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Shondaland Audio in partnership with iHeartPodcasts present: Unpacking The Toolbox. Each week, BFFs and Scandal co-stars Katie Lowes and Guillermo Diaz dive into an episode of Scandal, reliving their favorite memories from the set and breaking down the episode with plenty of behind-the-scenes stories and even more laughs. Joined by some of their fellow Scandal stars, Katie and Guillermo are sure to cover it all from the Olitz romance to the down-and-dirty deeds as Huckleberry Quinn. Calling all #Gladiators – Come join the Scandal fam for new episodes every Thursday, starting February 9th.

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  • AmeliaCat
    Not always about Scandal
    Katie and G have great chemistry and that can be fun when they are interviewing a fellow castmate but can be tedious when it’s just them talking about everything BUT Scandal. It’s getting less and less about the show and more about their friendship.
  • QueenSugarToni
    Reliving the Gladiator
    I am totally reliving my Gladiator moments on Hulu and now listening to this magical and amazing podcast! I am totally hooked!!!🧰
  • Loops511
    Loved the pod I initially. Great way to relive a memorable show. And thank you for your time and effort. But disappointingly it’s quality has been slipping. Your banter can be fun in small doses but kinda hard when it’s nearly half the pod.
  • IOB22
    Love it!!!
    I think the only thing better than having a dedicated “rewatch” Scandal podcast, is getting to know Katie and G. They are hilarious and the perfect pair to help us rewatch Scandal.
    Excellent! Very entertaining!
    I just started rewatching Scandal a month ago! I saw an article about this podcast today! Coincidence! So excited to listen this! Will make my rewatch even better!
  • AUTerri
    what happened? no new episodes
    what the heck happened? why no new episodes from yall without any explanation to your fans?
  • Jone$$$$
    New episodes??
    all I see are repeat episodes? are you guys done covering the series? If so can we get a update on the podcast of what’s happening? hope you guys come back
  • Dydjfiijifddguyh
    This normally would’ve been five stars, but…
    Normally, this would’ve gotten all the stars for me, but the actor strike has been over for months now, and they’re still giving us repeats. It’s so annoying. All I want is new content. what is really annoying on top of all that is they don’t label the repeats as repeats so you get excited that there’s a new one and then you realize I’ve heard this already.
  • JenN3889
    One of the best rewatch podcast!
    Nonetheless it has been incredibly irritating all the amounts of repeats. I get it, the strike etc… but would it kill somebody to record a 5 min something advising of the future of the podcast? The chemistry between Katie and Guillermo is soul-mate like. It puts a smile on my face, the theme song is 10/10 I sing it all freaking day. I hope after they end the seasons they continue doing a podcast together!
  • valiegirl26
    Fun rewatch pod - love the banter!
    Scandal was one of my favorite shows and I’m really enjoying this podcast so far. Sure there’s a lot of cursing so listen with caution if around younger ears but I love hearing all about the behind the scenes and what things were like on set. Excited for more!! Edit: lately this keeps coming up on my feed with “new episodes” but they’re just all repeat, not sure why that’s happening but it’s very annoying. At least mark it as a repeat episode.
  • Jo_Jo1234567890987654321
    Where is the new content?!
    I absolutely loved listening to this podcast every Thursday, but now every notification I receive is for an episode I’ve already heard. Ahh.
  • Kiraz76
    I have loved the podcast especially learning about various aspects of making a show. For example, what the show runner does, costume designers, make up artists. I have enjoyed the interviews. But lately the podcast will come to the top of my feed as if there is a new show but it’s a repeat of shows I’ve already listened to. That’s pretty irritating. But I still give this podcast a 5 because I have learned so much. Not just about each episode thus far of Scandal but also about the human beings who helped on the show. Their stories are inspiring.
  • Whozur
    I’m new to Scandal and am a bit ahead of the podcast, but I love the dynamic between Katie and Guillermo. I hope they continue for the whole series!
    Love it.
    Best rewatch podcast ever! Looking forward to new episodes. 😁
    Next season pls
    Love this podcast. Now that the strike is over, give us new episodes!
