The Road of Shadows


It's 1984, and Daniel Knox is on the run. He's spent his entire life evading mysterious creatures that are disguised as everyday people - the ones he calls 'Shadows'. Preying on humans in secret, the Shadows are an enigma even to Daniel. But he knows one thing for sure - the Shadows' true nature can't be seen by anyone but him. As he seeks refuge in a remote mountain community, Daniel crosses paths with a traveller who is investigating the disappearance of her sister in the same town. Gradually, the secrets begin to unravel - and for Daniel - life will never be the same again. 'The Road of Shadows' is a Beyond the Dark production. Created by Mark R. Healy.

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  • Charger 96
    It’s great. Good action. Good story. Where’s the rest?
  • Stratguy666
    Great show
    This is a fun horror mystery that’s well produced and written. The story line is straightforward and there are very few twists - it’s not hard to guess where it’s going. But the acting is generally good - especially the actress playing Amber, who is fantastic and carries the show. I don’t know why people are complaining about the profanity. It’s not a lot nor is it distracting. Some real thin-skinned listeners on here, I guess.
  • Samizdat5150
    Lots of fun! When does season 3 start?
    The story is very exciting. Has Grim vibes. Would be just as good w/out the profanity. When does season 3 start? I can’t find any info the show’s site or anywhere else.
  • $Jwheels
    The story seemed to have potential, but I didn’t get far due to the unfortunate voice acting and lack of character development. Bummer. The high rating this has does not track.
  • Ajbuda
    Very well done.
    Nice to have a fictional podcast that is more than just a narrator doing different voices. Also amazingly refreshing to have a fictional podcast that doesn’t make all the male character “toxic” and doesn’t dwell and make everything about some ideology.
  • Rustybeatz
    Another hit from this author
    This is so far the best from what I’ve listened to from Mark R Healy. The Strata is also excellent if you haven’t listened to it yet. Mark strikes the perfect balance between finding great voice actors, great writing, and sound effects that really get you immersed into the stories. I got to a certain point in this story (don’t worry, no spoilers here) where I was yelling in excitement for the protagonist and I figured if I’m enjoying the story this much then I need to write a review in the hopes that it gets someone else to listen. I thought I knew where the plot was going but I was wrong haha. Give it a listen!
  • Tookie-Tookie bird
    Phenomenal script with a talented cast! I can picture all of it. Super entertaining!
  • Twe£v€. ..'
    I enjoy Mark’s vibe
    I’ve been a fan of Mark’s work for a while and happy to support his continued efforts. ROS was a fun listen and looking forward to season 3. Check out The Strata. It’s dope. Thank’s Mark. I appreciate all you do for the podcast fiction genre. Keep it up. 👍
  • Roland45
    I was very interested
    Every character uses the same expletive. It’s like nails on a chalkboard for a Christian. Hating god by using his holy name in the place of a cuss word. Say whatever cuss word you want but stop hating the creator and abusing his name.
  • Grnukdndjudn
    Really cool world. Characters are decent, sound quality is good, real nice show overall. My only gripe is that some of the voice actors sound pretty dull at times, but other than that this show is excellent!
  • Extremely useful !!!
    Mark R Healy
    An outstanding author with a phenomenal cast in all his shows !!!
  • VaStarr27
    Good storyline except for profanity
    Overall I am really enjoying this production but I really do not care for the overuse of the GD profanity. There are plenty of other swearwords that could be utilized if necessary and I find this particular profanity to be distracting. Aside from that issue this has good acting, sound effects and storyline.
  • Moelightsound
    Mark R Healy Gives Us Another Great Production
    I can’t thank the author enough for all the entertainment and provocation of thought. In this, and his many other stories. But I can thank the author a lot. Mil Gracias, Amigo! And thanks for the memories of tooling around in the 80’s with my girlfriend on the back of my motorcycle. That resulted in 31 years of wedded bliss. : D
  • Kick2hestr
    Far Too much Profanity
    Solid story so far but come on man. Not sentence can go by without one of the two man characters say GD. It almost as if it’s a writing crutch at this point. Really takes away from an otherwise good listen.
