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On the M is for Mama Podcast, you’ll hear encouragement for all things motherhood, practical helps and systems to help you thrive in your home from day to day, funny, relatable kid-stories, examinations of what the Bible has to say about cultural issues, and so much more!

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  • Smcinclnc3
    I’m so thankful for Abbie’s wisdom that she has gained over the years from both the Lord and through her own experience in motherhood! I’ve been a blog/IG follower since 2012 when I was pregnant with my first and have loved watching her family grow over the years. I love the truths she shares and her willingness to put this podcast out for us to listen!
  • Aharris2018
    The only podcast I won’t skip!
    M is for Mama is the only podcast I listen to that I anticipate weekly, look forward to each Wednesday and won’t skip a single episode. Abbie always brings solid biblical truth with a lot of practical wisdom. I have been so encouraged and at times brought to tears at how God has used her words at just the right time to spur me on during hard things, encourage me to live a Godly life and to validate that being a mom is really, really hard but our kids are worth.
  • Gillian1208
    Missing your original Podcast model
    I started listening to this Podcast a few weeks ago and started from the first episode. I was absolutely blown away from the first 10 episodes. I learned a lot about my own parenting style. I even downloaded a few of the Ebooks. I shared the Podcast with several of my friends. However, the last several episodes that I have listened to I can’t make through. Too much personal information is given. It is hard to listen and get to the point of the episode because of the rambling on about her everyday experiences. I would recommend going back to listen to your first few episodes and go back to the way you set those up. I’m sorry for this 3 star review. I really appreciate your heart and the biblically sound advice you are giving moms. God Bless you and your family.
  • Elisabeth Carol
    Highly recommend
    Love this podcast! It’s nice to listen to the advice from a mom who has had so many kids and has started launching them into the world. Her topics are always encouraging and point me to Christ.
  • grateful mom of 9
    Good content, haughty attitude
    This is a good podcast with solid information. However Abbie can come across aloof, and haughty. She has an underlying tone that comes across as ‘well you should know better, but since you don’t I guess I’ll have to tell you….’. This is not a constant problem, however if feels frequent. As I said it does have some useful and good information, it can be a okay way to spend some time. As a special needs mom I did not enjoy her episode on parenting special needs children it was condescending and she kept telling everyone she does not have a special needs child, as if to say ‘I got by without one!’. All in all I give it a 2 star, not for content, but for host character.
  • MarissaThompson321
    Practical Help & Biblical Encouragement
    Skip the other mom podcasts that are rah-rah self-help jargon. This one offers practical advice, Biblical wisdom, and a role model whose encouraging attitude toward motherhood (and other hard-not bad-endeavors) is contagious.
  • lily638489769
    Biblical Encouragement Moms Need
    Love tuning in each week to hear a balanced and biblical perspective on motherhood and responses to cultural issues! Keep speaking the truth and encouraging a generation of young moms!
  • mamaNNG
    Worth the listen
    I recently was sent a podcast featuring Abbie and quickly found her books and podcasts because I wanted more! Popping in my headphones and listening to parenting wisdom from a biblical perspective has really helped to encourage me in my current stage in young motherhood. Some topics have been convicting and been the kickstart of positive changes in my mothering. I really enjoy hearing Abbie quote scripture and I’m encouraged to keep up my Bible memory! I also enjoy all the twin antics, as a mother of twins myself!
  • NayNay11**
    Wonderful wisdom
    I love listening to Abbie’s podcast, and loved her books. She offers sound, biblical wisdom, from a real perspective. I found her “M is for Mama” book when I really needed inspiration for motherhood. I was thrilled when I discovered her podcast!
  • Abbywilliams6
    I have been listening to Abbie’s podcasts for a few years now and I’m constantly blessed when listening to each episode! Her books are phenomenal. Thanks M is for Mama 🥳
  • marg@kent
    What mothers really need
    Abbie’s content is Biblically based and SO relevant to modern mamas. I really enjoy her balanced approach to touchy subjects in motherhood. She gives a lot of grace for a category of people who are certainly in an extremely vulnerable state - but at the same time she shares deep truths that are so helpful and so needed.
  • Mrshmc881
    So real and encouraging!
    Abbie makes you feel like you’re sitting her living room sipping tea with a good friend. Very encouraging and a lot wisdom as well!
  • Ijonesy2
    I love your podcast
    Thanks so much for encouraging me to be the best momma I can be ❤️
  • elisasteele
    Worth listening too
    It’s refreshing to hear a sound motherhood podcast.
