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Donut Racing Show: An F1 Podcast brings a cheap beer mindset to the champagne-popping podium of Formula One racing. If you only watch the race on Sunday, you’re missing 70% of the picture... and that’s where we come in. Let Donut Media’s Nolan Sykes, and motor-journalists Alanis King (Business Insider, Jalopnik) and Elizabeth Blackstock (Jalopnik), be your friendly guides to the wild world of Formula One. From the frustrations (FERRARI!) to the glory (RED BULL!) to the downright disappointing (MERCEDES?!), Donut Racing Show is here for you.

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  • Travis2626
    No doubt
    Without a shadow of a doubt I know I could do it. I started asking my friends this question and depending on their answer determines if I remain friends with them
  • TrippyFella
    Stay on topic.
    Recap the race and news stories. That’s it! They TRY to be funny when let’s be honest they are not and it’s annoying. This isn’t in the comedy section of podcast so stop trying to be.
  • PrisonNolan
    Awful last episode
    Can’t stay in topic. Only cover highlights of the race and tried to related F1 to other races too often. Makes me question is they actually watch the race. If track limit violations was a thing in podcast they would be Hamilton at the Austrian GP.
  • Faceplant Cookies
    Great Show, Sketchy Sponsors
    This podcast and its hosts are fantastic. They bring a unique and funny perspective to F1. However, their sponsor choices can be pretty disappointing. Donut pitching gambling is a new low for them.
  • Hinesypoo
    Swifties and pits
    Nolan joked about Taylor Swift concerts and mosh pits but I’ve been going to metal and punk shows since I was 12 and I’ve always loved circle pits and walls of death but last year I went to a Taylor Swift Night and it was the scariest crowd I’ve been in. Every man for himself, shoulder to shoulder, everyone pushing to the front. It had me wishing for a Cannibal Corpse show. Anyway, love the podcast, makes me wish we had even more races. Listening to the book too and enjoying it! Thanks guys.
  • Jason1749
    Can’t Land A Plane But By God I’ll Try
    In my heart of hearts I know I cannot land a commercial jet but if the call went out and there was no one better qualified than me, the least qualified person possible, I would give it my best and I think believe that between automated systems and the people in the tower I’d leave at least a few survivors.
  • Jmeva06
    I could totally fly one
  • yuck job
    Jf I just got home and
    I’m so happy you found her I can’t even begin but you know I know how you felt when you’re with me you were so close I love that I
  • Noahzark29
    I could definitely land one
  • Trust me, bro.
    I could do it.
    I could land an Airbus A380 on a 2 lane rural highway better than Max Verstappen could drive an F1 car to P1 from the back of the pack.
  • Ned master
    Just what I need
    I would record my own podcast but I’m still driving. This is the best alternative until I have the time to record mine.
  • Maxfieldsphotography
    Too much fluff
    I really like the hosts and I’m a fan of Donut, but the pod’s super casual format and reaction based conversation falls short of offering news or information. Essentially, this is three friends talking about what *they* like or don’t, not about what *I* may have missed during a race or what I don’t know.
  • Yoshoy
    Way to go Nolan! I have been listening since the beginning and always believed you were behind the eight ball with your reports. However this episode was different not only with this show but with other F1 podcasts as well. Keep bringing the insightful statistics to the podcast each week please!
  • mick Latifi
    Love Donut. Thought I would live their f1 podcast. But sadly It doesn’t come close to my expectations. It’s only Nolan from the original Donut crew. And the other two hosts do most of the talking. There isn’t much substance as well. Like I have yet to hear an in depth analysis or any sort of conversation that catches my attention. Also a couple gripes I have are the hosts always mispronouncing people or things. One of the hosts literally pronounces mclaren is Mig-Laren. And there are so many ads holy cow. Not joking, probably 15 min per hour of podcast. And my last and lightest complaint is that often they are just plain wrong. Like when it comes down to how a driver is performing or about drivers personal life. Idk they just seem like they are inexperienced fans. Which by itself is absolutely fine. But as podcast hosts who will sometimes get defensive or extremely passionate about their half baked ideas, it’s pretty embarrassing to listen to.