  • Satchmos
    Like the podcast, though acting is rough
    Like the rest of Healy’s podcasts, I applaud the stories and most of the production quality. The Road of Shadows is a great, engaging story with some interesting mystical twists to it. I also appreciate the speed at which these episodes are produced, as I see too many production heavy drama podcasts showing to a crawl to keep up with a schedule that keeps listeners engaged. My only problem, as has been mentioned, is with the voice acting. But I’m not sure if the issue is the actors or the process. Healy seems to use some pretty good voice talent, but the dialog between characters often sounds out of sync in both tempo and emotion. It makes me wonder if scripts are given to the voice talent, and then they do their lines devoid of the other voice actors and then Mr. Healy edits it all together. It just doesn’t sound like the characters are truly interacting with each other, and the timing between phrases from one character to the next seems oddly similar. I can understand why this would be done from a production process view, but I’m just not sure it works all the time, leading to some odd sounding interactions between characters. Despite this, the stories are well written and produced, and I can’t argue with the breadth of material that Healy has produced in the last couple of years. Road of Shadows is well worth the listen despite some of the issues.
  • Guru of Awesomeness
    Great story
    The “Road of Shadows” is an amazing piece of sci-fi and a must for any Podcast library! Excellent production and I couldn’t help but support the content I love. Keep up the excellent work.
  • Call Me Bilal
    Season 1 Review
    I like the story idea a lot. The sound design, people walking and moving, cars it all sounds good. I like the pacing too. However I don’t like the voice acting I find it sounded cheesy to me. The characters are a bit cliche but perhaps it works for this plot. But since we are gonna hear a lot from them I feel there needs to be a bigger shift into something more. Maybe a third character with a distinct personality will add some intrigue to the dynamic. All in All the story is good to cure boredom, I feel with some tweaking it can be a podcast we can’t get enough of. Work on it more.
  • sbgig278
    Well done
    I think for a podcast created by one person, Mark’s stories are pretty interesting and very entertaining. I thought the actors did a good job as well. I listen to these podcasts sometimes when I’m on the road and they are a great way to pass the time. The Road of Shadows certainly has that dark, small town vibe I remember from my time in the 1980’s (yes I’m old). My only disappointment is it seems there is now a pay wall. But I understand for the production to continue and grow it needs money. I’ll probably grumble a bit and subscribe. I love the fact this is a small production with original organic content. Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to more episodes.
  • Mahogs23#
    Bad acting
    I can’t get over the way they speak , sounds like AI robots poor acting . QCode has spoiled me😩
  • Resalovestimetravalfiction
    It is interesting…. but Pete’s Tree Service employees are not funny. In fact, at this point about E5, every other character, except the main 2 are male? About 40% of the dialogue is swearing.
  • meek23
    pretty good podcast
    This podcast has really interesting lore and is pretty well written. there is a lot of care in the production, meaning the voice work is good, the sound effects are good and the setting is well done. the story unfolds slowly and done in a that does pay off (along as you just go with it). the complaints i do have, have more to do with characters and dialogue. the character of amber repeatedly says the name of the other character, daniel, so much. sometimes in back to back sentences. it is really jarring as he barely says her name. the cops are also written so over the top inept and evil that it's too ridiculous. you can write small town cops in on what's happening, or being bad at their jobs, without making them this dumb and evil.
  • InfG35x
    Cash grab
    This a great podcast. Well edited and produced, but there are smaller studios producing equally as well produced content wayyy faster. For the newest ep to be a patreon plug is... Unfortunate.
  • Sncklphrtz7
    I was intrigued initially by the story line but then was bothered by the language. There is a fair amount of cussing and swearing just in the first episode. I can take some of that, but finally had to turn it off. I was sorry because it was an interesting story with developing characterization. Please write more stories without the explicit language. Thanks!
  • no one at all b
    I liked it (kinda spoilers idk?)
    I was really interested in the whole shadow monsters plot and how they can take human forms, but I think they didn’t utilize that right enough, or maybe they did as I’m still in ep 7 maybe there is a crazy plot twist at the end idk, but it felt that the story didn’t focus much on the supernatural side, like yes the protagonist was uncovering some supernatural secrets but the main plot of the show (the monsters) didn’t have much of the spotlight But don’t get me wrong I’m liking it and ofc imma finish it, just wanted to point that out, good show nonetheless.
  • Tomuzak
    Acting is…painful
    I get it, this pod isn’t a huge budget fictional series like Qcode creates, but unless your expectations are VERY low, you’re likely to find the acting and sound design truly terrible (I certainly did). The redeeming quality is the plot line is decently solid without huge leaps of logic.
  • amybea77
    Poorly acted week plot
    Concept was great but plot is not well developed and the main character is poorly acted. Extremely monotone. No emotion or variation regardless of the situation
  • landisjer1
    Great listen.
  • Dina Mali
    I absolutely enjoyed listening to this series, and I am looking forward to more seasons!!! it kept me interested great story line so glad that the main character doesn’t have to go through this by himself 😝. Can’t wait for what’s to come!
