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Julia Louis-Dreyfus returns for Season 2 of her award-winning podcast, Wiser Than Me™. Each week, she has funny, touching, personal conversations with iconic older women who are brimming with the kind of unapologetic attitude and wisdom that only comes with age. Julia sits at the feet of some extraordinary teachers this season (discover who in the trailer), and of course her 90-year-old mom, Judy. Tune in to laugh, cry and get wise. All Hail Old Women! 


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  • This is bull•••t
    Just one annoyance:
    Julia refers to her guests as ladies. That’s cringey. What always comes to mind is when Jackie Kennedy refused to be called First Lady. She said it made her sound like a race horse. I agree. We’re women not ladies. But it’s a wonderful, enlightening podcast. Thank you!
  • lv4950
    Love it!!!
    I really love the interviews. Can we get an episode where Julia answers the questions she asks guests
  • Historyay
    One suggestion
    How about inviting Bonnie Garmus on the podcast?
  • court53268633
    Love the podcast
    I love this podcast. I am a huge fan of JLD and I greatly appreciate how real and genuine it is. I love the fact that she swears just like me 😂 makes it more relatable for me lol Keep up the good work, love all the guests on the show!
  • seamingsusan
    So sad I have to delete this podcast due to the language used. I am shocked that a brilliant young woman would stoop to being such a potty mouth. And for what? Does using the f bomb every few words add anything to the conversation? I think not!!!
  • Lbrecke
    Always loved Julia Louis-Dreyfus
    Hard to imagine I could love you more, but this podcast is so ****ing good. Your interviews are compelling and I enjoy the banter with your mom at the end. Thank you for giving us all a little more of you.
  • Jmom12
    Love it
    Such honest and interesting conversations. Love everything!
  • SHF68
    My goal is to have a relationship with my adult daughter like Julia has with her mom. BIG MOM GOALS!
  • JD Fit
    She’s all you want her to be and more
    I am a longtime fan of Julia Louis Dreyfus, and I am so delighted that she lives up to my fantasy of her. I recommend this podcast to EVERYONE and often quote it in the yoga classes I teach. For real. Listen.
  • WritingCandidly
    Stories to Save!
    These are the stories I hope to have and share with my daughter and granddaughters, and great granddaughters when the time comes. Thank you Julia!
  • Springtime 223
    Love this podcast
    I think this is so insightful and enjoyable. I look forward to it each week. I would love for Judith Light or Candice Bergen to be on the podcast. JLD is a great host and I find myself caught up in her stories as well. It’s one of the best out there.
  • k.oja
    Could not love a podcast more.
    This pod is perfection. Julia is a super likable, genuine, and vulnerable host. Love her fantastically colorful and funny opening monologues, the relationships she builds with her guests, and of course her sweet conversations with her mom. Each episode is like being handed an ice cream sundae. That’s what it’s like.
  • Lkkr love my dogs
    Love the podcast wiser than me!!
    Julia is an amazing host and I love her sense of humor. This podcast has been wonderful!! The stories are fascinating and I learn something every time I listen!!! Keep them coming!!!
  • Christina Athena Reyes Garcia
    Love. Love. Love.
    Love JLD. Loved season 1 to pieces. Loving season 2. I was waiting patiently for season 2 the minute season 1 needed. More please!
  • Nicky Arnstein
    What a genuis idea!! Season 2? Congratulations on being #1 podcast
    Love the chats with your Mom after each episode. Guest suggestion: if anybody can get her you can! Her 1,000+ page memoir is released in November. 81-year-old Barbra Streisand. She is unmatched in the entertainment industry, on the forefront of feminism and a true living legend. Im sure she has a lot of wisdom to give from a remarkalble life.
  • TML39
    A wonderful, unique podcast
    I’m just loving these beautiful conversations between incredible women. JLD, you are one of my heroes. Keep going!
