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Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants to know why the hell we don’t hear more from older women, so she’s sitting down with Jane Fonda, Carol Burnett, Amy Tan, Diane von Furstenberg, Isabel Allende and Fran Lebowitz (and more!) to get schooled in how to live a full and meaningful life. Join the Emmy award winning-est actress of all time on her first-ever podcast where each week she has funny, touching, personal conversations with unforgettable women who are always WISER THAN ME™.

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  • winkalota
    No Favorite, A Favorite
    Thank you Julia Louis Dreyfus! I have loved everyone of these podcasts and cannot wait to hear more. There is no favorite as each woman and their life story was uniquely different. I felt like I was a fly on the wall when two friends were conversing during each of the interviews, and the time flew by. I will say, it was genuinely wonderful to hear your discussion with your Mother at the end of each podcast, and I love that you call her Mommy. So, perhaps I did have a favorite after all, your mother. Thanks again for this wonderful podcast and in gratitude, Winky
  • Jenn Pribish
    You’ve ruined me
    I feel like I test drove a Bentley for the past week! This is by far the best podcast out there. Julia’s voice is absolutely perfect. So clear and easy to understand and warm. The dialogue has been such a joy to listen to. I have absolutely loved hearing from these fabulous women and their hilarious commentary. Thank you so much for bringing this to life ~ you are amazing🙌🏼
  • #duuuval
    Love IT!!
    This is absolutely my favorite podcast. Hope to hear new episodes soon. Thanks for making me laugh during my runs when I feel lack of motivation sometimes.
  • ADM+
    Love it!
  • Grateful4my2
    Love love love it!
    This podcast is exactly what my life has been missing! Love Julia’s easy way with her guests. She’s a natural host and conversationalist and asks great questions that we the listener want to know about. Every episode I walk away with more insight into fascinating strong women, take away great advice & get a greater sense of pride in being a woman!! Thanks Julia and guests for letting us listen in- grateful!!
  • vermagic
    After many many hours of listening I still haven’t learned how to navigate an Ikea showroom or why Julia’s name is hyphenated. Still, we carry on. LOVE THIS FUNNY INSIGHTFUL P-CAST right on JLD!
  • Tatithomasyassss
    Haven’t listened but wanted to just say I would give a listen if you could feature more women of color ❤️
  • Wanna be wiser
    I couldn’t enjoy a podcast more. I am the age of some of your guests, and I am still learning from them, but it is so nice to resonate with some of their comments as well. Please continue this endeavor. It is absolutely wonderful. A couple suggestions of gifts I’d love to hear and maybe others would two are Diane Sawyer and Helen Mirren
  • Sari_mak
    Great concept great execution
    This show makes me appreciate Julia Louis-Dreyfus, his talents, even more. It’s an incredibly engaging show, and I love hearing the point of you of all of these women.
  • thhhp
    Julia, where are you?
    So enjoyed your interviews.
  • мєℓ ωαѕ нєяє
    10 more seasons
    Interview everyone, babe. I will listen!! Incredible! Showstopping! THE WORLD NEEDS THIS
  • Babywitchsonia
    All Hail Julia!
    I love this podcast because I feel like Ms. Louis -Dreyfus has given these amazing women an even louder voice. I’ve laughed and cried during these insightful and tender interviews; especially recapping them all with her adoring mother. I’ve learned so much about self acceptance, love, and the beauty of living that I must praise this podcast as the best one around! Ding Dong, Julia! Ding Dong!!
  • Prof. Stacy Mommy-Pants
    Isabel Allende
    I absolutely love this podcast and everything about it. I needed this! I choked up with you, Julia. Thank you for doing this! Isabel Allende is magical ✨
  • Pen4321
    Love this podcast! Thank you!🙏🏻❤️
  • Can’tthinkofanything
    Please more! I enjoyed listening. I’m in my 60s & so much I want to know of these older women & Julia asked the questions. It was like I was with them listening. Thank you.
  • Kimbuktu7
    Jane Fonda Interview
    Just listened to the interview with Jane Fonda, and really enjoyed it. Love hearing from older and wiser women.
  • KGI Chicago
    Love it
    Please-Keep it coming! We need to hear from these amazing women. Love Julia
  • sheif wizkro
    Pacing myself
    I am savoring each episode. Julia is an amazing interviewer. These are conversations I’ve craved and didn’t know it.
