Prosecuting Donald Trump

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Veteran prosecutors Andrew Weissmann and Mary McCord discuss and dissect the cases against former President Donald Trump, including the historic indictments from the Manhattan D.A., Special Counsel Jack Smith and Fulton County D.A. Fani Willis.

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  • Political Ladybug
    More episodes, please! My favorite podcast but not enough episodes!
  • EAC312
    Spare us the giggling
    Yes, I know this subject matter is so awful and unprecedented that it challenges sanity. But the beginning of Recusal, Removal, and Restrictions starts out with over *5 solid minutes* of insider giggling and chuckling, while your loyal listeners drum our fingers waiting for the substance to tesurface that’s the reason for following this excellent series. PLEASE edit out the annoying yuk-yuks that no one else considers funny.
  • McTag2
    Thanks guys!
    Love this podcast! Embarrassed yo say this, but I have a little crush on Andrew, after listening to his enthusiastic take on the 45 debacle.
  • e-cooling
    A bit too rushed at times…we aren’t all lawyers so would prefer for a little more elaboration
  • Allbeagle
    Essential Listening
    Regardless of where you may be on the political spectrum, it is crucial that all Americans understand the unprecedented risks to our democracy and culture. Everyone should understand these issues. Thank you for explaining them so clearly.
  • Iris Yoeli
    Thank you
    Thank you for a great, enlightening podcast. Highly recommended
  • DCMurrell
    Best Podcast out there!
    I think the thing I enjoy most about this podcast is the brilliant way Andrew and Mary are able to take complex legal issues and precedent, and describe them in ways that make sense for those who are not legal professionals. Couple the knowledge of the legal issues with ethics and professionalism, a bit of levity, and the life-stories from your previous lives serving in government prosecutorial roles and it is compelling listening. I literally listened to the episode from the Y twice it was so interesting. I hope a future podcast to continue storytelling is being considered. After all, one day you-know-who will be incarcerated and you’ll need a new gig! Seed planted! Seriously, really fantastic work! Congratulations.
  • Mt3333365
    Excellent analysis
    The two former federal prosecutors do a great job breaking down the known facts and explaining the relevant laws.
  • IoB.
    Indispensable break downs
    Every podcast. And my appreciation from the bottom of my heart for your commitment and dedication to our democracy. Thank you.
  • Retire21
    Essential listening
    I am getting a great legal education.
  • IFA369
    wow, what a surprise
    Love the show. what a great interview from Nicole Wallace, really enjoyed the deep dive into that Yates McCord trip to the White House.. please do mor. The discussion on foreign policy and domestic extremism was right on the money
  • veronicathecat
    92nd Street Y
  • Professor of Art
    I’m am so Appreciative of your podcast.
    Ali Velshi’s reading of the indictments is so important! Thank you! As a professor at Cal State Fullerton I have been boycotting the Carl’s Jr on campus for Carl Karcher’s ultra conservative and divisive political contributions. I often speak out about them in class - Full Professor! They are and were major funders of anti-abortion organizations and politicians. Alarmingly in this podcast they are one of your advertisers?!? Other than that, well done!!! And again, thank you!!!
  • robinleighanderson
    Thank you for your time and energy
    I cannot express the extent of my appreciation of your commitment to service of the American public and your yeoman work on msnbc during this difficult time in our history. It is appreciated. Thank you for your clarity and intelligence, your careful consideration of the issues, and your continued commitment to educating us, not only on the law, but also to the ethics that keep us free.
  • eeyore256
    Love the Prosecuting Donald Trump
    Mary McCord and Andrew Weismann do a good job of explaining items to the audience! They are a good commentator team. It works as a give and take. They are polite and thoughtful of each other in their responses. It’s refreshing!!! Information is presented fairly as far as how they explain things to the audience. I don’t think they lean one way or the other. It’s a layman’s class in law. I’ve enjoyed listening and trying to educate myself on how all this works.
  • Critime
    Great, with one exception
    Why does Andrew Weismann find it necessary to be so performative? Stop talking about your personal experiences. I listen because Weissman has had an extraordinary career, not because he finds himself amusing.
  • JakeD$$
    Great information, great sound
    Mary and Andrew offer great technical analysis of the law and sound welcoming doing it. I like their cadence and radio voices. Sometimes I listen to old episodes just to benefit from the sound (much like people use music). It’s interesting, insightful, educational, and pleasant sounding. Give the podcast a shot!
