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The media has systematically lied to you about the war in Iraq, 2008 financial crisis, Russian Collusion hoax that never was, Covid-19 origins, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the truth about January 6th, how our money is being spent in Ukraine, the transgender Nashville shooter memo…the list goes on.
If you want the standard conservative talking points, this podcast isn’t for you. But if you want to go deeper, get to the bottom of what is really going on behind the media smokescreens, explore the intellectual foundations of our America-First movement, and challenge your preconceived notions, then join Vivek Ramaswamy and go beyond the Overton window. Get ready for conversations you won’t find anywhere else.

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  • Holographic67
    Interesting Podcast
    I just started listening to the podcast and find it to be in-depth, intriguing and insightful conversations on relevant topics. I have written many papers and articles on electric grid vulnerabilities to physical and cyber threats based in my experience as an engineer in utilities and hope to hear Vivek discuss the topic in future podcasts. After listening to previous podcasts I look forward to future subjects and I plan on following the podcast.
  • Anna'sTwin
    Refreshing Honesty
    One of my new favorite podcasts, you have a gift of clearly communicating ideas. Your voice is greatly appreciated !
  • Alexdecline_
    This is what America needs.
    Thank you Vivek. I used this platform on my commute.
  • poopoosanicknick
    Fresh Air!!!
    May God bless your efforts, your family and your journey with success, and with guardian angels to watch over you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your patriotism and impeccable leadership. You are a true Deplorable.
  • Joe Wolff
    Amazing gift
    The man has an amazing gift for story telling… he is spot on with his description of the rundown NYC court room with the comparison to one in India, I’ve been in both and agree 100%!
  • Mike P. 1988
    Magaswamy 2024
    Thank you Vivek for shaking up the political arena and standing up for your principles and fighting for Trump, especially, during a time when America is experiencing many growing pains. I really liked the episode with Ann Coulter, although, I certainly don’t agree with what she said about how she “wouldn’t have voted for you because of your Indian ethnicity.” For an intelligent & educated woman with her level of charisma, I found that concept to be rather silly and antiquated. I would like to see you as Trump’s VP or Secretary of Homeland & Security.
  • Ghhhhhjhhhb
    Please run again after trump
    Just started listening to this podcast because I follow you on instagram and I completely agree with almost everything you say. Keep going! Really hope you to run again next election.
  • Hornedfrog76
    Help Bill
    Can you please tell O’Reilly how to pronounce the name Vivek?
  • Seb Naga
    Concise and articulate as always!
  • Anthonyharl
    Amazingly intellectually engaging podcast
    One of the greatest political minds and perspectives among the current political landscape.
  • shannon je.
    Vivek doesn’t side pedal from the truth. Intelligently presents stories backed by facts, refreshing and needed in main stream media. Well done, Vivek.
  • Scottslaf
    The Best Minds of America
    I am always impressed by the thoughtful nature of Vivek and his guests. Very educational and informative podcast. We are lucky that these people make the effort to share their time with the common American. Thank you!!
  • groovy squirrel
    Succinct summation of his spouting.
  • Jeremiah in MA
    Smart converse for the average listener.
    Great podcast that is getting buried in the apps. If Vivek doesn’t become a VP, this is his next move.
  • nicalsof
    Sorry you had to leave!
    Facts don’t care about you feelings! & that’s a fact! I would still vote for him if I could but unfortunately I believe Nikki Haley is going to take the win! I loved our free country! GOD BLESS AMERICA!
  • Cernsy
    Hollowed out husk
    Vivek projecting his lack of anything approaching a principle.
  • Mujeeb JEEB Basha
    #VRisREAL2024 ... i'm rooting for you to win the White House
    All outstanding interviews & I especially like your Patrick Bet-David interview! Have been closely watching and listening to you on the primary campaign trail! Do visit ILLINOIS and the chicago suburbs!
  • Snappaloo
    Total idiot
    You poor people.
  • CO Deb
    Hard pass
    What a narcissist 🤮
  • Geoplanter
    Dear Vivek
    please go away. You’ve had your 15 minutes of fame.
