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Podcast hosted by Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma. All things Jesus, all things life. A couple of imperfect girls serving an absolutely perfect God. We love you!-Ang & Ari@angelahalili@ariellereitsma Support this podcast:

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  • CillyCil3
    This podcast is like getting together with my two best friends
    I stumbled upon this podcast and I love it. I can relate to these girls so much.
  • Oliviag1995!
    Simply the absolute best podcast out there. Encouraging, uplifting, convicting in the best way, teaching, compassionate, all the things!!
  • Brittany Foxworthy
    I love you both so much. You came into my life when I needed you most. I’ll never forget it. I owe you guys everything 🤍
  • Lady Eisemann
    The world needs this podcast
    Thank you Ang and Ari for creating the GGB gang and spreading God’s word. We need it now more than ever ✨❤️
  • Kenz0711
    Love them 💕
    Such a good podcast, they make me feel so encouraged to read God’s word and to become closer with Jesus. I am so thankful that God has raised up two beautiful women inside and out to speak to this generation! I look forward to their podcast every week!
  • BabieDee
    Love the pod
    I really love this podcast. My only concern is that they praise each other so much that it is very unsettling sometimes because it feels like they are almost worshipping each other. They are so codependent on each other that I worry alittle.
  • kobdbcnahxhf
    this podcast has helped me in my walk more than i can explain. god is speaking through these women and it inspires me to pursue him even more- i want to be so in tune with god that i wonder why i ever struggled with the things i have for so long. love this GGB gang with my whole heart💘👼🏻
  • savvvvvvv🫶🏼
    GGB gangggg
    never have loved a podcast more 🫶🏼
  • AprilWa
    Helps battle the judgment of church
    I love listening to this podcast, it helps me battle the judgement I have in church. I let’s me know that I can & will have a relationship with Jesus & God as long as I seek them, do their will. It doesn’t matter that I wear pants or have ear rings. Thank you ladies so much for each & every podcast you create for us. Love you both!
  • pinaysc
    Girl Gone Bible
    Thank you for being obedient in your calling to start GGB! Since I’ve been listening to this podcast, my relationship with Jesus & the Bible has drastically changed thanks to Ang and Ari, and of course, Jesus. I’m walking closer towards my calling as the days go by, and although I stumble and fall, many times, I’m so thankful to be learning from these ladies along the way, bc when I do that, it pushes me to pray more, read the Bible more and lean on HIM more. Your relationship with Jesus is truly CHANGING LIVES, and I am eternally grateful ❤️
  • Caro_Gutz
    Joy 🩵
    I have had so much joy watching you ladies grow into the women of God you have been called from the beginning to now! Such a blessing to see and how much the Holy Spirit has been guiding you ladies!
  • oliviaaaao
    Preaching through the Holy Spirit! Praise God for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear.
  • Keila530!
    Deceiving “Christian’s”
    Not sure why you guys say your Christian. I listened to you to give you a benefit of doubt but I just feel like you guys are deceiving people on purpose or your very deceived. There is no such thing as a “salvation prayer” that salvation prayer was made by Billy graham who was already proven a false teacher. And not sure why you always use the lyrics from the song AMEN by Kari Jobe who is from elevation worship. They are also sadly a group who is following a misleading unbiblical teacher. Elevation worship’s “pastor” is Steven furtrick who has blasphemd the name of God calling HIMSELF “the almighty god”. You continue to prove to me that your not as biblical as you say. There are many times where scripture is turned to fit your needs. Remember WE need to change our ways not God fit into our needs. I know your saying your new at this but atleast give Jesus the proper respect. Calling him “cutie/ cute”? That’s what you call a bf or a friend but Jesus’s name is powerful and should be respected. I recently heard a episode where you say you guys were born/raised catholic and went to say you don’t follow the catholic followings but can’t admit they are in the wrong becuase they break many commandments 1 of the obvious ones being “no idols”. You can’t have 1 foot in 1 foot out that makes you lukewarm. As much as I liked your podcast what the flesh wants is not what the spirit wants. I hope you look closely at who you look up to and make sure they’re preaching and teaching IS ACCORDING TO GODS WORDS. In the end of times many will be deceived and will think they found the way but realize they were wrong once it’s to late. Please do reasearch on your mentors and don’t be victims. I can’t tell if your the one deceived or the one deceiving but I hope you fully turn to Christ
  • JoleneFL
    First Podcast
    GGB was the first podcast that got me hooked on podcasts seeking God and Jesus. Thanks for opening up your lives and testimony and creating space to find other that help me with my walk with the Lord.
  • ri l mc
    Fav Podcast
    I look forward to listening to this podcast. They are so awesome and genuine. Definitely ordained by God! Listen :)
  • Msfunkye
    God’s timing
    This podcast couldn’t have come into my life at a better time. It’s like each episode is talking about what I’m going through.
