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In The Checkup, board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Mike, interviews the biggest names in Hollywood, Washington, sports, music, digital, and everywhere else about their physical, mental, and emotional health, so we can all learn to live happy and healthy together.Watch full video episodes: Email: DoctorMikeMedia@Gmail.comHost and Executive Producer: Doctor MikeProduced by Dan Owens and Sam BowersArt by Caroline Weigum** The information in this video is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. All content, including text, graphics, images, and information, contained in this video is for general information purposes only and does not replace a consultation with your own doctor/health professional **

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  • xxXdannyphantomXxx
    This bros a G. Check out his yt
  • Esha.11
    Question for podcast
    Hi Dr. Mike, One of my favorite things about your podcasts is the care you take to find and invite very cool guests. What goes into the research process and how/where does the “homework” for these episodes fit into your work schedule? Love the Ginny episode btw!
  • Jocy G.
    A little urgent…/Thanks for your help!
    Hi! Dr. Mike I have a medical question that a lot of people have not been able to understand nor solve; My mother, 29 year old female, high blood pressure (takes pills), exercises for about 1-3 hours 5 days a week. Has this noise in her head that she hears often and we know that it isn’t anything psychological because if anyone puts their ear close enough to that spot you’d be able to hear it! It sounds like a buzzing noise but not like a bee, more like a caterpillar (though caterpillars do not make that sound), the only thing I have been able to find it the cicada, except more deafening like a low buzz that makes it feels and sounds numbing, and in a rhythm a really stable rhythm. Can you please tell me about what it might be? It has been going on for about 2-4 years now and she what’s it everywhere but especially when she tries to go to sleep. - Jocy G.
  • KJkjkjkjkjkjkjkj
    My favorite
    Just found this pod, absolutely love it! Would love if you could do an episode on infertility/struggles with conception for people with endometriosis. Currently dealing with that issue! Thanks for helping me get through my work day!
  • Cassansass
    Quality Info Dumps!
    Dr. Mike’s podcasts are refreshing in this world of short-form content and misinformation. Just good facts and good conversation. Highly recommend!
  • MayaHawkeLover😍
    Helps with my insomnia!
    I struggle with insomnia and anxiety and honestly, listening to this podcast has helped so much! not in the boring sense, because this podcast is very interesting, but it gives me something to concentrate on while trying to fall asleep.
  • ya girlu
    I love it, I’m very picky with my podcasts and this one is just such a vibe, and I learn things!
  • E. S. Tirmizi
    Eduction & Entertainment in One
    Love this podcast. Appreciate listening to Dr. Mike’s balanced views on medicine and health; this podcast is both educational and entertaining!
  • You biggest fan 1234567890
    I watch all of your videos do brave wilderness reaction video
  • jamesm225
    Hey Dr. Mike
    I am a senior in high school and want to be a doctor in my future. How did you advance your social skills in order to communicate with patients effectively?
  • kerruh_11
    My feedback
    I started listening to your podcast at the beginning of this year I actually came across it from instagram. I must say I really appreciate how you communicate and break things down so simple so that it’s easy for everyone to understand. Also I feel that this a judgement free space and that I’m getting educated on things I didn’t know. (I mean medically but also I like the short stories people share and I like how you’re so quick to ask great questions in the moment) I appreciate the fact that you’re so real about alternative supplements and what the risk are because I’m a big believer that there’s so much false advertising going on in the world today. (When I say alternative supplements I’m referring to how you to refer to the cure all supplements or to the supplements where there are no studies done to support the product or the product being in small study group that wasn’t necessarily made for the general public) Remember you don't have to be a people pleaser. People like and support you for who you are and because you’re so real and true to us listening in. Keep up the good work. I’m proud of you but more importantly you should be proud of yourself. I’m looking forward to more episodes.
  • AliCatStrikesBack
    Very empathetic approach
    I love how honest Dr. Mike and his guests are. They tackle hard subjects with integrity and empathy.
  • Myyri
    Very informative! Great guests.
    I learn a lot from every show. This is my favorite show.
  • Infinite 💀
    This is a wonderful podcast!! Doctor mike inspired me to go to Med school, thank you Mike!!
