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In-depth interviews that may blow your mind.
With Rick Rubin

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  • Local Seattle Guy
    Dan Carlin Listener? Recommend
    Love this podcast. Interesting participants. Rick puts the guests at ease and in a contemplative state. Celebrities share some of their inner most thoughts and observations. A few come off trying to sound smart, most are humble and willing to open up.
  • Galloway-Simmonds
    The Rubin
    He lets people talk. He edits. And if you listen to the whole thing, by the end the PR persona fades away. Then you see other things. Privilege in its raw form is one.
  • cleokmc
    Need more women
    There are only 3 women profiled in these interviews out of the 24 that have been published. I want to hear more in depth conversations with women guests.
  • Bedonna Hayes
    grateful for these conversations
    thanks for making this, Rick and friends.
  • wjdp71_ohio
    Truly unbelievable
    After listening to Rick Rubin on the Joe Rogan podcast, I was thrilled to find this one. The interviews are off the chain. Probably the best podcast. I’ve heard in a long time.
  • jackerielops
    Thank you!
    It feels like this podcast has always existed. I assume because Ricks experience directly correlates to pulling people to the surface of who they are. Again, thank you! Looking forward to future episodes & discovering new guests. P.s. When the time is right I would love to hear a Frank Ocean episode.
  • mindcentric
    Absolutely wonderful!
    Rick & Peter Asher!
  • loan $hark
    This is the best new podcast to come out in some time. Never once listened to John Mayer or know much about him and his interview was mind opening. Rick is a natural at this and gives the guests space to express themselves in a very honest way.
  • winokungfu
    fantastically insightful
    long form interviews with people that I don't necessarily think I'm interested in and I'm completely captivated
  • SD2015123
    Really liked this interview between Rick Rubin and John Mayer. I can't play music but I feel like I was somehow just by listening to the two of them talk. Super harmonious repore. I hope they do more together.
  • Rowerxx
    Rubin and Mayer are the professors
    The back and forth is brilliant.
  • AvidListener2023
    Rick’s conversation with John Mayer was absolutely incredible! Their give-and-take, their collective thinking, and even the way they created music out of the conversation they were having was beautiful, organic and so very human! Thanks for stirring my mind and spirit!
  • CHSHOW01
    Pure gold
    I love the format of this podcast. Rick holds a genuine, no frills conversation with every guest. Whether he is an expert on their craft or he doesn’t know anything about it, he finds a way to bring the very best out of them. The one with John Mayer is fantastic. So much love for you Rick, keep em coming :)
  • Sheeva T
    The Jack Harlow episode 😻
    Deep conversation between two greats! I love to hear Jack talk about his process 💕🔥
  • Kaelanfromearth
    Rick Rubin is the best
    I’m so grateful to absorb these moments captured in time. Thanks for sharing this Rick. I dream to make a record with you one day!
  • Aileen Reilly
    No female guests ever?? What’s up with that?
    Every week I’m excited to see who is next and every week, it’s another male. Really? Are all the women booked or you just don’t find women inspiring? I love Rick’s work with female musicians so it’s interesting (and perplexing) that when he gets to highlight his own personal inspiration and curiosities via his personal project podcast, he only highlights other men. Edited to add: 16 episodes in. 1 female guest so far. Tone deaf.
  • Papayawaska P
    a magical podcast
    The music in the ads is just absolutely delightful! This podcast expands my mind in so many different ways.
  • CJ Niles
    Will Smith
    It was interesting to see Will Smith portrayed as such a spiritual end together person, while never touching upon whatever it was in him that caused the display of violence that sickened much of America! Very disappointed!
  • xtydb
    The episodes with Huberman and Joe Dispenza were so amazing it is such a bummer to get the most recent "cool guy guide to exploiting humanity and the planet!" I guess even the 'weird' rich dudes are neoliberals these days. Bye.
  • Eh em
    Great, but confused…
    I thought the whole reason Rubin started this was to talk with people not in music as that’s what Broken Record is for. Then why is Trent Reznor on this podcast? It was great, really enjoyed it, but should’ve been on Broken Record instead.
  • wendychloe5567
    Thank you
    What a generous offering. Thank you Rick
  • PATintheflow
    Always Inspired
    Rick has a masterful way of bringing out authentic, informative and inspiring story telling that is relatable regardless of generation.
  • cuckoo cumin
    Yin and his colleagues found the brain responsible in a
    I’m so happy you found her a little sister she looks so much older and she is so cute I can’t even tell her what she
    be here now
    i am grateful for the opportunity to hear these conversations and learn from other people’s experiences. the honest accounts and humanity in these conversations is exceptional.
