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Join Brendan Hunt, who plays Coach Beard on ‘Ted Lasso,’ and Rebecca Lowe, presenter for NBC Sports, as they team up again to celebrate the 2023 Women’s World Cup. They’ll talk about all the superstars, the drama … and, of course, the U.S. women, who are hoping to secure their third World Cup win in a row.

‘After the Whistle with Brendan Hunt and Rebecca Lowe’ is an Apple News Original podcast presented by State Farm®.

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  • Avid hotel user
    Great pod for US soccer fans
    Great show for anyone who likes soccer in the US. Not only is it entertaining but it showed how much the sport has come along. Great coverage and simple understanding of where things go right and wrong for each team!
  • Ccorbit
    Absolutely Fabulous Podcast!
    I absolutely adore this podcast. Both of you are so great together and so very informative on the beautiful game! Love, love, love it. You make me laugh every time I listen. Keep this going…!!!
  • Gfried
    The best
    Who knew Coach Beard actually knew and loved soccer! Well, he does, and his brand of quirky humor mixes *so* well with Lowe’s over the top guffaws and cursing - soccer, um, sorry, football commentary doesn’t get any better. Can’t wait till they team up again.
  • Edgewood reader
    Great Pod
    We loved listening to these episodes after every game. We shared the same heartbreak. Why why do we love this stupid game so. Thanks for helping ease the pain with laughter.
  • connorfg13
    “As if they’re still world number one”
    Roger would have us roll over and die so that europe, who the game really belongs to, can just take over from here
  • trotterperi
    Transatlantic jujitsu
    Bring a Brit married to an American I love hearing Rebecca and Brendan dish all things football (soccer) and have fun with idioms and language. They are both super knowledgeable and enthusiastic about the game and growing up in England in the 1950s when girls were not allowed to play, I love their focus on female empowerment. I played netball too Rebecca :)
  • njuuldam
    Loved this podcast!!
    I didn’t watch a single minute of the World Cup, nevertheless I listened to every podcast episode and loved it!! It was wonderful to learn the history and backstory and inside details of the women and teams playing, that’s what makes sports EXTRA interesting and fun to watch. Maybe I’ll even watch some soccer in the future, that isn’t on a Ted Lasso Episode.
  • Funk Dumplin
    My heart goes out to Rebecca!!!
    My wife and I woke up early to watch the final—a house divided but in good spirits. My wife pulling for España and I pulling for the “Cheeky Lionesses”. The match was everything I expected except for the final score. Arrggghhhh, the more I watch fútbol the more I have compassion for the losing side. What a heartfelt effort. I was touched by Rebecca’s recognition that one can’t expect to make a World Cup final repeatedly, and that adds to the disappointment. Hang in their Rebecca!!! Looking forward to you brilliant commentaries with Mr. Howard and the two Robbies.
  • JonJonPdx
    Lasso this one before it gets away!
    My favorite podcast of the last few years. Coach Beard and Rebecca kill it every episode. I never liked soccer before this pod. Now, I almost like it!
  • Inram Rabna
    Love this show.
    What I know about soccer could fit in a tea cup (Orange Pekoe please) but I love this podcast and I don’t know what I’m going to do if Brendan and Rebecca are limited to only covering World Cup events.
  • Colorado Archy
    Another watershed moment for women’s sports on the horizon!
    Love the show nothing better than Rebecca letting her hair down and spewing “Cheeky Lionesses” every chance she can and Brendan is simply sublime! Just wanted to share for everyone circle the date 8/30/2023, Nebraska Volleyball Day! Expecting 90,000 fans at Memorial Stadium for a outdoor Nebraska v. Omaha game on Big Ten Network too! Watershed!
  • Dooodaaa
    Love the Podcast, Just One Request!
    The podcast is awesome- a perfect blend of expertise, fun, and analysis! I hope that this podcast will keep increasing love of football in America. I just wish that they would cut out the swearing so that I could listen with my kids. I understand a few words here and there but I think the show would be equally great without and then it can be a show for the entire family!
