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Baseball the way it should be covered and exclusive interviews with MLB studs #FTLive hosted by AJ Pierzynski, Todd Frazier, Adam Jones, Erik Kratz, Lorenzo Cain, Jason Kipnis, Brock Holt, Scott Braun, insider Ken Rosenthal, and PTBNL. The world is our clubhouse.

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  • Jarpo!
    So fun to watch!
    Foul Territory makes it so easy to fall back in love with baseball! The players have such an ability to make the content interesting and funny. Gotta love the passion from Kratz and AJ!
  • Mcrance14
    My favorite podcast without a doubt
    Foul Territory gives us great interviews everyday with current and former MLB players, executives, writers, and more. Not only that, but they cover a player’s perspective, which fans don’t often get to see or hear about!
  • ems12332
    Amazing show!
    I love listening to Foul Territory! They really give you a look into baseball that normally isn’t covered and I’ve learned a lot. You can tell that the hosts are really passionate about the game, which makes listening even more enjoyable!
  • Tannykins
    Love this show.
    I personally don’t care for most sports shows but I love these guys. I love the way they talk about baseball and it helps me get through my day of mindless production welding.
  • rockysaviano
    Shohei to OF or Closer?
    Intelligent and fun baseball talk! I haven’t heard of anyone talking about the possibility of Shohei, in the future, making the move to the outfield or a closers role, or possibly a combination of the two. Would this take wear-and-tear off the pitching arm and also make the back end of a long-term deal more productive?
  • KJC127
    Excellent show
    Love the insights and love AJ - awesome guests. One ask, can the guys upgrade their sound system? Not great quality which requires turning up volume and then when commercials come on it nearly blows my speakers. Thanks and keep up the great work!
  • ThePie13
    Solid content, but
    Good pod, but please add time stamps to the show notes, or add chapters. There are just topics or interviews I’d like to skip. This is something most pods include.
  • Trevor Retlas
    Great stuff.
    This is the kind of baseball conversations I like to hear. What’s really going on in baseball is the question I always ask myself. These are the answers I’ve been looking for.
  • Greenmamapeace
    Awesome podcast
    Great podcast, covering everything other shows don’t. The fun side of baseball!
  • PhilConners
    Should have called it the Players Pod
    So cool to have players on regularly - not much else like it. I do think the connections with the athletes is a bit unstable sometimes, but i am not sure there is a way around that.
  • Coosmontana
    Great show but ads
    Show is great but the ad placement is atrocious. Literally cutting off hosts mid sentence for ad reads.
  • Baseball Edits™
    One of the best Baseball podcasts out there.
    Everything a baseball podcasts needs, Foul Territory has. Pierzynski, Frazier, Kratz and every other former MLBer hosting does a fantastic job and provides excellent insight. Scott Braun is awesome, fun and asks the best questions. Absolutely amazing that they interview at least one current MLB player every single show. Topping it off with interviewing MLB writers and MLB content creators is fantastic. Like I said, they’ve got everything you need in a baseball podcast.
  • Chazesc
    Get your mics figured out
    The first podcast I listened to one guy is nice and loud, another is quiet in the background, another I can barely hear. Get it together. Get up to the mics. I feel like I’m constantly having to turn up and down my volume between guests. SMH.
  • Davis Fouts
    All in
    The variation of big league perspectives is why this pod can be so fascinating as a baseball junkie. Scott was great on the network and is great here, keep telling good stories boys!
  • StuScottFan
    Good Start
    Scott Braun is a good, prepared host. Would love more Adam Jones but I will follow Ken Rosenthal wherever he goes, greet information and perspective.
  • Cdcdcd1238
    Fantastic Podcast
    As someone who loves baseball, I couldn’t have found a better podcast. The combination of former players, current players and MLB reports is just amazing. Gives you insight for every angle. Always great conversation and good laughs! You can tell they enjoy this which makes it so much better to follow!
  • Dan B. 1977
    Loving it
    Real baseball talk and inside stories. Enjoying everything about it.
  • T_DiNapoli
    Baseball coverage the way it should be
    Former players with real insight, A+ reporting, and real baseball talk. No cookie cutter answers. A must listen for anyone who loves ball
  • rays407
    Love it
    Just found the show like how it’s long form show with great baseball personalities
  • kgood7
    It’s about time!
    Fun and refreshing baseball conversation. I love hearing the players’ true selves come out.
  • Lazer_Show
    I love that there’s finally a place for players to be themselves! Enough of the 5-minute “how’s your swing” kind of interviews. I want to hear personality! Foul Territory is fun and authentic.
  • PlaymakerKB13
    This is what we need!!!
    I’ve been wondering for years why there was nothing like this in baseball! MLB has some incredible personalities. Time for them to shine! And don’t hold back on topics 🌶️⚾️ for life
  • lucyemm
    Where has this been my whole life?
    As an avid baseball fan, I’ve always dreamed of a platform like this where players can be themselves and speak freely. MLB network content has become so dry and I’ve been craving more hot takes and controversial opinions about the game. Foul Territory is all of that and more. The guys have awesome chemistry and the guests they’ve pulled so far is unreal. I plan to be a daily listener so I really hope this thing pops off. How could it not with this team on board?! Huge fan already and love what they’re doing!!!
  • Cutun_pr
    I love the format… players talking baseball. It flows like just another conversation, more relaxed atmosphere that allows players to be themselves and have their personalities shine thru. It’s like you’re just hanging out with them. A+
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