  • Theresa Joy
    Hosts having the most fun
    The best rewatch podcasts have hosts that seem like best friends, and this one is no exception. It’s just a blast listening to them talk
  • Scorpio's Smile
    I'm rewatching Scandal and now when it's on, I find myself singing "It's the Scandal rewatch podcast show..." it makes me laugh so much!!!😂😂
  • StephLee757
    More focus on show please!
    I love their personalities and banter but it always feel like the breakdown of the show is an afterthought to their conversation. A consistent format to follow would be helpful.
  • rebelsblue35
    I usually only like true crime podcasts but y’all…. The chemistry, the jokes, the stories, everything I never knew I needed! I’ve watched the series countless times and this makes the show so much better! I need more episodes than one a week love y’all!
  • Cyelkirk
    Eff yeah!
    Love them both and how fun to go back through one of my favorite shows of all time with them!
  • Blanca Yaneth
    Needs structure
    Love scandal and these two together and their chemistry. If the show was called “Katie and G talk about nothing” I’d tune in and give it 5 stars. But it’s not about nothing. They spend way too much time talking about irrelevant things. I want more stuff that is actually about scandal and a tad more structure. Not too much. Just some.
  • Bella von Hofman
    I am IN LOVE with these two! This whole cast. I will always be obsessed with anything scandal!! I’m so in love with G and katie’s laugh their friendship is pure gold.
  • c.denaro
    Love the podcast!
    Watched Scandal when it was first aired and doing a rewatch with my boyfriend. Great guests, recaps of episodes and Katie and Guillermo are so funny together!! Katie’s laugh IS EVERYTHINGGGGGG!!!
  • ItsChrisHere
    Guillermo and Katie slay 🥰
    I follow Guillermo on instagram and saw this podcast. Inspired a rewatch along with the podcast once a week. There are spoilers. This is definitely for the OG gladiators. It’s rated explicit so why the backlash for cursing in reviews is absurd. So good to hear the backstories as well as the review of the show. Love you two!
  • *dk**
    Quinn and Huck!!!!
    I love how funny they are together!! My one request is an episode with Hollis Doyle!! He is so evil lol
  • ceb7766
    Frustrated by spoilers!
    Loving the podcast overall!! I’m just frustrated with the amount of spoilers casually shared w/o a second thought. I watched 3/4 of the series a long time ago and was looking forward to finishing it along with the podcast. I still will, but what a bummer that so many major spoilers are being dropped already! I’m only on episode 5! I’d loved to be surprised during each episode with details and plot twists I’d forgotten. I’m enjoying the energy of the show and how excited the hosts are.
  • E Diddy 69
    Gladiators are the best!
    Love love love this podcast! I recommended to my mom who also loves Scandal and she’s listening now too. Love the side stories and am formally requesting all the dirty dirty! Thanks Katie and Guillermo. Love you!
  • ept4813
    Love it!
    Patiently waiting for Jakes first appearance this season! I love how they are into the show just like the fans!
  • Christine Wise
    Living for this podcast!!!!
    I saw a TikTok with Kerry that was telling people to go listen to this podcast! I was considering a rewatch but this show put into action and I am not mad. Best idea ever! The best part is that Katie and Guillermo are as big of fans of the show as we are. They love the same moments I do and get stoked about the storylines that all Gladiators do. Loving this experience. Side note Katie and G are incredible at hosting.
  • 5Calli
    Gladiators unite
    This is such an awesome podcast. I was a Scandaloholic and I love rewatching the episodes and hearing real life stories that happened during the taping and getting all the juice. I love Guillermo and Katie!
  • JuliaBakerFan
    Happy Birthday Mr President episode
    Love this podcast! But the Thomas Jefferson Sally Hemings discussion on the Happy Birthday Mr President episode made me cringe. They weren’t in love with each other. She was his property and most likely a teenager at the time. Rather than an affair, it was actually a crime.
  • sour patch watermelon:)
    I’m 15, and I just discovered scandal 2 months before this podcast came out and now every Thursday I make sure to listen! As a 15 year old who was thinking of the lawyer career before I ever heard of scandal and then watching the show only made my passion grow stronger. I’ve always loved politics because there are some secrets that do need to come to life and seeing Olivia pope handle them and the way she did was just amazing! Love this show and the cast, so thank you to Scandal for inspiring and making my dreams much more stronger❤️‍🩹
  • Karabeara99
    More show focus please
    I wanted to love this podcast. However the hosts spend too much time on irrelevant personal stories. More stories and behind the scenes/stories from the show please. The hosts seem to not know the plot lines from the show either. Cursing is fine but learn some more adjectives besides the f-bomb. The hosts are too full of themselves with theatrics and antics to make this an enjoyable listen.
