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Join former Casting Director turned Brand Strategist Dana Bowling as she shares daily musings on celebrity news, pop culture, and reviewing really good/bad tv. She also talks about living in LA, starting a business from home, being a mom to two unruly boys, married to a Reality TV director of photography, exercise and Sauvignon Blanc. Subscribe now to join the Daily Dose community and get your daily dose of entertainment with Dana!

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  • Dalli17
    Shannon Beador segment
    Great segment but the sound was awful!
  • LadySwampwitch
    I was so hopeful that I would like this but I need my podcasters to do their research. This one isn’t it. If you are going to talk about Vanderpump Rules you should really know all the main players names.
  • kellyjson
    Sound issues
    Still not sure what I think of Dana and her podcast. Feels like she’s just someone who wants to be another famous podcaster. Also, the sound issues were terrible on the most recent episode. You were clear sometimes, other times you sounded like you were talking through a door.
  • Ecinmai
    Great content Balanced Comentary
    Found out about Dana a few days ago from another podcaster #. Really like the variety of stories she covers and her well balanced comentaries.
  • jclf73
    Shannon Story
    I have to say I disagree. Yes, I think her relationship with John is toxic but I don’t think she’s an alcoholic or has issues all the time like you said. I have been watching the show for a long time and also have friends they actually know her. She doesn’t need help.
  • CurlyGorl
    Makes my Day!
    I first discovered Dana on IG which brought me to her podcast. As someone who loves all things Bravo, I am soaking up this podcast (and it just helped me survive 10 hours of driving). :) Listening to Dana feels like you’re dishing with a friend and I love that we get a daily dose. Thanks, Dana! You are fantastic.
  • downstream-hicks2.0
    Love you but don’t get it twisted about the strike
    Found you recently and love the pod . My answer To the celeb gossip run down BUT- speaking as a crew member and wardrobe stylist we, who are not writers etc, are all being affected by this strike and some people have had no income in ages . Whatever the outcome for the writers , isn’t going to affect us. But the striking does. Don’t generalize it . There are makeup, hair, costumers, grips, photo and film assistants and on and on and on, all screwed because of this . I know many people taking a work , more then you would know, in hush hush situations because why ! We need to put food on the table bro ! Get realistic.
  • darcy 77
    Lost listener
    She always defends the worst people. Making excuses for people she likes even if they are awful people.
  • lay_lay22
    My kind of energy!
    I recently found Dana on YouTube as I was looking for tea on recent Bravo drama and immediately liked the way she digs into all of the recent events- down to earth, not too petty or mean but still gets into the good stuff. I also tend to agree with most of her takes which isn’t a necessity for me to like a podcast, but it’s still nice. Check this podcast out if you like pop culture, gossip, Bravo etc! I highly recommend!
  • CaboROOM130
    Loving everything about Dana !
  • pazamp4
    Great podcast 🫶🏽
    Dana is the best, keep going Queen!
  • Mr Blind
    What took me so long to find you??
    Love this pod, and I listen to a lot! This one is my fave right now! Love the hot gos, the RH recaps and the podcasters drama the most!!
  • Vaness3154
    BEST pop & entertainment news
    Love it! So happy to have found a funny, entertaining host who talks about pop news, etc It’s my new favorite podcast. Also, she has a Hollywood background so is also very smart and fun.
  • DonaGxbzr
    Daily Dose of Dana
    This podcaster is my favorite. She is always interesting, she is always timely and shares a very nuanced opinions about all of her topics. She’s very intelligent and easy to listen to. I really enjoy this podcast. I also follow her on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. She does a live TikTok when she’s taping her podcast every day, and I watch it as often as possible.
  • Bout2break
    Podcaster Best kept secret gem
    My new. #1 podcast - best kept secret where u been hiding?! :)
  • Horse drawer
    Love it!
    I find myself looking to Dana first thing when looking for a show. Good info and nice amount of common sense😉
  • Leighruns
    New listener
    Hi Dana! Thanks for a great podcast. I found you amongst the Heather and Jeff drama, but I’m here to stay.
  • Molly Eileen
    You have to get the pausing under control
    There is some potential here, but you have to stop starting a sentence before you know what you want to say. You do it constantly, and it makes the podcast unbearably tedious after awhile. It gives the effect of listening to somebody tell a story who is constantly being distracted by her phone. Maybe that’s what is happening. Stop it. Prepare better, get some mic coaching, focus, something, but stop going “So….” (full ten second pause) “She…” (full ten second pause). Come ON.
  • NikNik1120
    Dana is a ROCKSTAR 🌟
    If you want all the info on Pop Culture, reality stars, Bravo shows, etc., Daily Dose of Dana is the place to be! She gives us all the details but keeps it cute AND CLASSY ❤️
  • arodrig965
    Great podcast. Congratulations
  • B Kemp
    Favorite podcast of 2023
    The Daily Dose of Dana is literally part of my day EVERYDAY and I love it! Dana wants to be a resource to her audience not only on all things pop culture but in life as well, and she does just that! A must listen!
  • ufbdbd
    I just stumbled on to Dana from another podcast. What a great surprise. I heart her!!
  • Jennnncccc
    Breath of fresh!