  • Draco27756
    Not Really About the Racing??
    Love Past Gas and F1 so figured this would be a no brainer and have listened to every episode to date to give it a chance and they just refuse to actually talk about the racing. Rarely any technical insight, barely a recap of the previous stages race randomly in the middle of the episodes, and we get it, you guys don’t like Max but maybe be semi professional about it? The hosts are funny enough which is fortunate since they spend so much of the episodes on personal tangents and they are telling you upfront it is not overly serious but the show is just not what I was looking/hoping for
  • Naby94
    I can…
    I can… say this is a great podcast for my neon pink crocs wearing self in the Prada shoe wearing podium of Formula 1. Always enjoy listening every week to the DRS podcast. Keep up the great content y’all! And yes, I can land it without a doubt.
  • labu62
    I could land a commercial airplane in an emergency…
    …but I couldn’t make a better F1 podcast.
  • Jackuar2006
    I can
    probably not land a commercial airplane
  • Awesome5685257832458726773357
    I could do it
    I could definitely land a commercial airliner in an emergency
  • Soroushantikchi
    Landing a plane
    1. I love listening to this podcast. The breakdown of the Formula 1 weekend is amazing. They make it easy for everyone to understand what the heck is going on at Formula 1. 2. I am a 27 year old guy and like Nolan said, I can definitely land a commercial plane if I had someone talk me through it.
  • Brown7own
    Like Nolan said, with A LOT of help from the ATC tower I think I could land a plane. It probably wouldn’t be pretty, but possibly survivable.
  • Rage bomb
    To DRS
    Yes, like Nolan said with help from ATC I could definitely land a plane then promptly pass out from stress
  • swagster
    Terrible episode
    I’m craving more in-depth analysis and wheel knowledge, and less cheap jokes. You were on a hot streak of some actually good episodes. The fact that all three hosts “forgot it was a sprint weekend,” like what? This is your job. I’m a casual fan and I watch every second of practice, sprint qualifying, sprint, everything. One of the main reasons I am still subscribed is my loyalty to donut as a whole. All you guys do is review what happened and make jokes rather than offer insight as to how to season will play out what modifications to cars or strategy helped or hurt different teams or drivers, the grand picture of the championship, development issues, politics within The paddock , alternate strategies and how that would’ve played out (like if Charles did do a 3-stop) etc. There’s just so much more you could be doing, I do enjoy the grid walks and talking about the history of f1, so keep that up. For example, a 1-2 minute tangent on how Max pitting for fastest lap was risky and how max did 3 stops vs everybody else only doing 2, how that shows how dominant Red Bull is and how they didn’t really care if they relinquished p1 to Charles, as well as the option of charles doing a 3 stop and where he would’ve ended if he had, would enrich Both a casual fans understanding of the sport and implications of tires and strategies, and provide the more in depth analysis that more avid fans crave. The Austrian GP episode was the worst episodes I’ve ever heard, I couldn’t even finish it. Absolutely bloody foolish takes on that one. If there was no track limits then every driver would cut every chicane, make it a straight line, and shave seconds of the lap until they were driving what you see on Instagram Memes of not even following the track, or similar to what NASCAR and IndyCar do. The whole point of Formula 1 is being the best within “the formula,” a.k.a. following the rules and taking every loophole that you can. Another thing that I absolutely hated was talking about the tattle tailing on the drivers, this is an every single sport ever (not just Motorsport). You don’t think that NASCAR drivers try to get other teams disqualified when they notice the car is running an illegal set up? They absolutely do, and anything you can do to get a competitive advantage, even tattle tailing on other drivers, shows that you are hungry to achieve the greatest possible outcome, even if it’s in sq1 or the deciding lap of a championship. This is coming from a place of love! Be better for us and for you!
