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For the last several years, the Catholic Church has noted an alarming increase in the number of exorcisms performed. And for some of the most disturbing and vicious cases of possession, one priest is often summoned. With almost two decades in ministry, renowned priest Father Carlos Martins has encountered evil in nearly every way imaginable. From Ouija boards and curses to witches and demonic pacts, Father Martins has battled the ancient serpent in many forms. The Exorcist Files are his stories.

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  • Owls Are Not What They Seem
    Great show!
    I discovered this show through The Prosecutors podcast! I can’t stop listening.
  • CulturedWhisper
    Great Compliment to Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World
    Fantastic podcast and amazing work by the production team. My two favorite things are the wonderful theology explained and the 3D sound landscape. Any Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World podcast fans will surely find this podcast interesting.
  • Christina Nguyen Jones
    However, I'm not able to subscribe to this podcast on Apple.
  • jcl695
    5 stars
    Hands down, one of my favorite podcasts!! Also, the production is wonderful and everything is easy to follow. I love everything about this podcast and definitely would recommend it!! I am always anticipating new episodes (all of them are good) and really enjoy the Q&A’s and the reenactment of exorcisms
  • dellasparkles
    My new favorite
    I am 56 years old and have been a lifelong Catholic. I tend to Catholic school. All of my kids attended Catholic school. I learned more from this podcast than I can remember learning in my 12 years of Catholic school. My faith has been renewed, and I am going to confession next week. Thank you so much.
  • Fat Donna
    Demons are desperate
    Well put together and thought out. Not just another money grab podcast. Learning a lot about demonic possession and how to deal with demonic people. Ignore them and cast them out in Jesus name.
  • Elite Trainer
    Not happy with new format
    The new format of the show, at least so far, is more like a educational program for the Catholic Church. Plugging some in along the way like last season is ok, but honestly I listen for the exorcist stories. Season 1 was a five star show, not so much now. Hopefully it’ll go back to the normal format.
  • ava_gworly💛💜
    I absolutely love this
    This is probably the best podcast I ever listened to. And I’m not just saying that. Hi, im a big supporter of this podcast. My whole family listens to this. It does sometime give me the creeps but its still fun to listen to. I love the way they make this story remakes sound so real. I recommend listening to it. Anytime we go driving we love listening to this. 10/10 recommend 🙌
  • Davadunteram
    Amazing show
    I love this podcast. True stories relayed by a exorcist and very well told by the host. With a occasional dad joke. What’s not to love.
  • Himothy👎
    This show is good
    This show is enough to give you a eerie feeling and maybe give you a chill down your spine, this show is also informational with somewhat unneeded information but if you know this information it’s like a hat-trick almost.
  • mexicanpride92
    Excited for Season 2
    I love this podcast. The stories are captivating, and the production is executed beautifully. Along the way, you not only are entertained but also gain knowledge about the spiritual life. I’m glad this project is continuing, and I’m very excited for season 2!
  • 1sonofGod
    Honest question
    How is necromancy (communication with the dead) a sin but praying to a dead saint not? Should we pray to saints and arch angels? When scripture tells us not to? Revelation 22: 8-9
  • Lacemon
    Fascinating & Informative
    Something new to learn in every episode. Love the narration, Fr Martin & even touching on other religions like Islam! Excited for another season!
  • Ericsauve
    Awesome job
    This is not only entertaining but also educational
  • Jetboy14
    Fascinatingly Informative
    Fascinating, informative, highly spiritual.
  • titansfan37087
    Got see and father Martin
    Father Martin came and gave a blessed sermon on Saint Jude. His sermon was fantastic
  • Ammo Chief
    These stories and accounts pull you right in . Thank you team for the catechism at the same time.
  • C_Talbot
    The new standard for exorcist podcast
    The bar has been set high with this one! From the 3d sound to the background on demonic strategies. By far the best podcast I’ve listened to on this subject; in substance and production quality.
  • MolonLabe999
    No consistency
    Dude, are you doing this podcast or not? More consistent content and where are the re-enactments?
  • Traveling Blanca
    He used to be an atheist now he frees souls with God’s grace
    Father Martins used to be an atheist, he converted and felt the call from God to be a priest. I met him in a You Tube interview “Pints with Aquinas” I was impressed how down to earth he is, so grateful for his ministry and his compassion towards everyone he helps. Bless you Father.
  • Katlass
    Definitely recommend!
    Binged the first season in two days after a recommendation, really like the informative aspect mixed in with the stories.
  • Am B P
    Love this podcast
    All of these are so interesting, thank you for doing this
  • Fishbowlbabe
    What’s with the host
    This podcast came highly recommended to me by a family member. I am only four episodes in. Fr Martins is so humble and sincere and I love his teaching.