  • meltdown2020
    Julia and Bonnie - so much insight and inspiration
    The interview with Bonnie Riatt elicited so much insight - as much as any podcast episode I’ve ever heard in terms of insight and inspiration. It was worth 10 Ted Talks. The interview included: -Upper and lower case “Bonnie”. Wow! -Relationships that are and are not “fast food” -The story of the hospice nurse freeing her father’s spirit out of the room after his death. -“Living for those who never made it.” -Bonnie’s creative confidence in the studio even when others tried to push her around. -Their genuine and FULLY expressed gratitude and creative appreciation for each other was emotionally moving. -The coda and wrap up with mom is brilliant and just the right length. I loved when they were debating lipstick to begin the substance of their talk in another episode. They did for 5 seconds which was hilarious. A more self absorbed pair would have gone on for 30 seconds and made it tedious. Thank you.
  • Sleepless in Kennewick
    Could be better
    I love the fact you’re talking to women but I really can’t get past the swearing. It’s like fingernails on a chalkboard to me. Not that I never swear…but I only do it when I’m really mad or stub my toe. It doesn’t come in my regular conversations. I also agree with whoever said talking to women who aren’t famous would be good.
  • fwdfjnfwsf
    Like that Herbal Essence shampoo commercial
    If you want to spread joy, do what I did. "I told two friends, then they told two friends and do on.,."
  • woodlandsmama
    So good!
    Authentic, funny, enlightening, poignant - all the things. Her interview with Bonnie got me hooked!
  • Squirrel Enthusiastic
    Just so, so good. Really, just the best
    I could listen to Julia all day long, so smart & humane & insightful. She brings out the beautiful, messy realness in each person she talks to
  • Teon77
    Your sit downs and guests have been slaying me. Between Bonnie & Sally Field I have been crying tears of joy. Thank you Julia 🔥❣️
  • AndJusticeForAnimals
    Great interview with Sally
    Loved every bit of this interview, Julia has quite a fabulous style for interviewing people. I wish someone had brought up Sally’s incredible performance in “not without my daughter,” that movie was so powerful. I think that’s her best acting in a film but that’s just my humble opinion. ❤️
  • ST in Belmar
    THANK YOU!!!
    This podcast is a gift to humanity. Period.
  • interesting, but...
    Wonderful Podcast!
    Julia is a gifted interviewer that makes the listening easy. Humor, wisdom, advice from accomplished women. Love it!
  • H-AinCA
    Wiser Than Me
    I love this. Would love it even more if Julia would talk to a few wise women who are less overtly successful, starting with her Mom!
  • Lindabtv
    We build each other up!
    How am I just finding this podcast!! This was just what I needed. Women lifting other women up!! Powerful! I am so thankful for you!! ❤️
  • IPO001
    Advice from the not wealthy?
    Julia, we love your guests who deserve all the success they’ve achieved, but could you consider interviewing women who are not wealthy/famous/both? They represent the majority of women out there and sure as h have some much needed wisdom to share on real surviving and thriving.
  • Tired and Poor
    Et Tu, Brute?
    I love this podcast and want to soak up every second. I’m so happy for Julia and the team that in the first season was named #1 PODCAST OF THE YEAR.. not only being recognized for the talented Julia and her amazing reach of superheroes in her rolodex .. but also for it’s genuine mission of being a beacon of light and support for all women who are dealing with aging and life reviews…which is all women. I do tho take umbrage to the gimmicky and scammy “bonus content”. Why do I as a single, hardworking mother who fights to pay my bills every month need to feel left out of more Wiser than Me content because I can’t afford to be a paid subscriber. Can’t the #1 distinction get you more paid ads so it’s totally free? To me, selling anything related to this product only harms the integrity of the intent and will eventually contribute to the demise of it’s top billing. Please change this and get a different revenue stream. How ‘bout going on the road for a national tour? I’d buy a ticket for that experience even if it means no gas money this month.
  • simpleingredients
    Julia, you are a lifeline to me. And I learn something new and profound from everyone you interview. I love the deeply personal and honest format. I feel like I am just sitting right there with you gals, soaking up the wisdom and inspiration.
  • eawcwyo
    This is exactly what I want to have in my feed. Thank you so much for making this.
