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Hannah (Lana Condor) finds herself trapped inside her boss Fin Gorale’s (Alan Cumming) subterranean biosphere named Evergreen, alongside seven of the world’s greatest minds. When Fin informs the group that an asteroid has destroyed the surface of the Earth, they find themselves – forced survivors – tasked with rebuilding society. As our characters vie for control of Evergreen, alliances form and fracture as heroes turn into villains. But when Hannah discovers that Evergreen is malfunctioning, can she convince the group to work together to fix Fin’s creation before the utopia that was meant to save them.. kills them? Created by Chloe Stearns and John Wynn (Last Known Position), Evergreen is a 9-episode psychological sci-fi thriller rooted in ego, deceit and the power of choice.

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  • Harpy3061
    Cliffhanger with no plan for a second season
    Don’t waste your time. Too many characters in season 1, audio is amateurish and busy, then it ends without any resolution or plans for the future.
  • Dc.club27
    allow continuous success
    “Happy & $mile” family of evergreen talk to and hear the ^title
  • Chaaa masta
    Deeply saddened and disappointed.
    Why didn’t you continue the story for season 1?
  • NiNashaeS
    What Happened to Evergreen?
    I listened to the last episode of season 1 over again and was excited to start season 2, only to discover that it’s audio books and not even Evergreen? Very disappointed.
  • Thanos Is A Bean
    Season 2s
    I think I speak for everyone when I say that I think that the season 2 of this is truly not related at all, and just not good. This is a very good example of why you they need to make season 2s of every podcast. My favorite example is The edge of sleep, it’s been about 3-4 years, and there is no season 2. Please stop making new podcasts instead of following through with the good ones.
  • Bridgette Bryant Branding
    Dear Commenters: THANK YOU!!
    I was so friggin’ confused. I thought I clicked the wrong thing, or something was on auto play, or the S2E1 episode was a trailer for something else…. I had no idea what was going on. I just now was looking for a new show and decided to see “if the ever fixed the link to season 2 of Evergreen.” Thank you for the closure.
  • CarmineWlo
    Engaged the whole time
    The whole time! Love the dynamics!
  • Stabbatron83
    Season two is a 10/10!
    Season two is a great bunch of sci fi short stories. I was thoroughly impressed and entertained!
  • meek23
    Q Code never finishes a story
    i'm so tired of Q Code leaving everything as a cliff hanger. Why even bother producing anything if you're not going to finish it
  • Ludas Pittbull
    What happened
    Evergreen is a great story podcast this other stuff is just an audio book and boring
  • Doebeeze
    No voice actors?
    I realllllly loved the first season, but this second season is NOT it. I get it but you switched the whole audio drama to someone reading me a book. I wish I liked this 2nd season but no
  • Smoochers777
    Different stories in season 2
    Season 1 of hidden signal is an audio drama, season 2 is more like the truth podcast with a different story each episode. I love the truth podcast, but I understand why there are so many bad reviews since I was hoping for more Evergreen
  • Bene Ray
    What is this?
    I mean, I paid for Q-Code because I was running out of audio dramas. If I wanted someone to read to me, I’d buy audiobooks. I don’t do that because I despise audiobooks Anymore of this garbage and I’m dropping my paid membership. Obviously, I am not the only one who hates this miserable excuse of a second season
  • JohnnyAshtray
  • amazing!!!*
    Not great
    I love almost everything QCode, but this one is a bit hard to follow and the second season is not a follow up to the fist (not exactly at least). Again, typically everything they do is great, but this is not my favorite.
  • I’m a qcodefan
    Season 1 is great!
    Season one is classic qcode amazingness!! Season two episode 1 and 2 are good! But after that it’s pretty bad…
  • mtb_shaun
    Stopped listening
    Season 2 is a waste of time, didn’t relate to season 1. Stopped listening after two episodes of season 2!!
  • Tomatoesxi
    Remake season 2
    Season 1 was so interesting and I was excited to see where it would go in season two. I was super disappointed to learn it’s nothing like the first season and a waste of my time
  • Atpjun
    Second season more like an audio book
    I really liked the first season. It was definitely more of an audio drama. However, the second season is more like an audio book. Instead of sound design. They just describe what’s happening. And I personally don’t like that. But first season was great.
  • amazed1009
    Season one was good. Season 2? Horrid
    So they take the time to create characters for season one. Abrubly end it. And start a bunch of low end short stories. Bye. Unfollowing.
  • ajmcamp
    Evergreen is great but totally dislike season 2
    I really hope they made a season 2 for evergreen. The current random stories that are in for season 2 are pretty awful…
  • bagnew92
    What is this??
    Bring us more Evergreen. This new season of whatever is terrible. If I need help falling asleep I’ll just put on season 2 and I’m out like a light. That’s how boring this is
  • TDaddy5987
    Cool concept goes nowhere
    Very cool concept and basic plot structure, but there are so many extra plot lines that go nowhere that really should have been edited out. I first thought that it was really interesting and I had no idea where they were going with it, but none of it goes anywhere and the story ends without exploring or explaining much of these side plots. Poorly written and edited story, otherwise decent drama.
  • Cbogany
    Where is Evergreen
    Evergreen deserves 5 stars!! but idk what this new stuff is and I’m irritated about it. I’m a little upset that all of a sudden evergreen disappeared. I know that can’t be the end! I followed this for evergreen not these new stories they’re posting. I hope they bring it back but unfollowing until then. I feel tricked and I don’t like it 😑😡
  • Woozy woowoo
    Soooo good
    I found myself yelling what a narcissist control freak!!
  • Hi im a idoit
    FOR REAL VDJ200!!!
  • dukelovesjosh
    Season 2 ep 1 echoes
    Can’t wait for more loved it!
