangents, and I LOVE that throughout the fun they actually explain cultural differences. While I would love to watch you two, I have a sneaking suspicion you’ll remand behind the veil as Robin’s main desire is to remain all of our favorite “international man of mystery.”
  • P. Mitch
    Please don’t go…
    I have enjoyed listening to your podcast. I especially love your commentary on other reality shows. I don’t know how to fill your void… I guess I’m going on Patreon for you guys. Love you both feom the US❤️
  • Stacey Looney-B.
    One of my favorite new podcasts
    I discovered Blighty Day from a Reality Gays crossover episode, and I’ve been enamored ever since. I love how relatable they are. The new wave music references sprinkled throughout make me smile. Depeche Mode was the first concert I attended without an “adult”, and The Cure was my second one. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen Robert Smith melting in the Houston, Texas heat. I often wondered if they fired their tour manager for booking them in an outdoor venue in Texas, in July. Listening to podcasts in the bathtub? I’m guilty. When I park the car and I’m only halfway through an episode, well I have to finish listening somewhere, don’t I? My husband is a Walking Dead devotee. I hate the Walking Dead. I find that those kind of doom and gloom survivalists’ shows depress. Life is bleak enough some days without adding that kind of negativity, so needless to say, the hubby watches that show alone. Oh, and their recap of the shows is great too. They green say what I was thinking while watching. So, for me, extremely relatable. I spend my free time needle felting, and I used to binge watch TV while felting. Needle felting involves stabbing wool with sharp, barbed needles, so watching TV while you do it is not recommended. I’ve replaced TV with all of my podcasts, so between my commute, the bathtub, and my favorite hobby, I need a long list of shows to keep my mind occupied. I’m so glad I found Blighty Day, and I find myself anxiously awaiting the next episode. I would happily pay for them if I needed to, I enjoy them that much.
  • KaitlinGeorge
    Add this to your lineup!
    If you listen to Reality Gays, Pink Shade, and 90 Day Cray Cray, you need to add this to your lineup. Michelle and Robin are so charming, and they provide a fresh international perspective to 90 Day UK and other reality shows.
  • katek615
    I found this through their crossover with Reality Gays. Such a fun listen!
  • Dylsma03
    90 day fluent
    5 out of 5 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I stopped by for the 90-day fun, stayed a bit longer for Robin’s commentary, and stayed as a full-time listener for Michelle’s warnings to Robin. These two are a hoot! I can’t wait till they have their Patreon.
  • Mr.Beast45267370
    Mrs Snark…
    Mr and Mrs Snark… Your podcast has made me laugh so many times! I found you through Matt and Poodle… Mrs Snark- you are HILARIOUS!! I love your sense of humor, your stories, and how you and Mr Snark interact with each other. Keep doing what you’re doing…. From a top fan in the US ❤️
  • Suzette100
    Fantastic podcast
    I’ve been listening to this couple podcasting about 90 Day UK after discovering them through Reality Gays. This is a fantastic podcast, very well done. They both have smooth, easy to listen to voices and are intelligent so you get hilarious commentary on these trash heap shows. They are PG-13 so you can actually listen to them without headphones even! Shout out to Alfie for getting elected to school council- don’t let that tremendous power go to your head! Use it only for good, never evil.
  • C-higa24
    We’ll done, Alfie!!
    Love this podcast. Delish!
  • GaGirlinTxWorld
    Excellent podcast!
    I enjoy listening and look forward to every episode!
  • PeteyCinderson
    The walking dead
    I live where the walking dead filmed for 12 years. I also worked for a walking dead themed convention. Ive seen every episode multiple times.
  • mgrayscale
    Ack! not cool, dude
    Was enjoying this new podcast for the past few weeks, but today hearing Robin compare the way Scottish people speak to the noises made by animals was deeply uncool. He seems to be the kind of guy who’d take pride in being culturally-sensitive etc and would never make fun of other international cast members’ accents. I guess, as is usual for the English, using Scots as the butt of a joke is perfectly acceptable, no matter how right-on you profess to be re other ethnicities and nationalities. There aren’t enough eye-rolls in the world.
  • hAMImono
    Now You’ve Done it!
    Congratulations on launching a new podcast that informs and delights right out of the gate! Longtime Poodle and Mattie fan here so, yes, I am another of those squadmembers who heard Part One and then subsequently was not able to scrape you off my metaphoric shoe. Nice clear voices, great rapport and humour, informed and informative. Charming and personable. Likable even. You two clearly do your homework (which can NOT be said for some of the only semi-respectable 90DF podcasts out there) and it is all to the listeners’ benefit. You two are brilliant with your timing on this as well because many of us Americans . . . well, OK, maybe mostly just me. . . are hungering for a credible British perspective to help navigate this minefield of intercultural performance that is 90DFUK. Well done. Carry on. Take us to even Greater Heights of entertainment and erudition!! Edit: 17 Sept. 2022 Just was messaging with Victoria on Reddit and relayed your message expressed in your Episode 10 recap. I hope she will think about getting in touch for you to interview her. I told her that your interview with Richard was very respectful and even-handed. 👍
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