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KevOnStage and comedian friends discuss the internet's most random stories.

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  • DanHam89
    Great podcast
    This show is highly entertaining but I don’t recommend listening at work.
  • Lil Mav.
  • B City
    Love the show
    Love the show but….. the volume is always low.
  • Thisgameisthebestgameintherule
    Very funny podcast. But can barely hear it, Kev, please turn up the volume on the pod.
    Y’all be having me weak in the car 😂😂
  • Sweetsttly
    It’s chaos, and I’m here for it
    This show lives rent free in my head 😂😭 All that’s missing is better audio!
  • Colfex
    Kev is great man 🤣🤣🤣
  • ToTo6294
    Laughs All the Way Through
    I love this podcast!! It’s always nonstop laughter throughout the entire show
  • Smooth d tickle
    Heck Naw
    I ain’t be laffin, did foo ain’t funny son. Dont waste your time. Go listen to the fighter and the kid. TFATK be tha bess pawdcass on earf for us poc out hurrr in these streets.
  • Tastychocolate
    Tears falling 🤣🤣🤣
    I normal listen to this at work …my coworkers be looking at me funny cuz tears be falling down my face . Just dying with laughter.
  • Kidpromitheues24
    I immediately start laughing when I listen to this. I can’t stay quiet! Highly recommend for comedy.
    I aint gon lie Kev. I wanna listen to this podcast but the volume is EXTREMELY LOW.
  • launchpd
    Less is more
    Less bt would make this much better. He’s just not funny enough to make up for how annoying he is.
  • AieshaL
    I would travel to my closest major city to watch this show live!!
  • I'm still crying
    Always a mood lifter
    Every episode I've listened to has had me crying with laughter.
  • quemaj
    Onboard with kev
    It took me a minute to get into this podcasts. I know really enjoy it.
  • Thai-queen
    I love love listening! You are a part of my daily regimen!! Keep up the laughs❤️💕
  • shaaaeesh
    You gotta be joking!!
    This show is SO FUNNY! I was sitting in an airport, scrolling through podcasts to try soon. I watched the trailer and was instantly hooked! I laughed so hard in the middle of the airport that the security guard at the gate asked me to “keep it down”! 10/10 RECOMMEND !!!!
  • Caramiadiva
    I was not ready for this!!
    I came across this and decided to fill some time at work. MISTAKE!! I laughed hard and loud and it hurt. I had to binge all the episodes. I spent the day just cracking up. I even peed a little. The folks I work with have proof I am a nut. Thank you and keep doing what you do.
  • Shaw Bigelow
    This show is so hilariously out-of-pocket. I legit laugh so hard I cry each episode. Love it!
  • jarhop25
    Great listen!
    Can’t wait for more episodes! This is so funny and has all my favorites in it <3
  • Smokin_Smiley
    Needed this
    Definitely enjoyed all 6 episodes 😂🤣😂 started this morning, on 6 now. Been laughing ALL morning 😅😅
  • ChillyThePoet
    I died at work
    Whenever Tahir, Kev, Pat and Lou are on together you will die laughing you have been warned
  • MiaNicoleAllen
    Hilarious chaos!
    Complete and utter chaos, in the most hilarious way!! Keep it coming lol
  • azkraf
    Crazy funny
    Kev has done it again! This is hilarity at its very best with all my faves!!!!
  • bigz634
    KevOnStage I support anywhere
    This podcast is off to a great start I don’t get tired of hearing kevs voice on any platform #stagekrew
  • nicknamens91
    As a black person, I don’t understand why this group needs to use the N-word. Homie would work just as well.
  • I Am His Own
    Laughs Form start to finish!!!
    This sshhh.. funny!!! I laughed from start to finish! Please add this to your streaming app too! You need a good laugh listen to this podcast! It’s like you laughing with your friends! Flow natural and crying laughing
  • Big Vondez
    Instant sub
    Yt women love shaking their hair 😂
  • Justiceluv1
    Slow down!
    I love the stories the female counterpart tells, she’s very funny! I just wish she would slow down and enunciate a little more so we can catch all her gems and funnies. Love KOSS and Dormtainment, of course!
  • Taydw17
    Once again Kev never misses with the content!! ANOTHER HIT SHOW!!! I never get tired of seeing my people succeed!! If you’re not listening/watching anything with Kevin Fredricks name tied to it then what are you really doing? Wish I could give it 10 stars
  • Amaryllis56
    Love it!
    Loved the show! I didn’t stop laughing! I consume a lot of KOSS so I’m glad this podcast is random and not the same topics as everything else.
  • Fjsjxjf
    Hilarious! The combination of people work perfectly together.
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