Mentally Stronger with Therapist Amy Morin


Mental strength is the key to living your best life. Join host Amy Morin, a psychotherapist and international best-selling to learn the tools, tips, and strategies that will help you think, feel, and do your best in life.
On Mondays, she interviews experts, authors, entrepreneurs, athletes, musicians, and celebrities about the strategies they use to overcome the biggest battle we all face — the battle within our own minds. She then breaks down their strategies in "The Therapist's Take" section of the episode so you can apply their strategies to your own life. Every Friday, she shares "The Friday Fix," a weekly segment offering quick exercises straight from her therapy office that can help you grow mentally stronger today.
Whether you're struggling with your mental health or you want to take your life to the next level, this show is for you.

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  • Lara197212
    Thinking Clearer
    Thank you Amy for these Monday podcasts. I just wanted to show my gratitude for helping me emotionally and mentally sound. Well at least I’m working on being mentally sound lol. I have been going through some traumatizing losses since early 2022. It started out with EDD when I was receiving unemployment benefits, they claimed they overpaid me which is not true. HOW could that be so? I’ve always worked since I was 16 years old, I recently was just out of work for 2 years 2020-2022????? SO NO! But they put a judgement lien on me for $4k but because they took all the money out of my bank accounts AUTOMATICALLY, without prior notice, they drained both checking and savings all the way to zero balance. Left me without a penny. They took out $10K not $4k!!!!! I didn’t know what I was going to do about bills and rent and just live. Since I was still not working at that point. From what I understood they can only take percentage of my EARNED INCOME. So that’s means only if I was earning a living at 20% but they cannot take all of it. At that time I was too weak to fight back. I started going into a deep depression from that point on. Then we found out my uncle (mom’s only brother) whom I was very close with; has stage 4 pancreatic cancer. I helped take care of him and taking him to doctor appointments. Then June 2023 he passed away. 10 days later, one of my bestfriend died from kidney failure, then my mom passed away 5 months after that (Dec 2022) then as if that wasn’t enough; my live in BF Daniel of 3 years, broke up with me first week of Dec 2022, I was really devastated, so I decided I really needed to be with my dad in the Philippines. I arrived to the Philippines in January 2023 and after just 1 month my eldest sister, whom I haven’t seen in 40 years gets really jealous of my relationship with my dad. She kicked me and my dad out of the house which my dad had fully paid for, and a brand new SUV which again our dad had fully paid for. My dad and I stayed at my mom’s cousins for the next 4 months until we were able to get a plane ticket back to US. One week after We arrived home in America, we took my dad to Kaiser, only to find out he has stage 4 Lung cancer. Although Daniel and I were broken up, we both remained in contact regularly over texts and calling each other daily. Upon my return home in April 2023, Daniel and I kept seeing each other, he even stayed the night and sometimes the whole weekend. He was even helping me financially until I found a job and got back on my feet again. But after about a month, That’s when I found out Daniel was already seeing someone else since Feb 2023!!!!, BUT not one word to me about it. The bastard was coming over and spending the night with me, being with me sexually and calling me & texting daily???? He gave me hope that we were working towards our relationship again. Daniel won’t even speak or have any communication with me and ghosting me even. Finally I received an email from him last week only to tell me that he’s getting married and starting a family!!!!! What a blow to my face. He’s 54 years old and this woman just turned 30 in August!!!! My heart was just shattered into pieces and I wanted to end my life. With my loved ones gone and dad is terminally ill. I couldn’t see the point of living. I’ve just been getting kicked to the ground financially, emotionally & mentally. Then about 3 days ago I stumbled on your podcast. Desperately trying to find an answer as to why this is happening to me? Between listening to your podcast, continually attending my church & Bible study group weekly, and God’s grace, I’m still here breathing and writing a very long (maybe unnecessary rant- so I’m sorry) somewhat of a review. Just to say THANK YOU from the bottom of what’s left of my heart, for helping me pick up my self little at a time, day at a time. Sincerely, Lara M.
  • Sara J RN
    Great podcast for those struggling
    This podcast is so informative and helpful for those struggling with any mental health issues. Her suggestions are realistic and have helped me so much with my own anxiety and depression. Her books are great also!
  • plf227
    SO helpful, AND practical advice!
    I have listened to a number of ‘self help’ podcasts with mediocre, vague advice. This podcast is different. Her 15 minute Friday series gives ‘do it today’ PRACTICAL and actionable advice that WAS helpful.
  • Snohil
    Everyone should listen to this podcast
    I can't not tell you what change and hope I have gotten from this podcast. Their is such great information and help for all different types of people and problems. Helps you realize that everyone is struggling in same way or other and your not alone and how the people she interviews have persevered. After a divorce and becoming a single mom I thought I wouldn't make it through. Over and over each episode gives me hope and strategies that have improved my life. Thank you so much Amy!