  • Mathew Baker
    True wrestling fan
    Most of you don’t know but Rick funded Smokey Mountain Wrestling. To hear the excitement in Rick’s voice talking to Paul was one of the best interviews I’ve heard in a long time. I couldn’t tell when Paul wasn’t working it was seemless. Btw to anyone who looks to the guest’s gender then gets mad please grow up. For real. Life’s not about you sorry…
  • AspieKat
    Interview with Trent Reznor was amazing!
    Rick’s interview style is empathetic and encouraging, yet sincere. His interview with Trent was wonderful. He opened up so much for someone so private.
  • saraybe
    The reason to finish is to start something new.
    For those who are complaining about the lack of women being interviewed by Rick I highly suggest that you check out his other show. It’s called Broken Record and it’s full of great female interviews. This channel has been great so far! I appreciate how Rick lets the guest talk and discuss anything they care to share with no interruptions or talking over them. It feels like you’re just sitting in on two friends catching up.
  • Kunal Chatkara
    Yes! So stoked for this podcast. I was privy to it being under way some two years ago, and already, 11 episodes in, my expectations are pleasantly exceeded. Thank you, Rick & everyone that has contributed to bringing Tetragrammaton into fruition. 🙏
  • Sevenfourfour
    Love Rick’s work and creative expression / lifestyle and am currently really disappointed in the lack of women on the show. Hoping this changes in the future.
  • Benjithedog/02
    Yeah, this is good
    It’s really interesting to listen to all these artist explain there creative process within music, sports, comedy and films
  • mynameismudd1
    Is everything Rick Rubin does beautiful or is everything beautiful and Rick just opens our eyes to see the beauty?
  • Rank Avid Listener
    If listen: print(mental upgrade)
    I appreciate the unfiltered information from the brilliant professionals being interviewed. This allows info-field immersion, giving listeners an opportunity to imprint concepts and vocabulary to memory for learning & recall. I’ve discovered a wide branch of studies after listening to one episode. Thank you Mr. Rubin!
  • Littlejohn42069
    Podcast Dream Come True
    Thank you Rick for all the wisdom you are sharing with us. It’s all life changing. Reading your book for the 3rd time now, consuming all podcasts, excited to see where this one goes. You are a gift.
  • jjrj26
    Freq Freak about to take a giant leap.
    Thank you for the incredible inspiration & validation. I recently experienced success with a «miracle» frequency for my Mom’s dementia. With help (genius!) of a music producer friend, for her birthday, we embedded a 40hz frequency into her special song (Me and You Against the World, Helen Reddy) and my daughter set it to photos of my Mom and me (because she wouldn't consistently watch the unattractive scientific 40hz video from youtube). In addition, I myself after meditation and listening, have received creative downloads, people I couldn’t have imagined walking into my life, synchronicities (including this podcast sent from my producer friend). It all started with meditation and transformed quickly from there. Net net… there are days I think I am crazy. As they say, I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway. I feel like I just know but don’t know how or why I do. I am going from being a stay at home Mom for the past 17+ years to reconnecting with my creative juju and transforming my life and hoping to help others do same. (Divine timing to boot as I am about to be an empty nester.) That said, I am about to pitch a reboot to a music industry icon based upon my personal transformation & experience. To look back, it would make my whole life, personal & professional, suddenly make sense. The good, the bad & ugly. I believe what you are talking about and have lived it. We need a practical, palatable & powerful approach to reach current and future generations. To spread good vibrations in our world…inner peace to outer peace to world peace. Immense gratitude Mr. Rubin and Dr. Dispenza for this life changing podcast (and special shoutout to Leander for sharing it all with me!✌🏼🫶🏼🤘🏼
  • Rdswinford
    Needed more
    If this had been wrapped in a religious cloth, it would have sounded fanatical. For such a leap of faith one needs more evidence than -I’ve seen one of these, reread about this 50 times. If the scientific community is seeing us why are they not writing about it, never mind the doctor goes from a…… two z without much description of what is needed and how hard it is. His descriptions are well rehearsed soundbites. Did he really repair his spine or he became accustomed to the pain? How can someone create a thyroid without understanding the architecture of a thyroid as he claimed he did with his spinal column? Would love to know what his x-rays look like now. In essence more critical questioning would have been helpful. I get it you think it’s fantastic but I needed more.
