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Are you tired of not being able to travel because it's just so expensive?Do finances keep you from your dream destinations and making memories with your family?In this podcast, we show you how you can fulfill that dream of traveling without spending more money. We've earned millions of credit card points to travel all over the world and take our families on amazing vacations.Vacations to Hawaii, Europe, and Disneyland are all possible for nearly free with credit card points and miles.By using credit cards strategically for your everyday expenses, you too can travel for nearly free!We can't wait to help you get that first, nearly-free vacation!Tired of not traveling due to the expense? We can teach you how to travel for pennies on the dollar by using credit card points and miles!

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  • Mimi’s travels
    So happy to have found this amazing group of ladies. I started out last April not really knowing about travel hacking at all. I am now on my 7th CC and have taken so many free trips! Wow!! My husband is even on board and is so impressed. Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing all the tips and tricks for free travel advice. 🥰
  • Charlotte Joan
    They feel like friends!
    I look forward to listening to the THM podcast every week. It’s like catching up with a group of friends who are into nerding out over the same travel hacking stuff as I am. They’re super relatable, and I find everything I learn from the podcast applicable to my life. Also totally appreciate the banter- it really feels like I know them!
  • italianroe
    Best there is!
    I started listening to this podcast a few months ago (sorry for taking so long to write this review) & have learned so much. I binged most of the episodes in 2 weeks and dove right in with earning points and miles. Right now I’m at an all inclusive in Mexico paid for with points and miles. The whole trip for my family of 4 including flights, transportation & excursions only cost me $600. I could have gotten it for free had I planned more in advance. I love to travel but it hasn’t always been in my budget. Travel hacking has opened up new possibilities for me! Thank you for all of your wisdom (also- need a 4th mom? Would love to work with you 😀)
  • The Design Pixie
    Best Travel Hacking Show for Families
    I have listened to almost all of these episodes and some more than once because the information is so valuable. So thankful for this trio as I’m obsessed with this topic but the space is dominated by single travelers. Highly recommend!
  • leishabrooke
    So good!
    I’ve learned so much from this podcast and have a super FUN new hobby because of it. I’m looking forward to taking my family of 5 on our first 3 nearly free trips this year because of everything I’ve learned. Thanks so much ladies!
  • LeeAnne W
    Travel made easy thanks to the travel hacking Moms!
    I love this podcast and have referred it to so many friends and family. I learn something new each time and have been able to start a journey gaining points and miles without sacrificing my credit score. Thank you for being so relatable and inspirational!
  • abbylilsmama
    Love this podcast!
    I have learned so much from these down to earth Moms! So excited to use their teachings in the near future in my own life! Keep doing what you do!
  • MissBluebelle
    Listen and learn!
    Love this podcast. I’m now listening the second time through. I’m so thankful to have found y’all. A family and woman centered travel hacking podcast is exactly what I needed and didn’t know it.
  • Frenchloop
    I listen to every episode!
    I love everything they have to say! Always relevant and well described. Thank you! I’ve learned so much
  • KariHybb
    The Best Travel Hacking Podcast
    These ladies are the best of the best in the travel hacking world! They are so understanding and relatable compared to other extreme travel hackers. I love their personalities, and I have learned so much from them!
  • Rucci203
    I booked the trip!
    I’ve been building points slowly for a few years, signing up for credit cards at a rate of 2-3 per year plus player 2. I’ve wanted to book a trip to Italy but I could not wrap my head around how to do it from our smaller airport. I found this podcast, listened to the episode on repositioning flights and I figured it out. Thank you for those tips, I had not heard them and I booked the trip! ALL flights on points - family of 4 plus repositioning flights. We are so excited 🙌
  • KP5492
    Hard on the ears
    I think the info is probably great, but the upspeak and vocal fry make it feel like I am listening to 17 year olds. I will try again to listen, but it’s definitely difficult to fight through. To be fair, I only heard one episode about visiting Texas. One of the hosts was absent on that episode. I will give another episode a listen and see if the maturity meter isn’t raised a bit. It’s too much, “like yaaah”, for me to take as a serious lover of travel.
  • CJW1315
    Excellent information
    Easy and fun to listen to. They truly convey their enjoyment and their desire to want to share their knowledge. If you want to save on a trip to visit Grandma and Grandpa or get pampered while flying to the far side of the world these amazingly talented smart ladies can help you do it cheaper than you can imagine! I enjoy your show ladies keep up the great work!