  • Dani 1907
    Request for more episodes!!
    I have loved listening to these episodes and learning more about health generally! I would love to see episodes released more frequently, thank you for the great educational information and content!
  • ggggrttygyrtg
    Love the information provided!
    I love listening to this podcast! I learn so much and he dives into topics that are interesting. I personally have used the knowledge I’ve gained from this podcast to my real life. Give it a listen!! ❤️
  • mikeyboo22
    Another home run. I love these podcasts. The amount of information I gain from listening to all these podcasts is incredible! I love hearing how science keeps changing and some things you always felt were true are now being proven. Thank you Dr Mike for bringing such compelling and relevant content to the forefront! We need more if this content put out there
  • lollipop 🐓
    Love the podcast ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • tomboyfnaf
    Hi Mikey wikey😘
    Dunno if i should put this on here but I kinda think I need help with something (SH)..iv been doing SH for almost a year now and I can’t stop. I can’t tell if I like it or not but I don’t want to like it..I can’t stop and I hate it, hate it, hate it!! I almost OD once I attempted not too long ago and I have therapy(I never have the guts to tell her this though she knows about the OD thing though) but I can’t stop… So Dr Mike do you have any idea what I can do about this? (I would put more detail about why I do this but I don’t want the whole world to know haha)
  • Sophia_engmaj
    What are health issues worthy of taking to your MD/DO and what things are not something worth mentioning???
  • Verilian
    Soda vs Coffee
    Hi Doctor Mike! Love the show and everything you do. Here’s my question. I hate coffee, I can’t stand the taste. Even coffee flavored stuff, like chocolate, if there is a hint of coffee flavor I don’t like it. The only way I can stand a coffee is to add several spoonfuls of sugar and some cream… like a lot of sugar. On the other hand, I love soda (specifically Dr Pepper). And soda has both caffeine and sugar. I usually drink one a day, usually early on, as my “coffee.” …and some days maybe a second, if I’m being honest. Which is better, a heavily sugared coffee, or a Dr Pepper/soda?
  • Vmash
    The People Doc
    Mike, I completely appreciate your desire speak with medical integrity and not go for the trends or things that will increase clicks. always great conversations. Love to listen to your podcast.
  • Sedge14
    Hey mike, I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist, I had one before that took an athletic trainer, 3 different doctors, an x ray and an MRI to diagnose because I couldn’t get any of the doctors to listen to me, but eventually had surgery to get it removed. I’ve had this one for around 2 years but it recently started really hurting. I’d rather not get the surgery as it’s too expensive for me right now but if the pain doesn’t go away I might have to, do I have any other options?
  • pinky🥺
    love it but
    i love this podcast it's cool to listen too, i just wanted to request Kit Connor as a guest, i think he'd have some pretty interesting things to talk about and would make an amazing guest, especially with the coming out shenanigan. then again it would make sense if it was merely too difficult / complicated with time zones, travel, communication etc. if you got this far: thank you for reading my request!
  • BriBarcelo
    Loved the stories and humor in the Zach episode! You should totally do a medical react video to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind with Zach, since it is technically about a medical procedure (though a fictional procedure). Dr Mike can tell about accuracy and Zach can react with a more artistic lens.
  • Luke______
    Great Podcast
    This show never fails to intrigue me
  • Lillian Sabo
    Love the podcast! I have a medical question… I drink a Celsius every morning without fail. Everyone tells me it’s bad for me but they all drink coffee? Are energy drinks worse than coffee?
  • Chelsea LH
    Love the Content
    I started listening to this podcast instead of watching the YouTube videos so I could actually get some daily tasks done while listening and I’ve learned so much! Thank you for interviewing people from a variety of disciplines, it’s interesting to hear their perspectives! I have a medical question for ya, but I’ll provide a little context below. In 2019 I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Since then I have modified my lifestyle and incorporated a lot of stress reduction techniques to manage pain (yoga, deep breathing, slow and low movement, job change, etc.), but after listening to a couple of athletes you interviewed on the show I want to know what recovery methods elite athletes utilize that could be beneficial to people who struggle with chronic pain. Stress reduction and prevention has been essential in navigating life post diagnosis, but I can’t avoid stress altogether. What stress recovery techniques can chronic pain sufferers learn from athletes? Almost forgot - you should interview Arthur Brooks and/or Terri Cole!
