Gareth and the Lost Island - A Fantasy Adventure Comedy Audio Drama Series


Gareth and the Lost Island is a Steampunk / Magicpunk Adventure Comedy series featuring a full ensemble cast of brilliant actors. On the fantasy world of Hadronus, young Professor Gareth Mintel is saddled with the seemingly impossible task of finding the Lost Island of Mascal. On his quest, he is joined by his adoptive father, their simian butler, and the motley crew of the airship Glorious Dawn. ** Disclaimer** Gareth and the Lost Island should be considered PG-13 for discussions of sexual hijinks, drinking, consuming questionable potions, brief moments of violence, crude language, and even cruder humor. Characters in this show run the gambit of the gender and sexuality spectrums. This Audio Drama is respectful of the LGBTQ+ community.Summary Professor Gareth Mintel thought he had everything he had ever wanted, as the youngest professor in the history of the University Arcanum. That all changed once he was caught in a rather embarrassing situation with the wife of one of the richest merchants on the Island of Draconia. Now Gareth finds himself saddled with the seemingly impossible quest to find the Lost Island of Mascal, or be permanently banished from his beloved university.Refusing to let Gareth face the dangers alone, he is joined by his adoptive father, Dr. Tralnis Granitestaff (an omni-sexual Dwarf with a heart of gold), and Gareth’s best friend, Henry (Tralnis’ simian butler.) After running out of options, they hire the airship Glorious Dawn. An airship well past its prime that is co-owned by Captain Elizabeth Morgana and her younger sister, Engineer Isadora (call me Izzy) Morgana. Along the way, Gareth and the crew face dangers in the form of skeletons, pirates, and a vicious, blood thirsty, venomous duck. Even with all of this going on, Gareth still manages to find romance and love.Come join Gareth and the crew of the airship Glorious Dawn on this rollicking, funny adventure full of action and laughs.

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