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Jamie Bartlett, host of the hit podcast The Missing Crypto queen, is back with another gripping, investigative serial.

In his new series, Jamie tells the story of Megan Bhari, an inspirational 16 year old girl who in 2012 launches a charity to grant wishes to seriously ill children. The charity is called Believe in Magic and it attracts the support of the biggest boy band in the world: One Direction. Believe in Magic soon becomes a household name in the child cancer community, putting on parties, sending thoughtful gifts and organizing trips to Disney. Megan is adored by all those she helps and is given an award by the then Prime Minister David Cameron.

What’s even more remarkable is that Megan is herself extremely unwell. She announces that she has been diagnosed with a brain tumour. She raises money online for life saving treatment in the United States.

But a group of internet sleuths start to suspect that Meg isn’t ill at all. When they discover Megan is in a Disney resort rather than a US hospital, they decide to hire a private detective to prove Megan is faking her illness–and expose the truth to the world. But events take an unexpected turn. And the internet sleuths-who are all parents of seriously ill children themselves-begin to wonder if they've got it all wrong. "It wasn't meant to end like this," says one.

Author Jamie Bartlett and producer Ruth Mayer investigate the truth about Megan Bhari, tracing back over the sleuths’ incredible discoveries, meeting Megan’s old friends and supporters, and exploring the medical profession’s most mysterious condition. After months of investigation, Jamie and Ruth discover a secretive investigation into the truth about Megan’s medical condition. The conclusion is shocking–and will have far-reaching consequences for everyone involved.

Believe in Magic is a BBC Studios production.

