Closet Confessions


Got something to confess sis…?
Good job because author and journalist, Candice Brathwaite, and actress and online personality, Coco Sarel, are inviting you into their closet of confession to drop their truths, and yours…
We’re talking bad behaviour, dodgy dates and controversial opinions you just can’t hold in any longer.
Come and confess to us, it’s totally anonymous and there’s nothing off limits.
Send in your secrets here:
Oh, and don’t forget - what’s said in the closet, stays in the closet…

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  • ShaneyO4
    Love it
    Literally feel as if I’m apart of the group chat! Smiling from ear to ear like these are my real life girlfriends
  • stuckinmyhome
    LOVE LOVE Love
    Absolutely love these two. They’re hilarious, insightful, and always put a smile in my face. So happy I found their podcast.
  • Aj 😍😬
    This is the first podcast I started in the comedy genre. Typically I listen to true crime but I wanted to change it up. You two queens are freaking hilarious and I always find myself cackling with laughter as if Im in the room with you, thank you for reminding me that us black women are gifts.
  • J@s!!
    You’re doing the Lords work
    I thank you beautiful women so much for you spirits and you energy. You ladies uplift me. Thank you!! To “Rising Up”🫶🏾🥂
  • bk26505
    LOVE IT!
    You are both getting me through postpartum right now! I am obsessed!
  • shelby123987
    They are so wise!!
    I’m a new listener and absolutely LOVING this content. These women are so wise, so thoughtful, so unapologetically and beautifully feminine in the best way. I am in awe!! Keep on keepin’ on, ladies!!
  • theadebolayinka
    Came from IG, Stayed Forwver
    These two are so fully themselves! They are so funny, and in their realness they challenge all of us to be authentic with ourselves. Love love love.
  • tiffany___x
    This is exactly what I needed. I can’t relate completely as I am not from the UK or in the entertainment business, but as a woman, a mother, a wife, an introvert… these are the things I need to hear, expressed. I couldn’t be the only one. You two are a breathe of fresh air. I’m obsessed.
  • Btims12
    Well ladies.. I have binged your entire catalog. I have cackled and cried. I have learned and felt tremendous validation with the help of your insight. Thank you! My only question for you two is what am I supposed to listen to now?? Looking forward to every new release. xoxo from Atlanta, Georgia.
  • tigg2kool
    I love this show
    I’m currently listening to the *your in a stadium’ ep whilst I’m writing this review..the way y’all preaching on this episode is everything!!
  • JonyAl
    The Sisterhood We All Needed
    I have been BINGEING this podcast and can’t get enough! The way these ladies read people, the confidence they exude, and the witty one liners! They are a must in your weekly podcast routine
  • Gummibear2012
    I just want my good big sistas to know that this is the best thing that has happened for my mental health this month!! I am BINGEING!!!!!!! 💜🥹 Thank you!
  • whit.dangerfield
    Cannot stop listening!
    Just started this podcast and the hosts are so hilarious, real, and insightful on the experiences we all go through. A MUST for the Black podcast girlies!
  • She Is Coping
    I love that I knew Candice from TikTok first before listening to the podcast! It really set the tone and I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. You two have amazing chemistry and your laughter, song breaks, and inside jokes really make the podcast that much more entertaining.
  • Brownschu
    Amazing, innit?
    Instantly obsessed.
  • Suedit on Instagram 🙂
    10s across the bored !!!
    I actually stumbled upon this podcast on a mistake and I am so happy I did !!! I’ve only listened to, two episodes and I am GLUED ! I loveeee the sense of community so relatable and most importantly THE LAUGHS!!! Keep the episodes coming We are ready !!!
  • madeadamnaccountforthisshit
    that one tiktok had me HOWLIN babes
    im dead, and im not even some pregnant lady's husbands girlfriend 😭😭😭 you two are way too funny- fastest I've ever subscribed and rated & I hope this blows up
  • MySunShine08
    In love
    These queens are amazing, they’ve got me hooked in two days. I’ve learned and opened my eyes listening to them! Their like that real friend that you need. I’ll love to give a storyline to talk about but unaware how to write to y’all
  • Spenciie
    The Best To Ever Do it!!!!!
