People Who Knew Me

Fiction #16Drama #2

Emily Morris uses 9/11 to fake her own death and run away to start a new life in California as Connie Prynne. Fourteen years later, now with a teenage daughter by her side, Connie is diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be forced to confront her past so that her daughter will not be left on her own if she does not survive. She must decide how to explain her lies, her secrets, her selfish decisions - and ultimately her 'widowed' husband. Everything she thought she had fled from when she pretended to die in New York.

Starring Rosamund Pike and Hugh Laurie, Kyle Soller, Isabella Sermon and Alfred Enoch. The first audio drama from the makers of Bad Sisters, People Who Knew Me is a 10-part series, written and directed by Daniella Isaacs, adapted from the book by Kim Hooper.

Written and Directed by Daniella IsaacsAdapted from the original novel and Consulting Produced by Kim HooperProduced by Joshua Buckingham

A Merman / Mermade production for BBC Radio 5 Live & BBC Sounds

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  • jujubean1958
    Powerful story!
    The story and superb acting reeled in this listener and grabbed my attention. I listened to it all at once and cried a little at the end. Yes, the episodes are short, but incredibly compelling. The premise is fascinating and Rosamund Pike makes a complicated character sympathetic. All the other actors bring to life a tragic but in the end, a satisfying conclusion.
  • driven2review
    5 stars
    Amazing writing, acting and sound design. Superb in every way.
  • Terrible Tech
    Who is Claire?
    I love Rosamund Pike’s voice and the pace of this podcast. I wish the episodes were longer…. 😊
  • justmolly21
    I was tired, I wish I could get my 2.99 back
    I don’t mean harm, but do NOT Pay money to listen to this podcast. It’s ultimately unsatisfying, and I still can’t cancel it. Close to $20 now for regret. Update: still being charged $3/month for this. Close to $50 in. There is no actual ending to this podcast, not even a signal. You’ll spend more time listening to ads than the story. And the writers gave up with the second to last episode at latest.
  • miggie 11
    I love Rosamund Pike
    Love it oh my god it brought me back to gone girl I could see everything in my head
  • Skydog777
    People Who Knew Me
    This is a brilliant dramatization of a unique story as we follow the protagonist who uses 9/11 as a way to disappear from a few unhappy life and marriage. The sequencing of the story really engages the listener inviting you to put the pieces of the story together like a puzzle. This story is so well told and acted. It doesn’t spoon feed you - makes you work to understand but the “ah ha” moments are satisfying. Loved it!
  • 💬💭💬💭💬💭💬💭
    Very captivating but I have toooooo many questions about what happens to everyone
  • rafaelash
    Good story
    Decent story. At first, I thought it was based on a true story and wanted to know how the person got away with it. But it is just a fictional story, main character is difficult to like, but she does have some redeeming qualities by end of the show.
  • Fanofthe
    I enjoyed it
    Something different. I enjoyed knowing the voices of the actors. I kept wondering if it was actually a true story.
  • c6298375
    Why isn’t this just one episode?
    The story isn’t great but isn’t terrible. But the fact they stretched this story out over 9 episodes is ridiculous. With the number of ads and then the ending acknowledgments in every episode, each one is maybe only 10 mins worth of storyline. The ending left something to be desired but not in a good way.
  • Ruth Turner
    An Incomplete Experience
    High production values, yet… More than a podcast. This reminds me of 1930s radio shows but then it abruptly ends, and there is no closure on the story.
  • grisslygris
    Buildup for nothing
    All this buildup to have such a disappointing ending!! Totally not worth the listen ;/// great plot, would watch a movie or show on this, but it’s such a letdown
  • Melissa from SC
    This was an amazing podcast. I was drawn in from the very beginning. That usually is impossible to accomplish. I loved this story and the actors were amazing! All I can say is WOW!
  • j_a_x_
    What a strange podcast
    Bizarre story, told in the most confusing way. I’m hooked on the mystery of it all but annoyed I didn’t discover this AFTER all the episodes came out. Great voice acting, great sound design, episodes are way too short. Ending was abrupt.
  • Boner the ricecake
    A mixed bag
    Took an episode to get into the story, but once I was into it, I was hooked. Unfortunately, the ending is awful and significantly takes away from the positives about the podcast on general. The episodes are super short and I am thankful I found the pod after they had all been released, otherwise it would have been extremely annoying to listen to 15 mins and then wait for the next episode for several days (in the case of a Thursday pod and having to wait for Tuesday). Overall, the story and telling of it had so much potential but ultimately and sadly falls short.
  • phylliebee
    The story is intriguing and the acting so well done that it completely captivated me. I didn’t know what would happen next and was very impressed by the writing and character development. Very unique. Loved it.
  • Breeze01
    I loved this story! The characters were all so relatable and their relationships to each other felt very natural. There’s this taboo excitement behind the idea of faking one’s death and creating a whole new life. The follow through of such a decision, the consequences, then owning up to it and facing the truth was played out so well. I loved the inner monologue, it really grounded the story and made Connie relatable. I thought the content, acting, and writing was all fantastic. I’ll be looking for more stories from the writer.
