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Dynasty Fantasy Football from The Fantasy Footballers. Deep-dive into the world of Dynasty Fantasy Football with hosts Kyle Borgognoni, Matthew Betz, Jason Moore, and Mike "The Fantasy Hitman" Wright. The guys bring their industry-leading expertise each week breaking down the Dynasty world, including NFL Rookie Scouting, NFL Draft coverage, Dynasty Draft advice, player breakdowns, and so much more. A high-quality, entertaining Dynasty podcast from the best in the business. Win your Dynasty league and enjoy every minute of it.

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  • FFAudience
    For beginners only
    There are much better dynasty pods if you’re an experienced dynasty player. Basically a less funny version of their main pod.
  • 1Nation420
    Praise the Fantasy Gods
    Been watching and listening to these Men for about 6 years, since I started playing Dynasty. Now I draft and build strong teams thanks to them and the Fantasy Gods who sent them here to spread the fantasy gospel to the rest of us!
  • Jorbug
    Not there yet
    This podcast is riding the coattails of the brilliance of the Footballers regular pod and the spitballers. Borg attempts to force feed every joke, nickname, and drop from the main show every chance he gets. Nuance is a thing. I don’t even like hearing “nasty boy” on the regular pod anymore because it’s been forced down my ears. Betz is fine other than saying the “point” in draft picks. “One POINT oh one”. Does he finish questions by stating “question mark?” Just say “101” my guy. The analysis, however, is stellar! And every time a baller is on the show they carry the other two. What is likely happening is two young podcasters are finding their footing without the freedom and flexibility of a small audience. Keep going. I’ll keep listening.
  • SockThemBoppers
    So glad they finally are coming into the dynasty space, the first dynasty pod that I can actually stand to listen to
  • JMan7544787
    Best fantasy football podcast out there
    Can’t beat the humor and insights
  • Nimrod92490
    Pains me to say… dynasty just isn’t their thing
    It’s one of those things that is hard to actually say, but if you are an avid dynasty player, you will likely feel a little let down after listening to this one. It’s clear with their analysis, perspective, and approach to dynasty that just isn’t their main thing. And that’s okay. That are phenomenal at redraft. It’s little things like justifying trading a 1st for a handcuff RB as a contender, saying QB isn’t actually as valuable we think in a super-flex league and to focus on the other positions, that reflect a disconnect with the dynasty community at large. Thanks for trying guys. I love the personality, and I’ll keep listening to this one, but with different expectations.
  • lukewhelan
    Love it BUT
    Great, but the intro music is so long and loud. Died in Fortnite because I can’t hear anything.
  • FantasyIsVitaminsForYourSpirit
    One Star Raters Be Danged
    Yeah, I kept the title of this review PG. whoever the dorkwads are that put one-star ratings on this clearly misread the instructions, thinking that one star is the best. It is the only logical explanation.
  • travelfam1218
    These guys are World Class
    I’m almost tempted not to drop a review so they can continue to be my “best kept secret” of how I win my fantasy leagues but they are just too good not to give 5 stars! Thank you guys for doing a Dynasty podcast! Perfect timing as I’m a first time commissioner and man, it has been SUPER HELPFUL. Great stuff guys, keep it going!
  • Legendkiller595
    It’s more a fun listen than a resource
    It’s very starter level, it doesn’t go over how league settings and roster sizes change how you should look at trades, add drop choices, and how many of each position you should strive to keep on your roster. Would love for it to get real technical but that isn’t what this show is about
  • that brandon guy
    So happy the Ballers now have a Dynast podcast. Great content and even better insight. Keep up the great work!
  • RyBred20
    Please do a start up mock draft episode, love the podcast!
    Great podcast and info. Would love a start up mock draft episode!
  • Danny Mac 25
    Sorry, wrong podcast.
  • Aarondoggiedogg
    Content is solid but too dry
    Andy, Mike, and Jason have figured out how to let their personalities show, probably because they’ve been doing it for years. Kyle and Betts know football but it’s packaged in a way that will put you to sleep. Also for the love of all things holy, it’s “the one oh one” not “the one point oh one”
  • Ajnf95
    You need it
    Just listening to the opening drop. That’s how you’ll know. Must listen every week.
  • JoeStewart
    Great dynasty podcast!
    I have been hoping the Fantasy Footballers would do a dynasty podcast for a while now. Love the content.
  • let me post this reveiw
    Amazing Pod !!
    Absolutely love the pod, the insight and takes are always interesting to listen to. I wake up excited on Wednesday’s to start my morning drive to work with the guys! We need two episodes a week! The people need more dynasty content
  • D. Cincy
    I used to have trouble falling asleep. If you suffer from insomnia give this podcast a listen.
  • Holy Haole
    Soooooo Happy the Ballers Made a Dynasty Podcast!
    I’ve been waiting for the Fantasy Footballers to come out with a dynasty podcast for a while now. I have to say it did not disappoint. Each week getting a guest Baller on with Borg and Betts is a blast. I’ve loved getting to know Borg and Betts better through this show. I had followed Betts on Twitter for a long time, but having his insight, especially with injuries, on a dynasty podcast is incredible. Another amazing production by the Fantasy Footballers! Thanks guys!
  • blakester52rfc
    Huge fan question
    I have Justin Jefferson but I was offered mike Williams and a first in 24 and 25 for jalen waddle is it worth passing on contending this season for a hat
  • JoJo__Pearson
    Look forward to it every week
    5 Stars. I always enjoy any content the Footballers put out. Really love the way Borg and Betz break things down, and it’s cool that they have a Baller on with them. Look forward to it every week.
