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NBA Superstar Paul George welcomes you on a journey of brotherhood, family, missteps and success with his new show "Podcast P". Alongside co-hosts Jackie Long and Dallas Rutherford, PG and his boys provide an Entourage-style glimpse into the life of an NBA star during the basketball season.

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  • ARIERR2011
    The best podcasts i’ve ever heard. if u wanna fully understand it u have to be an NBA fan or know a bit bout basketball. But in general it’s PG talking about his life with his 2 partners and i’m really into it.
  • envoy510
    The only sports pod I can take
    I don’t know what it is that makes sports people either so annoying or boring, but this pod is neither. Bravo.
  • juneearnest
    If you don’t like it
    It’s because you’re a loser.
  • Desidero
    Very good podcast, but Jackie has to go
    I’ve been enjoying this podcast, but Jackie is unquestionably the weak link. He never says anything remotely funny, he just repeats funny things other people say with a different intonation in his voice. He’s also under the misapprehension that this podcast is about him — it’s not, it’s about PG and his guests. I’d encourage him to listen to JJ Reddick’s podcast for a masterclass in how to be the perfect wingman. Tommy Alter does it right. Jackie needs to stop interrupting the guests and getting in the way of otherwise interesting conversations. Were it not for him, I’d rate this podcast 5 stars.
  • jstep23
    Great Pod but…
    Man this pod could be so much better. Just let P break stuff down, Jackie jumping in throws the flow all off. Might have to unsubscribe until they figure the kinks out.
  • Ray S22
    Great podcast. Not sure why some people don’t like Jackie but esquire be having me laughing
    Peace to Podcast P Pod
    I no longer watch the biased AM propaganda programming on the world wide leader and the fox. Screamin’ A trying to pull up after talking about you and Y’s salaries is “blasphemous.” Theer’s a certain way to move and Screamin’ A allegedly playing Chess from the white side of the board. He sounds like he’s outings himself using feelings over facts. That someone needs to reel him in criticizing black athletes. Because there was no smoke for A Aron experimenting with “The Weed.” Nor his fried Jerry Jones racist past. He gave them the benefit of doubt. Knowing where his bread is buttered. I enjoy watch the Clippers (1 of my fav teams) and I see how billion $ tv deals, has made $ports entertainment. Also while profiting from $ports gambling. Hoping for another great season. ADJNAMEDSLASH/ (504)
  • Chayced
    Good, but Jackie gotta go. He’s holding the flow of things up so much.
  • JW5249
    Ad placement
    What’s up with the random ad placements out of no where
  • dotterzz
    Should be 5 stars
    Love this pod but Jackie is cringe . I listen to a lot of ringer and this up there with them but the flow just seems so forced . Other than that love the pod . Keep it up
  • =)Conner(=
    Drop Jackie Long
    I love Dallas & PG, but Jackie is terrible. The random interruptions of the guests & corny life advice make the listening experience awful. Please consider getting cutting him
  • jkhhugtesduyou
    Great podcast
    Really great to hear perspectives of NBA players, especially with a focus on mental health.
  • Khiwilson13
    Podcast P
    Best podcast ever, I was never a podcast listener until this came out on YouTube. But now I live for these
  • Haysilve
    Honest thoughts
    I love this pod man. Long time pacers fan and miss Paul on the pacers. But man one of his boys is so annoying. He tries to be funny and just talks way too much. Just ask the questions normally and talk normally. Other than him this pod has great guests and you can tell Paul cares about his guests
  • The goat273
    Best prodcast
    Best prodcast and pg13 is the best shooting guard in the nba
  • northattack777
    best podcast
  • EstKc-i
    Best Podcast out
    Love the realness of the show. Shoutout PG for keeping it a buck.
  • BrownRice1
    Real sports entertainment
    I loved this unvarnished conversation. Truth and no drama.
  • Tellecheabrandon23
    By far the most entertaining sports podcast
    I just gotta shout out of one my favorite basketball players in Paul George, I know injuries have gotten in the way and yet he continues to play his best. In regards to the podcast, it’s amazing to hear so many perspectives from you guys including the players you bring in. It’s such a nice change of what we hear from the post game interviews and it feels like that can be scripted and all the teams try to be respectful and not give much insight on what’s going on with each player etc. So to have this outlet where we as NBA fans can listen to the other side of things and listen the deeper side of what went on or what’s going on. So as a fan I appreciate this so much, so thank you fam!
  • LeFreak97
    really good
    every episode feels like old friends. just talking ball and life with the boys. one of us! one of us!
  • JMMartin87
    The old dude is annoying
    Man this is a great show but that older dude with a raspy voice gets annoying quick. Dude just butting in when people are telling a story, just being obnoxious. If dude piped down 70% show would really be a good show, PG is a natural.
  • Miles Volk
    Podcast P
    I love listening to intelligent basketball players with their inputs and experiences, it truly is special that these athletes share there inputs on life and their upcoming and growing up in the game
  • Joshri
    Love it
    Rockets fan here. I listen to a lot of sports pods and just started this w Jalen Greens. Fantastic and I’d recommend.