  • fluoridedon
    Wonderful look into something not talked about much
    As a Protestant, exorcisms and the dark side of the spiritual world were never talked about much. Fr Martins retelling his stories would make this 5* alone, but bringing it to life with the dramatic retelling really makes this something special.
  • te.amo.devaux
    Jessica R.
    This is my first podcast I’ve ever listened to and I don’t even know where to begin…. I am not a very religious person and reason being is because I like to keep my opinions and views open. I like to learn about all religions and beliefs and to educate myself. This podcast was not only informative but it gave me CHILLS. I can’t wait for another season which I’m hoping will be soon.😭🙏🏼 I have and will be recommending this to everyone I know and those I don’t know as well. You won’t regret it!
  • Cristian Al
    Six Stars out of Five!
    Hands down, the best podcast I’ve ever listened to! As a Catholic, I’ve been searching for a educational yet entertaining podcast to listen to while on drives, doing chores at home, or during down time. When I came across “The Exorcist Files” I was a bit nervous and skeptical but also a but afraid. I’ve heard before, from Non-Catholics, that listening to anything that may have demonic presence is equal to inviting a demon into your home. With that being said, I gave it a shot anyway. After listening to Case #1-#4 and Q&A’s, I am no longer in fear of believing that I am inviting a demon in, rather I am thrilled at how amazing this podcast is organized and planned out! Along with that, Father Martins gives very good explanations as to why he does what he does in an exorcist, he answers questions that the audience may have without the questions being asked! Father Martins also educates the audience al throughout the series! Along with Father Martins, all special guest educate the listener immensely! Lastly, Ryan Bethea is the best narrator I’ve ever listened to! Ryan is very good at making the story more interesting and engaging. He also keeps the listener informed as the story unfolds! This podcast has increased my faith, brought me back to Catholicism and has gave me motivation to learn more about the faith and be an example to others! Overall, this podcast is the most amazing podcast I’ve run into and I have absolutely no complaints! Thank you all for spreading the gospel while also educating everyone around the Earth about the good and evil but also about the goodness of God and the Catholic faith! Thank you!
  • whatnicknameisntalreadytakem?!
    Healing (prayer!) in Christ
    A book by Neil Anderson, called Steps to Healing in Christ = I highly recommend it! One person walked with me through the steps of confession and forgiveness, while another sat quietly in the corner of the room, praying intercession. Worth trying, for its own sake. Also a good source if you can’t access an official exorcism appt. simply, it is all healing prayer. Thank God!
  • Igloo cool
    Love it
    Just stated listening at the end of the year last year! And I’m obsessed! Super informative.
  • meNonaC
    As a cradle, Catholic, I never realized the extent nor the truth of demonic possession. It seemed that it was just something that we saw in a movie. It is amazing that Fr. Carlos has agreed to take the time to share these stories.
  • Jessy F
    Educational Podcast
    So grateful for Father Carlos Martins and for the education he is teaching. Great podcast with great educational value. A must listen! Truly everyone needs to listen to this podcast ASAP!
  • Ohmbo
    Good Podcast
    Very informative and scary. The audio actors are very good. The source material is very good. Well written. Makes me google some of the info to learn more. The questions sent in by listeners and answers are very informative. I suggest finding the kickstarter and supporting this podcast!
  • Billhawk8
    A lot to think about.
    Because of raving reviews from friends, I started listening to this podcast, albeit quite apprehensively. I hate ghost stories, horror movies, etc. Unlike many of the listeners, I am careful to listen with lots of other sounds around…it’s too hard to take otherwise! When I listen to a podcast I am unsure about I will often listen to one or two and then analyze the effect it has on my soul. Am I overly frightened or worried afterward? Does this podcast help me come closer to our Lord? I was surprised at the impact it has had on me, which has been mostly good, and I am very grateful for Father’s matter-of-fact personality that is not fazed or dramatic. I have enjoyed the stories and appreciate seeing a glimpse into the spiritual realm, and the surety that God is ultimately in charge. I am humbled by the knowledge that it would be so easy to fall into so many of these sins and temptations myself: the desire to be loved, to be superhuman, to have a child, missing ones spouse from beyond the grave, impressing friends…I have a few stories of my own, but I will write only one: as a young teen I was once at a camp where some boys were playing with tarot cards and doing readings for my friends. I did not know what tarot cards were, I thought it was a game. I got within five feet of the table and felt a distinct presence of evil and felt sick. I ran from the room. It did not take me long to decide I had imagined my feelings, and I returned. The same sense of evil was there and I heard one of the boys say: “I can tell these aren’t my own cards because I can’t feel the spirits moving in them.” I ran from the room and tried to convince my remaining friends to stay away, albeit without success. I even heard a couple of them say it was a sin and go in anyway. My point of the story is this: God is gracious. Why He allowed me to feel the presence of evil, to hear those words, and preserve me from this sin, I don’t know. But I am so, so grateful. He helps all of us so much. And when we fall, He’s ready to pick us up. Sometimes it takes doing something bad to wake us up and make us better people. So consider this podcast your wake-up call. The devil is real and God is stronger (Almighty!), good, and loves you.