  • India E C
    highly recommend
    This is such a raw yet pure podcast, that not only makes the viewer listen but feel heard as well!
  • HaleyAlessandra
    Wow 🙌🏻
    I’ve been listening to you two for a few months now! You both have really helped me grow my relationship with God. The way you speak is so gentle, but strong. Keep spreading the word of the Lord ♡ God bless you both!!
  • Charcharbug
    I am so so thankful for you girls! You have helped encourage growth in my relationship with Christ so much. I cannot imagine how difficult it has to be to share such vulnerable “unpopular” truths on such a huge platform but I am beyond thankful that He fills you both with boldness to do so. It gives me encouragement to speak truth! You both are so filled with wisdom and the Holy Spirit and have been such a joy to me. I feel like we are all sisters in Christ. Thank you for what you do.🩷
  • Krystalc1
    1 Corinthians 14:26-28 Let all things be done unto edifying. [27] If any man speak in an unknown tongue, let it be by two, or at the most by three, and that by course; and let one interpret. [28] But if there be no interpreter, let him keep silence in the church; and let him speak to himself, and to God. 6 What then shall we say, brothers? When you come together, everyone has a hymn, or a word of instruction, a revelation, a tongue or an interpretation. All of these must be done for the strengthening of the church. 27 If anyone speaks in a tongue, two--or at the most three--should speak, one at a time, and someone must interpret. 28 If there is no interpreter, the speaker should keep quiet in the church and speak to himself and God. Tongues is a wonderful gift from God but let’s please not forget this scripture. It must edify God and when done publicly with other witnesses present it must be translated. We have to be really careful to go over all aspects of what scripture tells us . Love the podcast but there are some elements of overly charismatic themes that I struggle with.
  • 🙉👋
    Love love love
    This has to be my fav podcast! They are so raw and genuine🩷
  • palehua_k
    Love GGB!
    Every episode basically feels like I am on a journey with my best friends immersing our selves in Jesus. I love that Ari and Ang talk about their genuine experiences in faith and having a intimate relationship with God. Listening to the Forbidden Fruit episode and others just felt like I had sisters in Christ to learn from and also just relate to. Thank you for allowing God to use you for his glory!
  • maman abeille
    Grifters with an 8th grade education
    Pretty influencers “find Jesus”, create a podcast, and laugh all the way to the bank. Too bad religion is keeping society from actually progressing, and these two grifters are contributing to the dumbing down of America. Newsflash NO ONE is “born with sin”. Religion creates a problem only to sell you the solution. Deconstruct, think for yourself, and stop listening to a book written by goat herders.
  • trewkkk
    Honest and real. With bites of wisdom and real time Christianity 💖
  • Kristenrose98
    thankful for this pod sm🤍
    This podcast has been absolutely transformative in my path to patience and bliss. I started listening months ago when I was struggling through hard times, tangled up in new age deception and modern spirituality. Coming across Angela and Ari one day while scrolling instagram and felt an instant draw to listen to them. I am so thankful for finding them when I did because they have truly restored my faith. We live in a world where deception and the enemy is heavy and so many of us need to hear the truth… love ya GGB. 🤍
  • Laurenrosef
    I have been searching for Jesus. These girls have helped me dive head first into the Word and into my faith. THANK YOU🤍✝️
  • CeceStyles🍄
    Thank You!
    I need prayer in my life for my friends who vape and to drugs and the hurt themselves. I don’t want them to damage their bodies but they need help and refuse to get it. The have mental health issues and have tried to commit suicide. Please ask the Lord to heal them and get them help because I don’t want to lose them. Their names are Melanie and Abby -Michaela
  • Matthew318
    yay girls gone Bible!
    amazing amazing pod. - from a man
  • Rey Alonzo
    I misjudged
    For months my device has tried to feed me their content and I always judged like, "why are they punning the Lord's word from an old adult show? How vile." Last week I was giving someone my testimony about how we all in some way are the woman at the well. Our testimony is almost always about how we tried, failed, gave it to God, and his Holy Spirit took over for us. It hit me this morning that the title of this show is actually synonymous to something like "Woman at the Well." So I listened to the first episode this morning and love to see my siblings here pursuing God's heart. Forgive me for misjudging. Keep it up, ladies!
  • Set_apartbethelight💡💗
    Thank you sisters!!
    Absolutely love your pure hearts, and love for Christ!!! Keep doing what your doing….Gods using you both for His kingdom, I can’t wait to see what else He does in your lives!! Your testimony is so inspiring, and your story is beautiful. Love how real and honest you both are, that really does take courage!!!💗🫶🏼💡God bless you both!!!
  • Thefatrat2023
    Thank-you, ladies.