  • FastTwitchMedia
    Dear Julia
    They say your not a real podcaster until you get your first one star review. But its not happening here. Your show is so well done! My wife and I listen when we drive together. Today we listened to Carol Burnett. We both watched her show with our mom’s back in the day. It was among the fondest memories I have of my mom and we were happy at those moments. Bravo on you and your team for producing these episodes.
  • JH mama
    What a treasure
    I love all the guests, the topics, the stories and teachings. I’m going to re-listen to them all and take notes for my third act. Such beautiful sages. I wish they could all be my friends.
  • Thwr
    Loving IT
    I can not get enough. Each episode has totally kept my attention plus It makes me think about my own victories, challenges and failures. Please Julia (my new best friend), keep going, never stop!!! Awesome podcast. Plus, keep Mommy on too.
  • amysol28
    I’m Enjoying your new podcast
    Hello Julia, I stumbled upon this podcast and have been enjoying your thoughtful interviews. I love your candidness and humor!
  • Texasgirl NH
    LOVE this podcast! It’s like a therapy session
  • sinoscuba
    Wiser than I
    Wiser than I. Wiser than I am. It’s a comparative.
  • stephanie6079
    I am more Wiser
    This is one of the best podcasts I have come across. I binged season 1 and got so much wisdom from each of the guests. Julia is a generous and inquisitive host, and enjoyed the download with her mom after each episode. Julia, we are the same age (I’ll be 63 Oct), and am very much still learning. Thank you for bringing us these women to share their stories and experiences. I hope you will continue on. Thank you💕🔥💫✨
  • trpeg
    Carol Burnett Epidode
    So enjoyed the Wiser Than Me podcast but the one episode with Carol Burnett as guest particularly resonated with me. I have a son who is a struggling actor in NY and Carol’s stories about her beginnings in her career were particularly relatable. I cried at the part of the podcast when Carol spoke about her daughter Carrie’s struggle with addiction and so admire and love Carol Burnett for gift of joy and laughter she has given us throughout her career. Loved the Carol Burnett show as a child! Thank you, Julia, for this wonderful ending to your first season! Please continue with another season- all the guests are so interesting and I’m am learning so much! From a 67 and getting wiser listener!
  • Home alone 😄
    Love it
    I’m 56 and an ob&gyn. I moved to NYc 6 months ago as a researcher. One day I was very alone and sad . I started first episode just for my English practice 😊but I fell in love immediately with these podcasts. And I listened every day to these amazing podcasts. I really enjoy listening to them because I know what they do in their life. I hope we can listen to next season as soon as possible .
  • Sweeti pye
    An instant favorite!
    Please keep going! I’m ready for more seasons of hearing from these amazing women! I love how genuine the conversations are and how Julia’s pureness and humility bring the discussions to life. There were lol moments (like when her tooth fell out 😂) to touching moments that also brought tears. I’m in the 30s and more recently got into Seinfeld; I immediately loved her character, so getting to hear from her in this way is so refreshing and makes me love her even more! 🙌
  • diamondears
    Excited to listen along with my mom
    I’m a 38 year old new mom! Love listening to this podcast during late-night feeds. I know my mom will love it, too, so that’s 3 generations right there!
  • sp2baby
    Thought provoking, soul connecting, and laughter enducing
    Ok Julia, I’m ready for season 2. Please!!!! What a great concept for a podcast. The flow and conversations help to build the listener up in a subtle way. This podcast reminds me of the power of female connection. Now I want to meet Julia… and i am naturally the farthest person from being star struck. I just want to show up with biscuits and homemade strawberry jam and enjoy an afternoon with lemonade, girl talk, and hopefully some of that homemade marmalade she references. This is a long winded way of telling you to listen already, you will learn something about yourself and maybe even laugh out loud. 💕
  • Graceful age
    Savor it!
    I love hearing from all of these women and savor each episode! What a great concept- please keep it going Julia!!!
  • Dopecurlzz1991
    Amazing and Innovative
    I’m only on the 2nd episode and I am in love. I am 32 and I’m almost in tears realizing how much I connect to not only Julia, but also her guests. I’m also learning so much from the wise women.
  • Xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxoxoxoxo
    Season two please?
    Please notify subscribers that this podcast has been renewed for season two! Absolutely love it
  • rlevell
    Love, love, love this!