  • Timmy T's
    Funny & Entertaining
    Rebecca & Brendan are great hosts with obvious chemistry, banter, & great chats about women's football. If you like women's football even a little bit, give this pod a listen, can't miss!
  • rockmo
    Absolutely Brilliant!
    This podcast is one of the best out there. Even if you are not into football, you will love the chemistry and back and forth between Brendan and Rebecca. And if you love football, this is also for you. They discuss each game on many aspects not just the goals and scores. They provide insight into the play and the players. I just love it, it makes my day when a new episode pops up.
  • GoonerGal72
    Love their chemistry!
    Match made in football heaven! Pray it continues after WC. Can you please do this for the PL season or the WSL? Would love to have a fellow Gooner hosting!
  • Luke Jedi of the Force Dot Com
    Harry and Meghan would agree! Greatest Soccer Podcast Ever!!!
    This is the greatest soccer podcast of all time! I ached for the hosts as there teams failed at the World Cup. Since William and Kate will not be attendance as the England Women’s Football (Soccer) team plays in their first ever World Cup Final, Harry and Meghan should totally attend the game and hang out with the Spanish Royals. I hope they come back the EUROS and COPA America next year.
  • Penny4books
    A very fun podcadt
    This is fun & also illuminating. They have great friendly banter. I learned what to look for in the games I watched & summaries of the games I did not watch.
  • PaVillian
    Rebecca’s biggest fan
    I can listen to Rebecca talk all day. Her voice and accent are just *chefs kiss*…I’m American by the way.
  • natsfan62
    Entertaining and informative
    Love listening to this show. Great guests. I hope they continue during the Premier League season.
  • hmcfabulous
    Magic Pod
    I would tune in to listen to this duo commentate just about anything, but their passion for this sport is infectious. I’m so sad that I have to wait for World Cup Games to happen to check in with them. Great wit, enthusiasm and historic knowledge. But mostly I tune in for the smack talk.
  • ib4u
    It’s not about you Rebecca
    I don’t need to hear Rebecca Lowe drivel on like an egocentric school girl about her excitement over England beating Australia in the Women’s World Cup game. I checked out this Podcast for the first time to get an actual review of the game. The highlight moments, what the players did or failed to do, what England did that put them on top. The only emotions I should have been hearing about is that exhibited by the athletes on the field.
  • YelenaGrace
    I love B&R
    Brendan & Rebecca are the perfect hosts for this show. They combine expertise, passion, and humor to bring listeners the latest developments in the soccer (sorry, football) world. I love how they bounce off of each other & I love the little ATW community that they’ve built. They’re pulling GREAT guests for expert commentary & have definitely made me a fan of the sport! #footballislifeeeee
  • jcr388
    Glad it’s back!
    I listened to Brendan Hunt and Rebecca Lowe during the men’s World Cup and I’m delighted they’re back for the women’s World Cup tournament. The podcast is fast-paced, entertaining, and informative. I would love to see them return regularly. Great job!
  • Mollysitka
    Such a great podcast!
    I am a 52 year old American woman who only came to love the game of football after I was in France during the Men’s World Cup in 2018. The energy in that country for the game was incredible! I continued watching when I got home and I was hooked. Finding Rebecca and Brendan’s podcast was a gold mine. As someone new to the game I don’t know the history and the background of a lot of the players and teams, so this really helps give me context and I find myself enjoying the matches even more. I really appreciate their sense of humor and how they seem to enjoy each other whilst talking about this incredible sport. I listened to the pod for the Men’s world cup and was thrilled to see them back for the Women’s. Thanks for being there!
  • Flyersfan1953
    Spain reaches the finals
    Really enjoying the podcasts on the Women’s World Cup. A great ABBA reference with the Voyage show. Should consider continue the podcast after the Word Cup ends. It is very entertaining and informative with adult language.
  • Sioendjmem
    I love this podcast but please also so one on the premier league
  • octoberroze
    Love the podcast however….
    I love this podcast. The World Cup coverage is hilarious and informative. However, especially with the time difference in this World Cup it would be greatly appreciated that you don’t spoil the outcome of the games in the title of the episode. I try hard to avoid all social media and news that may spoil the outcomes so I can enjoy the game at normal waking hours, but the moment I woke up and saw a new episode had dropped, the title immediately spoiled the game. Disappointing.