  • saari009
    Clown episode
    Episode with green was trash. Every time this clown talks I know why more and more I can’t stand this clown
  • Aaron Devin
    Best Podcast
    P and the guys were smart to put together this pod cause you can’t get any perspective like this on anything else
  • JRick0428
    Love the Podcast
    PG13 my fav player hope one day he comes to the Knicks but he personality and charisma great, genuinely good dude. The whole cast is great but Paul George he talks about ball but also things that can help a man in everyday life I’m 27 now and I wish I had a big brother and pops around for guidance lol. The one thing about the new generation you have so many avenues to explore and develop yourself. Tech has come a long way. I appreciate you guys and thanks!
  • yaata10
    Best Podcast ever!
    What makes this true is that the whole cast is not self-serving. Everyone is genuine and sincere. You guys will make fun of yourself. P you’re a gem because you sport spreads to your guests and makes them open up in ways that other shows cannot. Keep working on your game fellas in all areas and shoot for the stars!
  • Nate Rumble
    The best player podcast
    A lot of NBA player podcasts, but this is the best one. Fun, relaxed conversations, well researched and hosts have good chemistry. Guests are high quality and give good behind the scenes stories. PG himself is good at mixing in his own experiences while interviewing.
  • JoynerWeston
    Always a pleasure tuning in, great pod to look a little deeper into who you and many other athletes are as people!
  • Basketball fan 12#
    The number 1 Basketball podcast in the world
  • Binoy N.
    Review of past episodes
    I am a big fan of PG going back Indy days so was pleased to find out he has a podcast and I listen after a new series is dropped. My feedback is the white guy is a “fun killer”. The podcast w Damar and from Jalen exemplified my comments. You all were laughing it up and the white guys always comes in w a serious question and cuts off the fun! Just ride w it for a minute more then when that discussion gets stale or has stopped being fun then that’s when he can pipe in w the serious question. Another example was when Jalen and PG was talking about the Philippines and that one time PG went to a tenement w hundreds of people watching PG. Ride w that story, the white guy asked a question that ignored PG and Jalens story and came in w another serious question. When to ask questions to take the story to another new direction requires skills so for now, just go w the flow and when the story become stale, that’s when you can come in w your question.
  • jackpepperwood
    Best hoop pod!
    This has surprisingly become my new favorite hoop pod. Reminds me of early Road trippin where the fellas just would just chop it up talk ish to each other and the convo would flow. Not just reading the same questions off a piece of paper. Definitely can’t wait to hear more guest eps the last two been lit!
  • JacobTG
    Pointless P
    Love the useless insights podcast p shares about his gift giving preferences. Where’s his in game critique of his experience playing in the 2023 playoffs. Wait, he didn’t play, waste of time.
  • Oliviarogihigh👏🏽😽2000
    Luv it
  • Val from Philly
    Talk to me Podcast P
    His words are smoother than his game. I love this. Thank you!
  • Tikob780802051987
    Clip City Chip City!!!
    Entertaining and easy to listen podcast.
  • MHighTime
    Absolute Trash
    The worst nba podcast I’ve ever listened to, I’m honestly not sure why anyone would want to voluntarily listen to Playoff P
  • Kabonna OVO
    Love Podcast P!
    I'm not a podcast person at all but am a Clippers fan so when I saw PG was dropping a podcast, I had to tune in! I love this show and enjoy listening to his stories. Jackie and Dallas are also hilarious! Now I look forward to listening every Monday and hope it continues on.
  • Lola Christmas
    My favorite podcast
    I have to be honest I hate podcast but this one I love. I love hearing an honest perspective from PG. It’s refreshing to hear a professional not shy away from giving other players their props. Hilarious dialogue between the host. Love the chemistry, love the topics, love the transparency. Keep doing your thing PG on and off the court
  • Gza PHZA
    Awesome to Hear Playoff P Speak
    Paul George has been an amazing player, but we haven’t really heard enough from him. It’s great to see him have an avenue to express his opinions
  • Ben Mulligan III
    Awesome podcast for basketball fans
    I’ve always been a huge PG supporter and his podcast just reinforces my support. He’s a more private person so hearing about his life and his experience in the NBA is really cool and interesting. You can tell that PG is a student of the game and has great insight and observations about the game and other NBA players. This podcast is great for any NBA fan, regardless if you follow PG regularly or not!
  • Hmfranz
    Great Podcast!
    Definitely a podcast that will be in my main rotation moving forward. PG has a lot of insight into the league, one of my favorite things is how he knows a lot about the older generation players AND the newer generation. Can’t wait to hear more episodes!
  • Spense S
    A+ podcast
    Dallas Rutherford aka “the white stallion” pause pause lol is next level as a co-host. Excited to see what insight the boys bring to the NBA and culture podcast game!
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