  • poker Pokémon
    Episodes call me Chris was the best episode
  • Princess Thuya
    Humanity + Humor = Great Podcast
    I truly enjoy Dr. Mike’s short form edutainment, and now am loving this longer form podcast. The humanity and humor Dr. Mike and his guests share are good medicine in trying times. Q: does Dr. Mike ever experience compassion fatigue as a practitioner and caring media personality? If so, how does he handle it. ~ Marie-Rose
  • J J the Jew
    I love this podcast.
    This podcast is great to see. Deep dive into interesting people. Almost like a therapy session with a family doctor instead. Why do people like to see a fault with someone (such as an ailment) and give them advice on what to do about it? Like they've not looked it up or seen a doctor about it. One I’ve seen a lot is eczema. Or scars. Mental health issues.
  • קימבקלי
    Love everything about this!
    This is the podcast I listen to at the gym, and I love it! My question: I’ve dealt with upper back/neck pain for years and nothing seems to help. I read recently that Botox in the back is helping people with pain. What are your thoughts on this?
  • Datrandombobakid1234
    omg i am addicted to this podcast! i also am such a big fan of your youtube channel! and i know that the reviews are full of questions, i have one question, sometimes, i twist my ankle and it hurts so much, it doesn't stop hurting after a few months, (normally 4 months) and then, im completely fine! does this happen to everyone? is this normal what happened? I DONT KNOW. and can you possibly bring kallmekris on the podcast sometime, but possibly make it not too, serious...? she is very funny and i love your collabs w/her🥹
  • texe458
    Shout out to doctor mike
    Shoutout to you mike for correctly informing the community on medical health
  • courtgreg
    My all-time favorite podcast!
    Ready for my weird question? I’ve somehow got this acute symptom where I physically can’t eat. It’s been about 4 months now, I eat one child’s sized “meal” a day and then feel overwhelming full, to the point where I’m nauseous if I try to eat more or a regular sized portion. I’m a combat medic in the Army so with some knowledge and a little bit of research, I have thought about satiety but I’m not fully convinced that’s what it is. I have no stomach issues, GERD, acid reflux, fatigue, I don’t believe I have hypothyroidism because of the lack of symptoms, really no other symptoms at all. Could there be another explanation? (I know you will tell me to see my PCP but our medical reports are shared with our chain of command so I’m scared to be discharged or put on restrictions, but I will go see him eventually I promise!) BONUS QUESTION Can I be on your podcast? Thank you Dr. Mike
  • PeaceLoveAndOboes
    I love all the effort you put into your content Mike. Thank you for taking your time and energy into these videos. I’ve enjoyed watching them. You are so engaging and I’m learning many things. Keep at it! Peewoop! Here are some of my questions! When ever I get my cavities filled at the dentist, I feel pain, no matter how much they numb the area. But I feel no pain after they are done. They numb me, the give me the laughing gas. But it doesn’t work. I still feel pain, to the point where I’m crying. They didn’t listen when I said I was in pain. What should I do? I’m just numb after the procedure. They have even given me extra, but nothing works. Also, here is my discord user if you want to friend me!! My username is TYMH#4480.
  • greaaat place o get stuff
    Great Podcast
    It hasn’t been a long time since I started listening to your podcasts and watching your videos. You have taught me many new things and have inspired me to plan for a medical career. My question for you is: do you ever get uncomfortable when seeing a patients injury or infection that looks really bad and you want to look away? In that case what do you say to yourself?