    This quickly became my favorite. The wisdom shared by these amazing ladies is priceless. I would really love to hear what Stevie Nicks, Chrissie Hynde & Cyndi Lauper have to share with us. I’ll cross my fingers & my toes that one or all of these ladies are future guests.
  • MerLauCar
    A treasure
    This show truly is a treasure- I am loving everything about- from Julia’s relaxed disposition and sharing her own stories to the incredible women she interviews. Looking forward to season 2!
  • Chita June
    Truly genuine & enjoying!
    One of the best podcasts I have found! Truly enjoyed listening to it; the conversations are so real and genuine. Great job, Julia!! Looking forward to more.
  • Superkickassmom
    Loving this. The concept, the interview, Julia. All of it!
  • Surprise Valley Girl
    I absolutely love the concept for this podcast, getting to hear Julia's own anecdotes, her mom... it's all just thoroughly enjoyable!
  • ltcol20
    Wiser than me
    I really enjoy the show because of the loose conversational style. The back and forth is interesting. And the sudden right turn in changing topic that Julia, the host does. Please keep the show going. As an old lady myself its nice to be listened to plus topics are being discussed that I remember. When does season 2 start? Is it caught up in the stroke. That’s ok. I support what all of you want. I also really love what all of you bring to the world. Will be very happy when issues are resolved so all of you can return to producing your wonderful visual and auditory stories. I need them since I am a disabled elder who is a shut in.
  • Mjs1652
    The best
    This is the best podcast I’ve ever listened to, and I listen to several a day. Julia is so genuine and highlights these brilliant women in such an engaging and awe inspiring way. Each woman, so unique and powerful in her own way, and has so much to teach us. I cried several times during the Carol Burnett episode and then, when I learned it was the last episode, I cried again. Literally. And Julia’s mother? So brilliant and inspiring. I tell you, there better be another season!
  • Shawn@Sac
    Julia and Fran
    What’s to say, New Yorker’s are cool , said a New Yorker !! Love it !
  • CSSF2012
    Love Julia & her pod
    My new favorite - Julia is such a great host/interviewer. Tearing through these pods with such smart, interesting guests. Are you going to have your Mom talk to any of your guests? You have said ‘I wish my Mom could have been in this convo…”
  • SRS0509
    Thank you for an amazing podcast
    This podcast is amazing. It’s refreshing and insightful. It’s about time we celebrate living (not aging) in this way. Not how old are you but how long have you lived. What a perspective!!! I was not familiar with a few of the guests but each episode has been interesting and informative and I’ve loved the wisdom shared. Thank you to Julia Louis-Dreyfus and all her wonderful guests for sharing their stores. This podcast isn’t for older women it’s for ALL women!!
  • Cindy from CT
    So Real and Funny
    Love love this Pod. Julia you’re so engaging and funny. Keep it up. The world needs more Pods like this for women on the second half of life
  • kmctoledo
    Enlightenment across the spectrum
    Thanks for making a platform for something so seemingly obvious yet frequently overlooked in the podcast dialogue. Such great stories, sage advice and shared barriers between generations about breaking social norms so women truly feel their enuf just being who they are in all facets of life. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I love every conversation and you’re also cluing my 10 year old daughter into a lot of knowledge as well! XO
  • Christa LC
    Refreshing, Smart and Hilarious
    Thank you for a show that features some of my all time favorites! I was rolling with laughter listening to Fran Lebowitz and enjoyed Isabel Allende so much. Julia, your sincerity and casual demeanor with your guests creates such a welcoming environment for your listening, feels like you are sitting in someone’s living room just hanging out. Was thinking Margaret Atwood would be great. I have seen her lectures at the Universty of Buffalo several times and she would be a perfect fit for your show. Thank you for a reminder that we are wise women and there is always someone wiser to get advise from.
  • RieVa123
    Thank You Julia
    Yes older women do EXIST and we are wise and funny and interesting .
  • intriguedreader22
    This was so genuine, interesting, and fun. I don’t often find new podcasts that I stick with, but I completed the whole season and can’t wait for more episodes/seasons!
  • starlitrain
    Thank You
    The world needed this. Honest, engaging, funny, and insightful. Thank you for doing this Julia.
  • ShwetaPurohit
    What a treat!!
    I am so excited that I have found this podcast. It brings me tremendous joy and I can’t stop smiling while listening to all these wise and candid conversations. Can’t wait to finish all of them, keep it up Julia. You are amazing!!
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