The Royals of Malibu

Fiction #3

Ella Sinclair (Alyssa McKay) is a survivor. She's fierce, brave, and jaded. She finds herself a teenage orphan trying to stay afloat and finish high school on her own. Enter The Royals. Through circumstances Ella can barely believe, wealthy father-of-two sons, Callum Royal, plucks Ella out of poverty and welcomes her into their posh lifestyle a world away in elegant Malibu. Even though both Royal boys are intriguing, the most magnetic is the oldest, Reed Royal. Reed seems determined to keep Ella from settling comfortably into her new charmed life amongst the rich kids of Malibu. But what is Reed hiding? Ella is just as determined to come through it all with her soul intact. New episodes every Monday.

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Recent Reviews
  • Podcast Junkie237
    Fantastic series!
  • AddieCat🌻
    ❤️ Love it ❤️
    So I follow Alyssa McKay on Snapchat and one day I saw that she was advertising season one of this podcast. And I got HOOKED. Once season one was finished I found the books so that I could find out what happened after the cliffhanger. So I listened to the the books and now I can’t wait to see how they interpret the books into future podcast episodes.
  • Funny thing about thing
    Love it
  • 😒😔😣🙁🥺😟
    Okay so I am 13 and was like I might be too young for this but I absolutely love it and can’t wait for the next episode
  • Moiriss8
    Didn’t think I would enjoy it but I’m hooked. Can’t wait for the next season
  • BibbyBabyFattyCatty
    This is one of the best shows I have ever listened to its full of so much twists and turns and unexpected surprises it's just so good and I love the second season already I can't wait to hear the rest of it!!!!!! I just love all the characters and their stories and personalities ❤️😘😍
  • Jadasutton15
    i absolutely love alyssa mckay, she embodied this character PERFECTLY! plus the storyline keeps you on your toes 🩰🩰🩰
  • princesss reina
    Best drama podcast ever I am obsessed
    I love ❤️ this show because of the amount of the characters are and yet so many people have a lot to learn about them and it’s so romantic 🥰.I honestly think that this should be a TV show with our week like on YouTube or Netflix or something because this is the best podcast ever seriously why is there a TV show instead I would literally love to see it can you show like this with Lily wake me so far, I feel like this entire podcast has been one crazy drove her to the vet I want is like a real Audrey Hepburn I want this to be a tv show I wish it was but I know it’s good as a podcast I hope new episodes come out soon
  • puppy5712
    I only listened to it because I saw that Alyssa McKay was the lead. I was a little unsure about it but now it is my FAVORITE THING EVER!!!! IT IS AMAZING. I had a countdown for season 2 coming out today and I’m listening to season 2 as I write this.
  • Abbiedevita09
    i follow allysa and when i saw that she had a podcast i absolutely had to listen to it and by the first episode i was hooked! i’m so excited for season two to come out tomorrow! it’s all i’m going to be listening to. the cast and crew did amazing on TROM❤️
  • The Uncle Fatty Show with Joey
    Voice acting is terrible, some of the worst I’ve heard
  • Lovelymyamystary
    I’m in love and can’t wait for season 2
    I thought I was gonna be a little too young to listen once I heard about it on TikTok but once I started to listen I couldn’t stop and now I can’t wait for season two and their are no emojis can describe how I feel about this show
  • Jenna Everton
    I thought I was too old for this… BUT I LOVE IT
    I’m almost 40 and I was sure this was going to be too young for me to enjoy, but omg what a wild ride this is — reminds me of the original Gossip Girl, salacious and steamy and draaaaaamaaaaaa, it’s so fun!!!!!!
  • Blue Eyed Farm Girl from Cali
    Love it!!
    Best show ever
  • R330022
    This is my reward to listen to while exercising and it’s been the best treat. It’s like tabloids and gossip girl and “the summer I turned pretty” and it’s just fantastic. I’ve sent it to all my friends and I’m always looking forward to the next episode.
  • Animegirl520
    Not even emojis could explain my love for this show. I’m dieing for season 2 and I can’t wait to see what happens next.
  • diagenetic
    Not my cup of tea
    Listened to a few episodes and can’t really get into it. Not bad just don’t think I’m the target audience.
  • zkzkajsjzbz
    So heartwarming
    I love it 😍 it’s so beautiful and so heartwarmingand I can’t wait for season two five stars ⭐️🌟✨🤩🌠 five hearts ❤️ 🧡💛💚💜 five smiley faces ☺️🙂😁🙃🤓 the first time I listened I was like that 🥹 love it 😍
  • cherryblossom1231
    omg so good and NEED a season 2
  • Marshmallow1001
    This is best so far can’t wait for season 2
  • tyuioplkkjgsery
    Waiting for season two
