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Welcome back to get your favorite cup of tea! This podcast follows the daily lives of a social media couple as they navigate the ups and downs of their relationship, share their adventures, and offer insights into their online presence. Join them as they discuss everything from their latest vlogs to their thoughts on social media and the challenges of being in the public eye. All things relationship, business life, and pregnancy journey as this couple spills all the tea! Tune in to get an inside look at the lives of this dynamic duo.

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  • avocadopop pasty
    So Good
    I rated it a 4/5 because as much ch as I love it I wish there wasn’t as much swear words. They I saw reviews saying that some of episodes are copied and that may be true but I still enjoy listening❤️
  • Rachel thebabachelle
    Love y’all’s podcast!!!
    Most definitely a five star podcast For whoever sees this, SUBSCRIBE ON YOUTUBE!
  • The podcast girl
    The podcast girl
    I love your family I am subscribed to you on you tube and y’all have such a cute family
    Love this podcast!
    I love Josh and Katie and their podcast! It’s so good and so inspirational! I hate when people hate on them for copying Matt and Abby because it’s just rude and they can do what they want to do. I also do love Matt and Abby but I love Josh and Katie more! Their podcast always helps me do homework and sometimes even fall asleep. They’re so funny to listen to I always laugh! That’s it for now! - Sara Claire
  • Addy#123
    Love you
    You guys are so motivating and I love little Skye Mae Bruce knee she is so so cute and I love that you call her just Skye Mae and also those people who are hating on you guys and telling you that you are copying Matt and Abby (The Unplanned podcast) I just think that you may have copied them but you both are very interesting in your own way and I love watching both your YouTube Chanel’s and your podcasts. -Addyson
    I wld love them but……
    I used to love them then they stopped posting their content is getting boring
  • Ayana aa
    I Love this
    I’m a very big fan of you guys and I love your podcast!
  • kokoschreyer
    Love them
    Love this podcast!
  • Avery_R.
    Says they are Christian
    Says they are Christians but cuss in every sentence. Disappointed. And they KEEP copying Matt and Abby. (unplanned podcast)
  • Chloedbuff
    I love watching their vlogs on YouTube and and Listening to their podcast as I am doing things. It’s so enjoyable and make me want ti listen more!!
  • TayTay Compton
    BESR PODCAST EVER!! I wish I could give it more stars!!
    I look forward to this every week!!! They always have so much advice and so many inspirational things to say. I love listening while I’m driving and while I’m at work (I clean houses) I love being able to listen to this podcast, hearing stories about their life and updates and then experiences and just everything is so cool. I’ve been following them on YouTube for so long now and this podcast allows me to get to know them more and in a different way. I contact so much more with them through this podcast. I want to be more like them one day. Katie is the person I wanna be more like. She’s so kind and has learned a lot which has helped her become such a great person, when she gets rolling and talking about stuff she has so much to say and it’s always so helpful. The motivation she has to work out and motivation in like is soemthing I wish to have more of. I know this is long but I just want everyone to know how great of a podcast this is and how great of people josh and Katie are. I can’t wait to continue listening for years to come!!! It makes my mood go from the lowest to the highest so quickly. I know if I listen to an episode of the podcast I’ll be a lot happier and in a better head space. Thank you Josh and Katie for starting YouTube and starting this podcast it has truly changed my life for the better I don’t think I could ever fully explain how much this podcast means to me!! I love you guys so much keep doing what your doing. -Taylor
  • chickenalfredoisagogo
    10000% recommended.
    Josh and Katie are the best podcast hosts ever! They give wonderful life advice and are so insightful. This podcast has forever changed my life for the better, and has truly been a blessing from God.
  • cameronraley
    Laugh, cry, all the feelings
    I love this podcast! I appreciate how honest and hilarious they are. I had to stop my run because I was laughing so hard about muffins.
  • king 202124
    Review By Isaiah Rivera Carrillo
    I like this Podcasts is Good I like this Podcasts 👍🏻
  • vkatefitz
    Way too many ads
    I love their YouTube channels but can’t bear to listen to the podcast because there is an ad literally every 5 minutes !
  • got probgj
    I love Josh and Katie
  • ava kate🤍
    great podcast, but…
    this podcast is great, but it feels like it hasn’t been reviewed before uploaded. in one of the most recent episodes, they left an unedited ad in the podcast in an unprofessional manner. they showed that they didn’t truly understand the product that they are promoting and left a cuss word in it.
  • BeastySavage74
    I love you guys!
    I’ve been watching since you guys had just barley started youtube and I’ve loved your content for so long! Congrats on the baby girl, hope she come happy and healthy! Love you guys! 💕
  • thank you and cooking game
    How great they are
    I have Been watch josh and Katie every since they started they are my fav YouTubers I love they’re videos they are so cool and fun and definitely fun.
  • Supergirl’s
    Love this
    I love how open josh and Katie are about this pregnancy. They are going to be amazing parents, and I love how sweet josh is to Katie
  • Ashley is everything
    I love them so much
  • annnnna🥰
    I love this podcast 🫶🏻💕
    This is a wonderful podcast. You guys are so inspiring and you guy give good advice i listen to you guys every day. I so excited for you guys to have a baby you guys are going to be great parents 🫶🏻💕 Love you guys
  • gia ttt
    Loveeeww it
    I love u guys I’m such a big fan
  • Madie🍦
    Love! 🩷
    I love this podcast! I have followed the Jatie journey since they were dating. I loved the most recent episode. They are such real and down to earth people. Love you guys so much!