  • JayRich003
    Not good enough
    I love everything else on Donut but this podcast is lacking. There many inaccuracies throughout the different episodes. For instance, in the Austria GP episode they complain about how no one can be in track limits and how Lando and Alonso were the only ones not penalized. When in actuality Zhou did not break track limits once. There are also other examples south as Lance never being in Q3 when he has a pole position under his belt. They talk about other racing series more than F1 most the time and the episodes are always out way later then other F1 podcasts. I love the hosts and the chemistry between them, but the F1 content is not as high quality as everything else made by Donut.
  • Autoblast
    Getting Better
    This show has come a long way from when they started out. It is all tuned up now and on track with an American viewpoint of the growing popularity of Formula 1 Racing.
  • juno s user
    My favorite F1 podcast
    The hosts are lovely and easy-going, but with a broad knowledge and love of motorsports, and not afraid to talk honestly about the sport and the business of F1 without putting it on a pedastal. The track walk segment is great! Can't wait to watch the rest of the season with y'all.
  • Aaaaaaronnnn
    Best F1 podcast ever
    Alan, Formula E and Nolan bring the fun to the sometimes too serious world of Formula Un. With good info and even better insights DRS offers a break from the grindset mentality of life. 10/10 would recommend.
  • Family Psychic
    It’s good stuff
    Knowledgeable commentary and light hearted. A much needed shift in tone away from the macho testosterone pit that can be some traditional f1 coverage. They take the sport seriously but do t take themselves seriously. It’s good stuff
  • pamlover6060
    Not a true F1 podcast
    Love donut media, I was excited for this podcast but the hosts talk more about NASCAR or Indy car then F1. Nolan is the only one trying to keep to F1, not a fan of the other two host. I will listen if they replace them with fans of the great sport we called formula 1.
  • Oscartheoyster
    I love the Donut racing show and your personalities❤️!
  • Ckress409
    Donut Media must find all the failed standup comedians to do the podcast… which is sad because some of the stories are very interesting when they’re not whining about their political views. You will finish the podcast with less IQ points every time.
  • Lukecifer185
    Good stuff
  • ProdigiousPilot
    Y’all need to chill
    All of this 1 star revies are so annoying bro just listen to a different podcast. Politics exist deal with it.
  • Nitroboardz12
    Fairly Annoying
    Love F1 and love Donut I was so excited to see a Donut F1 podcast! Nolan is great and seems to try to keep things moving along, but the other hosts are super annoying. The amount of times that drivers and cars and situations and like everything are called cute with follow up discussion will make you want to shut it off.
  • itsmesully
    And they say Shapiro had a lot of ads…
    Show is fun, episodes are entertaining but Jesus… it’s gotta be 1/4 ad reads and commercials lol
  • The greatest free
    W podcast
  • Jds27466);)
    Can’t listen
    These hosts can’t help but inject political nonsense into their show. They genuinely think it’s a problem that F1 is doing races in Florida and Texas because of politics in those states and consider these states just behind Saudi Arabia and Azerbaijan in human rights violations.
  • avilae89
    Love love love
    I can listen to liz, Alanis and Nolan talk all day buuuutttt on the Saudi 2023 podcast they said Lance has not been in Q3 which was not right as he did have a pole position in Turkey 2020 driving the pink Mercedes
  • JRKstudio
    Great balance
    Ive listened to many F1 podcasts over the years. Some are too technical and boring; some presenters are clearly F1 novices or doing it solely because they’re paid to. This podcast is clearly done by actual enthusiasts. The group has found a great balance in content, style, and entertainment. I loved that their recent episode covered the “dark” or “dirty” money aspect of F1, which is not discussed enough but incredibly important. I look forward to listening to many more!
  • Keevonsteel
    Elitist F1 Podcast
    Good content, but the show is basically ruined by their uneducated views on culture and world issues. In a recent episode they discussed the human rights issues in Saudi Ariabia and the Middle East at large without even mentioning the actual issue at hand: theology. The Middle East is Islamic and these hosts, like so many cultural elites, fail to realize theology matters. They are upset the Middle East practices what it believes. I agree there are issues that are fundamental human rights violations, but discuss them accurately, not from “wokeness.”
