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Cricket #11

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  • thepakizombie
    Raw & Accurate Analysis & Great Enthusiasm
    These guys have become the voice for Cricketing Analysis for me, and as a die hard Cricket fan it’s tough to find unbiased and raw analysis of the game we hold so dear to hearts! I recommend this to anyone who loves the game of Cricket and they also have a Patreon channel where they’ve been building a community of people who are just die hard cricketing fans and it has been so refreshing devoid of any toxicity. I love it, and I’m confident you will too!
  • Bookworm6601
    A must listen to any cricket fan
    What I absolutely love about this podcast is that it is by two guys who love cricket and are knowledgeable about the game. This is the best podcast for anyone who is a die hard Pakistan fan or a cricket fan in general.
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