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🚨🚨🚨 ANNOUNCEMENTS 🚨🚨🚨🗳️ Chinwag was nominated for a 2024 Webby as BEST SERIES, please vote here (until April 18th)!🎟️ New live tapings added -- CHINWAG is coming to a city near you! Boston on Friday April 19th ➡ Angeles on Tuesday May 14th ➡ on Thursday May 16th ➡ on Friday April 17th ➡🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨 🚨=== ABOUT THE SHOW ======chin-wag: to have a chat, a friendly conversation.Actor Paul Giamatti and Stephen Asma, author and philosopher, join forces for a freewheeling series of conversations that dive deep (like, really, really deep) into the wilderness of the mind.Featuring prominent guests from diverse fields, Chinwag is esoteric in the best way possible, as Paul and Stephen delve into anything and everything: Are we living in a simulation? What’s the most perfect sentence in literature? Is Bigfoot interdimensional? Science, the occult, philosophy, magic mushrooms… it’s all fair game!Unexpected, hilarious, and maybe even profound — Chinwag is all about having a really, really good chat.New episodes drop Wednesdays for free here:Apple: Spotify: sure to follow us @chinwagpod 👉🏼YT: http://chinwagpod.fmFor Treefort details 🏄‍♂️ on over to:Site: https://treefort.fmTwitter: your stories, Qs, or thoughts to 📧 questions [at] chinwagpod [dot] fm=========

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  • GoldenGraham77
    Better with each episode
    Didn’t know what to expect in episode one but was hooked by number two. This is one of my favorite pods - Paul and Steven keep getting better. These last two in particular were so much fun and interesting.
  • Betsy A. 44
    That’s the German word for “cringe” you were looking for. Love love love the podcast. Keep it up and come to DC - we’re waiting for some Chinwag!
  • 60 Gramercy
    Webby Favorite
    Hi guys - voted for you and hoping for years of great engagement to come!! WAG ON!!
  • Andy2548
    Best of everything
    I’m a huge fan! Already love Paul Giamatti for being one of the best actors of his generation so I had to check this out and wow, it’s so much fun. It’s incredibly informative about a lot of subjects I find fascinating and it’s also very funny. I enjoy listening to each one for the great humor and dialogue. Paul is also very interesting and I love hearing his philosophical insights and his Chinese! if you haven’t listened I urge you to give it a go. I’m hooked :)
  • Jobnirvana
    Laugh and Learn
    …then laugh some more!
  • Owl of the Court
    One of my new favorite podcasts
    Great show with great topics and conversations. I listen to these while on my solo overnight shifts and it freaks me out, man!
  • benb6767
    Love these oddballs!
    Great topics, great conversations and great guests. My favorite episodes so far were the interviews with Errol Morris and Ted Chiang. Who knew the Singularity already occured and the thing to worry about is not sentient AI but Limited Liability Corporations?! Here’s hoping you guys have a nice long run with this show because it is an absolute blast!
  • Laney126
    I’m usually a fan, but wow. Just butchered history of about 16 different cultures. Crack a book. Information has changed in the past 50 years.
  • Mugs'1
    Love this show!! Educational stuff
    Love this show! It’s very entertaining and educational. I always learn something new. You guys need to make a reading list and get some merchandise available!
  • adfghjkyfrdc
    Unique and interesting
    I like this show and the topics and tangents you journey through. Just a thought: you guys are always talking about books, maybe start a book club or have a show on this.
  • Grambo66
    Intelligent, quirky, and fun!!
    Hanging with Paul and Steven is time well spent!
  • Artseed2
    Loving the knowledge!
    I especially loved the philosophy episode. Amazing how well you work together and thank you for letting us listen in to the fascinating chats! I’ve been listening for about 3 months and sharing with anyone who is open to listening. Big time kudos to a successful venture.
  • A T Sasaki
    For the intellectually curious
    Paul Giamatti and cohost Sephen Asma are obviously intellectually curious, and the conversations - this podcast feels much more conversational than most - may range from contagious yawning to mirror neurons to the history of St. Vitus’ Dance and medieval dancing manias. I love that conversations with actors rarely focus on acting or the latest project the actor is flogging elsewhere, but instead on whatever catches Giamatti and Asma’s interest. The end result is great conversations with Stephen Colbert or Errol Morris or Sarah Vowell that wander hither and thither - a breath of fresh air in the media landscape. Especially run when Paul’s mind is blown by something, which happens pretty regularly.