    Six days ago, I was dumped for the first time. It was over a religious conflict, and I was absolutely distraught. I had seen this podcast on YouTube Shorts, so I decided to follow the podcast. I tried to listen to it while walking to school some days but chose to listen to music instead. I’ve never really had much of a long attention span. The night that I was broken up with, I was at a friend’s house. She had fallen asleep but I couldn’t bring myself to close my eyes. I decided to see if any podcasts had any episodes on breakups. This one did. I’m still not doing the best, but I’d say I’ve made it a whole lot farther than I would have without the advice of these beautiful women. I learned that I can do this with God’s help. Thank-you for all that you guys do.
  • Jenna gold
    You will love them
    Ari & Angi are so pure at heart and they have helped me grow so much closer to Jesus. They are passionate and their words are bold, yet loving. I love how silly they can get when they laugh at eachother. Please give them a listen with an open heart. You will love them. ☺️🩷🙏🏼
  • Becca Recinos
    This podcast (used by Jesus) saved my life!
    By listening to this podcast the last couple months, I have started reading my Bible every day, praying more, and have grown closer to Jesus in a way I have never experienced before. God is truly using these amazing women to transform lives. Their vulnerability and hearts for Jesus are SO pure. You can see that they are completely surrendered to Jesus. Thank you for saving my life!
  • KylieHetts💛
    Seeing these two hearts on fire for Christ is so exciting!
    I started listening to this podcast this week and honestly was a little nervous before starting that these girls would not be genuine followers of Christ. There are a lot of untrustworthy podcasts. However, 4 episodes in I can see that their hearts really are in tune with Jesus. Just because they may not have been whole hearted Christians since day one does not mean that they aren’t on fire for Him now. Revival can happen at any moment! These girls are so relatable to this generation of women and I am praying alongside them that they are able to reach as many hearts as they can and turn them to Christ. Thank you for pursuing Him and be willing to have the hard conversations and choose to follow the Bible even when it completely goes against the grain of today’s society. God’s Word is living and active and it is TRUTH! 🤍I pray you continue to grow in God’s Word and edify and encourage all of us along the way 🤍
  • First 1 & 1
    Best podcast ever
    I have learned so much from these woman. Looks are not everything but the heart is everything and they embody that.
  • Andrew Calica
    Two Unexpected Blessings
    Last year I put on a testimony video of Kat Von D giving her life to Christ and I was in the other room when YouTube automatically went to the next video. That video was called “Our Testimonies - Girls Gone Bible” and while it might not have been as articulate as some of the other faith-based videos I usually watch, there was an endearing quality that kept me watching. Something different that I probably needed. First off, I’m perhaps a world apart from them but at this point in my walk with Jesus, I saw a lot of value in a totally other perspective that included emotional intelligence, insight into men and husbands and it was refreshing to see modern women promote traditional values. Anyway, after that first video, I clicked on random episodes maybe trying to shake off the interest and finally say “Ah. That was interesting enough but this ain’t for me.” It wasn’t until I saw their collab video with the “Happy and Healthy Podcast” that I thought that these girls Angela and Arielle are the “real deal”. It was then that little prayers for them would enter my mind throughout the day that eventually became drawing doodles on the side while I was working as a visual artist. Those prayers eventually became illustrations. Some I’ve even sent out to them. I truly began to adore them and kept tuning in to their channel as a sort of video diary of their journey in real time. Their genuine friendship shows so much in a single episode ranging everywhere from a Giggle-thon to a sincere sobbing session - all in order to spread the message. They make for a perfect partnership supporting the other’s points, getting each other on track, and challenging one another. At times, they can think, act and speak in unison and that’s why alot of people say they are almost identical but I see stark differences. Let’s start with Angela. She has an exuberant energy where sometimes her excitement can outrun her words. In time, she’ll synch up with the Holy Spirit enough where can’t nobody catch her. Her addictive personality strengthens her yearning for knowledge and that’s where Jesus will use her most. Also, once this girl starts laughing, it’s a wrap. You’d probably see her laughing from across a football field and feel like you’re in on the joke. Then there’s Arielle. Ari, Ari, Ari. Arielle has an undeniable ability to be vulnerable with a beautiful struggle in her eyes. She’s turned her story into meaningful suffering. Most times the people who can cling closest to Jesus are the ones who’ve come the farthest away from Him. One telling of her story and you’ll understand just how far she’s come. She might not always have the words but more importantly she speaks through her heart. Even on a podcast, you can feel every bit of it with just her voice. Yo! She’ll get on some runs where you feel like you’re right there inside of her heart. The rest of the room disappears around you and you can swear she’s right there speaking directly to you. That’s a gift touched by Jesus. A gift she’s only beginning