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We’re gonna let you in on a little secret… sometimes working in medicine can be REALLY funny. There’s no way around it, when weird stuff happens to any of us - oftentimes what happens next can get even weirder. Each week on Knock Knock, Hi! – join Will and Kristin Flanary (aka Dr. Glaucomflecken and Lady Glaucomflecken) as they seek out the world’s weirdest, most shocking, and unexpectedly hilarious medical stories from doctors, nurses, friends, and those celebs who just “played one on TV.” Where else can you hear firsthand just what happens when chopsticks get stuck in your sinuses? Or, ahem, worse…

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  • Kevin.S.21
    Discussion with LT Aaron Gregg on Will and Kristin’s Cardiac Arrest
    Awesome. So important! An essential topic and so expertly handled to reveal what went well and also what can be improved in pre-hospital EMS handling of cardiac arrest for the patient, AND, as importantly, the family, and specifically those family who had to take part in a resuscitation. This benefits all of us humans on both sides of this most time critical, most important emergency where 10 minutes can make the difference between life and death. Bravo!! 🙏⭐️🌟
  • KittypantsILM
    Recommend for healthcare workers and ALL
    Love and support the show. You all are doing great work. Keep it up!
  • Undercover KC
    DR Mike Natter
    Thanks for the beautiful interview. I just finished watching it. I am a fan of Dr. G the ophthalmologist is just one of the inspiring doctors the inspiring more to go into medicine. Dr Natter sounds like a really great doctor. I am very thankful for all the doctors that help us today. I am trying to become a Surgeon Not only a surgeon” A female Somali Mulism so l am very determined to be it. Thanks Docs.
  • BigFan001
    Dr. Fitzharris was amazing!!!
    Best interview to date!! Please bring her back! Her energy is infectious! Love the podcast. Keep up the great work!
  • South Fl fan
    So entertaining. Really enjoy your show.
    I would suggest you watch St Elsewhere. This show was on NBC in the early 80’s. The writer was way ahead of his time. I think you will truly appreciate not only the content but I bet many of the shows you like took a lot of the material from this show. It was awesome.
  • AntKristi
    Green but great
    Love the Glaucomfleckens! They’re a bit green in the podcast world but are figuring it out quickly. I love the variety of different specialties of doc guests, keep that going. Just a suggestion though to vet who and who may not sound the best for podcast world (I couldn’t listen past about 10 minutes to Dr. Nath (neurologist), she talked soooo fast and her voice trailed off a lot, it was too frustrating. But most others have been great. More comedian-world doctors too would be great!
  • 23drkim
    Funny education
    Get smarter
  • The war within a war
    Down to earth
    Great listen. Information is fresh and easy to listen to.
  • Freckle123
    Entertaining and educational!
    Fun to listen to and I learn more stuff about medicine! Probably going to take a CPR class now.
  • Dakeeb
    Great show
    Dr. G and his wife make medical talk fun to listen to, even for me, a non-medical person. Just a really engaging set of personalities. Love seeing Dr. Mike on an episode too!
  • Mshauver
    Love it!
    Such a great show!
  • AndrewAlford
    Thank you for making a podcast! Love listening to the show while im driving. I Enjoy the show! Keep up the good work!
  • CaronC14
    Love the show
    5 stars for sure! Please add an RN (not a suit/manager but a floor RN) to an interview. Get their perspective on how it is to work with doctors (interns, students, resident). Trust me, that would make for a great interview.
  • The 585
    Love it!
    Will and Kristin are naturals! Their banter with their guests and each other is entertaining and fascinating. I feel like they could be my new best friends!
  • Eye’m a fan!
    Prefer the ‘new’ format!
    Loved the short form, Dr. G-only format. Q&A was fun and informative. I do also like the MD interviews and the games from the longer shows, but the ‘banter’ of Mrs. G is not to my taste. It feels mean-spirited and I hope is just put on for the show. Because if ‘I saved your life so I can treat you any kind of way’ is really how your marriage rolls, that makes me sad for a fellow who seems like a genuinely nice person. Dr. G-only is clearly intelligent, competent (‘I just did 11 surgeries this morning’!), and a little silly in a way that the ‘teamwork’ Dr. G seems to be about undermining Dr. G at every turn (let your light shine, Dr. G!).
  • metakitty
    My new favorite podcast
    This podcast is the perfect mix of lighthearted banter and emotional depth. I love it so much - even though I nearly vaso-vagaled while driving when they talked about the eyeball speculum. I am a doctor myself, but I can only take so much! Haha
  • HobGirl79
    Fun Listen
    I am a current medical scribe at a children’s ER with various medical career experiences over the past 20 years. Planning on applying to medical school in 2025 and really love listening to this show! It really rings true to my experiences and it is great to listen to on my way to work! Keep up with more podcasts, I will continue to listen and tell others!
  • KERL619
    5 stars!
    The show is fantastic! Lady G’s female and non-medical perspective really adds depth and relatability to the show. Can’t wait to keep listening!
  • Piecost Henweigh
    Great job
    Thanks guys
  • ISU Empl
    Great podcast!
    The husband and wife team keep the pace moving. Fascinating stories and guests. Well worth the listen. Give them a try!