  • Miss Brookie
    The new age America
    I am very very impressed with this guy when I first saw him i have to admit I was a little confused let’s be honest, not your typical politician, usually white black, Hispanic, Then I started listening, paying attention investigating and there’s one thing I like. It is the truth. It is one thing in this country I think it’s forgotten with multiple generations. I think it is very important, even more crucial to our future and our countries future and our children’s future that we speak the truth of what’s really going on in our current affairs. I look up and see. There used to be politically correct speech things done, said etc. now it’s to the point to where a lot of politicians don’t even care what they say or what you hear anymore. I think the left and some right politicians have figured out the consequences aren’t as severe as they thought it would be and now are you hear is lies lies lies who really knows the truth anymore so yes, I do think we need another outsider like Vivek Ramaswamy do I think Vicki is ready for president that’s to be determined I think the smart move the long game is Vivek for VP with Trump so he can be his mentor then Vivek gets eight years and Republicans get 12 but either way this guy is who we need in our country and in our White House in some form or fashion no matter I believe it’s crucial to our future
  • realjcox
    What other candidate would even dare launch a podcast?
    The fact that he is even doing this long form content while running for president is astounding. Everyone else is resorting to soundbites and rehearsed speeches. You may or may not like what he stands for, but at least you actually know what Vivek stands for…
  • MyqRuss
    Keep the podcast rolling man! Doing absolutely fantastic! #VivekforPresident2024
  • Boise_hero
    Do not waste your time
    This show is in absolute waste of time. He is god awful to listen to and you leave the podcast feeling dumber then you started. Stay far away!!!
  • Not Big Brother
    Vivek is a fake, he says one thing on one show and something totally different on someone else’s show. People don’t want a leader who is right, they want a leader who is real, and I don’t see that in Vivek. I see a power hungry, inexperienced young person who thinks he can take on the world, no problem.
  • Wisscrabbler
    Terrible-negative stars?
    An outright liar.
  • Asciguy
    100% ignorant troll
  • gwebb730
    Excellent Political Podcast!
    Vivek presents his views logically and persuasively.
  • cwn311
    My favorite podcast!
    I know Vivek, so I’ve always known how smart he is but since running for President, I can say I’m truly blown away by his intellect and insight on government/ politics and his love for this country. This podcast is my favorite for politics because he brings on a great diversity of guests, really listens to them, and is very fair and thoughtful in his responses and comments. In one recent episode he even had someone on who is Republican but disagrees with some of his views and he took time to talk to her and hear her side of things. I think he’s brave, smart, will stand up to corruption and Vivek is just what our country needs right now!
  • S.J.Elliott
    Love how he really listens to his guests.
  • Republican awesomeness
    Great show!
    This show is amazing, one thing I wish would have been brought up, is looking at plutonium nuclear energy, which is cheaper than uranium, and much safer. Do some research into this please. This might affect your policy vision. Vivek 2024!
  • pldiy
    Stop Human Trafficking.
    An episode with Tim Ballard (O.U.R.) on the state of the horrible human trafficking phenomenon would be fantastic.
  • Thejillibean
    Go Vivek!
    Bring Harvey Silverglate on! Would be a great conversation about education free speech and DEI. You agree on a lot of solutions only coming from opposite view points. Also, another civil service idea: infrastructure repair and construction. US civil infrastructure of all kinds are in dire need of repair all over the country.
  • LadeeRider
    Love this guy
    Actually this review is more for the interview I just saw with John Stossel and Vivek. Wow what a great interview I don’t know if this guy is ready to be president or not but I wish at the very least whoever the nominee is would ask him to be vice president. I don’t know if this man has enough experience on the world stage as far as military and how to handle foreign relations but he definitely knows how to fix this country and what it needs to be fixed.I am so glad that I watched the entire interview I certainly learned a lot about this man in a short amount of time.
  • Maxximus Decimus Merridious
    Learning New Things from Vivek
    I am grateful to Vivek for the new things I learn with each podcast! How do I respond when people in my life love your ideas and energy but don’t think you can win the primary?
