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Podcast hosted by Angela Halili and Arielle Reitsma. All things Jesus, all things life. A couple of imperfect girls serving an absolutely perfect God. We love you!-Ang & Ari@angelahalili@ariellereitsma Support this podcast:

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  • lexcoop011
    Excited to Listen!
    I love you guys! This podcast makes it so fun to not only listen to the word, but hear your interpretation on it as well. I get excited to listen to every episode. Keep doing what you both are doing! <3
  • CXH27
    Powerful !!!
    Such an amazing podcast Fun and bible based ! It’s amazing and incredible so happy I started listening it’s helped me soo much in my personal life!!!
  • RosalynnVT
    God sent!!
    You Guys are a God send to me. You have helped me and given me so much wisdom and courage to grow in my life and Guided me in helping my journey with God and my sobriety journey. I thank you, I hope God continues to bless you as much as you guys blesses! My soul sisters, love you❤️
  • colleen diane
    well done!
    Sisters! 🦋🦋 You have blessed me. You are wise and GROWING & I am growing alongside you 💜 So thankful for your bravery & honesty ✨ KEEP SHINING ✨
  • dmorris03
    great podcast !🩷
    Thankyou Jesus for my beautiful sisters in Christ! I love these girls you can tell the Holy Spirit speaks through them! God has used these ladies to help my walk with Him! I look forward to every friday and it’s such a special blessing God has given me to listen to my sisters speak on difficult topics! Not like any other podcast i’ve listened to it truly is different and special! keep going my sisters in Christ! Jesus is amazing 🩷🩷
  • SPlusRatings
    Weird vibe
    Feels ingenious, I looked over at their instagram and as other comments said, something just does not add up.
  • itsnass
    Such a treat!
    I absolutely adore this podcast! I look forward to it every week! Thanks so much for being so open and creating a space for all of us to think about Jesus more! My one challenge to you is to dive more into money, work, providing, and wealth, because I think many pastors actually don’t teach what God means for us to learn on these topics. There are so many passages and I think it’s clear money is a tool that can be used for righteous goals… it not an evil entity.
  • Shelby Taylor S
    Grateful for you two!!
    Love following you guys 🤍
  • KM1805
    This episodes of Purpose really touch my soul and my heart.
  • libertyrose2000
    so inspiring <3
    i actually never listen to podcasts. but i saw a video of Ang and Arielle on tik tok, and it caught my attention. so i went and listened to one of their episodes and i fell in love. Jesus called me one day into a closer relationship with him and their podcast only aided to this more. there messages are always so loving and raw. i can tell they are always completely themselves and they don’t care what other people think. it truly inspires me to spread my love of Jesus everywhere i go. because he’s the one who deserves all the praise. God bless you guys you’re awesome!
  • cmwest86
    Your podcast is amazing. I am absolutely in love with listening. I really feel like you ladies are true Christians and I just feel the Holy Spirit when I’m listening to your podcast. Such a blessing.
  • SuperNe
    Thank you
    I really enjoyed the last episode. I honestly didn’t think people thought or believed this way. It was very enjoyable . Thank you
  • janaewall
    Love it
    My favorite thing about this podcast and about these 2 girls is their love. Their hearts. The way they love Jesus and love each other has made me love God more. It makes me hope for a friendship as loving as this one. And it makes me not be ashamed to say how in love i am with Christ. These girls get a lot of hate for how they are on social media but i love them and i think they’re pretty.
  • KeshPamNicki
    Promising Potential with Room to Grow
    I was excited about this podcast and admired these beautiful ladies mission to share the gospel. However, after listening to about 30 minutes of an episode, I encountered a few concerns. Although I could overlook the mention of active participation in the Catholic Church, things took a turn when they delved into Mary Magdalene's story with additional details that aren't supported by scripture. It left me somewhat uneasy and unfortunately I didn’t feel comfortable listening further. I do think these ladies have a bright future and will save many souls as they continue growing and refining their content.
  • mariarosie28
    Love this Podcast so much!
    These girls are so real! You can tell they both truly know Jesus! Their friendship is so genuine and pure, it was def sent from God. Listening to them let’s me know that there are young women in LA that think like me. God bless you girls!