  • Tape echo queef
    Love the Chinwag
    Love the vibe of this show. The guests are amazing! What other show could make Errol Morris feel comfortable enough to unfurl his full freak flag. The philosophy overview was so excellent and entertaining. Can’t wait for part two of that. Paul’s enthusiasm for the topics is fun and infectious and both he and Stephen are very well read and smart. Plus Paul always knows ‘a guy’. My new favorite while I wait out the offseason of You Must Remember This. Wag on weirdos indeed.
  • MindaCerva
    A home for weirdos and thinkers and weirdo thinkers!
    I couldn’t love this podcast any more than I do! Stephen and Paul have a fantastic rapport, are eloquent and hysterical at the same time, and delve into the topics that interest me the most. It’s my favorite way to dissociate and enter a better realm. Please keep it up for a long time! (PS- I think Stephen mentioned it before, but I’m fascinated by the Chicago Mothman. There is a comprehensive Google map of the hundreds of sightings with descriptions and follow up. Search “Chicago Mothman Map” and dive into the rabbit hole!) Wag on weirdos!!
  • a2willie
    Even if I don’t always agree with these men, they are so articulate and intelligent that it is a delight to listen to them “chin wag” about all kinds of topics! “Wag On” gentlemen. “Wag On.”
  • fenson76
    Too many ads
    If you’re going to put out an under 14 minutes podcast, don’t make 25% of it ads.
  • henny_penny00
    Love it! Smart, weird, and always interesting
    They have great guests! Neil Gaiman, Natasha Lyonne, and Stephen Colbert episodes were my favorites
  • llyrwanderer
    Delightful conversation!
    I just downloaded the podcast and I am already so impressed by the wonderful topics, great guests, and the genial rapport of our hosts. Can’t wait to hear more!
  • Jason Darfus
    Awesome, dudes!
    This is my new favorite thing. I look forward to both the chinwag and the bonus freakin wag every week
  • robonny
    You Are Not a Viking
    I loved the bite size Chinwag about Norway and medieval history. Will be researching some of the books you mentioned. Please do a whole episode on Runes, it’s something my husband is very interested in. Maybe I’ll finally get him to listen if you do a show on something he’s passionate about! Thanks and Wag on, Robin in CT
  • elcrazyeddie
    New to the wag….
    I heard an interview Paul did with Howard Stern, so I started listening to chinwag. It fell in love. Every show is very interesting. I love the ghost I love the monsters but more UFO please
  • Billinmpls
    The hardest part about listening to Chinwag is not being able to join into the conversation. So much of what Paul and Steve and their guests discuss intersects with things I’ve read and been fascinated by and had thoughts about that I am moved to write this review, which is something I rarely take the trouble to do. Entertaining and thoughtful show!
  • Pharaoh's Dance
    I love a good chinwag
  • RebeccaMG13
    Wag on weirdos!!!
    I wnjpywd the
  • Whislebritched
    Await the weekly drop
    I aways enjoy the chance to learn something. You guys have depth and breadth between you and an appreciation for all things thinkable
  • Stew930
    Very Witty
    Great chinwag to be had with every treasured episode.
  • Ladies dude. His iunsd nut
    Digging the Chin-wag!
    I am absolutely loving this pod! Way cool subjects I listen everyday! I admit I occasionally fall asleep but it makes me even more excited to know I have content I have not heard yet! I look forward to this pod every night ! Youse too guys are perfect ! Keep it up guys you are slaying !
  • Tony the Snitch
    Intriguing and lighthearted fun
    I heard Paul speak about this while listening to his interview on Howard Stern. Being a fan of all things that ask questions and straddle the natural and supernatural world, I gave it a try. I thoroughly enjoy the humor, use of real language and deep dive into some interesting facts that emerge from the underbelly of the human experience. As an archaeologist/anthropologist, and member of academia, I too am intrigued with the stories, legends, tall tales and folk stories discussed. keep up the great work, and keep asking those questions!
  • Rob D. 401k
    Humor and Intellect
    I could listen to these two talk about anything, but the curious topics make it an even better use of my time. Every episode I laugh and learn, what more could you ask for?
  • Rupert19
    Love this.
    Lovely to spend time with these gents. Humble, accessible and curious. As conversationalists they are well-matched and complimentary and both come to the table with wit and humor and well-informed.
  • Daily Planet Staff
    Wild About the ‘Wag
    A banquet of the esoteric and eccentric. I was drawn to the podcast for its discussions of high strangeness and the paranormal, and I could listen to its co-hosts gab about ghosts, monsters, cryptids, conspiracies, UFOs, science fiction, and the like for hours. But what really caught my ear — and what distinguishes this show from others in a similar vein — are Asma and Giamatti’s digressions into philosophy and faith, which are no less entertaining but have the added benefit of being enlightening to boot. Chinwag on, fellas, chinwag on!
