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Smylie Kaufman is a winner on the PGA TOUR, an on-course reporter walking a new fairway every week, and the host of “The Smylie Show.” Every week, Smylie checks in with analysis on all the latest happenings in the world of golf, and shares a new conversation with athletes, artists, and a variety of other interesting people.

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  • 3862858
    Great P Cast
    They kill it every week with a little more insight from Smylie being a Tour Pro and On Air Commentator. Really did the laid back setting as well.
  • BigErn_theOrca
    Smylie Show Cooking!!
    What a great show! It hasn’t been around that long but already I can think of 5 great guests! Golf nerds should love this!
  • Scott in KC
    Terrific weekly listen
    As his name indicates, Smylie is a positive, fun host and gives an insider perspective on what’s happening on Tour. And I mean insider. Many weeks he is walking the fairways as a commentator, so he knows what happened up close, or he’s hanging with the guys at dinner. He usually gets the winner to do a 20-30 minute interview in the hours after the win and asks great questions. It is access you just don’t get elsewhere. The cohost John also brings good insight. Give it a try.
  • bjaauiii
    Perfect Golf Content
    A great lineup of guest and top notch job hosting by Smiylie!
  • Cullen Martin
    Love the pod. Keep up the great work, gents!
  • Sully1230
    This P-Cast is straight fire
    this cast goes brazy
  • Madinmommy11
    Great Golf Content
    With the breaking news of LIV and PGA Tour, the Smylie Show has been one of the best podcast to follow all of the news. This show is a good must listen to podcast for all news golf related.
  • Lolo13419
    LOVE getting the real truth from Smylie and Charlie
    These guys aren’t interested in shoving this merger down our throats. They don’t have a separate agenda. They are speaking honestly and easily because they are informed and live it every day.
  • RedSkyBurns
    Thought.. I had.. Finally found a great golf podcast!
    This is a gem of a podcast. Fun, informative, not too crass or uptight. Keep on chuggin'! Is what I had wrote... Yes, I will stand by my morals. Good bye, enjoy the trickle down.
  • CamsUnderPar
    Great show!!!
  • JWILL9467
    Great stuff
    Added to my favorite pod lists. Keep it moving forward.
  • Poptart7
    Amazing show
    Love the show and guests. Love what Charlie Hulme brings as well! Can’t wait for the next episode
  • Poo dweller
    Great first episode
    This was a great first episode! It was awesome to hear some of the more inside baseball type stories. The story with the Pens was excellent!
  • BrendanWall
    Can’t wait for this one!
    Smylie brings a spark to the game of golf that makes it tremendously entertaining. I’ll be tuned in to hear his thoughts and convos with guests each week. This is going to be a killer show!
  • Wcwieneke
    Best podcast in the game!
    Can not wait to hear this beautiful voice on my commute to work. Keep up the good work and that Brady money will be coming soon 👀
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