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A brand new, daily, wrestling newscast, aiming to tell you the story of what is really happening in professional wrestling, minus opinion and conjecture. A serious & straight forward look at professional wrestling.

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  • RyanElliot
    A perfect daily wrestling news recap.
    Great job team!
  • Rob198769
    Aj styles was pinned not LA Knight
  • Joeycaveman
    Just news no opinions
    Why watch 100 hours of wrestling when you can get all your info here without having a opinion
  • MisterHellJ
    Efficiency at its finest. I love a nice long, 4 hour show, but The Wrestling News has become my ace every morning. I love the precise details, Mike’s voice is easy on the eardrums, and the jazzy background music is a great addition. Best short podcast on Apple Podcasts!
  • Maddog #11
    Just the news.
    I like how it is quick and informative
  • suhr11
    Everyday listener
    I enjoy this daily on my lunch break. Great news show!
  • It's @xmannyx
    This should be called the “Reported Wrestling Rumors” since they keep using Uncle Dave for their “news”
  • Mantlerose
    A radio news break for pro wrestling
    I don’t follow modern pro wrestling too close but wanted to know what was going on & this podcast is like the station radio news that comes in at the top of an hour and treats it as such with zero editorial content. Just the information as it occurred.
  • KYoldtimer
    Treats wrestling like a “real” sport
    Treats wrestling like a “real” sport
  • ryanleehammond
    Best Way to Catch Up
    I love starting my day with the Wrestling News. I listen to a handful of other podcasts for their opinions and stories but sometimes you just want to hear the facts. That’s where this podcast comes in. Great job fellas, keep it up.
  • EndlessPlane
    Great but…
    A great podcast that gives you just the news. However as with other Arcadian Vanguard shows it will, and has already, started coming out later and later. Before long it will be an afternoon pod, then an evening show. Happens to several of their shows.
  • KavesTX
    the simplicity of this show is beautiful. 10-15min wrestling recap every morning NO OPINIONS. I love it.
  • HonestAve627
    None of that bias - Just the news. Magnificent stuff.
  • WNY Pasquale
    Less dirt and more news. What a concept.
    Absolutely love this podcast! Very informative and easy to listen to.
  • TheFerndog
    The Journalistic Standard
    This podcast sets the standard for any news site be it major or niche industry. Their reporting is excellent and when a correction is required they will announce the correction no matter how small of a detail in the next episode, which even the largest news providers will not do. It's a work in progress at times but they do provide a wide coverage of the pro wrestling industry and do not deal in rumors which seems to be the mjority of other wrestling news sites and podcasts.
  • SoonerAtty
    Good Daily Update
    Enjoy the podcast daily for a quick update on pro wrestling news! Would have rated 5 stars but Lou Kippleman is the WORST voice ever to listen to!
  • Jeff1982@
    Could be better. It jumps around too much
    I hate that it jumps around. They will say here’s the AEW news, then they jump back into another story later on. Just gives us the news in 1 segment for this promotion, then this promotion, and so forth. Don’t jump back and forth
  • InspectorTwelve
    First six-star podcast?
    I enjoy hearing this production grow and improve in just the first couple weeks. My initial review suggested not giving spoilers without fair warning. And now I hear that has already been rectified. I do like hearing other AV voices also giving reports, and it makes me wonder if a monthly or quarterly roundtable would work (like 6:05 Star Wars meets PBS).
  • alofoke_978
    No Fakes News
    Finally someone giving a real report without making stories up. Great job Gents
  • JuiceKovacs
    It’s wrestling news
    It’s exactly what they say it is. Wrestling news. Save yourself time and listen to this instead of cycling through ad filled websites
  • JRJones316
    A refreshing show
    The show has quickly become a must-listen for me every day. No personal opinion, just the information. Which is exactly what I like.
  • can't i just post a review?
    What Wrestling Needs
    What a beautiful thing. It’s a news broadcast. No opinions, no added connotations based on preference. Just news, recaps and injury reports. Makes you feels like you are actually a fan of a sport and not a bizarre children’s TV show.
  • DocBen78
    This is a great listen
    AV does it again. Everything you want in wrestling news, nothing you don’t. Perfect
  • GhostfaceRob216
    A tight rundown of daily news
    Don’t have the patience to read Meltzer or spin? This is an ice way to get a quick rundown as you walk to the bus or do some chores.
  • Vernon Somoza
    Just the news
    Perfect quick bite of news
  • BStone5
    Just Getting Started But..
    This pod is just getting started so I don’t want to be too critical. I like the thought behind this pod because it’s across-the-board wrestling news with no opinions or slant, just the news. However, it would be a bit easier to listen to with a 2nd voice with Mike. After about 5 minutes straight, with no significant pauses and going straight to another subject, Mike starts to sound monotone. It can be challenging to stay engaged. Adding a second voice, in my opinion, would help break up the news and allow a break from one sounding human to another. That being said, I do like this new pod and will continue to listen. Hopefully this is helpful feedback for AV. Thank you!
  • Semp3000
    All news no fluff
    The majority of wrestling podcasts have about 70% filler of opinion and commentary that takes up too much time. Wrestling news is just the facts, ma’am.
  • falco171ac
    Great Podcast (except one thing…)
    Love the information and delivery of the news but I have to ask you to stop calling wrestlers “performers”. Please, please, please stop this. They are wrestlers. You are a wrestling podcast. You are called the Wrestling News, not Performers News.
  • Wagewar47
    Just News
    It’s perfect!
  • jben74
    Thank you for the new podcast. Great way to efficiently obtain my daily wrestling news.
  • Iceo54
    How it should be
    This is what I’ve always wanted in a Wrestling News podcast. This should be a mandatory subscription for any serious current or former wrestling fan.
  • ScAlMo
    Short, Sweet and to the point
    Just listened to the first episode and its exactly what I want. Just the news. Love the little inserted soundbytes as well.
  • brianjets
    Wrestling news. Fantastic.
  • cybercelt3000
    As promised.
    Awesome. Straight to the point.
  • cornylast
    O yes
    O yes once at last a real news I can get behind. If Brian last is involved I kno it’s gonna b what we all need
  • Sox-Seth
    100% News!
    AV has done it once again, this podcast is exactly what it says, perfect morning update to get you up to speed on the news of the industry. Must have for any fan
  • Neily J
    Excellent Podcast
    Another great program from Arcadian Vanguard
  • The Popcorn Vendor
    Finally a podcast for news. Saves me from reading multiple websites. I cant wait!
  • jt7117
    Let’s go!
    Excited to listen to this new podcast.
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