  • Fairview about politics
    Trump should go through the same punishment as people who try to over through foreign government but cut his tongue out
  • cml6547
    Hey Andrew, stop interrupting Mary.
  • themattb
    Love this podcast
    This is great because it is two people who know what they are talking about giving in depth, nuanced analysis of what is going on. And at the same time the way they do obviously enjoy working with each other makes this great fun. I cannot wait for a new episode to drop each week.
  • Margs9
    Some useful information
    I find some of the information to be useful (such as the sit-down with Judge Luttig), but the frazzled last minute nature of so many episodes and how much they seem to tolerate but not actually enjoy one another can be distracting. It makes me question why the podcast exists. If they could grow to like the job more and have more time for it, it would honestly be better.
  • Prison for Trump?
    Great podcast. If Trump is convicted, will Judge Chutkin require him to report to prison immediately or will she let him stay free pending appeal?
  • cet blaine
    Love the Pod - HATE THE SHOPRITE ADS!! Please make them stop. PLEASE!!!!
  • Pugfrenzy
    This is a really great show and both Andrew and Mary give great insights. But, Andrew interrupts Mary so much it can be distracting and, sorry to say, annoying. It goes beyond the natural “over talking” or “little quips” during a back and forth conversation among experts discussing their subject matter. I find myself saying “let her speak”. I hate to even say this because I enjoy both so much but I wanted to provide the feedback so this podcast can be even better.
  • Beach chik
    Trascripts, Please?
    Mary and Andrew. Thank you for sharing your insight, perspective and deep knowledge. I look forward to joining you every week! Mary, you have a voice from heaven, perfect for audio form. Andrew, if things ever dry up in the world of law, there's always comedy. Something that would be very helpful is a transcript of your pods. I'd love to be able to go back and search them for terms and concepts. This would be a perfect job for an AI a little more sophisticated than what I have.
  • Thephaze
    I don’t like it
    Seems like you relish in the torment of others, not good
  • rosebudd29
    One justice system
    I would love think we only have one but the wealthiest have resources most of us would never dream of. This podcast give us working class a look at the other half of the 2 treated system
  • Deadpool3825
    Relevant information
    Thanks so much for the information and candor. I look forward to hearing your perspective as events keep unfolding. This gives me a greater appreciation of lawyers and our laws and courts.
  • xojoyox
    Incessant Interrupter weissman
    Andrew Weissman interrupts Mary McCord so regularly that I can no longer listen to this. He is insufferably in love with his own words. Her forebearance in dealing with this incessant rudeness is something to behold.
  • PAyscue
    Rating change
    With apologies to the esteemed Mr Weismann, finding out Mary McCord is a cowardly wimp (i.e her displeasure with AG Willis response to perpetual Trump sycophant Jordan) I have unsubscribed
  • willnotbuyyoubeer
    Andrew! STOP INTERRUPTING. Wait your turn!
  • Alisa3194
    Thoughts and a question for the show
    You guys are great in breaking down the many legal issues and strategies by both prosecution and defense. I especially enjoy the back and forth between Andrew and Mary. It is horrible that our country finds itself caught in the middle of holding a former President accountable for his crimes. But as Mary would say, “ but here we are”. Question: as we move forward with coconspirator trials in Georgia, can they talk about Trump who is not there and has no legal representation there? If they invoke his name, can Trump claim that he cannot get a fair trial? Thx guys.
  • Mauitwin
    2nd indictment is mind blowing
    Trump is like a child playing with guns. It's beyond disturbing to think that he was actually President! Your coverage is excellent. I love the detail and explanation you give for us non lawyers. Thank you!!
  • GM minneapolis mn
    Can we get New Jersey charges?
    Could you please expand on the recording of Trump in the Mar-a-Lago classified documents case… Is there a reason not to charge Trump in New Jersey for dissemination of classified documents? (We have him recorded with witnesses in the room.) It seems like it would be an extremely straightforward case that most Americans could comprehend. (It seems to me that there are already multiple complex, multi dimensional cases already coming towards Trump, that may be lost on the lower quartile of the general public.) To ensure the charges land with most /average Americans, it would be great to see a black and white, one charge indictment, for disseminating classified documents that could quickly be understood by the public & resolved in the courts,(Trump admits to doing it on tape with witnesses in the room). It seems like a way to gain momentum on the other 91 outstanding charges… once you break the seal on finding him guilty of that felony, other jurors may be less intimidated by the defendant in other cases. My Review: What you all are doing with this podcast is a great service to the citizens of this country and democracy.
