Sea Change

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Living on the coast means living on the front lines of a rapidly changing planet. And as climate change transforms our coasts, that will transform our world.

Every two weeks, we bring you stories that illuminate, inspire, and sometimes enrage, as we dive deep into the environmental issues facing coastal communities on the Gulf Coast and beyond. We have a lot to save, and we have a lot of solutions. It’s time to talk about a Sea Change.

Sea Change is a new podcast hosted by Carlyle Calhoun and Halle Parker. Join us as we investigate and celebrate life on a changing coast.

Based in New Orleans, Sea Change is a production of WWNO New Orleans Public Radio and WRKF Baton Rouge Public Radio. Sea Change is a part of the NPR Podcast Network and is distributed by PRX. Hosted by Carlyle Calhoun and Halle Parker. Our theme song is by Jon Batiste.

Sea Change is made possible with major support provided by The Gulf Research Program of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The Coastal Desk is supported by the Walton Family Foundation, the Greater New Orleans Foundation, and the Meraux Foundation.

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Recent Reviews
  • Wildmonster
    Agents of change
    This storytelling format is a values-driven look at where science is failing to build the future we need. By talking about what’s happening to our coasts and the communities dealing with coastal effects, we can sense the human dimension of the coastal management and applied science.
  • Zojo123
    Great informative podcast
    I just listened to your shrimp podcast. I would ABSOLUTELY choose Louisiana shrimp over any cheap imported option and hope that this becomes available in the future - as well as more source transparency!
  • Gypsyjournalist
    So so good
    Already sending it around to my nerd friends and colleagues. The Rescuing Our Past episode hooked me.
  • 123epiphany
    Absolutely necessary
    Great show! Please keep doing what you’re doing to inform the public!
    Learning so much from this excellent podcast!
  • Fancy Pants NCC
    Fascinating stories!
    Couldn’t stop listening- highly recommend! The first episode is all about the lives of shrimpers and the greater shrimp market. Podcast goes deep into the Louisiana bayous to the folks who have always brought us the seafood we love to eat- and tells us what their shrimping life is like right now. Loved the the range of voices and people’s perspectives.
  • H.Bird H
    Brilliant work in audio
    Reviewing the podcast before the first episode is out but if the coastal desk’s newsletter is any indication, this podcast is going to be ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️. I’m looking forward to taking their reporting with me on the go.
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