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The future is scary, but it doesn’t have to be! Host Dr. Kate Biberdorf (aka Kate the Chemist) is seeking scientists to guide us into the great unknown. From fungus zombies to feeling young forever, we’re puzzling out what our world could look like — and how we can get ready. A podcast from KCUR Studios and the NPR Podcast Network. Supported by The Stowers Institute For Medical Research.

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  • GeoSwa
    Podcast review.
    Kate, I will try to be bright, brief and gone. I enjoyed your podcast, short season though. I’m glad you embraced the last one with Sean Carroll, you did a good job with it. I have all of his books, I listen to his podcast, and support it .. The one that moved me, and I’m not sure I’ve ever quite had that experience listening to a Podcast, the ocean plastic trash. I’m not gonna remember his name, but I remember how it made me feel. He was talking about the calamity and the horribleness of the plastic trash pile, and walking on it. You appeared to want to move quickly through the calamity / topic and get into the solution of fixing it. He would not let you. He brought you back to to confronting and contemplating the severity and the fact we will be living with plasric forever. Probably some of it coursing through my blood now. Your voice was shaken. You were stumbling in a very real and personal way that brought forth the reality of that severity. He made you confront it, It was real, you were real. I thought that was one of the most incredible moments I’ve ever heard on a podcast. It was deeply moving for everyone. Well done Kate! Maybe you’re in the process of capturing lightning in a bottle. I wish you the best. George
  • Elusivemuse1
    Great science podcast
    This is so great! Kate is pleasant and a natural. The subjects are fascinating and the information is delivered in relatable way. More please!
  • brittlafo
    Absolutely Worth the Listen
    Fascinating. Fun. Informative. Incredibly important information. It was an easy binge to make it through the first several episodes that are out. The information is easy to understand, sprinkled in with lots of pop-culture references to keep you smiling.
  • Mary P 33-
    Always a good listen
    Very relatable!
  • Jhn118
    Every episode is my favorite!
    Each new episode immediately becomes my favorite episode and I’m sure the next episode will be fantastic but I think the fungus episode is my favorite, favorite. Informative and fun to listen to.
  • Dylan Lysen
    Public Radio Rules
    Title says it all
  • Organics Mom
    Plastic Islands , plastic pollution and solutions
    Thank you so much for giving me great quality information about this huge problem AND at the same time not leaving me depressed about it. I was so glad to hear about these new and innovative technologies to help reduce plastic pollution. And I’m especially glad for all the amazing people working on creating legislative and free market compatible solutions to help solve this problem at the root. I feel newly motivated to continue doing my part as a consumer to try and limit my plastic dependence. Barbara W.
  • tgncoastalga
    Thank you for creating a hopeful informative podcast about current and future conditions the if this earth we love!
  • Styleandcompany
    For Science Geeks and Those of Us Who Aren’t
    Love the show and the production value . Fun and truly informative. It is more than just science. Kate chooses topics that are not only science loaded but also tackle social issues that affect us all.
  • Dadscroat
    Gotta love those science nerds. Very informative podcast as usual.
  • Jay_jay_music
    Informed and fun
    Such a great show to listen to that’s super informative but fun to listen to.
  • ethanc16
    Love her Netflix show
    She’s really engaging. Episode with NDT was great too.
  • Paleblue dot
    Great content!
    Loved the content, clarity and flow of the show! Looking forward to future episodes
  • Douglas Scroat
    Mr. Smith
    great podcast—timely topics, compelling host! Good fun and lots of good info!
  • Krys10m
    Entertaining & Educational
    Great podcast! I can’t wait for the next episode!
  • Hannah Robman
    Entertaining and educational!
    So great to have found a podcast that’s so fun to listen to and that I learn so much from! Thank you Kate!!
  • Thecorn
    I love the drops and the quality is great. Excited to see what’s next.
  • sauz from 916
    I can’t wait! She is on the Kelly Clarkson show a lot and seems fun & interesting!
    🎉Can’t wait … keep us updated as to when the first show drops 👍🏽👌🏽
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