  • Sarah Anne Maas
    Vivek is clearly very intelligent, knowledgeable, compassionate, experienced, and can eloquently articulate explanations on every single topic he discusses. His conversations are compelling and informative. He’s a thoughtful and respectful interviewer and host of this podcast. I absolutely love having the ability to listen to his thought processes and learn from him and his guests! I’m super excited about his campaign and cannot wait to see him in the White House! Give this podcast a listen, you will undoubtedly be enlightened a
  • AlexCoxysaur
    Please get this man in office
    Vivek is the first candidate in my lifetime to actually demonstrate deep understanding of the problems we face as a nation AND present sophisticated, nuanced, pragmatic solutions. I was born in 92 and I’ve only seen useless politicians inhabit the white house(Trump not a politician but he wasn’t self made). I think Vivek has a deep understanding of the American middle class and our aspirations of rising. I think that he is trying to raise the tide to lift all proverbial American boats. I think if he’s elected, the plans he’s outlined can actually do that. At the end of the day, our vote for political candidates is a vote for who we think will make decisions that will positively impact the lives of ourselves and our fellow Americans. I think Vivek is that man. Love the podcast Vivek! Hope you continue even after the race.
  • Jim Ohio1
    Smooth Brain Thinking
    Surprise, it’s another podcast from a Trumpkin that was allowed into this country but now wants to slam the door shut behind him. Someone made the mistake of giving him a participation trophy as a child and he now thinks we all want to hear his misguided and vile opinions. Yes, immigration is an issue. He should set an example by leaving the US.
  • Curlytop2243
    Clarity and Courage.
    Vivek is incredibly articulate about a wide variety of difficult and deep topics. And when he invites guests to discuss these topics, he is humble enough to ask for their advice and to consider it. I have learned so much from this podcast. Thank you, Vivek, and I believe you will be an American President of great courage and impact!
  • Dan in Tulsa
    Go Vivek!
    Thanks for bringing your voice to the presidential debate! I appreciate that you have interviewed conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats and somehow manage to bring a combination of curiosity and conviction to the conversation. I’m so tired of robotic politicians who are married to their talking points. Thanks for your commitment to free speech and bringing back a healthy separation between corporate capitalists and government bureaucrats. That is a major conflict of interest and a threat to our individual liberty. Thanks!
  • Toothchief
    Very Impressive
    I’ve heard him on a couple other podcast so decided to give this podcast a listen. I have been very impressed with his wide range on knowledge on so many topics.
  • Relsef
    Totally worth listening.
  • Random1010100
    The president we need
    Not only do I hope you make it onto the debate stage but in the White House as well. The country needs your presidency.
  • cmcquietman
    Governor Wolf
    First, thank you for running for President. Your message, your honesty, your temperament, and your insights are refreshing. Second, a comment about the Governor Wolf. The blatant contradiction between what he said (over and over again) regarding merit and DEI was mind numbing. The straw-man about wanting to go back to an earlier version (he kept say the 1950s) of America for the purpose of reinstating Jim Crow or it’s equivalent was one of the most disingenuous arguments I’ve ever heard. I guarantee Wolf has never met anyone with such a view. The fact that Wolf floated the idea that a 21st century merit based system would somehow reverse social and economic gains made by minorities and women is in itself racist and sexist. Do you think he was serious? Or is he just afraid of calling out the left?
  • chicgypsy
    Just YES….
    Honestly I have not been disappointed by ANYTHING he has said thus far. I have watched and listened to just about EVERYTHING he has been on. Interviews, speeches, campaigns.. absolutely freaking fantastic. 👏🏼You have my vote, sir! I’d love to be apart of your campaign.
  • bvanornum
    I’m in 🇺🇸✌🏼 Don’t be so fast to give up On crypto. 63 year old granny here and I’m waiting for the next bull run. Fired during Covid over mandates and my age makes it hard to gain employment and pay the bills. Crypto is hope for many right now
  • A R L C 56
    11th commandment no-no
    I was going to vote for you until you started trashing DeSantis. Bye now! 👎
  • DavidD7963
    Please be different
    Can you please explain why the Hindus in India are persecuting Christians so violently? Would you defend the Christian principles of equality before the law?
