DEVISER is a Sci-Fi Horror Audio Drama, created by Harlan Guthrie. In this series Son wakes up aboard a spaceship bound for earth in an effort to recolonize. What he discovers however will change everything he knows about his world and himself.

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Recent Episodes
  • Episode 7: Rest
    Apr 30, 2023 – 19:53
  • Episode 6: Humans
    Apr 30, 2023 – 18:04
  • Episode 5: Creatures
    Apr 30, 2023 – 24:13
  • Episode 4: Stars
    Apr 30, 2023 – 24:59
  • Episode 3: Plants
    Apr 30, 2023 – 27:27
  • Episode 2: Firmament
    Apr 30, 2023 – 22:59
  • Episode 1: Light
    Apr 30, 2023 – 21:20
  • DEVISER Trailer
    Apr 3, 2023 – 1:20
Recent Reviews
  • Snowley
    We need more!
    👀👉 we need more audio content. This was amazing.
  • Whovianimeniac
    Another amazing story
    I came here from another of Mr.Guthrie’s works- Malevolent- and I now know that his works are in general very gripping. This story was gorgeous and I was fascinated with every detail he left that was just slightly off. A very emotional podcast that I highly recommend, and a very good short listen for those who prefer a self-contained and finished tale.
  • WhatItIsToHear
    Fantastic storytelling as always
    Mr. Guthrie is a gifted story teller and I encourage you to seek out his work.
  • Lordog513
    An enthusiastic two thumbs up!!!👍🏽👍🏽
  • Ajmart2998
    Amazing show, immediately listen!
    Great voice acting, very simple to understand and follow. High quality writing acting and sound. 10/10.
  • Krista528
    I just binged listened in 1 week.. so good. Very engaging.
  • Nikomedes
    very well done
    excellently acted, produced, soundscaped, and scored. i liked most of the story, too, though i think the pacing is a little rushed in the last two episodes. still, it’s absolutely well worth your time and a listen!
  • PoopGuy201
    Sci-Fi/Horror G(al)ore
    Easily one of the best science fiction horror stories I’ve ever heard. The voice acting and different sounds made it even more enjoyable to listen to. It sort of reminded me of the Netflix movie “Mother,” however, the plots are a little different. All in all, 11/10.
  • KitKatthegod
    You forget your listen. It just turns into a movie.
    Wonderful. Immersive. Captivating. Just the right amount of hauntingly terrifying. An amazing project in so many ways. I wish it was longer but everything good just come to an end. I binged it over night def looking for more projects in the future c
  • EFY.023
    A masterpiece of limited-series horror
    Harlan Guthrie's horror work consistently works with themes of dread, terror, and perserverance in a way that I find is above and beyond many other works of horror, let alone works that are entirely solo. Each twist in Deviser is perfectly placed to keep you coming back for more, and even after multiple listens proves to have more to offer and notice, as well as maintaining the feeling of dread even though you technically know what's coming by that point. The use of sfx and editing is clearly masterful, and denotes a strength in ability that is essentially second to none. 10/10 one of my favorite horror series. And the only reason I don't listen to it more often is because it freaks me out so much. Well done!
  • NoStrangerAnymore
    Storytelling, production quality, voice acting… this is a triumph of art. If you are are a fan of audio dramas and horror this is the podcast series for you.
  • shawnwinpigler
    Strange short and eerie but good
    Title says it all. Episodes easily digestible, interesting storyline
  • TLHart83
    Just what I was looking for, a deep thought, dread rising, with conclusion.
  • twin1!
    So happy I stumbled upon this!!!! Great amazing will be sharing this to everyone I know!!!
  • paula in dc
    Deviser is incredible
    Most horror podcasts—even the great ones—are basically good scary stories. Deviser is HORROR through and through. Scary and shocking, and more immersive than any other podcast I’ve listened to.
  • Nancyyychaaa
    Takes a min.
    Takes a min to get rolling. Best to listen with both headphones.
  • amazed1009
    Boring and disappointing
  • Nathan is winning
    Finally something not woke
    I dig the Frankenstein theme and the fact it’s not woke garbage
  • ro1744
    Listened to the first episode and was hooked. I ended up listening all the way through and I must say I am very excited for the next season. Well done sir!
  • jrogers0809
    Harlan Guntrie is one of the BEST writers out there!!! This podcast was absolutely amazing. If you like this show, I recommend his other show Malevolent!
  • Woodchuck413
    Not bad
    Following you now. Looking forward to your next story. Thank you sir
  • Titania FairyQ
    Absolutely loved!!
    I binged this in a day and let me tell you I loved absolutely every second of it! Highly recommend!!
  • Phillipe Lemarchand
    Highly recommend
    Fantastic sci/fi horror!!
  • Tili M. Prosova
    Holy crap! This one is easily is one of the best podcasts I’ve heard! From plot to audio to characters! Everything was stunning☺️💙
  • CopaseticGardener
    Pleasant Surprise
    In a sea of crap podcast this was a pleasant surprise. Thank you to the No Sleep podcast for recommending!
    I love these!
    Can’t wait to see what this artist writes up next - absolutely incredible.
  • Solidkrieger
    Great story
    I love listing to these type of podcasts, but this particular was really good. I could not wait to hear the next episode.
  • cjwjcncjs
    I listen to a lot of podcasts but have never left a review until now. Holy crap this was SO GOOD. Amazing story, voice acting, production. Binged the whole thing in one sitting.