    The best podcasting duo of all time! I have grown, I have laughed, I have reflected, I have cried, I have adjusted my perspective on so many things that I just needed to hear another black woman say for some reason and it has given me lifeeeeee. I can’t wait to see you ladies love because I feel like we are family! Thank you for all that you do from Candice’s closet! Love you bad! -a Miami girlie 💕
  • A. McNamara
    If you need a break from true crime, listen to this podcast!
    I have only listened halfway through the most recent episode and I love it already! The hosts clearly enjoy their time together and it has feel-good, empowering content that doesn’t feel too preachy. I wish I would’ve had this podcast when I was in my early-20’s; I’m sure I would’ve stepped into my power much, much sooner than I did. Better late than never, though. 👊🏼
  • Vandybeauty29
    Hello from your American sis!
    I love this podcast. Candice and Sarel really speak truth into women issue. Keep up the good job ladies.
  • Samara Matthews
    TikTok brought me and I’m so glad!
    You all are funny, real, and HONEST! Sheesh, I laughed, cried all in one episode. Please don’t go nowhere because I feel seen every time I take a listen. 🫶🏼
  • Nikkia H.
    US Girlie in LOVE!
    This is hands down my favorite podcast to listen to after my own. The sisterhood, the HIGHLY relevant topics, the cackles, the gems….ALL of it. 10/10 highly recommend.
  • Tincey’s daughter
    This podcast is EVERYTHING!! Funny and always speaking facts!! These beautiful ladies are hilarious together. Love this vibe! This is the podcast I’ve been looking for.
  • Ooo-ka-cha-ka
    Fun, Smart, Joyful!
    This is the best, most-joyful, fun podcast. I love their friendship and banter. I can't say enough about how much I love them! Found them on reels, loved the vibe so much I came to find the podcast. I've been binging eps ever since!
  • watsonavenue
    Hilarious and down-to-earth
    Found you two on Insta and your clips were so funny I had to find the podcast and listen. You’re smart and hilarious! So relatable the way you both talk through the confessions and issues people come with. I’m not Black but a woman of color (in the US) and relate deeply to the issues people bring up. This podcast is such a nice space for women of color 💜 a great break from the YT women dominating the podcast space!
  • Ahsnaps
    Big Ups to you two 🙏🏾🤎👏🏾
    First off 31 y.o. american listener 🫶🏾 Now Listen.....this podcast is cheaper than therapy. Its got laughs, deep moments, life lessons, a word, and a sermon all in one. I binged through and have accepted Candice and Sarel as my podcast self care. Amen & Amen'd again.
  • @Circa1978_
    My Cousins in My Head!
    Hello from the States! I absolutely love y’all. Y’all keep it real and keep me laughing, while offering new perspectives to things. I appreciate you both. ❤️
  • kshswksvwuaisb
    I love all episodes and you both are hilarious and genius. The “Newly single” episode had me absolutely DYINNGGG
  • Monique Sherri
    Don’t STOP
    I absolutely love these ladies! This is such a different vibe to podcast and I am here for. It is so refreshing to hear a range of topics in each episode that provide mental and intellectual stimulation with die hard laughter. Love the openness and honesty in Closet Confessions.
  • Powerbottomforjesus
    I just discovered you two have a pod-this is my first episode and I cannot wait for summer vacation to start so I can spend hours catching up and pretend I’m hanging out w y’all 🥰🥰
  • Stephk89
    I was introduce to this podcast by a friend and instantly fell in love with these two beautiful chocolate sisters!! This podcast is sooo relatable. Continue the Lord’s work. Can’t wait for y’all to come to the USA for a love show!!! Thank you!!!
  • Everydaymichelle
    This show is everything
    Every moment is joyful and genuine. Love these girlies. I’ll be cackling away on my commute.
  • CVK85
    Friends in my head
    How they talk, is how my sisters and I talk. The way they Kee Kee together is so fun.
  • Casual Jeweler
    U.S. Girlie loving this show
    I have just started season two and when I say that the first episode and the bonus are speaking to me!!! Love this podcast. Periodt. Sometimes when y’all get going I have to turn it up really loud so I can understand what you’re sayingz. (I’m totally a subtitles on the television girl so I’m out of direct hearing comprehension practice). Keep ‘em coming!