  • Jayneen Leialoha
    Soul Quenched
    My heart, mind, and soul has been refreshed and renewed. I feel like a weight has been lifted and my eyes have been opened. Amy and her guests has helped me to gain mental strength as well as be a better partner and a better mom ❤️
  • Keisty Rusk
    I really enjoy this podcast! It gives such helpful tips when you are overwhelmed or going thru something hard. It’s very eye opening and straight to the truth to get you thru those things that bring you down.
  • constrained by God's love
    This site has helped me untangle some pretty tight knots of emotional confusion caused by faulty thinking. I have been given tools to help me choose behaviors that support my mental well being rather continue In repetitive choices that undermine it. Thank you
  • Keetah18
    Love this podcast!
    Such an eye opener/ mind opener!! Lots of great techniques to help with daily challenges! Always look forward to the next episode!
  • 365daysofapril
    Clear, concise, to the point - thank you
    A no-fluff podcast that captures my experience in a snapshot. I will definitely be recommending this podcast to others as a tool to support overall emotional intelligence, emotional well-being, as well as emotional growth
  • Pearlgirlrn80
    Great straightforward advice
    I stumbled upon Amy through a different podcast. I have binge listened to her episodes!! I love her “Therapists Take” where she sums up the takeaways. She covers a large range of ideas and gives great advice about how to face them. I have ordered her books and am loving her straight forward and simple advice to take on life’s challenges! Her tools make me believe that I can become mentally stronger and face life and whatever is thrown at me.
  • MrBlueSkyELO_2017
    Awesome podcast!
    Really helpful! Have learned a whole lot from this show, and can’t wait for more! :!
  • Kacie’s
    Chance find
    I stumbled across mentally stronger when looking for Anxiety podcasts. Her session with Dr. Kennedy was eye opening. It’s the first time I’ve heard anyone approach anxiety from the physiological effects (vs cognitive). So much focus is on changing your thoughts. I moved on to Amy Morin’s Friday Fix podcasts. Excited about this find!!
  • Jennaveive27
    Great tools and strategies
    Thank you for your podcast. Great strategies and coping mechanisms with perspective both relatable and thought provoking. I enjoy your podcast and so does my soul that wants to rid myself of unhealthy anxieties and overthinking behaviors. Great work!
  • motivated human 2.5
    This show really helps me
    I have been working on my mental strength ever since I read 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do. Now, I get to hear tips for building mental strength every week and it helps me so much. Thank you Amy!
  • Beach4obx
    Mentally Stronger!
    I started out by listening to her audiobook. Such great content that once I finished, I started to listen to the podcasts. What is amazing is that I even though the title may not appeal to me, I still come away with a deeper insight on how I think and process things! Give one episode a listen, and I bet you will come away with the same impression.
  • jack0451
    Great Podcast
    Thank you Amy for your hard work in the episodes you do. I feel like I can take something away with the advice that is given. Short, sweet and to the point. Love it.
  • Ydawake
    Great resource
    Thank you Amy for such a great podcast. I have found your podcast to be so beneficial. What I like about your podcast is that they are short and very simple advice that I can implement today.
  • Ranosha94
    The Best Psychotherapist Podcast
    What I like about her show is very simple to understand and informative with numerous things to follow ,as many know that usually psychotherapist generally talks too much without telling you what exactly to do 🤍
  • johnny timetraveler
    Practical and Inspirational Podcast!
    I first listened to Amy Morin’s superb “13 Ways to Build Mental Strength” on the SimpleHabit app. I returned to it often and recommended it to family members for its clear, practical advice. I was thrilled to discover her new podcast Mentally Stronger. Amy’s compassion, sense of humor and enthusiasm come through every episode. Thanks!
  • Probably Not Steve
    10/10 would recommend
    I love this podcast!! Always gets me in the right mindset.
  • Ydarb drawde
    Great Podcast!!!
    Every time we hear Amy we come away with more understanding. As former teachers and people who by nature had to study people and behavioral choices, it is so affirming to our instincts as well as informative for those situations and interactions that are relatable yet still questionable as to how to respond.
  • kevindavis_nrt
    Life-giving podcast
    Amy Morin, thank you so much for your tips on how to be mentally stronger!! I can't get enough of your podcast, and it's been extremely life-giving. I feel less alone from listening to your insightful interviews and valuable strategies.
  • Goforthegusto99
    Amy inspires me
    Every episode gives me practical strategies I can apply to my life right now. Thank you Amy for helping me find the strength I need to get through this crazy life.