  • OleMonsieur
    10/10 Recommend
    Developing a parasocial relationship with these two nerds has been a silver lining to the greatest threat to our democracy.
  • Too old for law school
    We are going through pivotal history. Andrew and Mary Esqs. bring a warm blanket and a stiff drink to a harrowing experience. An inspiration to wannabe attorneys of Constitutional law. Their intelligence and experience shines brightly on those who want the news but critically, all who ask How and Why we are Americans, hopefully not “When. Thank you!
    14th Amendment
    I have heard a lot of concern among Secretaries of State that they would want a finding of responsibility for attempting to overthrow the government before disqualifying Trump from being on the ticket for president in their states. I was wondering if Trump is convicted in the Georgia RICO case then wouldn’t state Secretaries of State have a very strong case for applying the 14th amendment disqualification? Would they have to wait for appeals?
  • sfncar
    Absolutely the best pod! So glad these two experts have got this going so they’re on top of whatever happens! And good-on MSNBC for standing behind them.
  • LisaBlythe1
    Ali reading Indictments
    Everyone should listen to these indictments, all 3: Mar-A-Lago, DC & GA. Excellent reading, Ali’s steady, precise reading makes them very understandable and no doubt if the jury follows the judges order during deliberations there will be guilty verdicts.
  • Hoaxter23
    Hosts neglect podcast
    I get so tired of looking for new episodes, updates or anything and there’s never anything new. These two hosts spend so much time on TV, they apparently don’t have any left over for this. The podcast is basically an afterthought. The only things of value are Velshi's indictment readings, because by the time Andrew and Mary get around to podcasting, everything they say is old news.
  • Tushy5000
    Ali Velshi is awesome
    Just want to say that beyond enjoying this podcast I am really grateful for Ali Velshi for being so professional, concerned and determined to bring real news to Americans! I also appreciated how he reported on the ground in Ukraine! You’re the best Ali and I would really love to see you get your own evening prime time news show on MSNBC!
  • AHNalumna
    Prosecuting Donald Trump
    Brilliant analysis and legal explanations. I am an attorney (former prosecutor and assistant attorney general) who loves the friendly banter and appreciation of dual opinions and explanations.
  • Sammyzmom
    Thank you to Ali Velshi
    Thanks so much for providing these readings of the indictments. Everyone should give them a listen.
  • Neil Forsberg
    Neil forsberg
    Love this. Humorous yet authoritative
  • SabrinaWench
    I find it hilarious that the 1 Star reviews on here are clearly from Trump Loving Buffoons. I can’t believe these 1 Star reviewing people on here still worship Trump. I love this podcast & LOVE hearing about the ultimate takedown to the WORST President in History! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! Lock Him Up! I can’t WAIT to see Traitor Trump wearing an Orange Jumpsuit to match his Orange Face! 5 Stars from me here! Can’t wait to hear all of your podcasts! On a side note, every time I see Andrew Weissmann on MSNBC, he always has a Cheeky Grin… I think he’s enjoying all of this as much as I am! Thanks for this podcast! Finally Trump is facing Accountability! ( Karma!!!!) Keep ‘em Coming!! 👍👍👍👍👍👍
  • Treetees
    Thumbs and vocal cords up!
    For one whose eyeballs are not always in sync having this platform and Mr Velshi ‘s excellent voice is most welcome. Please continue what I know is very difficult and exhausting. It is very appreciated and i am willing to sacrifice the hours of sleep to learn as history is made. Thank you!
  • CiviChris
    Very helpful, clarifying presentation!
    Thank you for elevating the 94 printed pages of the Georgia indictment. I followed along on a printed copy but would have stopped if it hadn’t been for your well-paced, calm voice. What a Herculean, valuable resource to those of us non-lawyers who still seek to know the truth!
  • The Kia’s
    Great Series
    What a fantastic series and thank you for reading the charges against Donald Trump! Thank you for helping to save our democracy and open everyone’s eyes and ears!
  • bellgal57
    Great Reading of Indictments
    Loved this podcast already- Mary & Andrew are great thinkers! Then listened to A. Velahi read the GA indictments! Wow! I told myself I would just listen for a few minutes, but then….i listened to the whole thing!
  • Dash 13
    Ali Velshi
    When will Ali Velshi read the indictment? He is EXCELLENT! And…excellent podcast, too! Oops! Just scrolled down and saw he posted - thank u Ali!!!
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