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We interview the stars who made the great Southern rock and Classic rock from the Golden Era. You'll hear tales from the road, the studio, and the stage, from those who were in the middle of it all. We'll also update you on new rock that you won't wanna miss. 

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  • Jimbo30246
    My new favorite
    A friend shared this show with me and it has quickly become my favorite podcast. Great stars from many of my favorite bands and the interviews don’t sound like every other one you’ve heard, more like two people talking over a beer. I really like the back stories behind the songs, how the groups got together and memories of some great shows and recoding sessions.
  • 70’s Rocker
    Great Podcast!
    Lots of my favorite rockers have been guests on this show. I am loving the stories, especially the ones from Bonnie Bramlett, Artimus Pyle, and the guy from Ram Jam. Hidden Gems has introduced me to some fantastic music I'd never heard. Looking forward to the next season.
  • Rocnroll12567
    Great insight into the world of Rock!
    I’m on my fifth episode and I love this show. I really enjoyed the interviews with Don Brewer, Steve Morse and Jim Peterik from Survivor.
  • PercyP74
    Great rock podcast
    If you love music as much as I do this a great podcast it has great interviews with rock musicians and the stories they tell are great it’s like a short audio documentary
  • Jump’n Jimmy
    Sept 4th podcast
    I have to say, your Sept 4th podcast with Roger Boyd-Head East Band brought back a great memory of seeing them perform in Louisville, Ky with Southern Voice Rock Show host, Jim Harris! Alan Walden’s stories about Ronnie Van Zant and Little Richard were awesome too!! We have listened to all your podcast and always look forward to the next. Keep those great interviews coming!!
  • KennBuzz
    Jim is The Man
    Jim Harris who I’ve known for 30 years told me he was going to do this show. Being myself I said sure I’ll listen. I’m since then addicted. If you love the history of Rock especially Southern Rock, this show is a must! I’m amazed at the guests he gets. I used to be a partner in two different show promotion companies. I could never get these guys to talk to me like he does. This show makes VH1’s behind the music look amateur. Not lying you must listen!
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