  • pinkpearls37
    New Favorite Podcast 🤩
    As an avid true crime connoisseur and medical professional, this podcast has been a funny, informative breath of fresh air. I was immediately hooked after you showed up on my FYP, and was so excited when you announced this podcast. The perfect blend of humor and truth about life in the medical field. 10/10 will recommend 🥰
  • Cupidgirl11
    Love it !
    I love that it’s an interesting medical podcast but not so serious like others. It’s nice to listen to medical content and just enjoy it without having to think too hard or get in to serious or stressful issues. Great content and cool guests!
  • SoCal2NoVa
    Thumbs Up
    I’ll definitely listen to future episodes based on the first four. Nice combo of medical stuff, conversation and humor. I hope Dr. & Lady G. will host a cardiologist and promote CPR training at some point in the future. I don’t know if it’s possible to work humor into the subject, but if anyone can, it would be these two.
  • Erigby12
    The Art & Science of Healthcare Comedy
    This podcast is a master class for those delivering healthcare and medicine, as well as those who need it. That would be all of us. Will, Kristin and their guests explore what it means to be a doctor, someone related to anyone in healthcare, people working in the field, or those loved ones needing care. IOW, again, everyone. The balance between Will and Kristin is exquisite. All laypeople/ patients should be as engaged and curious as Kristin; all doctors should be as genuine, informative, and engaged as Will and his guests. This is the best of medicine, and it’s fun to listen to. Thank you!
  • slaapmd1
    A bit raw for me.
    The pair of Glaucomflackens is less than the single. The humor is too crude for me and while I find some parts funny, others are pretty crude. If I were one of his patients I would think about changing doctors. Not the same caliber of thr sight humor of the original. jh, MD
  • Nuts About Medicine
    Thank you
    Thank you for humanizing what has become a non-humanizing field healthcare system of late and thank you for getting the most depressing field of medicine out of the way on your first podcast. That being said, having lost both parents to cancer, we need more Dr. Dizons!
  • Lefty big guns
    Needs more Jonathan
    The content is an upbeat mix of education and humor. There are humorous anecdotes and great chemistry between Mr. and Mrs. Glaucomflecken. However, I feel the Glaucomflecken universe is a 3 person partnership. Without a contribution from Jonathan the audience is denied a logical and oftentimes sobering experience from a brilliant mind. I can only attribute Jonathan’s absence to petty jealousy and assume Dr. G views him as a rival for the audience’s adoration (and possibly even Mrs. G’s adoration).
  • Armadillo 9
    Knocked it out of the ballpark
    Great! Entertaining, interesting and informative. Thanks Doc!
  • AshleyRoumph
    I’m so hooked already! Great show.
  • Tulsagal14
    Dang it
    I was so excited and waiting for this podcast Doc did not disappoint but unfortunately I won’t be able to listen because of his wife’s high pitched voice and unnecessary irritating sidekick chatter , leave doc to this himself
  • Grexton
    Got a sneak peak
    The show is fun to listen too. A nice mix of funny and seriousness when it comes to the people, the problems, and the pros of the medical world. It’s not Dr. Glaucomflecken skits, but the show is funny. With moments of serious talk. All in all, very enjoyable. I’d recommend.
  • ICU-MD
    Can’t wait!
    Already love it!!!!
  • khighlen
    A just needed laugh!
    As an extremely exhausted nurse in primary care, you hit the nail on the head portraying us and our entire office and physician get such a kick out of it!
  • Yediah
    Can’t wait!
    I became acquainted with Dr. and Lady G just before the pandemic. They have some stuff to say and I’m delighted to listen to them. 2023 has just gotten better 🙏
  • Sharks1855
    Can’t wait!!
    Dr. and Lady G are awesome. And they’re doing a podcast?!?! This is gonna be great!!
  • TessyPuffs
    So excited!!
    I can not wait!! Love you guys on YouTube, can't wait for more of your awesome content!!!
  • Vanilla^^
    So excited for this! You guys are the best!!!
  • Obkenob
    Magnificent! Magnificent! Magnificent!
  • GudsP
    Thanks for doing this
  • Saxhil
    Soooo excited, can’t wait to listen :D -an excited med student
  • ShepherdsLamb
    Can’t wait!
    Count me IN! The trailer is quality, so I’m sure your production is only going to increase the awesomeness I’ve loved on YouTube. A big THANK YOU for keeping it clean so I can listen while I work in our kitchen with my kids passing through.
  • Duckcentral
    What a treat!
  • Mario Tejada
    Christmas Came early!
    Cant wait for the first episode to release!
  • dizzerdog
    This is the best podcast in the history of all podcasts! Going back to the first podcast in 1775. This is by far the best one ever!
  • andrea_i_k
    The moment I’ve been waiting for! Enthused head nod
  • Shahnti B
    Love them!
    They are so great! Can’t wait for the podcast!!!
  • Reubenman
    A GLAUC-CAST!?!?!?
    Santa, thank you for what I can only say is the only thing I ever wanted for the holidays — and I didn’t even know I wanted it! Will and Kristin, sooooo excited for this! Thanks for being you!!!!
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