  • All my nicknames are taken?!
    So far so good!
    I started from the first episode, and it’s nothing but delightful so far! I just finished the hollow earth episode and am wondering where the rock bottom of weird might be. I bet that wasn’t it, so let that inform anyone judgement of my opinion. Love both hosts! Thanks for the wealth of conversation!
  • sharklindee
    Chin chin to chinwag
    This podcast is awesome. Paul Giammati and Steven Asma are an awesomely funny duo. Even if they are being serious. They are great .
  • Cable94
    Just wow.
    Gentlemen, bravo. This is hands down my favorite podcast. The two part Stephen Colbert run was an absolute delight. I shared the episodes with my father and he is now listening as well! Please never stop the chinwag! It is fantastic!
  • Pretty woman 1983
    Yes sir, may I please have another!
    Cerebral and funny, yet thought provoking and enlightening! The Chinwag guys have a command of meaningless information that we didn’t realize we needed to know until we listened to this podcast! It is awesome.
  • Mental pod
    So Fun - More guests would be great too
    I look forward to every show! Hey, have you invited Dan Aykroyd? Fascinating background, his mom saw things when he was growing up, and he believes in UFOS and stuff, he is really fun. Also, you do bring out the best in guests so I look forward to more discussions with people from all walks of life. Love you both.
  • jb581977
    Love it. I could listen to these two guys natter on about anything.
  • Monsoon Martin
    Love the Chinwag!
    These two guys are endlessly curious and excited about traditionally marginalized subjects. Endless listenable mix of scholarly discourse and idle chit-chat. Steve and Paul are obviously very educated but never come off as pedantic or condescending, no matter the topic or guest. And I have already learned so much!
  • drumkey
    Shimmering blob
    This is a great podcast. Love the premise and always a good listen. My fav podcast
  • Maxjwell
    Hey Stephen!
    Stephen Asma was my professor in college and I just love the guy. One of the most interesting and thought provoking professor’s I had! I always dreamed about being able to take one of his lecture classes again so when I found out about the pod I was ecstatic. Being a film student his deep dives into the human consciousness and creativity really helped me become a better filmmaker/artist. Thanks for everything you do Stephen! Not sure who this Paul Giamatti guy is but seems like fresh air would do him good. Thanks guys, love the pod!
  • tdtunes
    Cool podcast and fun
    Just heard the UFO podcast and was fun! Had to leave another note after Mandela episode with Patton O, so fun and interesting Thanks guys
  • Miss B. Havin
    Thank you!
    I am so honored that you read my letter and that you received my message! Thank you for making my day!
  • Andante'
    666 Adding all the numbers on Roulette = 666
  • twoshoes247
    You never know...
    ... what you're going to get. But whatever it is will inevitably be outrageous, enjoyable, and bizarrely educational. The evolution of a fictional island that may or may not have been inspired by actual, factual history (sorry, Plato, Atlantis belongs to comic book writers and conspiracy theorists now) and Neil Gaiman's views on Christmas ghosts WILL be relevant to you someday. Promise.
  • Konka509
    A Perfect Blend
    This show is the best combo of my favorite podcasts-celebrity/comedy interviews and paranormal mysteries. Paul and Steven are brilliant and have a fantastic chemistry with each other and their guests to make the subject of the day fun and lighthearted. Highly recommend!! ❤️
  • cccgn9694
    It’s Paul Giamatti
    It’s Paul Giamatti, what’s not to love?
  • mary.clare.c
    i could listen to these two wag their chins all day. both so smart and charismatic, and their chemistry is undeniable. love the topics too
  • Super Dad Dave
    Paul Giamatti needs friends
    It’s like being friend with the great actor Paul Giamatti. One of our greatest American actors! Favorite this show, and five star this baby! He’s awesome!
  • Hobbit138
    Chinwag CHINWOW
    I discovered this wonderful show back in November. I listened furiously until I was caught up to the weekly release schedule. Anyhoo, I can’t stop talking to others about how much I love Chinwag. To the point of annoying my wife, but she listens to me share snippets and I know others hear about the podcast via her telling them about my obsession. From the jump this show was everything I wanted. Now I just hope I get it see it live. Also, I selfishly want Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy, to be a guest because nearly everything that is discussed on the show clearly also influenced and inspired Mignola’s world of Hellboy. Love the show. Asma is the skeptic we never knew we needed. And here’s to hopefully meeting Paul Giamatti on set one day. Thanks for my favorite podcast. - Fan since Safe Men
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