  • NedraMichelle.D
    Soooo good!
    Just found this podcast and I am loving it! Entertaining, hilarious, and heart-affirming. Can’t wait to binge all the past episodes.
  • Supremedejhan
    I am in LOOOOOVEEE!!!
    I am one of the American Girliesss!! I’ve been following Candice and Sarel individually since the pandemic hit and I stumbled on them on tik tok. I LOVED the both of them individually, so when I saw that a podcast was coming with the both of them, I BOOKMARKED and FOLLOWED EXPEDITIOUSLY!!! I cackle every single episode, and I feel so seen and understood!!! Candice and Sarel truly feel like my Sisters from across the pond!!! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Sitcom Friend
    Loveee but please adjust audio levels
    I really love these ladies and can’t get enough of their hilarious banter. My one critique is that as an audio nerd this podcast can sometimes be pretty tough to listen to. The audio levels are way too low and I find myself having to raise the volume up to the max in my AirPods just to hear the ladies in conversation but then at a commercial break or if one the ladies gets really excited the sound is so abruptly loud I have to pull out my headphones in pain. Audio engineer, if you could please adjust this Closet Confessions would be the perfect podcast. Still love Coco & Candice to infinity & infinity
  • L.A. May
    I found my people!!!
    Where has this podcast been all my life? So relatable. So genuine. Love these ladies!
  • Kaitlyn Y.
    The full spectrum
    Candice and Sarel are simultaneously heartfelt, soulful, sweet, thoughtful, and absolutely hilarious!!! So much fruitful conversation and thought provoking ideas. And many laughs!!!
  • AmethystCarter
    Sunshine on a cloudy day
    Candice and Sarel are a pleasure to listen to. British accents serving real and heartfelt takes on pop culture, friendships, relationships and womanhood. 11/10!
  • Maxcraft430
    First time listening
    Dig it. If you like this show you will like "Community News by Paul and Sasha" Great and hilarious like these ladies.
  • justadailyperson
    Love this podcast!
    Listen! I love listening to these 2 queens! This podcast will make you think, laugh, and cry (the one about sisterhood, Lord Jesus, ugly cry for me). I cannot wait for season 2.
  • CourtneyJ86
    My new favorite podcast
    I’ve never been a podcast girlie but this is THE ONE 😩🙏🏾 thank you ladies for making this amazing show I love it listened to every episode at work today to the point I’m hearing my thoughts in a british accent 🤣 I’m sorry for my American foolishness please keep the new episodes coming!!!
  • Cheryl Yvette
    These women literally have me in tears laughing while I’m listening to them. I had to stop listening to them at work because they’re hysterical!! But along with the belly laughs are great topics and gems of wisdom being dropped generously and lovingly. Wonderful work ladies!!! I look forward to next season!!
  • MFarook83
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the vibes all the way from the East Coast of the U.S. Ladies you’re on to something! Keep up the great podding.
  • shollidayvo
    Love hearing you guys!!!!
  • Fontainebleau22
    THIS PODCAST!!!!!!!!!
    I am one of those that loves podcasts but I rarely write a review. But this podcast is always dropping gems and I live!!!!!!!! I love how raw and real they are. I love hearing about the perspectives of black women outside of the US because it makes me feel like we are connecting and building community. When I listen, I feel like I am in the closet with them. Love love this show and I am excited for more and more episodes!!!!!??
  • Cruzan Foodie
    Love love love this podcast!
    I have never written a review for a podcast but I HAD to stop what I was doing to write one. These ladies are an ENTIRE VIBE! I love how transparent they are and they are hilarious. They keep it real and I can’t wait for more episodes. Keep up the great work, queens!
  • Crys Lost It
    This is the podcast I didn’t know I NEEDED!
    I love this podcast so much. The black experience is universal. I am listening to y’all right outside of DC and relating to EVERYTHING that y’all are saying. This is only the first season. I can’t wait for the tour, US Meet & Greets and ALL. We are picking up what y’all putting down. ❤️❤️❤️
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