  • VDJ200
    Literally what are you guys doing
    Evergreen is over? What is this season two that’s not even related to season one? And where is season two of Edge of Sleep???
  • yo stepmomma
    Great storytelling and the sound effects were amazing (did get confused in beginning w characters sounding alike and not much backstory/buildup - but overall amazing
  • Chellington Bellsworth
    Interesting but thoughtless voice casting
    I would have loved this if either a-more time was given to establish a relationship with a couple characters first, then meet others or really b- everyone didn’t sound the same. will come back and revisit because qcode is amazing but for now, meh. Not the fault of the actors tho, they were good at their job
  • AddictedToSpaceshipAlarms248
    Too much going on. I kind of hate all the characters. Never could get fully invested in it due to those two factors. Surprised they put that much advertising into this. Left Right game was way better.
  • brownwraith
    consistently astounds
    its impeccable storytelling, deftly interwoven into an auditory tapestry that captivates the senses. The spatial audio effects enrich the immersive experience, creating an audible landscape that pulls you into each scene. A dazzling combination of compelling characters, intricate plots, and impressive soundscapes, Evergreen is a podcast that’s truly worth listening and revisiting. The series is a must-listen for any audio drama enthusiast, painting vivid images in the mind's eye with every episode. Absolutely brilliant!
  • driven2review
    Loving Evergreen
    Green writing, acting and sound mixing. The directing is top notch too. I can’t wait for what comes next.
  • Anonymous Per$on
    Different story
    That’s was a spectacular podcast!! I love it and would listen again. The only thing is that in the begging it was hard to tell if the characters in the elevator were apart of main story or not. I figured it out later just was a little confused in the begging. I definitely would recommend this podcast though!!! (It says it’s for adult audiences only but I think like 13 maybe 14+ but that’s just me) Hope this helped!
  • Josherry8
    This IS awesome!
    I love to listen to all kinds of podcasts, audiobooks and I love to read. If you like/love any or all of those things, then this is for you! 🥰
  • haileysgarden
    Such a great show! Can’t wait for the next season!
  • TJ 54321
    Below Average
    I am paying attention and I still can’t figure out what is going on. Script is poorly written, and all of the characters sound the same.
  • The Frugal Exerciser
    Good except….
    QCode rarely gives you season two of their stories. If and when the do, by the time season two comes around, you don’t remember anything about the storyline.
  • lynnie25
    Interesting and dramatic
    A little difficult to follow but mostly a fun and exciting story.
  • Hkoby22
    Can’t view episode two yet
    Update 7/10/2023 Can’t view the 2nd episode wants me to subscribe… still not working !
  • Emilsal
    Simple, love this!
    Riveting storyline, great cast, superb sound engineering and score. Love this!
  • internets
    Who is Who
    There are about 12 different voices each episode. Characters rarely address each other by name. I do not know who is saying what. Rewinding every 5 minutes to figure out the plot is irritating. Everything else, 5 stars.
  • Nick McNulty
    Great concept, needs definable characters
    Like most QCODE shows, Evergreen features fantastic sound design, sound quality, and notable voice actors. The first episode might've introduced a few too many plot devices (the bunker, overreaching AI, the end of the world, a device that recreates memories) but I'd rather there be more going on than less. My one note (and it's a big one) is that apart from the characters having dfiferent accents, there's no way to tell them apart. Every female character speaks in the exact same flat tone and cadence (which one is the entrepreneur and which one is the assistant? Who knows?) and none of the men have discernible personalities. The lack of any well-defined characters prevents me from connecting to the material, which tends to fly by as background noise rather than an immersive audiodrama.
  • AustinConnors
    Not free?
    I listened up to episode six, but I can’t actually play that even though it’s supposed to be out for free. It says I need QCODE+ to listen? Is this a glitch, or is it not actually available yet?
  • Alpskier88
    Voices too much the same, too much going on, hard to follow
    Hoping it gets better but so far feels like a typical megalomaniac creates utopia-about-to-go-wrong story that relies on loud bangs and heartstrings to hold interest. Too many characters out of the gate. Would benefit from a simpler, subtler storyline, especially at the start.
  • JaneBerlinH
    Sound quality is great. Story is extremely easy to follow. It’s entertaining in the same way a blockbuster movie is entertaining- it Keeps your interest throughout the whole experience and then when it’s over- you don’t think about it anymore. And that’s cool. It doesn’t make you think deep and it doesn’t teach you anything new but sometimes- that’s exactly what your mind needs. It’s really well made. Sure, You can’t tell the females apart- aside from Nico -who is instantly recognizable- but that doesn’t matter. The story moves along fine no matter who is doing the talking. It’s like they are all just narrators and individual characters don’t really matter in this story. You don’t need to become attached to anyone for the story to keep moving along. So it’s fine. It’s action -not character development. Better call Saul and Breaking Bad- are good because of character development and not because of action. With This story -it’s the other way around -yes?
  • Nuala Lincke
    Wonderful Podcast!
    Now I know that I would have loved the age of radio! Well written and acted—kudos to all involved!
  • Bëërus
    I never payed much attention to the podcast app but after running into this, will continue to listen more as time goes 👏
  • ASG349
    Absolutely riveting.
    I’m mad I discovered it before it was complete so I couldn’t tear through it in one sitting!
  • TarynHendrix
    Difficult to follow
    I really like the story and writing, it’s compelling and different! I gave it four stars because it’s hard to follow sometimes. I wish the actresses voices weren’t so similar, and when the “action” scenes happen, there is so much noise/banging/yelling that it’s hard to figure out what’s going on. I don’t need them to spell it out to me, but I’m on episode 4 and had to stop it at one point because it’s just yelling and clanging and I can’t tell what they are actually doing. Don’t lean so heavily on the sound design. It’s a fun effect, but it can get in the way of the story telling.
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