  • 12ber12
    Great podcast!
    Lots of great travel info.
  • MJC0113
    Love it!
    So much great information for anyone just getting started out and plenty for more seasoned travel hackers too! My trip bucket list is growing every episode and I look forward to listening every week.
  • Cari_A_S
    Great podcast
    I learn so much from the THM podcasts!
  • jms092495
    Honestly not the best in terms of value for time. A few good tips here and there but in my opinion not worth listening for 30 mins to maybe get one little tip
  • Elizabeth L. Santos
    Such great information!
    Thank you for all the valuable information that you three share each week! I found this podcast in May and have already booked 5 trips for my family for FREE with travel hacking. It is such a breath of fresh air to find women and moms sharing their traveling hacks and tips! Pam- I also used to be a fellow couponer, like you mentioned at the beginning of the show, which is what intrigued me to get started! Thank you!
  • Calior237
    Great tips, but more family trips needed!
    This podcast is full of great tips! I have learned a lot. Thank you! Do wish there was more explanation of how to take whole family trips on points.
  • brittlynnc
    Favorite travel hacking podcast!
    I just started listening to travel hacking moms and have binge listened all the episodes because I just love how they present the information and they don’t blabber on about random things. I am due with baby #5 in a month and have (prior to listening) been working on getting points.. so now just need to travel and use some up!! I love that they give great family travel tips as well as just adults. To destinations that actually seem doable to my family. Thank you ladies for the awesome information and keep those great podcasts coming!!
  • Not worth listening
    Fantastic information!!
    Love all the tricks they share, as well as all the reviews of the hotels!! Keep sharing all your amazing trips!
  • karilouise_
    New favorite show
    I’m loving this podcast! New to the world of travel hacking and I’ve learned so much. These ladies are so entertaining and informative.
  • DDD_houston
    Love this podcast
    I love listening to this podcast as I sit in Houston traffic. Makes me feel like I am also traveling and makes my drive so much more enjoyable. Plus you learn of all these possibilities on traveling.
  • Sarah C Ward
    Perfect for beginners
    I stumbled onto this podcast and I can’t get enough of it. I love learning about travel hacking and I appreciate how simple and detailed they are. This is a must follow podcast.
  • Long time in China
    Nice podcast
    This is a great podcast with most of useful info. Not sure why they never talk about the Bilt card which has American Airlines as a transfer partner
  • Av1901
    Great podcast
    This is a great podcast for travel hacking. It’s practical and easy to follow. I highly recommend it.
  • Jess Hoov
    Wow how did I not know any of this!
    I would say I’m pretty good with credit cards and using points but holy cow I knew nothing! Im binging this podcast like a crazy person because I feel like I’ve been missing out on so many perks! Even with the cards I already have! Thanks so much for putting out this content!
  • sjeldhrb
    So great!
    I’ve just started looking into travel hacking and I’m learning so much! I love that they are in different life stages and have different approaches to show the diverse ways it can be done!
  • Heather N Rich
    Best travel hacking podcast
    By far the best travel hacking podcast out there (and I listen to a lot of them). Pam, Alex, and Jess explain everything in simple terms that anyone can understand. They are relatable and fun, and their show has a great mix of trip itineraries and travel hacking strategies. Their personal stories make sometimes complex ideas easy to grasp. I am so glad I found them near the beginning of my travel hacking journey. They have made this process so much more enjoyable! Thank you!
  • tbris
    Gracious with advice and input
    I’ve been listening since the beginning. THM are always so willing to answer questions and share the skinny. I definitely struggle with FOMO… and they certainly have me drooling over their content! Can’t wait for Tuesdays to come along!
  • KristinaKMKG
    So friendly and knowledgeable
    I really enjoy this blog and have learned so much about travel hacking. As a mom of two, I appreciate that they cover hacking family travel.
  • Kileymc
    So helpful!
    Such a fun, easy listen that is extremely helpful. Best podcast!
  • ElizabethPE
    Perfect for Beginners!
    Travel hacking moms do such a great job breaking down the basics of travel hacking and making it so many one could understand! Breaking down something complex is difficult and they do it with ease! This podcast inspired me to start travel hacking and now I’m flying to Thailand for free, saving $2k! And I’m only getting started!! Thank you travel hacking moms!!