  • Kristen689
    Low quality tech is distracting
    I guess Abbie is waiting for the podcast to be lucrative before she spends money on high quality equipment. She also seems cranky every time she talks about social media and her “followers” and seems so defensive all the time
  • Noooshashares
    The Biblical motherhood guide we all need
    Abbie has been such a blessing to my life and now my friends lives as I have shared her books and this podcast with them. As new moms, many first gen believers, Abbie is the big sister with the heart for God we all need in our lives. Each episode I have found wisdom and gained perspective and I am so grateful to Abbie for taking the time to make this podcast!
  • oldbriar
    The podcast I didn’t know I needed
    You express yourself so well and I appreciate your honesty. I’ve loved listening to your books and now podcast!
  • LaShaye789
    Wonderful podcast!
    This podcast is such a blessing to me! Abbie shares such biblical, good, practical, and encouraging wisdom! I just want to tell every mom to get her books and listen to her podcast! I am thankful to be able to learn from her!
  • mnwheeler
    Great encouragement
    Love the truth spoken, even when it’s hard and uncomfortable. Great stories that inspire, and encourage and great reminders of biblical truth in motherhood!
  • Cosea Moore
    She is great but I have one problem
    She takes forever to get to her point. I am not even saying this to be mean. Her content is biblically sound and great but I was listening to a podcast episode, currently nine minutes in and she hasn’t even touched the topic yet. I say this to help! Hopefully she sees this I don’t mean it negatively at all.
  • JenRZ21
    I greatly appreciate this podcast and the discussion on relevant topics with grace,truth, and love. So encouraging and focused on Christ.
  • Shelbsh
    Love listening!
    I love listening to Abbie’s podcast! She is just so calming and exudes wisdom. It feels like a friendly conversation with a good friend speaking wisdom to you about all topics of life.
  • hannahgodoy
    Gold for mamas!!!!
    Have learned so much from this podcast and her books! So grateful for your wisdom, insight , and most importantly that you point us all back to the Lord and his word. Thank you!
  • JamieD210
    Loads of Wisdom
    I feel like I’m getting to go on a coffee date (oops—I don’t think she actually drinks coffee ha so maybe tea!) with her and just get loads and loads of motherhood wisdom—all of it checked by God’s Word. Thank you Abbie!
  • Great podcast and
    Scripturally sound content
    I think what I love most about Abbie and her podcast is how much she pushes me back to Scripture. It’s not all about “how does Abbie do it” it’s “what does the Bible say?” The Bible is my ultimate authority and I owe my full obedience and surrender to Jesus. Abbie does the thorough and yet rare job of explaining Scripture in light of cultural issues and then letting you apply it to your life instead of making the whole podcast about how she lives life and how she is our standard. One of my favorite statements by her is when she said that as Christians we need to compare our lives to the light of Scripture and if it reveals darkness in our lives we need to get rid of it and hold fast to what matches up to God’s Word. I greatly appreciate her Christlike spirit and testimony and have benefitted from her wisdom + faith.
  • BeckaJ123
    Wonderful biblical teaching and advice.
    Her books and podcast are gold to moms! The Bible has so much to say how we are to live and I love how she ties in Gods word to raising our children. I pass your episodes on to so many moms and they are encouraged and blessed by your work, thank you Abby!
  • Savannahf23
    Absolutely love the podcast
    It is so wonderful to hear a Biblically based Christian mom podcast. I really like how real and honest she is and she’s not afraid to talk about what the Bible actually says on any given topic. I absolutely love listening ❤️
  • Maple93
    “Honest Motherhood”
    This podcast was so good. I have friends posting things like this and following accounts that encourage this mentality. Thank you for speaking out against it. And reminding us of our calling and that our children are good from the Lord. And we have a duty to raise them. In the strength of the Lord. My favorite verse is Philippians 4:13. “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!”
  • Alicia Lynn W.
    One of my favorites
    I have enjoyed every episode that I have heard from Abbie. She is bold and kind to share the gospel faithfully. She is real and insightful and overall such a blessing to hear from. Abbie, thank you for being so faithful to share Christ and to raise arrows that will, no doubt, do some major damage to the Enemy! Praying for you, from Central Alabama. 🤍
  • Munnzb
    Favorite podcast!
    I feel like I’m hearing from a wise, biblically minded friend every time I listen to her podcasts. I have already recommended M is for Mama to my real life friends and hope that other women can glean from Abbie’s conversations and encouragement.
  • lovinglifeathome
    Such an Encouragement
    I so appreciate Abbie’s faithfulness to anchor everything she says and writes in Biblical truth. I love reading her books and IG posts and am delighted she offers a podcast now, as well. It’s definitely worth the listen!
  • Natorvismom
    First episode was such a great reminder that being a Mom is a high worthy calling!!