to unwrap. But perhaps the thing I notice most about her is her motherly / wifely aura - supportive and protective - able to go from tough to tender in 2 seconds. Not to mention, she’s dropped absolute gems that have made me stop and say, “Go on, girl!” Things like “If you let me drop from my mind to my heart, you’ll allow me to be the best version of myself” and “If you’re not chasing after God’s heart, you better not be chasing after mine.” No lie. I’m not sure she quite knows yet all the beauty she holds inside but Jesus is getting her even more beautiful on the inside than she is on the outside. God Bless the man who gets to bask in her light once she’s really full and overflowing. They’ve been on other podcasts where they have to rehash their story of meeting and I start to unconsciously tune out because I’ve heard it a few times but then Arielle starts to say the beginning and they start looking at each other and you’ll fall for that story all over again. Plus, the way they be looking at each other sometimes lets you know it’s a friendship bonded with God in the middle. That bond also extends out to their community of followers who they generously and consistently reach out to and pray for. The personal interaction and inside jokes are something that connects them even more. In short order, you’ll be rooting for them, laughing with them but most of all praying with and for them. With a social media platform they have and growing as much as they are, there will undoubtedly be ups and downs but through the humor and humility, favor and fall-offs, I look forward to cheering them on and hearing all the stories to come from the mere Girls Gone Bible to the eventual Women who Went Bible. Keep doing your thing and God will keep doing His! God Bless, Andrew Calica
  • Boboandjj
    Not Modest
    Not modest at all. Your photos are too sexualized. You are misleading a whole generation of girls. NOT OKAY.
  • brittlong789
    Beautiful and welcoming podcast
    The love and compassion pours from these ladies. I struggle so bad with going in and out of my faith because modern day doesn’t praise believing in God like it used to. I ran across these ladies on Tik tok and truly just the way they both spoke drew me in. It’s nice to relate and hear two single women that struggled with a variety of vices, fought against it alone and joined together and blossomed an amazing friendship. It gives me so much hope. Thank you so much for your wisdom. You don’t have to share it and you sacrifice so much to do so. 🩵
  • xtine702
    Such an amazing podcast! You both are beyond amazing, faithful audience to you both! I listen to your podcast daily; even if it’s listening to the same ones over and over. So uplifting to listen to and you guys really bring me closer to god and filling everyone’s hearts with positivity and light. I look forward to listening in to all of the upcoming podcasts to come. I’m beyond grateful to have found you both. Blessings to you both and to all💕
  • mia rebello
    Life changing
    This podcast has truly been one of the key components in spending time with God. From driving in the car with tears & laughter to taking notes watching these beautiful, holy girls. Everyone I talk to gets annoyed with me saying “well girls gone bible..” but God knows why they’re heavy on my heart!
  • lulualderman
    Amazing podcast!
    My journey with Jesus started because someone shared they found this podcast and instantly they turned to god and I seen how it changed them. That now has happened for me and this couldn’t have came to me at a better time, I love these girls!!!
  • i dont wanna add my name :/
    God bless you both
    I just wanted to say you both are so amazing and God just loves you both so much! the thing you’re doing are so important and God just cares so much for you. you really are listening to what God is telling you to do, and proof that God always has a plan, so listen to what He says.
  • Friend3030
    This podcast is amazing.
    I really feel such a connection when I watch girls gone bible. They speak so pure and it makes me want to get closer to God, Jesus, & The Holy Spirit. Love these girls.
  • Cahaoqshaiqiuaywvqjq
    All time favorite pod
    I truly love these girls and they have helped me reconnect with Jesus. This is just such an easy and natural listen for me because these girls exude joy and Gods love. Thank you for making this pod 😊🙏🏻
  • emmyjfro
    beautiful women of God
    Thank you for changing my perspective on so many things and educating me. you guys have changed me life! God bless
  • addiethrgreat
    Blessing for me
    This is the best podcast because I can learn what life is like for others who are Christians and this is a HUGE blessing for me, especially when there are others who think I am strange and that I don’t fit in, then I will know that God has awesome plans for me.
  • Lesstoxicmorelife
    I love you guys, thank you for being you!
  • Tylean
    This podcast has been a blessing to me . I have been able to get closer to God. I pray that God continue to use you
  • me hola la me
    I LOVE THIS PODCAST!! I thank God for Ari and Ang. They are doing the Lord’s work and He is continuously using them to grow me and my fairh.
  • Thalecia Murphy
    Latest episode
    I just watch your latest episode on YouTube about prayer and fasting. I knew it was nothing but God that y’all were doing episode on that because I am in the midst of fasting. To hear you guys talk about it today is helping how to fast even better I thank you. I have been watching you guys for the last two weeks and it has truly have been a blessing to me and I thank God for you guys continue to let God use you
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