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  • Melody Munch
    Gripping Story
    Amazing storytelling and use of voice actors/recordings. Left me wishing there was more.
    Hooked straight from the start
  • Rearea89
    Hooked From The Start
    This was great from beginning to end. There were turns I was not expecting and jaw dropping moments. With the HIPPA laws, so many can fly under the radar and it is very scary. You cannot look at a GoFundMe account again without a little skepticism and maybe just maybe going down a rabbit hole yourself.
  • Rubyslipper
    well done!
    i especially admire how you let the Mom have the final say. that was very brave. excellent and honest podcast.
  • Completely Fascinated
    Brilliant and compelling reporting
  • fall luck
    But I have a couple things that
    I’m going back in a couple weeks to see what I have done to work with and I’ll let you know if you have a good day to go home
  • miscourt5
    So sad for that poor girl and how she was groomed. My husband has a pituitary adenoma and it’s completely manageable with medication. Jean is a world class liar.
  • 1ColeMomNick
    What a story!
    This is really gripping, sad and infuriating. Excellent podcast.
  • khsgget
    Judge Judy bag he
    Hey there here hugs hug from us all over me jdgdeh good happy thanksgiving be safe vs
  • miss cgh
    Well done!
    Excellent reporting on a complex, tragic story.
  • Andrea Dunlop
    Excellent reporting
    The issue of Munchausen by Proxy is so rarely covered with such compassion and diligence. An excellent, compelling show that centers the humanity of everyone involved
  • Musiclover6890
    Riveting journalism
    I am six of eight episodes in and had to write this review applauding the thoroughly engaging podcast which carefully and thoughtfully, yet determinedly investigates a story that mustn’t be ignored. I appreciate how well this has been done— with integrity and excellence!
  • Hachimitsu2
    Amazing podcast
    Really great show, fascinating and well paced. This podcast took what could have been just an averagely written article and made it into a riveting, engaging series with details and nuance. Highly recommend!
  • Arplace2
    Listen on Spotify
    Even though it’s June and all episodes have been released for free, apple is still blocking me and asking me to pay for BBC. If you go to Spotify, the episodes are released as they should be. Sort it out Apple Podcasts!
    Amazing podcast
    Great pod. Such a sad story but incredible reporting and story telling
  • Fabulation
    Incredible podcast
    So well researched and so interesting. I had a feeling it was munchausens by proxy - such a sad sad story from Meghan’s perspective and that of her sisters.
  • FashionandFaith
    Well Done
    Such a well-done podcast. Not sensationalized (which would be easy to do given the subject matter). I’ll say this: Jean is lucky her daughter didn’t pull a Gypsy Rose Blanchard. Good. Lord.
  • Vic Norman
    Munchausen fest
    A Munchhausen syndrome, mother, and daughter, and a self appointed investigator walk into to a bar….
  • jesspurse
    Well produced tragic story
    This was fascinating and tragic and really well-done. Fwiw, I listened to the episodes as they were released for free so the one-star reviews are incorrect.
  • mspassell
    664365 stars!!!
    Heart-shattering. Much like The Missing Crypto Queen, this story feels like a live wire flicking and alive, and Jamie has invited us along for every twist, turn, and dead end.
  • Chris_McLean
    Absolutely captivating
    My fiancé has always been into true crime shows and podcasts, and myself into world news and international politics. So when I heard the ads and trailers for Believe in Magic while tuning into the BBC’s Global News Podcast, I just knew this would be the audio drama for us. Every second is truly thrilling and each episode lends itself to a seamless story-driven transition while listening. Mr. Bartlett and team did admirably when it comes to the thoroughness of the reporting and the writing/story-telling is exquisite. Give this a listen if you love a good drama centered in the real-life situations and psychology of our modern, social media driven world.
  • J_R_90
    Captivating emotional story
    Definitely child/ young adult illness is extremely sad but this podcast was captivating and excellently told.
  • sue-biquitousNY
    Excellent reporting
    This podcast reminds me of the sad story of Gypsy Rose Blanchard.The story is well researched and presented.
  • Grandma Rosy
    Please fix
    I’m stuck in a loop pushing BBC podcasts and cannot open episode 7.
  • Bbbajdd
    Please fix episode 7
    Please fix episode 7
  • bennett_Dinosaur
    Well done
    Bad reviews of this seems to be from those ignorant that the episodes are being released for free in time. The host has a great affect, and the details are unveiled well often with quite the hook at the end of an episode. Unfolds like a true crime podcast, and doesn’t contain gratuitous violence or vulgarity. Also there aren’t too many ads, and they don’t repeat too much to make the episodes longer.
  • PodMaddict
    Yes, this podcast is free
    Stop leaving one star reviews solely based on whether you have to pay for episodes or not. You do NOT have to pay for them unless you want to listen to them immediately (which I did because I am impatient lol). The episodes will all eventually be free, you just have to wait for them to be released each week (or every other week, whatever the schedule is). As for actual content of the podcast, I thought it was great. Very interesting material, well told, not too much filler, not overly dramatized. Five stars.
  • nurseinak
    Amazing Podcast…
    This podcast was amazing to listen to… for the first 5 episodes. I can’t listen to the last 2 without paying? I’m so frustrated! I guess I will just Google what happens.
  • 90daynikki
    Sound effects are annoying
    Great story and storytelling but the Twitter sound effects make it difficult to want to keep listening. They are unnecessary and distracting.
  • totally tuna
    Good stuff
    Sucked me right in….tragic story full of holes. But, in the end, no matter the truth, a girl is dead.
  • LikStik
    subscription REQUIRED after 3 episodes
    seems like a bait & switch ... nothing included in the show or its description informs you that after 3 episodes you cannot listen to the rest of the story without subscribing. I find this rude and presumptuous. Bad move BBC. #disrespect
  • Erin Molly c
    Excellent podcast
    Listen to this now! Interesting story and very well produced.
  • platypus0987654321
    Gripping, Surprising Story
    I started listening thinking it was one thing—illness and triumph over it—and then it turned to be something elsei. Couldn’t stop listening until I got to the end.
  • rbjurnee
    Great Podcast On An Important Subject
    Its facinating and sad to see how so many protections put in place to help can be by a few twisted and used to actually do damage. It just shows how important investogstive journalism is to shine the light and connect the dots. While Meg was an adult, she seems to be so vulnerable and unprotected by the mental health issues she was raised in. This parent should really be put in jail for abuse, grooming and much more even more so then the fraud but also that. Saf but true story that is important to be shared and acknowledged.
  • Mom to 4 Little Newmers
    Very well done. Excellent production values and reporting.
  • sastrauss
    great pod
    please stop leaving 1star reviews because YOU don’t/can’t/refuse to get technology! this is a great pod - well narrated and crafted - despite that YES! you have to wait for new episodes to be released if not paying the premium. also, and like most (all?) bbc pods, this actually IS available in america.
  • roblox lover too
    I am sad…
  • Fluffygooey
    I wish more podcasts were like this one. Moved at a good pace, easy to listen to and understand, objectively and professionally presented the facts of this haunting case in a captivating way.
  • vanessamg
    Interesting story
    Cool to see this coming to light
  • Sopholaaaaa
    Wow what a crazy story!!
    This had me hooked. I binged it all in one sitting. Great narration and production and a fascinating story.
  • msophiek
    Jaw dropping
    I binged the entire season in a couple of days. Unbelievable that people like the mom in this story exist.
  • Brooks J0202
    When you get 3 episodes in then you have to pay for the balance it’s just bad business. Just say it at the start. The story is well done… I’m just frustrated now so I’m done.
  • itsPeteski
    Believe in Magic, Don't Believe in the Obvious Truth
    From the very outset, it becomes clear to any attentive listener that the mother at the center of the narrative suffers from Munchausen's syndrome, perpetrating severe child abuse. Unfortunately, the podcast seemingly perpetrates distractions, ohhh look One Direction and Harry Styles! and veers away from the obvious. By ignoring the glaring signs and failing to highlight the severity of the abuse, they miss a significant opportunity to shed light on a distressing case and advocate for the murdered child.
  • Jess8261987
    bbc podcasts are great
    bbc podcasts are great
  • Cordcutter2017
    Unavailable in US!
    As usual, can’t listen in US?
  • Mickey Denominational
    Very good podcast
    Very good investigative Journalism, even if a bit hostrionoc at times.
  • captainbobbinofthebigbluesea
    A sensitive, extremely well researched documentary about a story that could have been sensationalised. It’s all the more chilling for the empathy the presenter has and the diligent medical research that the production team did. I ended up paying for the subscription so I could listen to the whole thing in one go!
  • Missjita
    Nuanced human storytelling
    A nuanced human story of real mental illness and the harm it does. This audio documentary also reveals the less glamourous parts of investigative journalism - and the many dead ends they reach in efforts to tell as complete a picture as possible.
  • Michelebella1977
    I’m on episode two and I’m already hooked. The narrator draws you in and the storyline is very interesting. I recommend!
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