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Are you ready to take an exclusive, behind-the-scenes look at the making of some of your favorite movies? Look no further than Pre-Production, the must-listen podcast hosted by Chris Stuckmann. Chris will sit down with top filmmakers to discuss their journey from “the spark”, that moment they realized they wanted to be a filmmaker, to the making of their first feature. From the struggles and triumphs of bringing a movie to life, to the creative process and lessons learned along the way, Pre-Production offers a unique and insightful look at the art of moviemaking.

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  • doogenhound
    Recently discovered
    Great podcasts. Just as great, fun, educational as your channel. Discovered your YouTube early last year. You always give thoughtful movie/tv reviews with your sense of humor which delivers your message for your passion in what your currently in pre production on. Great job with the podcast. Love the insights from some great filmmakers. Speaking of…. Can’t wait for Shelby Oaks 😀
  • Scottie Berry
    Constant Inspiration
    As someone who’s watched Chris for years on YouTube with his movie review channel, I’ve loved to see him now live out his dream as a filmmaker. As an aspiring filmmaker myself, this podcast is exactly the source of inspiration I’ve been looking for. Could not recommend this podcast enough!
  • Tom D. Kim
    A Wonderful Sharing of Stories from Storied Filmmakersv
    Chris Stuckmann possesses a goal of providing personal stories of well-regarded contemporary film directors and producers for anyone hungering to make movies—much less individuals interested in the art of filmmaking. I wish him much luck in his latest venture!
  • NKVD2022
    Chris is a natural podcaster!
    So happy to see CS moving forward with this new project. It’s definitely a worthy endeavor.
  • Jmanbabwe
    First episode, excellent.
  • AJb26354
    New Favorite Pod
    This is the most impressive first episode of a podcast I have heard. Keep it up Chris and I look forward to seeing Shelby Oaks!
  • Lino Kri
    A podcast that gives filmmakers the information that film schools don’t teach. 10/10
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