  • emilystyles171294
    Worried about my daughter
    Dear Dr. Mike this question is for my 22 year old daughter. She found 2 small lumps in her right breast. She first went to a GP who told her these kind of lumps usually are benign. She sent my daughter to a specialist and he did an exam and has told her to get an ultrasound. What concerns me is he said he would only remove them if they’re 3cm or larger. Otherwise he would do nothing and the lumps would remain in her breast. Women on her dad’s side of the family have had benign lumps but all were removed. My oldest daughter had hers removed and it was only 2cm. This was in the US. My daughter who has the lumps now is living in Ireland. When she moves back to the US should she have them removed and biopsied? Love your podcast. Been watching your videos for a long time. Enjoy them very much. Love Bear too. Thanks a bunch, Denise
  • S. Bublick
    Great Host, Interesting Guests- One Fantastic Podcast
    Bingeing all the episodes of the podcast now. Dr. Mike always asks thought provoking questions. I’m curious to know if there’s a correlation between acid reflux and seasonal allergies.
  • Kittie.Avery
    Thyroid Issues
    How to get doctors to take thyroid issues more seriously? To do more then order the basic tests and when they come back in range do nothing.
  • jgffyhhhh (TOM)
    Best podcast ever
    Hey, this is podcast is amazing, I am only 11 and the entire reason I want to be a doctor is because of you. I just wanted to say thank you for the stuff you taught me when I watch your videos, again thank you.
  • MsStarSword
    Such an awesome podcast!
    I found this podcast on YouTube and love it so much, it’s so informative and some of the medical information shared is very valuable! • Question for Doctor Mike: How/why do ectopic pregnancies form and could the use of emergency contraceptives increase your risk of developing one? (I have had different answers from different doctors, some have said that I should have been tested for an ectopic as soon as I said I’d taken Plan B and had a ton of pain and others have said my statement about Plan B would not have factored into their decision to test or not test me, I also wanna bring awareness to the topic of ectopic pregnancies!)
  • Kaykayyy4
    Entertaining and Educational
    Thank you for being you! Odd question: Do you know about body farms?
  • BigBangTOP
    Always a joy
    I very much appreciate your truthfulness, willingness to learn and passion to share your knowledge:) My question: have you heard of carb cycling? And if so what’s your opinion of it?
  • SamTheBoi24
    Good Show, Here a question
    This show is entertaining and I love it! Question: I have ADHD and have been developing some of my Mother’s OCD tendencies. Is there a direct connection between the two?
  • the real actual truth 2.0
    Great podcast!
    Hey Doctor Mike! I don’t typically listen to a lot of podcasts but I specifically just started listening to yours because I recognized you from YouTube! Funny story actually, I vividly remember the first time ever came across your youtube channel, because of the first video you did reacting to Greys Anatomy, which is my all time favorite show! But anyways, I do have a medical question for you, what are your thoughts/ feelings on “Stiff person syndrome” ? My mom has gotten diagnosed with this within the past few years and she’s had struggles with people believing her or thinking she’s lying about being sick. The whole disease is kind of confusing for me to understand as well. Aside from others not believing whether or not my mother is sick, it does concern me seeing how many medications the doctors have prescribed for my mom to be taking on a daily basis.
  • i like mustard in my custurd
    Love itttttt
    Hey so I’m a dancer and this season has been nonstop working. I recently went to a sports medicine doctor because my knee was hurting really bad and they told me that I have patella femoral, so is there any recommendations that you have that could possibly help my knee get better faster? Also I’m planning on getting into medical any tips for school?
  • sawyer patterson
    I love the pod. I have a question for you why can some moles on your body cause skin cancer.
  • DogLiver2023
    Great Podcast!
    Hey Doctor Mike, I love your show and YT channel! My friend says he has depression and I asked him why he says that and the reason he gave was that he went through a breakup. What should I tell him? P.S Last time I made a comment under the name of Dogliver2023🤣 I meant dog lover!
  • Abby Persicketti
    Always Enjoyable and Thought Provoking
    This has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts! I’ve been watching Doctor Mike’s videos for years and his podcast is by far my favorite content. His knowledge on health and overall approach to life are refreshing. My question: How did you know taking the leap to pursuing your career was the right choice? Some background on why I ask is that my career feels like it’s been derailed. I used to work in corporate marketing, then I became a stay at home mom for 3 years. I’ve been looking to start working again and it seems as if the time off as been a huge discouraging factor in interviews. I think a shift needs to happen and I like to hear people who are established talk about their experience in choosing long-term career paths. Thanks!
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