  • -/ellehelle\-
    Scratches an itch
    I really really like this. And I don’t like anything. A little predictable, but in an original way. If that makes sense. It’s well done and I would love to see more from this artist
  • Genie Halcyon
    Amazing, Sci-do, AI, Body-horror at its best!
    This was a needed breath of fresh air in this genre. Amazing voice acting. Grand story telling that captures you from the very beginning. Highly recommend.
  • Thoughts99
    Draws you in from minute one
    The story is well written and highly original! The acting is top tier. Great for the sci-fi aficionado looking for quality podcasts and who is tired of the barrage of garbage out there.
  • monique schulz
    Horror maniac here
    Forty years of watching every horror movie, reading every book, tours, etc and yet this podcast scared me. Love the ending of each episode.
  • Lutherlice
    exceeded my expectations by far
    This podcast exceeded my expectations by far. Divider is not just a dark and horrific tale without direction. Instead Divisor was pleasantly a well thought out story with meaning well beyond vail(creepy). Enjoy my friend.
  • Moorekb
    Easily binged
    Fantastic. Finished in one setting.
  • tekmo
    Really entertaining. Thanks for it!
  • Jesusfreakgirl12
    One of the Best!
    Harlan never misses!! This man has got to be the most talented author, actor, and audio engineer I’ve had the pleasure of listening to in all my years of podcast listening. This story is deep and profound, disturbing, touching, and a great length. I’m not much of a sci-fi listener generally so I appreciated that the focus was more on the themes of the story rather than complex scifi world-building. Overall, phenomenal and I’d highly recommend. HOWEVER, Harlan is not exagerating with the discretionary warning - the sound effects and some aspects of the story are pretty dark and disturbing. I listen to a lot of horror and have a good stomach for it, but I’d still recomend being careful with this one.
  • Compton1990
    10/10 Easy. I accidently binged this during my shift at work, one right after the other. Excellent show with more than one jaw dropping twist. HIghly recommend if you are a fan of horror and sci-fi.
  • BenBenSings
    Bleeding edge of audio fiction quality
    Deviser is a genuine revelation. I’ve been starving for an audio drama of this level of quality since Archive81 went on indefinite hiatus. The sound design, music, profound writing, brilliant acting and awareness of the possibilities of the format are all legitimately in their own class. If you’re a fan of sci-fi/horror and want a supremely elevated version of that, jump into Deviser right away and prepare yourself for a truly wild ride.
  • Donsterr
    OUTSTANDING Sci-Fi Show!
    Mind blowing how much can be done by one person. Production value is excellent, acting even better, and a perfectly short story.
  • Gold Dairy
    Really a master class in audio dramas
    Incredible that Harlan did all of this himself. The storytelling, audio and acting are masterful!
  • <zzzzzzo~~~~~~
    Great sci-fi horror drama! Just hate it was only 7 episodes. Don’t know where u go from here, but plz figure it out bc that was pretty twisted and mind blowing!
  • moreeggs
    not done with the series yet but so far sending shivers down my spine love it so far
  • Vickbos
    Harlen Gutherie, please give up more of your creativity!
  • ZeeVay
    *Spoiler at bottom of post* The basic content warning was not enough. Was traumatized by particular screaming. Had to go to four different links between the app and the website to find the detailed content warning list after the content became too much. I was listening before I going to bed and now I have to get the screaming out of my head. *Spoiler* Screaming toddlers being burnt to death
  • aleshia_
    WHY IS THERE ONLY 7 EPISODES?!? The production, acting all of it was amazing. I hope there will be more!
  • bmcgreenery
    Best podcast I’ve ever heard. So sad it ended so quickly.
  • Deilenaar
    Another Fun Ride by Harlan Guthrie
    Came here from Malevolent. Sound design is incredible and Harlan definitely knows his stuff when it comes to audio as a method of telling a story. I can see why some people aren't fond of this particular story, but to me it comes across as a bit of a different spin on something like I Have No Mouth But I Must Scream - if something like A.M. "loved" humanity instead of possessing hatred, but there's still a sense of dread and hopelessness present. I'm unsure if that was the intention but it is how it registers in my head. If it were a bit longer of a series I'd be more critical of the pacing and some of the other writing decisions but I assume that creating a more full-fledged story is difficult when one it's a one-man show and the one man behind said show has other productions and projects going on. For that reason, Deviser is a short, entertaining romp and I think it deserves five stars for what it is. EDIT: I completely skipped out on the "AI-generated human" theme here snd how that's relevant to modern day technological developments and that has me viewing this story through a completely different lens - in a positive way! Definitely love the concept of bringing to life the disturbing imagery that "AI art" produces when it comes to the human form and turning that into a body horror-focused podcast. This podcast is about many things but it is definitely about AI's inability to fully understand the human condition.
  • OPJelloQueen
    So I enjoyed it for a little body horror and a creepy sci-fi story for sure. The sound engineers did a great job. But I have to agree with a more critical review below where we sort of lose the spirit of the sci-fi horror genre. BUT still a good listen. I enjoy this writer’s storytelling method and voice. I will definitely continue to listen to his work and see how his work continues to develop.
  • Gundulf747
    Thoroughly enjoy the storyline very well done
  • geehell
    Surprising and suspenseful.
    Great sci-fi horror with cool twists.
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