    I’m losing my mind I keep comeback to see if season two is out I even re listened to all of the episodes 😩
  • don'wasteyour time.
    The. Royals of Malibu.
    Garbage with a capital, do not waste your time. garbage GG.
  • Sinith_s18
    Great, you should listen
    season two needs to come out NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • raxanna
    The podcast
    I literally love this podcast so much 🩵🩵 Love Alyssa McKayy she’s so gorgeous and I can’t wait for season 2
  • my hero's biggest fan
  • camel😘
    SO GOOD😍😍
    I heard of this podcast from my cousin and at first I was skeptical but I tried it out anyway bc she loved it so much and I hooked from the FIRST EPISODE- I can’t even explain how much I love it. It’s just SO GOOD😍 This show had me gasping out loud in public multiple times. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a funny, mysterious story with a little bit of romance😉 It reminded me of The Summer I Turned Pretty but with a fiery side❤️ SO MANY CLIFF HANGERS OMG Can’t wait till season 2!!!!!!!!
  • gaymergorl888
    Literally the best thing ever
    SEASON 2 COMES TOMORROW!!!!! (if yall don't have season 2 tomorrow i might have to speak to a manager) 06/25/23 june 25 2023 Edit: THEY HAVE IT!!! but with a freaking catch you have to pay for it and i aint doing that so im literally so sad
  • xd3lightfulx
    This literally had me on my toes! I CAN'T WAIT FOR SEASON TWO!!!!!
  • i sus u sus
    Love the podcast and book!
    I have waited and waited for a show to come out about the book and here it is!! I’m so excited for season 2
  • Dustythepinnypoo
    Amazing series
    Crazy obsessed! I listened to the season 1 in one day. I can’t wait for season 2 🥰
  • leighbear11
    THIS PODCAST IS SOO GOOD y’all should make this a real tv show!! Can not wait for season 2!!
  • One’Vrec
    IM OBSESSED!!! This podcast hits all the check marks for me, and omg the plot twists!!! I can’t even explain how much I love it
  • shayla18900
    It’s a little cringy but I really kinda like that about it. It’s very un expecting, which makes it better. The voice acting is not bad at all dispite what other people said And I love the drama their is soo much going it’s incredible. I have never liked podcast but this is truly amazing can’t wait for season 2!!!!!!!!!
  • hianabananalol
    I cannot wait for season 2!!!
  • Grogu! 👾
    Amazing! Really fun to listen to, can’t wait for season 2!
  • Melanie Marie Heckert79860
    my experience listening to The Royals of Malibu
    i found this podcast on tiktok and it was alyssa in the studio recording episode 3 and i couldn’t get it off my mind. i looked her page up and went in her bio so i could find where to listen to this and i have loved it. it has such a good plot and it’s nice that the characters are around my age so it can be relatable at times. this podcast blew my mind and i can’t wait for more seasons!!
  • Cton85
    Hard pass
    This has great potential, but the voice acting could be better. Plus, it’s a bit cringy.
  • Anul2102
    Amazing it is the best. My favorite podcast by far.
  • Happy sad goofball
    Happy happy happy
    I honestly did not expect to enjoy this but after listening to it I fell in love and just wish that it could be a show on Netflix!!
  • girlmomx1
    This is so much better than I expected & it needs to be a Netflix series!!
  • ilovedabi
    Alyssa is one of the best voice actors that i’ve ever heard and seen i’ve seen the BTS behind this show it is AMAZING
  • mrdjk61
    The royals of Malibu
    Loved the first season of it and now getting ready for the second season. Here’s a early spoiler for everyone I have read all the books and there are 6 books in total. So I can’t wait for the rest of the series of this.
  • Amber1329558
    Love it
    I bought the book lol I had to . I started watching because one of the cast is on tik tok and I ended up loving it 🥰
  • shimmy gimmie moore
    I love this
    For sure can’t wait for season two they need more drama pc like this I’m on my route or I’d say more
  • vk BF gg kc CB HA ah hall mask
    NEED SS 2 RN
  • Lscllchc
    I started listening on a whim, trying to find something to motivate me to keep walking. Half way thru the first episode I realize what book this is portraying, one of my faves. It was really brought to life, I loved every minute of it and can’t wait for season 2!
    I remember reading the book a while ago and I find this. This is amazing! I’m gonna reread “Paper Princess” again. And looking forward to season 2 of the next one.
  • MiTchelle
    🏝️ ☀️ 💕
    I had no idea that there were podcasts like this. I absolutely loved it. And now I must have more!!!!!! 😍 and now to purchase the book 📖
  • kcwr091821
    This has potential but it’s so cringe 😬
  • Tamara802
    I literally cringe.
    So cringey.
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