  • philley11
    Needs practice interviewing
    I am not trying to get down on the content of this podcast. I’m happy for Abbie’s voice on this platform. I do wish she would let her guests talk more. Listening to the Really Very Crunchy episode, it seemed like a pretty one sided conversation for much of the podcast. I really wanted to hear what Emily had to say, but it felt like she was constantly being interrupted. I’m assuming not every episode is an interview; those are the times to get your perspective across. Let the interviews be about the guest.
  • CDS2008
    Life changing!
  • emilyhood
    Abbie, your podcast is such an encouragement and blessing. Just received my copy of HINTSTAB and love having one more way to hear wisdom from the podcast to accompany reading the books. Thank you!!
  • chloe529
    Just what I needed
    So encouraging and insightful
    Absolutely love this podcast! I’m not even a mom!
    I absolutely love this podcast. I’m not even a mom (I’m a mom-wannabe), but this podcast holds me accountable in not avoiding things that are hard just because they’re hard! My favorite podcast is the one with Amy Swindal! So helpful!
  • mandi.1
    Finally found a podcast that challenges me!
    So thankful to have found this podcast that challenges me to mother my two girls (ages 2.5 and 5 months) in a way that is not mediocre. Thank you Abbie for listening to a nudge to start this podcast and bless countless mamas! Can’t wait to start your book!
  • lauraholden
    5 star isn’t enough!
    To say I have been blessed by Abbie, her books and her podcast is an understatement! She has TRUE biblical wisdom regarding motherhood. It’s invaluable to have a woman so experienced in all area of motherhood who is also fully trained in the Bible. If you want to be a Godly mother, this podcast is for you!!
  • M. D. Hannah
    Biblical encouragement for mamas
    Love Abbie’s heart for sharing her experience as a Mama after God’s own heart!!
  • YuliTere
    The choice of words is everything!
    I feel more intelligent just listening to this lady.. her word choice and how well she uses them is not your ordinary blogger, author or podcaster. She is one of those few, like CS Lewis. So talented with words! Plus!! On top of it all. Roots everything in Bible.. wise and calm. My brain and heart being fed with each episode!!
  • A real friend in Jesus
    One of my Favorite Podcasts
    Abbie offers very practical realistic biblical encouragement for mothers! I am so here for it! I absolutely love this podcast and the wisdom offered here! I highly recommend her book as well!
  • Nicole H. 7
    Great Podcast for Mamas
    I started out with reading M is for Mama and was blown away by the amount of biblical backing and applicable advice that was given. This podcast has been an extension of that book and I love listening to it on my walks each day. The variety of topics is great, and she makes me excited to be a mom!
  • Jo-mu
    Very helpful podcast
    Abbie is very encouraging when it comes to godly parenting. I had followed her on social media, then read her book, and now have enjoyed getting to hear about more details of their family and the journey God has brought them through (and still is) on this podcast. Whether you parent toddlers or teens, this podcast is for you.
  • Kjcarrier4
    M is for Mama and Hard is Not the Same Thing as Bad
    Yes, yes, and yes! I first found Abbie from her book “M is for Mama” and when I found her podcast, I knew I had to listen. I love hearing her voice and tone even more than reading her book. Also, her book means even more to me now I feel like I understand her personality more. I am so excited for her book “Hard is Not the Same thing as Bad” after I just finished that episode with the same title. Abbie confronts the issues and encourages hard work in motherhood while also enjoying motherhood, not “surviving it.” Great podcast.
  • BeccaFidura
    Love it!
    A great podcast for Godly advice and wisdom. I feel like I’m talking to a friend or mentor when I listen. Highly recommend for Christian mamas!
  • Riaa
    A blessing to mamas!!
    Abbie boldly shares sound biblical truth and encouragement that is such a blessing to all mamas who are seeking to honor the Lord in their mothering! We need more voices like this to challenge us to persevere in the work that God has given to us. Give this podcast a listen, you won’t regret it!
  • emloveshomebirth
    Love this show!
    I just started listening to this show and so far I love it! Abbey is such a fun speaker and I love to hear her fast paced and eager talkativeness, which is so much like me when I get excited! I am so excited to keep listening to these episodes and look forward to more mama time. I just had my first baby & I have found the community of mamas in these podcasts to be so encouraging to me!
  • MW Lis
    My top favorite podcast and book
    This book and podcast and truly changed my life and the way I view motherhood. I’m not all the way there yet, but I am transitioning from the kids are a burden mindset to kids are a blessing mindset! The way I view difficulties is changing as well. Thank you Abbie for speaking the hard truth to us mamas! I can not recommend this podcast enough. Melissa
  • Katie.Smith1220
    So Encouraging and Convicting!
    I love Abbie’s podcast, book, and Instagram. I look forward to her encouraging while convicting content everyday. Thank you for being a voice of wisdom and direction for Mothers!
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