    So glad I discovered Dana. She is now my new favorite pop culture podcast. I moved on from another because the host changed so much and listening wasn’t fun anymore. I’m glad to get my fix with Dana.
  • Angie/in/Cali
    Dana is Awesome!
    I’m so grateful that I recently found Dana’s podcast! She has a wonderful personality. She says the good, bad and tells it like it is! She doesn’t take sides she sees all the sides and both negative and positive! No one is perfect and she reminds us all of that! I love her energy. I’m currently going back and listening to her old shows! She is my new FAVORITE! She has a calling for this! Keep Going Dana! We LOVE you!!!! ❤️
  • kiwa3
    Love ❤️
    Listening to Dana brightens up my day! Such a positive person!
  • Lmforan
    Love it!
    Love the podcast and the energy. Like chatting with a friend about all the gossip (who also encourages you to wake up early and work out).
  • yucaipamama
    Doser show this is about reality tv
    Great reality tv and podcast reviews and safe space fun. There is also a Facebook group
  • djeifneowdn
    keep on keepin’ on Dana
    I love how raw and honest Dana is yet so easy to listen to also! F the mean people and keep doing you bc lots of us adore you!
  • Drinkndew
    A must listen to!
    How have I never left a rating? I have been listening for months. I look forward to my Daily Dose of Dana. Dana went on vacation this summer and I was impatiently waiting for her return. A nice take on daily gossip with insider points of views and even the occasional text from her friends in the know during the podcast.
  • gigivillahills
    We Love Dana! 5 Stars
    I watch Dana on YouTube and I love her take on all the breaking Bravo news drama. She has sincere and honest approach that is different from other creators. Her Facebook group is also worth checking out as well! Her attempt to keep things as positive is such a breath of fresh air!
  • Debbie J 22
    Love Dana’s energy
    It’s like a daily pick me up! Her energy is infectious. I look forward to her show every day.
  • Roseanna4
    So sweet and down to earth
    Thank you for your level headed honesty. Sending you so much love. ❤️
    RE: In/Out
    I dig the quick, quirky & fun take on pop culture! I believe you state your opinion but in a positive way! Happy to have stumbled on this podcast!
  • sullyhussey
    Fresh air
    Dana is herself and that's an adorable, smart great podcaster! Great energy!!!!
  • inla123
    You get less than zero from Jeff on his podcast download. Sirius pays his guests it’s not a normal podcast, it’s a radio show, that puts 20 minutes of nothing content into iTunes podcast. At least Heather puts out real free podcast content.
    You almost had me
    Sorry but there are many other content creators who get much more hate and talk about the same subjects. Idk why you talk so much about yourself. You’re just getting started chill out. What are you going to do once the Jeff Lewis and HM situation dies down? HUMBLE yourself, girl. Bc it’s gonna be a long fall from way up there where you think you are. ✌️ This podcast is not for me. P.S) you talk very fast, sometimes it’s hard to follow. Maybe chill out on the espresso shots.
  • Lauren_BT
    Nuance for the win!
    Keep bringing the nuance and critical thinking, Dana!
  • Jace227
    A Daily Dose does the body good
    Love this podcast. I love how you treat the subjects like a professional news anchor would. You research and are objective. And give your opinion in a grounded way. It is great. So glad I found this. It’s like finding the quiet in all the chaos. Great Job.
  • Ls2552021
    Piling on for clicks so lame
  • cmr92131
    New favorite 🤩
    Love that I stumbled upon Dana’s podcast last week. It’s my new fave! Everything I’m looking for!
  • Mrndogs3
    Reach for the 5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️✨
    Dana… you’re the Real Deal✨ You’re a breath of fresh air too! Clearly you are full of integrity & dignity with your daily content. Im so grateful I found you through Zack. Congratulations on your outstanding ratings! You make my day…. Hugs!
  • madaline's main itunes
    Maddy G
    Mazel on your success!! Found my way here because of the drama of others and so happy I did. Love your speed and energy & sincere about what you know and hear, all while trying to keep it fair and kind.
  • dianna nicole
    Love the pod
    I don’t know how it took me so long to find this pod; Dana is great. Love when she’s a guest on No Filter. She’s got a great perspective and attention to the details 10/10
  • savemymusic
    My new favorite podcast!
    Love her! She’s so prepared and has interesting opinions and insights. Such a good listen!
  • QuanT8
    LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU❤️🙏❤️ You Are so great at how you break things down and tell both sides. That’s an art and you have mastered it. I consider myself a “Doser”x THANK YOU🙏❤️🙏
  • Guyfsetg
    Silver lining
    Well, the huge benefit of the Heather McDonald debacle is finding this podcast! You are a true delight (and you don’t need to convince us of it)! So glad to have found you! ❤️
  • Gracie RG
    Ryan F
    Love your show. Keep up the great work!
  • Rachel B. NCMG
    Love Her
    I originally found Dana through Zack Peter (No Filter with Zack Podcast) and now I’m hooked - I watch her daily lives while grooming my doggies and I think she’s so diplomatic and cool.
  • Beth (not Bethany 😂😂)
    Love it!!
    Love the POD!! Dana does a great job. Feels like a friend is talking to us.
  • Elizabeth's Health
    So Good!
    Amazing pop culture, gossip and more :)
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