  • jcriddle
    A really fun podcast that has hosts that enjoy each other and what they are talking about. Great for beginners, yearly and hardcore fans. They put in a lot of energy and effort in to providing the listeners the edge they need to win and they really enjoy doing it.
  • Kemp2740
    Best in the game!
    The perfect mix of analysis, advice, and humor! Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?
  • RGHM320
    Fantastic fun show with insightful analytics
    I listen to the Dynasty, regular FFBallers podcast, and Footcast podcast every release. I enjoy starting my workday trying not to giggle at Andy, Mike, Jason, Brooks, JGrizz and other ducers comments. I went from never playing fantasy to having 12+leagues a year both redraft and dynasty. Thank you guys !
  • D.G.33
    Always a great listen! Give you great information to make the correct decision every time. Won my first championship because of these guys! Thanks ballers!
  • Mathjosh
    Phenomenal Content
    I’ve religiously followed the original podcast as well as the Betting/DFS for ages and was thrilled when they announced the Dynasty podcast. They absolutely knocked it out of the park, the content is easily digestible, the humor we all love carries over, and the Borg as a host? Chefs kiss. I now have something more to look forward to during the off-season, thank you Ballers!
  • Darth Drewcifer
    Winning Isn’t Everything, It’s the Only Thing!!!
    I’m not sure if the quote in my title was truly from Vince Lombardi (Google said it was) or Ricky Bobby, but it couldn’t stand more true. I’ve been a long time listener to the FFB and felt the brain drain of not being able to keep up with every episode so I strategically listened to the ones I wanted in the past 2 seasons until 2022. Then I made a change, I decided I would make the time for my favorite podcast and listened to as many as possible (not just the waiver episodes) and what happened? I won 2 out of 4 leagues instantly in 2022 - partly bc of my draft, some due to waivers, mostly due to trades. And it started in my off-season last Summer in my half dynasty/half redraft league (7 keeper-8 drafted). Now, I can’t get enough … I want MORE!!! I was thrilled when the FFB expanded to a Dynasty exclusive option and now 6 of my league mates want to create a full Superflex Dynasty and I couldn’t be more excited, even if I lose my wife (not really, she loves me too much). If you want to win and are truly passionate about fantasy football, don’t be lazy or dabble in other podcasts for different opinions - just listen to the Ballers and listen to everything they produce. Also join the FootClan, purchase the Ultimate DraftKit, and have the best time ever playing fantasy football, and winning!
  • wc1184
    This podcast is awesome!
    This podcast is awesome! Great information that will definitely help you win your league championship. Highly recommend!!
  • Mattwelsh3
    Just what we needed!
    I’m a big time dynasty player and I’m very happy to add this pod to my list. Love that it’s almost an hour and a half since it’s once a week. Would love if they added some bonus shows here and there. Great content
  • Sweg YOLO sweg
    Awesome fantasy podcast
    Look forward to this podcast each time they release it. Always have good topics to talk about and very good insight that is almost always backed up with facts. They also know how to be funny in the dumbest ways and can crack you up at any given time during the show
  • Schaffy52
    New listener, but not going back
    I am a new listener, and already their personalities and opinions have been incredible. Im not going back!
  • ScubaStacy
    Im skeptical whether the big 3 have a true grasp on dynasty values. Kyle and Betz seem good.
  • ChicagoBigMike19
    Thank you baby Jesus!
    Love the content, so glad y’all finally did a show dedicated to Dynasty !! Thank you guys for what you do!
  • Papi Reesey
    Love The Show!
    I don’t play for money but you guys have helped me win a few games against my buddies and earned me some bragging rights!!
  • Lanemit12345
    Simply the Best
    Just like the song, these guys are the absolute best!
  • joel for SpoCompton
    Who’s the 1 star lame-0
    Ignore the the 1 star contrarian dudes thriving for attention. This is THEE best fantasy sports podcast ever created!
  • JernOtter
    Best FF show
    Entertaining, knowledgeable, extremely useful, these guys are great. Couldn’t recommend any higher
  • ksjxbeoc
    What we’ve been waiting for
    Your most trusted fantasy source just became your most trusted DYNASTY source!!! Let’s gooooo!!! #DynastyFootclanTitles
  • Next Level Pest Services
    New listener but I enjoy the commentary so far!
  • Schwartz625
    Great spinoff pod for dynasty
    I had a fever... And the only prescription... Was more Ballers!
  • DeezNuts111
    Top Tier Ear Candy
    5/5 must listen each week.
  • Benji CT2AZ
    Great Listen
    About time you guys bring the dynasty perspective to join the redraft content!
  • Dylan254874
    Great Listen
    Great content and funny guys
  • JGlade20
    Great show!
    Breaks down fantasy football in a fun way, which is how it should be done.
  • Camhyde
    Best FF Podcast out there!! Super fun
  • Dominic Minotti
    Best there is.
    These guys are the top of the crop with the knowledge needed to win your leagues. Even without using their kits you can still receive enough knowledge to win but with the purchase of the kit you gain just that much more of an advantage to not only feel confident but dominate your leagues as well!
  • Lucgriz
    Love the show!
    Love, love, love having more dynasty focused podcast! Also enjoy the different perspectives from Kyle and Betts. Keep up the good work!
  • Carrottop18
    Very Informative!
    Love the show! Super entertaining and helpful!
  • Bigmooty
    Best football info around
    If you are looking for a laugh and for top tier, insider information, this is the podcast for you. No matter what day of the week, what week in the season, The Fantasy Footballers are the most fun and relevant around. This was my first year in a 2 QB dynasty league and using their advice of trading and free agent pick-ups, the first name on that trophy is mine! Thanks guys!
  • JPinto
    Thank god they started this podcast! Love having more dynasty talk from the guys.
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