  • MoNoPo
    Too much cursing!
  • MandyM7
    Katie and Guillermo are so much fun to listen to as they take us on a trip down Scandal memory lane! If you loved Scandal you will love all of the behind the scenes tea, the special guests, the banter between Guillermo and Katie…all of it is so good and so much fun!
  • EDestroyer
    Love love love!!
    Love this podcast so much!! I was a fan of Scandal since day one and love all the background info we get from this podcast. Katie and Guillermo have the best conversations and provide great info on their experience making this show.
  • Podlistener412
    Love the insider view…too much profanity
    I’m a HUGE scandal fan and I love the recaps, guests, tea, behind the scenes, all of the things…but I have never heard two people drop the f bomb so unnecessary and so frequently in my entire life. Please chill out on the profanity, because it becomes painful to listen to.
  • SaraSabol
    Love Katie and Guillermo
    Obsessed with this podcast!! Scandal Thursday was the highlight of my week when it was on, so this podcast has given me a reason to rewatch. Katie and Guillermo have such great chemistry, and I love the interviews and behind the scenes. Such a great listen!
  • LADH
    Love It, But…
    I love this so very much, but sometimes the side stories become a little too much, and I wish we could keep it more focused on the show and behind the scenes stories that are show related.
  • Rolaechea
    So fun
    I’m obsessed with Katie and G’s friendship, I would have never known they are this close without listening to this!! Love all the guests stars, keep making more!!!
  • Alanab287
    Tuned in every week!
    Love the show and Katie and Guillermo are such great hosts! LOVED Scandal back in the day and rewatching it now and to hear the BTS K&G share is such a treat!
  • Laneyrae1
    Adore this!!!
    I just finished rewatching Scandal after loving it years ago and then found this podcast—and what fun! I wasn’t ready to leave the Scandal universe yet and I’m so excited for continued content. I love how sincere the love for everyone is ♥️ and Katie and Guillermo are so fun!
  • Chewy1982
    Gladiator approved!!!
    Katie and Guillermo’s chemistry is so good. Being someone who always wanted to be an actor but probably never will I love hearing the back stories and techniques and everything! Love the guest stars!
  • ChoosenbyGod
    Love Love Love
    Love this podcast. I’m rewatching Scandal because of this podcast. I truly love the entire Scandal cast❤️
  • andrea_lynne
    Thank you Lord!
    This is the podcast I did not know I needed. Scandal is my all-time favorite show and I have started re-watching it because of this podcast. I wish that they also video recorded this because I would love to see Katie and Guillermo talking to each other. it just makes my heart so happy.
  • Coupesters
    Love Scandal!!
    Hi! Im an Gladiator since day 1, and have watched Season 1 & 2 (the best ones) numerous times. I like the podcast and have listened to most episodes to-date. Love Katie & Guillermo’s chemistry and insight about the show. The guests are great and your personal stories interesting. Presumably listeners are re-watching, perhaps weekly for the podcast. Would love a little more focus on the storyline during the podcast hour. Otherwise nothing but love for you both and thanks for creating this podcast for us Scandal fans!!
  • jarredc881999
    I could not this anymore! 100% my favorite podcast! #gladiatorinasuit
  • Rena(couldn’t do twitter)
    Unpacking the toolbox!
    Loved every second of Unpacking the toolbox!!!!
  • Arriana3
    Can’t wait to hear more!
    I’ve been on a Scandal rewatch binge and I couldn’t have found out about this podcast at a better time. Katie and Guillermo’s chemistry is palpable and their friendship is so sweet to hear as they recount past episodes with some familiar characters. I hope they’re recapping all through season 7!! Ill be listening!
  • TheeJaxx
    We need Season 8!
    Please?!?? I miss Scandal. The characters. And the actors/actresses. I feel as if I knew them personally. 🥰
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