  • Kjoy78
    Love Julia and this wonderful show!
    Julia is just one year younger than me. She has been a “celebrity friend” of mine since Seinfeld. She is funny, kind, bold and irreverent. I truly love this podcast and her interview style with these amazing women. I too feel wiser than ever and so far feel that the trade off of my youth for peace, wisdom and choices is worth it. I chuckle a little when I can see that I am less important in someone’s eyes due to my age. It’s like having an invisibility cloak, nobody expects to much of me, which provides such freedom! My husband and I laugh with each other about how we look and feel these 40 years later. We say “Don’t tell the young people how great it is to be our age. They won’t believe us anyway.”☺️
  • OlsonPod
    I could listen to Julia every day! One of the best Podcasts I’ve ever heard—Thank You !
  • kimber_29
    This podcast is so important to me
    I love this podcast and I hope Julia never stops making it because it is so important to me. As a 30-year-old woman I find these conversations extremely inspiring and I love hearing the perspective of all these older women that are DEFINITELY wiser than me 😉 I love how candid Julia is with her guests and with her mom. I’ve seen some negative reviews about the language she uses, but I just think it makes her sound more genuine and real!
  • TVB22
    Ok old age, BRING IT!
    Julia! I’ve always been a big fan of yours, but now that I’m listening to your podcast, I simply adore you. And it appears that your guests do too, since your interviewing style is so warm and inviting. Thank you for shining a light on the wisdom and humor of older women. I’m 67 and a woman of color. Ageism is not really a thing in my culture, but I definitely feel the shift when I’m out in society. So far my 60s have been my bridge between feeling vital and insignificant, so it’s fun to hear these stories that prove there’s hope on the other side!
  • pegb53
    Too much foul language
    Now don’t get me wrong, I have respect for Julia and all her guests, and I will continue to listen, but seriously why all the foul language. You don’t need to spew the Lords name in vein to get a point across.
  • podcastjac
    This is a great show
    I love this show
  • Ren Annette
    Yes!! Season 2
    So happy you’re back for another season and starting with such a great talk with Sally Field. Thank you, Julia!!
  • Mdmom94
    Thought provoking. Entertaining. Inspirational
  • Jersey Girl in Vermont
    So glad you are back.
  • PodGirl81
    I love Julia and I love Sally Field! I’m so glad this show is back!
  • Linda JLo
    Love Julia!
    This podcast is one of my favorites! Julia has the best guests on and asks the most insightful questions! The time goes so fast. Excellent wisdom shared and insights for all!!
  • Lgentz
    Season 2
    I can’t express the pure joy that I felt this morning when I saw that the first episode of season 2 dropped. Then to see it was Sally Field! I love this podcast and I’m so excited to see what this season holds in store.
  • kimigo99
    Wisdom indeed.
    You cannot predict what you'll hear from each episode. Every guest shares stories that are honest, raw and intimate. JLD drops personal experiences as well, and the convos she has with her mom are an added loving bonus. Can't wait for more!!
  • tza126
    Respect your elders!
    Phenomenal show, insanely insightful. Loving S2.
  • Nicole ---
    A new season, yes!
    Hump day just got a whole lot better with this podcast back!
  • JHole12321
    Loved season 1
    So excited for more episodes, this show is my favorite!!
  • Bec in VT
    Laughs My Kid* Doesnt Get
    THANK the Goddess! The second season is here! Last season, I was skeptical about another celebrity podcast. I was verklempt by Julia’s call to her mother after the wide-ranging, powerful conversation with Jane F. I’m almost 68, finally retiring from my impulse to work, and starting my life as an artist. Thank you thank you thank you. *26 & still knows everything. Lol.
  • e_1_z1
    Great content
    Julia this is great just be careful with your aha, yes, mmhh, silence and let the other speK. We know you are listening
  • Jamerican352005@
    The Master Class We Needed
    Brilliant. Hilarious. Insightful. It is the podcast all women, at any age, needed. So happy season two is out. I was afraid this podcast was over. Keep going! I am here for the laughs and wisdom. Bravo
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