  • emmhenn
    The best podcast for travel hacking
    I started listening to this podcast for a week now and have not been able to stop. It is so fun and exciting to learn all the ins and outs of travel hacking. Alex, Pam, and Jess are so relatable and funny! I have already listened to every episode and am looking forward for even more to come in the future! We can’t wait to go on our first nearly free trip! Thank you so much for teaching all of us this great way to travel 💗
  • jessacoups
    So relatable!
    This show is so relatable for the everyday person! These ladies are super enjoyable to listen to and I love the structure of the episodes, the content, and the tips! Also love the way they explain things, it all makes so much sense. Love the fact that there are three ladies because it offers different stories and opinions on things!
  • marngon
    The best!
    These ladies are so knowledgeable! The podcast is organized and the information is presented so clear and concise, but still let's their personalities come through. I listen to most episodes twice just to soak it all in and also bc it’s a very easy listen. Also love how the sound quality is great. Keep up the great work! Can’t wait to see what they have in store for future episodes!
  • SA-strong
    Still searching for a good family podcast
    As a mom of 4 boys, 3 and under, I was really hoping to hear more tips about family travel. It would be nice to hear more strategies about booking that many tickets (flights and hotels), which seems like a challenge the THMs don’t do as much. The name of their company seems a little deceiving since I was hoping to hear more about family trips (with kids) versus the trips they take with their spouses or adult mom/daughter duo. I have listened to all 27 episodes thus far and they have a few good tips throughout their episodes, but I don’t hear much about non luxury travel from them. I guess I’ll listen to their episodes when I’m planning my next anniversary trip.
  • Chickmunk99
    My Favorite Travel Podcast
    I’ve been in the game of travel hacking for about 6 months and have learned so much in that time. These three women are a major reason I have already saved over $15k on trips I have taken or have planned for the next year for my family of 6. I love listening to podcasts, but I didn’t love any of the travel hacking podcasts that were previously available. I started listening to THM from day one and it has quickly become the second podcast in my library I choose to listen to (after my murder podcast, of course). Jess, Alex, and Pam are super relatable and fun to listen to. They lay things out in an easy to understand way, they give great tips, and they give examples for many different styles of travel, from Pam’s bougie hotel hopping and airport lounge obsession, Jess’s travels with her daughter, Alex’s travel with her family of 6, or girls trips, etc. Travel Hacking is the real deal and this podcast is an easy, fun way to learn how to do it!
  • PdotM428
    So much useful information!
    The ladies do such a great job explaining the ins and outs of travel hacking in such a simple digestible manner. I’ve listened to plenty of travel hacking podcasts and joined a bunch of Facebook groups, but THM is always the one I go back to!
  • KirsM
    Love love love!!!
    Even when you think you know a lot - there’s always something new to learn! ❤️
  • Jen Fin
    So much helpful info!
    I can’t believe how much information I have gotten from this show. Planning our first international trip on points this fall after beginning opening cards just this year. Thanks Alex, Pam and Jess for the high value from this show. 🤩
  • ashpat1309
    Travel hacking experts taking my family places!
    Such helpful info! So much good travel hacking tips and tricks. Thankful for this resource!
  • Cocoa_nut
    I’m obsessed!
    The best podcast to explain things well and still be entertaining! They have great chemistry and I love hearing from real moms (but their tips are great for anyone.) I binged everything and am so excited to start traveling more!
  • jmd1705
    Love this show!
    Love love this show - it’s so nice to have female voices in this space that explain everything so easily.
  • SJW MD
    Great info!
    Great info!
  • LOlloqui
    Great informative Podcast
    Such great information clearly stated well said. Makes Travel hacking sound simple
  • KellJH
    My New Favorite
    I enjoy the content and these fun, adventurous ladies. I appreciate that they share so much knowledge. Highly recommend this podcast.
  • OliviaH77
    Love this podcast!
    This group of ladies are just… fantastic! They provide so much information, inspiration and insider tips and I am learning so much! Thank you!
  • AGally
    Generously informative
    Such a great podcast. I learn so much with each episode, and coupled with their blog and social media, I feel like I’m getting a college course in points and miles.
  • Foggyideas
    Refreshing female voices in a male dominated category
    Finally! So refreshing to have some female voices in such a male dominated category! I get so tired of hearing the male perspective in this space! I really enjoy the different stages of life and family sizes of these ladies as well. The information shared has been incredibly helpful and I’ve been able to create a strategy to excel point acquisitions more quickly! The only thing I would like to see added is a single female perspective.
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