  • LisaDeeC
    Love Love Love
    Look forward to this podcast each week. One of my favorites!!!
  • BrandyK🤩
    So much more could have been done with this
    Great story premise and very riveting. Disappointingly short and terrible ending.
  • Dharma91
    People who knew me
    Ugh. Horrible. So hard to listen to! The pace and tone of the woman “reading” is grating. Impossible to continue listening to this. “Rosalyn Pike” ? So low and fast and monotone. Could never get through this.
  • MamaNikSoInLuv
    Great Podcast
    Unique storyline! I wish the episodes were longer. I enjoyed it..
  • CathBelSF
    So-so story
    Great voice acting, but there are plot holes (e.g. how does she get a job and rent an apartment without identification) and predictability in the ending. Agree with others about the super short episodes.
  • Bkskippy
    Too short and brief
    Excellent voice acting and intriguing story! The episodes are sooo short (factoring in ads, probably 5 minutes total). You can’t develop much of a story in that short amount of time. A waste of really good potential.
  • Ambs...
    Can’t listen to all the episodes
    Didn’t know you had to have subscription to listen to episode’s 3 and 4 but you can listen to 5 and on
  • Nullity
    Not fond of fictional podcasts
  • mattsmith0622
    Episodes too short, terrible ending.
    The voice acting was good. The story could have been really good if the episodes were longer and they had time to let it develop. The ending was ridiculously predictable.
  • khsgget
    Hey girl how is your day today hope you’re having fun with
    Judge mental health care of course nah nah behave yourself box office behind this bar night
  • Dixie Brown
    Episodes shorter than the flavor on fruit stripe gum but they’re good. Only pod I’ve ever paid for a subscription for
  • Natalieeeeewineeeee
    I rarely listen to fiction podcasts but I enjoy this. I absolutely love Hugh Laurie so I like getting to hear him voice act in this. The story is interesting. I only wish the episodes were longer if they’re going to be released one at a time.
  • Karyn????????
    Enjoying this podcast. Many thanks
  • wasbuzz
    Compelling drama
    Great writing, sound, and voice acting, compelling story. Episodes are short and I wish there was more. I’m sad we are nearing the end of the series.
  • Deb_56
    Captivating Story But Mini Episodes Not Appreciated
    This is a very interesting story and the primary voice narrator is quite excellent. But the formatting leaves a lot to be desired. I realize 9 mini episodes offer more opportunity for ad revenue or feed the hope people will get frustrated and pay up to listen ad free. This is such a short story in total - just a couple hours including all the ads. I wouldn’t choose another podcast set up like this. There are way too many equally compelling, thorny, interesting podcasts that deliver more.
  • maverso
    Great Story
    But after you really get in to it they want you to subscribe so I went to my audible account and bought the audio book. As pretentious as NPR is, I was happy to do this.
  • Katiej7
    I’m Really enjoying this
    I have no complaints. Very entertaining and great voice acting.
  • Thee Johnny blaze
    Should I f this podcast or Apple
    My hand hit the screen and they put a rating that I can't change it I actually ever listen to this but I bet it's a great podcast. Apple needs to fix there glitches does that make sense thank-you
  • dv dat hfbfvdnf
    I was enjoying this, but it’s very frustrating. How short these episodes are they need to be much longer.
  • SiobhanIrishFire
    Totally addicting, need all episodes ASAP!
  • um, hey, get off my foot
    Big fan
    Great story and very well written. Wish the story with longer.
  • Kajoelle
    Interesting but also annoying
    Very entertaining story, but why are the episodes so short?
  • PrimeAlready
    Not much content
    Storyline is interesting enough, but each episode is short. And although episodes 5 & 6 aren’t listed as ‘subscriber only’, whenI attempt to play, it takes me to a page to purchase a BBC subscription. Frustrating.
  • ksmoira
    My uncle died in 9/11
    A sociopathic project from conception to distribution. Like are you kidding me? Who green-lighted this?
  • Different_Drummer
    Not enjoyable
    Nothing personal, but not my cup of tea. Couldn’t get through the first episode. I thought I would enjoy this because I really liked “Gone Girl”, both the book and movie. Similar themes, and the movie starred Rosalind Pike.
  • Sondraxox
    This is pretty funny and entertaining. I wish the episodes were a little longer, but they definitely keep you wanting to know what happens next! I definitely enjoy listening to this On my way to work in the morning☺️
  • In2sea
    If Gone Girl and You had a baby
    Couldn’t get past the first episode.
  • js161992
    It’s good! Entertaining and good acting/accents.
  • Chubbs303
    Episodes too short
    Episode length is entirely too short, at least a third is advertisements for other programes.
  • Court. D. L.
    The main character is terrible and annoying - I’m five episodes in and they still haven’t gotten to September 11…..
  • caneyj
    Changing up my typical true crime
    I usually don’t like dramatizations but this one doesn’t have a million different voices and characters, it closely follows one story which I enjoy. It’s different from my usual true crime but a great story. You have to accept that all dramatizations are a little campy to enjoy in my opinion
  • djcookout
    Couldn’t Make It More Than 2 Minutes
    Over-dramatized, unbelievable narration. Not recommended.
  • Aly Frazer
    Something new
    I usually don’t like podcast dramas but I have really enjoyed this!! I’m hooked.
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