  • laurentspencer
    My new fave podcast 💘
    I love the beauty and grace of these women. Speaking right to my heart every single time of the words I don’t know how to speak to God. They are so raw and real and don’t pretend at all to be perfect. Their words speak right to my soul and I am so encouraged to get into my Bible and love Jesus and people ✨
  • Herian1995
    Changing my Heart
    You both are completely changing the way I walk through my life and driving my desire to build my relationship with the Lord. I love this podcast and I whole heartedly believe you both were made to make a difference in a broken world!
  • neekees1
    So relatable
    Awesome podcast. They are so relatable!! I binged listened to all the episodes.. need more!!
  • madison033
    Beautiful Podcast
    I love this podcast. You both are wonderful and really the Lord shines through you both. You have helped me while I struggle with my faith so much.
  • Morganbmac
    I love this podcast so much!!!
  • LoveJesus8989
    I. LOVE. YOU. GIRLS! You two are the sweetest human beings and the love you have for Jesus is beautiful. 😍🙏🏼
  • Myraa_melissa
    Keep going!
    I love seeing and hearing people who love Christ. You guys are doing amazing! Side note: it’s Steven Furtick 🥹😂
  • Angeliquemonique
    My favorite podcast
    Been going through a hard time lately with depression and anxiety. While scrolling through instagram I came across your videos and it stopped me and I became so in love with how the two of you spoke to my soul. I’ve never truly dove into knowing Jesus but I want to. I’ve been taking your advice and I’ve been learning about faith and how to just let go of my worries. So thank you.
  • achibalds girlfriend
    I love you so much.
    Hey Ari and Ang, Truly I have been blessed by god for finding this channel. God is calling me to be fearless. I had been battling with spiritual warfare and hiding from my true identity within Christ for YEARS and didn’t even know it. The guilt, shame and anxiety was eating me up. With prayer I had found you guys and you opened the door for me. If I could donate money I totally will. You guys are like my best friends besides god who is always there for me. He’s speaking to me through you guys and I love how you bring in gods word into your videos. I love you guys. My names Cassandra and I just wanted to introduce myself because you said in one of your videos you read all the comments. I hope you read this one because I wanna be your friend in Christ from a distance because I love you girls so much. Love you and god bless.
  • LittleCosta22
    Ladies, I am beyond grateful for your podcast, it wasn’t until I came across one of your reels on Instagram and I saw two realistic women that value, and teach me about Jesus and God yet maintaining such a beautiful image in the real world. I listen to every single one of your episodes so far. And can’t wait for more 🤍
  • Grace Hoenig
    10/10 would recommend!
    Hi I’m Grace Hoenig, I am 17 and this podcast has brought me so much strength in my faith. The way these girls talk about how they have fallen in love with God makes my heart ache for him. I have listen to every episode some of them twice;) Thank you girls so much for helping me fall in love with Jesus all over again💕
  • Lenaclarkey
    Loving another Christian based podcast!
    I’ve been constantly looking for new and fulfilling podcasts that are God and faith based and I think I’ll be adding you guys to the list of what I listen to! Everything’s great just one thing would be the audio, sometimes you guys are speaking and it seems like the microphone is across the room which makes it some what hard to hear. Other than that love what you guys are doing and how real you guys are being in each episode!
  • Faith has faith in Christ
    Fifteen and listening
    Hi I’m Faith, I only have listened to two episodes of this faith encouraging podcast so far and I love how the two can discuss these hard things. I am so happy to find a podcast with two woman who are truly seeking God, and that can help me with my walk with Christ. I’ll be praying for them both to succeed even further.
  • whats anal ?
    You Girls Are Amazing!!
    You girls are seriously such a blessing!! Thank you for your honesty about everything, but specifically about the modesty episode. It takes so much courage to be open and honest about this and I can only imagine with how beautiful you both are, the backlash you must get with all this. It is such a struggle with Christian woman and I personally struggle with this as well 😩 So for you both to speak out about this is truly amazing. I just want you to know how appreciated you are ✨🤍 So beautiful inside and out! Keep shining your beautiful light and being your beautiful selves! 🤍✨✨✨✨
  • Mrs hdez
    Love it!