  • He who shall remain nameless
    Gurus all the way down
    Joe Dispenza is not a medical doctor, nor does he have a doctoral degree in anything. He has an undergraduate degree from a chiropractic school called Life University (that’s right, the school of life) in Florida. Despite the fact that he has long since given up practicing in his field of medicine and that he makes his living speaking and writing about areas he has no accreditation or degree in, he self styles himself as “Dr.” in a bad faith gesture, hoping to win your trust. Try researching him online and you’ll find a lot of things he put out there at the top of the search results. You won’t, however, find him on Wikipedia, where biographical details can be crowd sourced and are not controlled by the subject of the article. You also won’t find him in the wiki entry for What the Bleep Do We Know, the pseudo science documentary that made him famous. These are odd omissions for a public profile with so much of an online presence. So ask yourself, what kind of a thinker and advocate scrubs the internet of factual details about themselves that they don’t get to control?
  • Tiktok patsalwayshere
    The good times
    Art is good to express your feeling and true self
  • WhiteMarkBaseHook
    The Best Podcast Currently
    As of today, 05/05/2023, this is the best podcast available. Period. The guests are fascinating. The conversations are authentic, enlightening, and far-ranging. The host is inquisitive and wise. It’s a joy to receive each new episode.
  • whatswithneedingafuknnickname
    Amazing conversation Kruse Huberman Rubin
    Jack, Andrew and Rick. Great to hear their personalities. Yes Jack interrupts and doesn’t let the younger student finish but he’s the elder and Andrew adapts by talking faster and not letting himself be interrupted. It’s hilarious. The passion. The insight. The fabulous concepts. Thank you! Looking forward to part 2!
  • Burnoulli
    Kruse/Huberman is intolerable
    I love you Rick, I really do. But the debate format is not your forte. Kruse gives a four hour masterclass in grifting and bad faith discussion. Bro reminds me of a gacked out grad student with zero self awareness. Huberman deserves a gold star for giving him enough rope to shoot himself.
  • SeppiH
    Getting tree people together this caliber and time - the most great full and appreciative THANKS Hands Down.
  • Cdahorses
    Epic interview on from all and one of the best I’ve heard from Dr Jack Kruse who I’ve followed for 6 years. Wow just wow!
  • I.zek
    As always. Jack over delivers.
    If you haven’t subscribe to his Patreon to continue this even more. I feel so privileged to have found this information. I tell everyone I know to subscribe!
  • Clickitysplit
    The bird was a mammal?
    Wow! That’s some fresh thinking. I’ll keep listening - maybe I’ll have a breakthrough.
  • BrokenBenjamin
    This Dr. Huberman/Kruse podcast is fire
    My take homes from this 4 hours: If you are a stranger in your own environment you must change something in your life immediately. Rick’s book talked about the Source code = Genesis 1:1 -1:12 talked about light I realized after listening to this podcast I need to learn the recipe of light for my own life. What is intelligence? Intelligence is having a strong opinion that is loose held. Intelligence is the ability to change your mind when presented with accurate information that contradicts your beliefs. You trade in your reality for a role in society and that is mistake one. You must be unique. There can't be any large-scale revolution in your own life until there's a personal revolution inside of you. Be your authentic self toward the world. A strong personality can influence people's passion for generations. It is still reverberating in me. I’m beginning to realize I need to ask myself what is really important and then I must have the courage to build my life around that answer. Thank you Rick for letting me hear this conversation.
  • NickyS75
    Remarkably revealing interviews. Thank you Rick Rubin.
  • Rob Schmoldt
    Brilliant ⭐️
    Extraordinary real discussions. Thank you Rick for bringing your full self and creativity to the podcast realm.
  • TheRetorts
    Your giant ego makes me sad
    Gross. How does Phil Jackson not understand black people? They were fighting for an important social issue and this old white guy just calls it ‘politics’? And mentions Bill Bradley as his white approved example of how to act? And you don’t really care because you’re just waiting to try and impress the audience with your amazing wisdom.
  • Justinillusion
    First episode great, second episode unlistenable
    Long time fan of Rick, his work, and especially his recent book. I had very high hopes for this podcast and the first episode truly delivered, the conversation between Rick and Phil was fantastic. The second episode however is one to skip, Carmichael comes off as a boring, giant narcissist who can’t stop talking about himself and utterly lacks charisma. I came into the conversation with an open mind, not really knowing who he is and what he does, but I barely made it ten minutes into the conversation due to his inability to not talk about himself and utter lack of curiosity about Rick or anything else besides Jerrod. Hopefully the next guest is better.
  • anxnsodkcoapsjdj
    Living Legend
    Love the first episode. You can tell Rick is a great interviewer based on his listening skills, engagement, and empathy. Especially when it comes to topics he’s not all too familiar with. He creates room for his guests to be comfortable enough to be their true selves. In turn making a great overall podcast. Can’t wait for more.
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