  • Anomynus000
    Excellent Podcast
    If you are looking for a World Cup podcast to listen to, make sure to check out After the Whistle. You won’t find a better Soccer/Football podcast than this.
  • Roneric
    Except…no spoilers in the title! There’s a time delay here! Come on! 😞
  • TMichocki
    Loving this podcast!
    Two of my favorite soccer people, Coach Beard from Ted Lasso, and Rebecca Lowe from Premier League Mornings, together to talk about the World Cup 2022. This show as humor, history, and some great insight into one of the largest tournaments in the world. If you are watching the World Cup, you have to give this show a listen!
  • stop the long ads
    Awesomeness Personified
    Love how much fun they have to go with great commentary. Their thoughts on each match along with their insights brings “voetball” to a new level. I appreciate how candid they are with their thoughts about each team’s strengths and weaknesses along with how the intangibles come into play before, during, and after each match. This should a regular podcast for the premier league!
  • YoKanski06
    Love the pod.
    Great show and hope they keep doing it for all the major international tournaments. Here’s hoping we get Euros or Copa coverage next summer.
  • Nothgirb
    This podcast makes me smarter
    I am loving the banter, the wicked smat information, and the competitive fun 💜❤️ Amazing guests!
  • illllllfredo
    Y’all are so freaking great! I laugh and I learn and I laugh again. Love your insight. Just awesome. Please come back for the olympics!
  • yup yup
    Omg this is fantastic, Rebecca Lowe is so freaking entertaining
  • midairmatthew
    The Greatest
    Thank you so much for doing this! I'm currently in a season of life where I don't have time (or a convenient/affordable way) to meaningfully follow this WC. Because of the work you put into this show, I still get to be connected to the story that unfolds this summer. Y'all seem like wonderful humans, too. Just wanted to share some gratitude before I hear about what happened with Japan. 🖖
  • DirkMcJerk
    Central Illinois
    Why are you hating on central IL, mate? We have the horseshoe. Go Matildas! 🤯
  • AgilityDogsRock
    Love this podcast!!
    I just started listening to this podcast for the Women’s World Cup and I’m obsessed! I absolutely love the recaps & soccer/football talk but I could listen to Rebecca & Brendan talk about anything. Please keep this going, even after World Cup!!
  • TVGirl2002
    Love it!
    Love the podcast!!!!!!!!
  • Londonbarry
    Love love love
    My favorite soccer(football) podcast. I have always absolutely love Rebecca Lowe but Brendan Hunt has been a revelation. These two have such a great chemistry. I hope they come up with more football podcasts together
  • Bikedbrewer
    Great soccer pod!
    Listed during men’s WC, and was pumped to have it back for the women’s. We need this to be weekly following the premier league this season! Would love to hear Coach Beard and Rebecca talk about each weeks games!
  • Glauco!
  • Wlshmen
    A great pair!
    Brendan and Rebecca play off of each other brilliantly! The best is when they use sports analogies from the other country that they don’t really understand.
  • QuickCardo
    WWC all the way!!
    About Women’s soccer, by women for everybody. Done very well.
  • saltyfamilytravels
    Fun recaps and insight.
    Loved listening during the Men’s World Cup and am so happy to see it return to support the Women’s Cup.
  • bmots
    Entertaining, informative, raw
    Hosts do a great job of commenting on the games using a great balance of technical analysis, humor, and human interest.
  • PZNova
    The best
    This podcast is so good I am slightly closer to being over the USWNT’s loss. Love Rebecca Lowe and Brendan Hunt and the guests, but especially Rebecca Lowe.
  • mannymr
    Love love love
    One of my favorite podcasts. The chemistry between the co-hosts, the accessible analysis and the serious but not too serious tone is perfect.
  • drea6634
    I just have
    So we have
  • fguy01
    Keep on doing this
    I would listen to these two discuss Premier League, MLS, NWSL…any league. You two lead, I’ll listen and watch. Please don’t go on hiatus until the next world cup!
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