  • Bill Nye
    Keep it coming!
    Ladies and Gent! You’re podcast is a fundamental part of my F1 experience. Keep it coming. Also, you should do a crossover episode with P1 Matt and Tommy.
  • bbblahhh77
    Youth and Enthusiasm trump skill and experience
    The criticism about little substance and analysis is true, but I don’t think that’s what this podcast is about. The host are basically repeating what others have said while recapping the events of the race in the most elementary way. You’re not going to learn much here. But they all present as genuine and interested in the sport and are making the most of it. I think it’s a great supplement to the hard-hitting, analytical coverage found elsewhere. Nolan is a gem and does a great job moderating the youthful energy of the other hosts to level an old fart like myself can handle. The other hosts are kind of a trip and sometimes seem like they forget other people are listening, which I don’t think is a bad thing. I think they have all of the enthusiasm and interest to grow into seasoned pros in short time. I’m enjoying the early days of the show and planning on checking in (once I’ve exhausted all of the stalwarts of F1.) I’m sure in time they’ll find their own space.
  • Puckhead 74
    One of the better F1 podcasts
    Total Red Bull haters. But overall a great podcast about the world of Formula 1, if you can stand listening to millennials talk. Christian Horner rules!!!!
  • EBonn95
    Califormula 1
    Came into this podcast expecting exciting talk about the drivers and their teams and what I was met with were 3 hosts who are involved in the car scene but care more about the drivers’ political stances and car color combos than how they drive or the new tech being showcased. None of the “jokes” are funny and the woke political commentary is extremely cringeworthy for what I thought would be a podcast about racing.
  • Angry8262940-0(
    Painful Listen
    I love Donut and F1, but this podcast insufferable. It’s painful listening to people who know less about F1 than you speak like they know what they’re talking about. Nolan always sounds the most knowledgeable, despite being the “average fan” host. None of the jokes are funny, none of the banter is funny, none of the facts presented are accurate (and if they are, there’s still a major part of the story missing), and a lot of time gets wasted with unfunny caveats without actually getting into any detail. Nolan is the only host with basic knowledge of F1 history. This podcast feels like it was written and hosted by people who watched the last season of DTS and thought they could give it a shot. This is a painful listen. If you actually want to gain knowledge about F1, avoid this podcast at all costs. Love Donut Media, but this show is rough.
  • joblowshmoe
    Joe G Weber
    I love Donut, I Love Nolan and I love F1. If you thought James was unbearable; Alanis and Elizabeth are very very difficult to listen to. Please get different hosts, I’ll be unsubscribing.
  • Meghanroseo
    Friends Who F1
    Listening to this podcast, makes me feel like I’m hanging out with the friends who convinced me to get into Formula 1, and are now patiently explaining various rules and regulations, giving me deep dives into different tracks and races, and are just as excited to teach me as I am to learn more! Glad to have you back from winter break, can’t wait to go through this season with DRS!
  • aflores94
    Hard to listen
    I’ve tried to give this show a chance week after week but Alanis is so unbearable to listen to. I get this isn’t your typical f1 podcast but there is literally zero analysis about the races or teams. I’ll stick to F1 nation for my f1 podcast
  • arty from the 2nd city
    Pure awesomeness
    Really enjoyed the show this season and I am going to miss it over the F1 winter break. Hopefully you drop and episode or two with some off season news or drama. When I heard you read my last post, I was super excited! I was driving to work and it really made my day, I swerved a little I traffic😂. By far my favorite podcast next to Past Gas. Shout out to everyone on the show and everyone behind the scenes that make this show great. Have a great holiday season!
  • djhdhhhhh
    This show is nuts
    …and it’s a fun listen. I’ve watched F1 since 1982 (Gilles Villeneuve’s last season, during the Murray Walker/James Hunt era), and love the viewpoint of this show. I watch F1TV for all the technical analysis - this is more about fun of the sport itself.
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