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Chemistry is everywhere, and involves everything. But how did chemistry get to be what it is? I'm Steve Cohen, a chemist and writer, bringing you The History of Chemistry. This podcast explores the development of chemistry from prehistoric times to the present, including the people and societies who made chemistry what it is today. The History of Chemistry is for you, whether you hated chemistry in high school, or got a PhD in inorganic chemistry. We'll explore how chemistry affected art, music, language, politics and vice-versa. Whether it's ancient Greek philosophers, medieval alchemists, or modern laboratory apparatus, it's all here. Don't forget to support my series at !

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  • hot vet
    Best explanation of chemistry ever!
    Can’t say enough about this series. Never having time to take a chemistry class but owning a Periodic Table of the Elements, just because I was curious…. This podcast was meant for me. I just finished the series but need to go back and listen to several again. Many thanks to the author for making this subject understandable to people like me.
  • Ilove Greek mythology
    Love this!
    Perfect explanation for me and my friends.
    Good not great
    Thanks for your hard work and releasing this for free with no ads.
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