  • Longtime Sacramentan
    Another great tool
    With so many podcasts out there on the subject of mental health, Amy’s are always fresh, and to the point. I appreciate the brevity and ability to quickly implement change.
  • Mío.10.0
    This is a mental health go to
    Love this new podcast! Short, simple with practical tips. Love it!
    My own personal therapist!!!
    Amy Morin and her common sense philosophy and approach to life and it’s challenges is so helpful to me every day! Since the first article I read 10 years ago I’ve followed her career through books, articles, interviews and podcasts. Her home is here- giving the world the best advice, always based from the most helpful book I’ve ever read, 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do.
  • Carifly13
    So happy Amy is here!
    I’ve been learning and growing mentally strong with Amy since her first book 13 Things Mentally Strong People came out years ago, with each book, and each podcast she’s done I’ve learned so much and have new tools to get through life! I don’t miss a podcast! I’m so thankful I followed her here!!! Amy Morin and Mentally Stronger hands down is the most useful podcast you’ll put in your rotation! I won’t go a week without her voice in my head;)
  • qrv2023
    Great podcast
    Love Amy’s podcasts. Mental health and building mental strength is so important. The podcasts are very informative with strategies that can be incorporated everyday. Amy’s and her guest bring awareness to mental health issues. Hearing people tell their stories of how they have been impacted and discussing strategies that have improved their mental strength is so valuable. Great job! You are amazing!
  • EvanT80
    Amy is Sensational
    This show has helped me immensely working out issues both physically and emotionally. Every day is getting better and I could thank Amy enough.
  • #+=
    This is great!
    I love the podcast!! Just like everything else Amy has put out this has helped me so much!
  • jenyuncke
    Great podcast!
    My therapist recommended me the 13 things mentally strong people don’t do book line and I could not of loved it more! It helped me so much in so many different parts of my life!
  • 💎dog💎
    Life changing
    Amy has helped me really turn my life around with all of her inspirational work! I was in a dark place until my best friend recommended Amy’s book, it made me look at my life in a different way and stop having the “poor me” mindset. Thank you Amy I love all your work!
  • B15675
    Happy I found Amy!
    I am so glad I found Amy’s new show! I love the Friday Fixes!
  • widowednotalone
    Listened to every episode of your other podcast, so glad I tagged you this morning. 😊 Widowednotalone
  • Cayo Pierico
    You helped me through so much
  • Dig man Dig
    great show
    this has really helped me through a lot these last couple months. i'm so thankful for this show and I don't think i could ever stop watching it.
  • graceport17
    very good
    you’re awesome, keep going we ❤️ u, get that bank sis
  • Nayrae12
    This show has tremendously helped in improving my mental state thank you for doing this show<3
  • Costarelli.N
    This is amazing
    I could listen to this all day long, I wish you were my therapist. This is amazing. I love you like just, lots of love
  • Hairy.P
    Thank you!
    Your podcast has helped me through some tough times and I just want to thank you.
  • skinnychief
    Review on podcast
    Amy Morin has great information on how to problem solve and create new ways on how to control, deal, and heal from mentally challenging experiences or future experiences. She has created a new path for me that is working very successfully, this podcast is great and will continue to be great with her great knowledge on this topic. Thank you for all you have done for me, I’m very excited for the next episode. YOU ROCK.
  • J.tatum in 6
    Best show ever
    I have listened to many podcast but nothing compares to Amy’s! she speaks straight facts and i’m so here for it. Good luck with the new show. I’ll be listening.
  • softballstar610
    Your amazing
    You’ve helped me through so much and I can’t thank you enough for all this advice! Thank you so beyond much I love your podcast and you and all the work you do!! Such an inspiration
  • cbsyhdshhsbd
    Life Changed
    This podcast changed my life. I feel so much better about my life. Thank you Amy.
  • roselacasse8
    Thank you Amy
    I've struggled my whole life with feeling sorry for myself and grief. I've often felt alone in this world and it's stopped me from achieving some of my goals. I started listening to your podcasts a month ago and you've already helped me so much. I listen when i'm cleaning or getting ready for bed. It makes me feel relaxed and motivate me to tackle the days ahead!
  • BriceW.L.
    This is awesome!
    Your tips on mental strength really helped me. I listen to your show as much as I can to get my head on straight. Thanks so much Amy!
  • Luca234722
    Always the best!
    I have been following Amy for years now and this podcast continues to impress! I will definitely be following her on her new adventure!
  • Sabrina1423
    This show helped me so much! Loved the first book! Definitely will be recommending to all of my friends!
  • 207lb
    this is so real
    I love that you don’t sugarcoat anything. I loved listening to this
  • snoop1313131313131
    You Are Beautiful!
    This podcast has helped me so much. I am glad you are doing so well with this because you deserve it!! Go Girl!
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