  • TroyO50
    A beneficial political influence, and a difficult issue
    I have been extremely impressed and inspired every time I see an interview, speech, or statement you deliver. Your patriotism, intelligence, and visionary thought process is always front and center. Thank you for doing everything you can to help us dig out of the mountain of trouble America is suffering, today. I have a difficult and uncomfortable issue to take up with you, and I hope I can encourage you to see my devotion to our Constitution, our wonderful country, and the necessity of our return to Constitutional principles. I am a Veteran, and continue to stand by the oath I took to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Today, I am completely disheartened with the anti-Constitutional condition I find in our country. We must return to a full understanding and enactment of Constitutional Law and the rights of all American citizens. Currently, we are so far removed from our Constitutional governance, that America seems closer to Socialist France, or even early Soviet Russia. Many of our precious rights as American citizens have been compromised. For instance, today, political opposition is a basis for imprisonment without due process. Communicating opposition with conviction will cause a loss of any ability to openly communicate our thoughts, and our votes can and will be diluted in one way or another to illicit a predetermined outcome. Political proposals about statehood for Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico, stacking the Supreme Court, and elimination of the Electoral College have been made in open congressional sessions. We must reestablish the Constitution as our foundational instruction for governing ourselves, or give up any recognizable connection to the freedom and responsibilities the Founders established when they gave us a republic to protect and defend. To that end I want to review part of the Constitution and my understanding of a particular aspect thereof. Article 2 of the Constitution establishes the method and processes needed to set up and maintain our democratically activated Constitutional Republic. There are descriptions of specific considerations, actions, and processes required to establish the legitimacy of a government of, by, and for the People. The clear language, intention, and power of Article 2 has never been amended, or rescinded, so it is still in place and in full effect. From our Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, Clause 4: “A person being elected to the Office of President or Vice President must be a ‘natural born citizen,”… This section of the Constitution, usually referred to as “Birthright Citizenship”, has been the subject of debate for decades. From the first part of this clause, the mechanics of Birthright Citizenship requires the father of the candidate must be a natural born citizen, and the birth of the candidate must be within the established borders of the United States, thereby rendering the candidate a Natural Born Citizen. In 2008, John McCain’s birthright citizenship was called into question when he ran for President. McCain was born in Panama, but his father was a natural born American and a Naval officer. John was born on a Navy base on Panama, which is considered sovereign American soil. Mr. McCain was finally determined to be qualified to run for President as a natural born citizen. The second part of this clause says, …”or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution,”. At the time when the Constitution was to be adopted and ratified there were Founders who were first generation citizens. These specific people had shown their alliance to America by being Founders, risking their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. The Founders trusted those facts to represent their allegiance. Afterward, all subsequent candidates for President or Vice President are required to be natural born citizens. Clause 4 of Article 2 is meant to enhance the qualification for the highest offices in the country by elevating the candidate’s citizenship to the highest possible level, in order to ensure, as well as it can be, that the candidate will have allegiance to only one country, America. Therefore, neither you, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Ilan Omhar, nor any other first generation American citizen, whose father is not also a natural born citizen can constitutionally qualify as a candidate for President or Vice President of the United States. The value you bring to the political conversation in America cannot be disparaged. Your youth, strength, intelligence, and understanding of American politics, economics, and business are a benefit for all of us, and we thank you. Again, I am not claiming any personal distrust for you, or any reason for opposing you as a political candidate. What I have outlined should not be construed as opposition, but only as adherence to constitutional allegiance, and my earnest desire to return to the ideals and principles clearly stated in the Constitution. We can claim that others, before us, made less than proper runs for President, or political decisions, but that does not excuse our informed insult to what is right and proper. We need to return to the Constitution, before it becomes so far removed from our way of life and of our governance, that it no longer matters. Then we become something other than the American Republic, which was carefully crafted to allow everyone the rights to life, liberty, and our individual pursuits of happiness. After that, returning to a Constitutional Republic will not be possible. Please, continue to flavor the stew, stir the pot, and express your ideas which help us understand how all our lives are benefitted by being American citizens and participating in political debate.
  • +listener
    Next President
    Thoughtful, smart, questioning all aspects of the government. I look forward to learning more about Mr. Ramaswamy’s campaign objectives for the presidency. He provides more information about his presidential plans than any other candidate running. Thank you.
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