    I’m glad I came across this podcast. I’m catholic did the whole choir , vacation with Jesus groups etc. with some what strict parents. I feel out of “religion” for some years and I recently went to church (Christian) and let me tell you the only difference I see is I don’t feel judged going to a Christian church. But for me I don’t see buildings for me I’m finding my way back to our lord and having that relationship with him so I don’t see anything wrong with going a new church, plus I was shocked when my mother was happy I was going. Like she said you need God point blank!
  • jessikisabell
    Amazing !
    I look forward to your podcasts every week & then remember it’s every other week. Love love love this podcast so much wish it was every week !!
  • candicenelsonn
    Currently going through postpartum depression and the mental health podcast changed my life!!! Sad to see the negative reviews on here- these girls are incredible!!! Can’t wait for more 🫶🏼 Keep up the good work. God is proud of this!!!
  • Itmg22
    I love this Podcast 🙏🏻
  • Taffnursegirl
    Amazing podcast
    I stumble across this podcast and I’m so glad I did. I truly enjoy hearing all the topics you talk about with us. You both are my friends in my head (I truly desire to have more in Christ like y’all - one day 🙏🏽) Can y’all talk about the elephant in the room. (sex before marriage)
  • V*!********
    not genuine…
    listened for the first time & during the whole podcast I just had this unsettling vibe like it wasn’t genuine. I checked the girls Instagram accounts & it just didn’t make sense. I cannot judge & everyone's walk in Christ looks different. Things just don’t match up..
  • HMHuntley
    Great podcast
    I just started listening to this podcast and I really love it. These girls have a heart for the lord and it’s really interesting seeing their episodes.
  • Jellybean55912
    I have been struggling with intrusive thoughts/anxiety for so so long and this has really helped me feel like I’m not alone. I love how specific they are with examples and how to get new habits to start fixing this war of the mind.
  • Nina9mommy
    God bless you two ☀️
    Keep doing what you’re doing. I have already laughed and cried with you both. The passion you have for the Lord is beaming!!! It’s so refreshing to listen to your podcast 👏🏽👏🏽
  • jaz manalang
    MORE please 🙌🏼
  • Comforting and loving
    Please don’t stop making y’all’s podcast. I truly enjoy listening to you all. Definitely brings a lot peace and comfort. I can’t wait for y’all to make more!
  • AscensionsMel
    Can’t wait for more
    I enjoy this podcast so much so far. Thank you so much. Keep it going GGB. Can’t wait for the Merch ❤️❤️❤️
  • sarahmel93
    Thank you!
    Thank you for taking the time and spreading the good word of the Lord! Both of you are a breath of fresh air and so easy to relate with!
  • 1926728152)
    I love this podcast so much! Please don’t ever stop. I feel like I’m listening to friends. Thank you for helping me heal with the word of the lord. God bless you both <3
  • dkfurhd
    Just what I needed
    Let me first start by saying I’ve listened to thousands of podcast and I’ve never wrote a review. This is my first. Trying to be a single Godly woman in this world is hard. It’s hard to find others that understand what you stand for but also what you are struggling with. While I don’t know either of them, this was the community I needed by hearing the support you provide each other and validation of the exact things I struggle with daily and thought I was alone. Thank you. Where do I find friends like you?!
  • kkariD
    Guerreras in God
    I love you your guys I love the podcast it's the best one. Keep doing it 🙌🏻🙌🏻god bless you all
  • Horrible (current version)
    What your heart needs !
    They make me want to dive into the bible ! The conversation they have make me laugh, dig deeper and reflect , I always feel complete after every episode
  • koulourakia
    Encouraging Podcast
    Just listened to the first episode and these two women have already hit home on so many topics. I have also struggled with depersonalization/derealization so to hear a Christian talk about that and how they pursued Jesus through it really encouraged me. I need more episodes!! Thank you!
  • ImACountryGirl@Heart
    Great Podcast! Love your testimony! ♥️🙏
    Thank you for being real and honest and sharing your love for Jesus with us! I’m going to start speaking scripture over myself every morning!! I love that idea! Thank you so much for sharing the love of our Lord and Savior!! 🩷
  • jdne ejene
    Love this podcast
    It’s so nice to have a God centered podcast to listen to that is from the perspective of two women who are exactly like me. I just selfishly wish you would post more often 💗
  • fonee'
    Love this podcast. Please continue to keep God first, this ministry is touching so many lives and giving God glory. Please please please continue to keep God first because if you do he will continue to use this platform and others!
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