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What is grinding your gears that you need to get off your chest? Weekly podcast staring Robert Kelly & Paul Virzi with Mike Albanese settling the big and small annoyances in life.

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  • charlie nolaski
    Charlie Chinggis
    The best !
  • BigE in Lincoln Park
    I appreciate the forum to call out the narcissistic knuckleheads of our society.
  • Gizzoro
    Godiva chocolates 1926 Belgium
    I didn’t need another podcast to listen to but now I have one. These two together are irresistible. Thanks for the laughs fellas. “When you see a baby, you smile!”😂
  • A$AP Novelty
    Love it!
    Video bone video bone video bone
  • hdjrjfjrj
    Love it, BUT…
    I love this podcast. Great concept and it’s very funny… BUT, sometimes it is hard to listen to. I get so taken out of it by the sound of ice swirling around in a cup and sips being sucked through a straw. I guess that is my one bone to pick- iced coffee and mouth sounds straight into a microphone. I do love it though…Just hoping it gets better!
  • UWHiggs
    Bone to Bleep
    Great fun! Why the bleeps?
  • GSP1225
    Funny ball busting at its best
  • cfggfrt
    Robert Kelly is the best. Paul is pretty cool too
    Every time Kelly gets “upset” that automatically makes me laugh. My new favorite podcast ! Bloody Mary’s are gross.
  • HBalsa
    Bobby just got worse and worse…
    Started out great and super funny. But now Bobby has become a bully and it’s so annoying. Paul used to stand up to him but I can tell he is just tired of having to defend himself. Bobby- get some new stories! This isn’t the 80s anymore.
  • anna_dsoccer
    These guys are the best. I feel like they tap into my thoughts! Hilarious!
  • CameoCrystal
    More BONES!
    Absolutely the #1 podcast. What? Hold on a second…can I say something?! GREAT bone!
  • Laurel_strike
    07 Giants changed my life
    I don’t really like pod cast but the two of you really make me laugh. Love the show.
    Bunch of ball breakers
    Cracks me up every episode
  • Beardo0628
    Grow up
    One of the funniest shows available. My bone to pick is listening to two grown, very successful men fake gag when something that should only gross out a child. Grow up Bobby and Paul.
  • Nommadiq
    Best newer comedy podcast. The guys work well together. Fantastic format for a podcast. Hopefully it’s around for a while.
  • ANT26000
    Paul moved upstate first
    Bobby wishes he was from Westchester
  • robpoetry
    Got A Bone To Pick…
    …with all those loser podcasts out there trying to be funny and dumping a bunch of drivel into a microphone! Take some lessons from there guys, this is how it is DONE!
  • thecontainerstore
    Boned up
    Got me boned up!!!
  • SAF7701
    Robert is always asking for money from folks that seek him out. Wow what a great thing to do!
  • J4RheadROOM
    Proud Boner
    This podcast is fantastic. Each episode is hilarious and just the right length. Three friends busting balls and letting out some frustrations that we all feel. Keep up the great work fellas…..and Brenda.
  • Saun@work
    This is the perfect pick me up after a long week.
  • ryburg
    Catharsis Personified
    Two professional comedians vented about life’s problems and riffing on each other. Great listen!
  • Rosado ny.
    My favorite new podcast
    Couldn’t ask for two better guys to have a hilarious take on annoying bones to pick!!
  • Ramon815
    A must listen!
    This show is hilarious it's had me cackling at work for the past few days catching up
  • m. plum
  • brandonmkwebb
    Best dang podcast around!
    Been a listener since day one and it’s my favorite time of the week!
  • Leon950510
    This show is so funny, I had to watch all episodes up to date.
  • CraigTheGhost13
    Therapy and Comedy
    The best new podcast!
  • Rudybo19
    Great Show , nothing better than the Bonner
  • JMW88
    I ❤️ Bobby Kelly and every podcast he does.
  • grclarke77
    I listened to all 19 episodes in 5 days, amazing concept and execution by 3 extremely funny people.
  • Ft Bragg
    One of the best out there
    I fell in love with my phone again.
  • Dpacini53
    Best bone podcast
    Top 3 podcasts out there! No bones about this pod love both of these guys
  • adam062014
  • Tricia007007
    Fan bones - batabing!
    Obviously funny but so much better with the two friends going at each other. Love the fan bones, so relatable!
    Good chemistry between some truly funny dudes. Thanks for bringing us in to your lives. Love the premise of the show.
  • br4386
    Fun and funny pod!
    Great camaraderie between these two! A good time, laugh-out-loud podcast!
  • Phi808
    Italian AYG
    Very funny but I hope they don’t make it so much like Are You Garbage.
  • T.Stav
    If you thought Bill Burr highlighted Virzi’s lack of basic knowledge take a listen to how Robert Kelly calls it out.
  • AmcFL33
    Best podcast duo ever
    I feel more validated in my bones with each episode!
  • kristaerin
    Love a good bone
    This is GREAT! No bones about it.
  • High w/ nooner
    I got a bone !
    I can’t stand driving anymore! Everyone drives way to fast … ok me sometimes to … but the NO BLINKER … 🤬🔫
  • Gone2bed
    These two guys get it going on random things that drive um nuts. They’re great playing off one another. Already one of my favorites!
  • James James Bo
    Shaping up to be one of the best podcasts out there.
    “I should have rolled him down the f***kin ramp.”
  • mhigh1254
    Each episode is better and better! Keep them coming
  • --Carnage--
    The best duo
    Love the show, hope it goes on for long time.
  • Andy Muschett
    I’m so glad Paul and Bobby started this podcast. These guys are nuts and I love it!
  • jakeyboysmitheyboy
    This podcast cured my ED
    I used to be soft as Elton jon in the playboy mansion now I bone my wife for dayz thanks boys!
  • Harmontoo
    My New favorite Podcast!
    Great show, Bobby and Paul got great chemistry. Vent on boys!!
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