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Post Show Recaps presents coverage of Apple TV+ series from “Ted Lasso” to “Severance” and beyond. If it’s an Apple TV Plus show and we’re covering it on Post Show Recaps, you’ll find the podcast right here. Currently podcasting: “Ted Lasso,” “Schmigadoon,” “Silo” and more.

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  • Nashej
    Loving Lessons in Chemistry
    A little late to the game, but really enjoying the Lessons in Chemistry content! I just picked up the show over the Thanksgiving holiday in the US and the podcast gives me so much chemistry/lab background that I was missing when watching… such a good listen!
  • Haley2012
    Debbie downers
    I thought it would be fun to listen to a recap. But these two are so critical and superior. I’m out
  • Punny Hop
    Lessons in Conversations
    15 mins into the podcast recap of LIC episode 3 and they are still complaining about the dog. Critique is one thing but rambling and repeatedly saying you hated and are embarrassed by this element of the episode without offering any substance was unlistenable.
  • LouSmith434
    So annoying
    The cadence of their voices is irritating. Everything is a question.They’re idiots. I couldn’t listen to more than five minutes.
  • Sgrmonkey
    I love The Connect!
    The Changeling is so good! I cannot wait to listen to you guys for Season 2! 🤞🏼
  • Edith Bee
    Lessons in Chemistry Series Podcast
    These hosts are clearly very well educated. I do wish they would talk more about the show and less about their own pasts. Once they focus on the show, I do enjoy their insights. I have read the book, but I appreciate that they haven’t! It’s fun to hear their surprise as the series unfolds.
  • ouija
    Excellent. Wish I’d subbed at the start of season 2, only first came here for the episode 10 1st (?) review. Critical thinking discussions & insights are a cut above; reviewers seem well-paired and expand on each other seamlessly.
  • lovetohearmyselflisten
    Hijack recap is unbearable
    I loved the hosts for House for the Dragon - they were well informed, clearly loved the show & gave logical insights even when they proved wrong. I was shocked how bad the Hijack recap. The co-host Marisa doesn’t seem to understand basic plot (eg she was befuddled by the son’s “bike” code to the police officer). Honestly if you’re going to host a podcast please be more intelligent about the show
  • fogetabotit
    Jason is the worst. Bad impressions. Not Funny. Shame that his Cohost needs to lower themselves to his style
  • pighuddle
    Minus 5 Stars
    The audio quality on this podcast is unacceptable. If the people creating the podcast, don’t care about what they’re putting out there, why should I?
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