  • Alpskier88
    Great story. Takes me back to the '80s.
  • amazed1009
    The Best
    Love the characters, and the story. Characters are relatable and actors do a great job! I’ve listened to it more than once! Can hardly wait for more episodes!
  • xenophobicgods1
    So it’s pretty obvious the people that are saying this is the best podcast ever and giving it really high scores work for the podcast or have something to do with it or know the people who work in the podcast because this is pretty atrocious … the dialogue is awful the acting is the worst I have heard in a long time. Almost unbearable. You will see
  • Stayc79
    Good Storyline, bad voice acting
    I really enjoyed the story, up until we are introduced to Hobbs, the sheriff & the deputy. Their scripts and readings are so annoying. All they do is give snarky comments, berate, name call and yell. I don’t understand the point of it. If it didn’t add to the story I would have skipped their parts.
  • Moorekb
    Interesting enough storyline
    Compelling enough to play during work but the dialogue is super cringey.
  • m0ther0fd0gs
    Love it
    Best audio drama of the year hands down
  • Wootsy1
    I had high hopes for this podcast but I found it dull and formulaic with stereotypical characters. Couldn’t finish it.
  • newamerykahn
    Great concept and potential, poor execution.
    The concept of this is very cool and has a lot to be explored. However, the story itself suffers from bad pacing and pretty poor character development. The whole thing could’ve been tied up in half the time. Nothing majorly significant occurs until the very final episode. Also, I find Daniel incredibly boring and a little stupid. He doesn’t seem to possess any helpful skills. No fighting skills, no tactical skills, no book smarts, no bravado, no mechanical skills (as it pertains to his bike), little social skills which makes him a terrible protagonist. I don’t know, if I’m the only one that can see some terrible entity that I know is murderous, I’m either going to be incredibly paranoid of all people and drive myself insane, or at the very least PREPARE FOR WAR. He does none of the above and just aimlessly drives himself from town to town learning nothing and improving nothing. This makes him very dull. Tack on the fact that we learn very little about him or the shadows for much of season 1, and it makes an awesome concept seem like a chore. I hope they consider this and fix the pacing going forward. If they don’t, not a big loss. I’m not all that excited for season 2.
  • GusBouari
    Very very promising
    Everything is great and I have the feeling it’s going to get awesome. I hope so, because 8 episodes in, nothing noteworthy has really happened yet.
  • JaneBerlinH
    I’m listening
    Personally I’m glad to have this to listen to. Thanks for making it! I know how much goes into it. The only thing I can criticize is the abrasive nagging from the lead female. The way she mocks Daniel and bullies him to contribute right after demanding to do things her way and refusing to even consider his point of view is hard to listen to. BUT I do know that there really are people like her out there in the world. So..sure..maybe this chick is not my kind of people but does that reflect badly on the show or it’s writers? Not necessarily. Not at all.
  • Yug fan 817
    Excellent show
    Excellent show please keep it going
  • Jabo Ythd
    Has potential
    But a 30 minute episode every 2 weeks leaves a lot to be desired.
  • Black_Dahlia_16
    Less Cliche' Women Please
    I really wanted to like this podcast, but the female character looking for her sister just became way too abrasive & annoying. The male lead could do a tinge better with the acting, which I could've overlooked if it wasn't for the cliche female character teaming up with him. Couldn't get past the 3rd episode because of her.
  • Dmcastro18
    Bad acting
    I found the acting sounded like they were reading. I didn’t find it binge worthy. [Especially the male character}
  • Fat Donna
    Targeted Individuals
    Great depiction of trying to explain what targeted individuals sort of go through. Definitely would be a sci-fi genre.
  • JohnnyCss123
    All I can say is BRAVO!! 👏🏻👏🏽👏🏾
  • JessyMay28
    Well Worth It!!
    I’m hooked! 3 episodes in & can’t wait for the next one! Great storyline that plays out well, keeps you interested & in the moment. Even better character acting/voicing!! Bravo to a well worth listen 👏🏼👏🏼
  • UncleTobi
    Good story!
    Story so far is good, love the shadiness behind the town and how the monsters are tying in. The story is cool and can’t wait to see where it’s going! All the actors are doing great but my only critique is Daniel’s voice. It’s almost like you can tell he’s just reading a script? Idk could be just how I’m interpreting his character. Keep up the good work 👍🏾
  • Moiriss8
    Just finished the first 2 episodes and they are enjoyable and I can't wait until the next one comes out
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