  • Ayannandre
    Love this podcast
    The extra shows like the one on angels are my favorite!!! This podcast is amazing!!
  • Hknuckles
    Love this podcast! Since I was a small child and having encountered an evil spirit appear to me during the day I've always know that evil truly walks this earth. That's why I faith in God! Amen to this podcast.
  • Mikayla!!!!!
    So good
    Honestly this made me cry after I finished a taste of honey. And it’s so good I’ve sent it to so many people! It definitely makes my skin crawl and I have to stop and pray because it really freaks me out but it’s crazy that these are real stories! WAY better than criminal minds!
  • jordi1112
    Favorite Podcast!!
    Such a great listen, I have ADHD and it’s hard for me to stay tuned into a lot of podcasts, but this one I have never lost focus! It’s also strengthened my faith as a Christian, although I feel like even non believers can enjoy it as well. Might even plant a seed. I commute 3 hours a day for work and I can’t wait for the next season!!!
  • The LJones
    Love this podcast
    I heard Ryan Bethea speak on another podcast and the conversation so intrigued me, I immediately searched for his and Father Martin’s podcast. This is my favorite podcast and I could not wait until the next release. I have referred several people to The Excocist Files because it is well researched, informative, and entertaining. Thank you for informing us and opening our eyes.
  • ashtray3000
    Excellent podcast
    This is an excellent podcast. Thank you. I am actually a new Christian not in short due part because of this podcast just because I never experienced it doesn’t mean it’s not true or doesn’t happen and I think the team who put a lot of effort into making this podcast please give this podcast a listen, but listen to it in the daytime and not at night because you’ll have a hard time sleeping.
  • Routson Psych NP
    Turned on me
    Loved season one couldn’t wait for the new season. The second season is much more religious, with scripture, encouraging turning towards religion. Show is done well subject matter was interesting until I felt like I was back in church. If you have no religious trauma this will be a great podcast for you.
  • mannix143
    The very Best!
    I love how they tell the stories, the added sounds is so great. Kudos to the team. Just what I am looking for. I cant wait to listen for more.
  • Schneids112
    Will change the way you live your life
    At first I was skeptical of the content, but I have to say that I now live a better life and think about my daily actions. The content is scary because it’s real.
  • Kimsuebarber
    Very enlightening
    I hope this continues and seasons become longer. This is so necessary to learn and use this information to keep our souls safe.
  • LeHuit
    Love this podcast!
    I looked forward to every new episode in Season 1. Now waiting patiently for Season 2. The subject matter is so interesting.
  • LenoChall
    Biblically and spiritually affirming—Thank you!
  • Jennyennio
    The first episode had me…..
    I recently changed my schedule and started coming into the office early while it’s still dark and there is no one else in the office. The production of this is so good that I had to take my earbuds out a few times and look around. My husband is a videographer and I forwarded this to him so he could hear the production. This is an excellent podcast and I find myself singing Phenomena a lot! Lol
  • mbujnoch
    Love this
    This is my favorite podcast. I’ve listened to every episode. It has opened my eyes to the evil in the world. I find the church history interesting too. Please keep making more episodes.
  • KLynn305
    Fantastic and engaging way to learn more about our Faith and the triumphant power of our God
    I had this podcast recommended by someone in my local young adult youth group and decided to listen out of morbid curiosity. I really enjoyed listening to the case stories, but feel in love with the podcast because of Fr. Martin’s ability to engage the listener with the relevant catechism and theology of the Catholic Church. Listening to the podcast had me doing a deeper dive into my own personal faith, and learning about things that I had no idea were harmful to it! I am SO EXCITED for season 2!!! Keeping everyone that makes this podcast in my prayers. God bless you all and thank you for doing the Lord’s work.
  • rosie955555
    I thought this would be so lame and boring but I was so wrong! This is a great podcast and I’m already on the last episode and I can’t wait to listen to more episodes!!!! Ten out of ten would recommend
  • silvaback78223
    Love the stories but don’t listen before bed!!
  • hoopla63
    Love this podcast!!
    The audio and content are perfection. Bringing to life the dark kingdom around us and being an over comer of it. Can’t wait for season 2❤️
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