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Hinduism #10

Want to learn all about Hinduism, the world's oldest and third-largest religion? Like actually understand what karma is? Or what dharma means? Do you want to know what the sacred texts of Hinduism are? Or, maybe, you just want to know why Hindu women wear a dot on their forehead? Or, perhaps, if all Hindus vegetarian? If so, then All About Hinduism is just what you’ve been waiting for. We’ll give you an overview of Hinduism as a lived and contemporary spiritual path. We’ll explore the history of how Hinduism has come to be what it is today: the third-largest and oldest religious tradition in the world. 

We’ll also clear up some of the misconceptions out there about Hinduism, as well as unflinchingly address some of the more contentious issues in Hinduism’s past and present. Hosted by Mat McDermott and brought to you by the Hindu American Foundation.

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  • Sad &
    Really great introduction!
    I waited to listen to at least the first 8 episodes to review. I am really enjoying this podcast! I have been so hungry for a basic and easy to understand introduction into Hinduism. I have ordered books and read many articles and they seem to jump in too deep right off the bat. This podcast is perfect! Thank you for creating.
  • zBUDDHAz
    Thumbs up
    Really good podcast that gives a good deal of information and insight in just the right amount of time. If your looking for info on Hinduism this a great place to start.
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