  • 😋🤪🤩😍
    Love it so much it’s a way to get your life without having to sit and watch the videos. Also, to everyone who is giving you bad ratings for “copying Matt and Abby’s unplanned podcast” Katie and Josh are IN Matt and Abby’s video for the gender reveal and they are friends so why is that an issue…:/
  • Becca Ride 😊
    Sorta Not Like
    it’s fine
  • Lovethispodcast101
    Best podcast ever!!
    The actual best!! They are so motivating, kind, passionate, and just overall so sweet. They are going to be the best parents ever, and i truly look up to there advice and opinions on different situations! Thanks to Josh and Katie for putting in effort for this podcast, it truly makes a difference in mine and other peoples lifes!! Love you guys 🫶
  • brittany hudnall
    I love watching there podcasts. I love josh and Katie. I only listen to 2 different podcast I live you guys I watch you guys on YouTube on all your channels..
  • cassidybrendtke
    the best podcast ✨
    the absolute BEST !! love you guys so much, such inspiring and motivating people 🫶🏻
  • bark_molly
    love every episode!
    this is my go to podcast every morning! love y’all so much and y’all always giving me a laugh! keep up the good work <3
  • musiclover90999
    Definitely recommend
    I started listening to the podcast because I saw them promoting it on the YouTube channel. After listening to one episode, I was completely hooked. Super funny and entertaining and great to listen to while doing chores around the house. Absolutely love this podcast. 👍
  • Nah847484848
    Child exploitation
    Disgusting view of child exploitation. Saying “I’ll teach my daughter not to be embarrassed” is saying you’re going to try and manipulate her emotions which is going to cause her problems showing her true emotions. All so you can put her on the internet and continue to make money. Saying “our fans will be upset if we don’t show her” should be a sign that it’s dangerous. You have no idea who could be watching your video of her and what they could be doing to the video especially with AI. you may be her parents but that doesn’t give you the right to financially gain from showing her in videos. If you wouldn’t want some random person to take her picture at the park while she’s playing then why would you find it okay to put her in the internet for anyone to see.
  • i❤️poochdog
    Great podcast!
    You guys are so funny and I love listening to podcast. Can’t wait to see your family grow!!!
  • “Crime Junkie”
    Freaking love it!
    Love the podcast and the Youtube channel. Honestly don’t understand those who say that y’all copied Matt and abby, I mean the title is the same but the actual episode is not the same. Keep doing what you’re doing.
  • seed and water
    I love watching your video and could mane is Bella you are the best person in the world
  • Jatie fam lover
    Alyssa Demers
    I absolutely love your YouTube channel and your podcasts . The podcasts are interesting to listen to when I am cleaning or coloring. I love you Josh and Katie . I also am very happy for you guys on the baby girl.
  • i_love_itsm
    love it!!
    aww i love your podcast it’s so entertaining and i think you guys have such an amazing genuine relationship
  • Destiny Childers
    Download the move app!
    This podcast is amazing but so is their move app! When I say every time I do a new workout different muscles are sore I mean it! It’s not a bad sore but you know you’re getting the benefit from the workouts! I highly recommend it and have sent it to friends and family! 🤩🤩🤩🤩
  • Mrss GOIRL
    Love y’all
    Y’all are so funny weird I love it it reminds me of me💗😂you guys are funny and great 👍 love y’all can’t wait to see the baby!! I have a name suggestion sunnie, or Shelbi
  • I love my cat 23
    There newest episode fighting in public childbirth boundaries and sleep divorce is the exact same as Abby and Matt’s podcast episode that was posted a few weeks ago called the exact same.
  • ruah💫🌟
    Copy cats
    you guys copied your latest episode off of the unplanned podcast. It’s the same everything
  • catdogmonkey99
    umm, they are copyers
    at first i liked it, not very interesting, and they also copied an episode from matt and abby’s podcast, same title, same topics. i don’t really like it anymore
  • SpiresKL
    love y’all!!
    y’all are the sweetest thank you for everything you do!! you are both going to be amazing parents and i’m praying for both of you through this pregnancy journey! thank you for the example you set for a Godly and loving relationship i wait on pins and needles for each new episode!
  • gillieeeee
    one of my fav Hot Girl Walk podcasts
    the most genuine couple!! i love their active brand and youtube channel as well. great podcast for my HGW, i love hearing what they have to say!
  • 94zqna
    Made me look at life completely different
    Thank you so much u really made me feel comfortable in life and made me look and trust my boyfriend completely 1000000% more
  • Lauren :p
    Best podcast
    You guys have the best podcast! So down to earth and relatable. You guys are complete couple goals!
  • Mya_Soccer99
    I love y’all so much and I love watching your YouTube videos. You guys are such a cute and loving couple. I can’t wait until you guys have your little girl because you are g ok by to be great parents!! Keep it up with your J80 business and maybe one day I’ll buy something.
  • Ally_Ad123
    I love you and your podcast!! I could listen to you two alll day. You inspire me and help me through my day <3
  • KYLIE 🫶🏻🫶🏻
  • Dulci1fl
    I love y’all’s podcast I listen to it every night I’m so exited for baby girl to be born I would love if u made a podcast all about topper he needs his moment!😂 I’m a huge fan I would love a shoutout it would make my day love y’all 😘
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