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Our country’s problems will never be solved by a bunch of fancy people in nice suits talking big words on CNN and Fox, but by An Army of Normal Folks just deciding “hey, I can help.” Hosted by Coach Bill Courtney from the Oscar-winning Undefeated, this podcast is building the Army and celebrating its extraordinary members. New episodes are released every Tuesday. 

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  • One Throne
    Awesome show
    Great show highlighting those people in their community changing our country on person at a time
  • Danoli77
    Anti-intellectualism under a folksy mask
    The lack of nuance in his viewpoint, and absence of understanding on how we got to where we are, really limits his goal of solving the cultural divide and other social challenges in our world. I’d urge them to do a bit more research on topics to educate and elevate the army of “regular people”. Hoped they can take a broader and more inclusive approach that could bring everyone into the discussion as “regular people”.
  • The Collyer Brothers
    The Most Inspirational Podcast!!
    I’ve listened to every podcast in this series. Each one, in their own way, is compelling, gripping, and, ultimately, inspiring. Real people doing real acts of service in their communities and their individual flash points are things we all encounter every day. It’s a refreshing confirmation that everyone of us can make a difference and the larger the Army, the bigger the impact. Keep it up, Coach!
  • john harbour
    just another divisive podcast
    heard the commercial several times while listening to another podcast-- sad to hear how divisive it was-- normal people? an army of normal folks? no big words or suits? no people in d.c.? you do realize you are insulting everyone, right? but that's okay cause some people like uneducated people that don't know big words-- and they like to keep them that way while filling their ears with garbage--
  • DathoMeerkat
    Timely in Its Timelessness
    I’m young, but my inner crank hates all the five-minute-fads and political & social frustration used to gin up an audience quickly and cash in then check out. This is not that, but it is a much needed breather. This show asks you to join these folks, both in the hour or so of the conversation as well as in their efforts to find something better around us. Heck, to BE SOMETHING better around us. I saw a comment about how Mr. Courtney jumps all over guests. I notice that sometimes too, but the person then complained about how he needs to get out of the way. Could he do better? Sure! But he’s not a man trained for this! He’s been improving, and for goodness sake he’s elevating these folks and sharing their stories. Surely we can give some grace for him learning how to do this thing. Overall, a beautiful product celebrating broken, yet beautiful people.
  • MoSigns
    Can’t pick a favorite
    I’ve listened to every episode. I listen to lots of podcasts and this has become my new favorite. Getting to the heart of what makes these normal people exceptional is well crafted and heartfelt. People’s lives are complicated and learning how the people got to be extraordinary will touch your heart and inspire you to make a difference in your own community. This is the ripple the world needs.
  • QuartetLead
    Thank you for introducing me to Arshay. I just ordered his book.
  • Sriunit
    Faith in Humanity Restored
    In an era of click bait and blood-lust journalism, it’s great to have a podcast that focuses on the good and inspiration that exists in America.
  • benniesdad
    Refreshing and positive
    I will admit that I am a podcast junkie. When I heard Bill’s interview on Kira Davis i looked this podcast up to give it a try. I listened to the intro and then binge listened to every single podcast right after that. I am hooked I enjoy this show immensely because it is positive and motivating. Sure beats all the same old political banter. Plus I am a pastor so I am always on the lookout for feel good positive stories of God’s hand at work in people.
  • Rush_codyttv
  • Schneidogg99
    Real ways to make a positive impact
    Coach Bill has a great passion for helping to raise an awareness for ways each of us can start with small steps impacting our communities for good.
  • Wamhokeebpe
    Bill is the guy we’ve all been waiting for! Finally, somebody who speaks the truth! Thank you!
  • smarch23
    Thank you for what you do and reminding me that I can make a difference by joining the “Army of Normal folks”
  • USN, retired
    So far, so good…🤔🇺🇸 So what?…🏴‍☠️🤨😖 Just kidding.…😁😎 So bring on your best!🇺🇸🏴‍☠️🗽🏴‍☠️🇺🇸
  • tobefreen2003
    I never write reviews, but this podcast is a breath of fresh air! We need more people like those in this podcast and I need more stories. Keep this podcast going. It’s the silver lining to a dark cloud, which is the world we live in.
  • bri, va lowercase lib
    Great Idea for a Podcast! But …
    The host is messing up what could be a top of the line show by talking over and trough his guest. I just heard him ask then answer his own question while interrupting his guest (who tried but failed to get a word in.) You must, must, must, MUST sit back & let your guest take the stage. Perhaps the attempt is to have a convo-style show but even that should be structured so the guest has the space and stage to complete his statements. It seemed like there were no notes being followed, only reactionary engagement which short changed the guest and the listeners. Keep long-winded thoughts for the end of the show if they’re necessary, but for god sake shhhhhhhh. Have the officer back on your show (if he’ll come) once you learn how to conduct a proper interview. I feel like I wanted to hear so much more he was TRYING to get out but instead I got your random memories and ideas- wise and kind nonetheless belabored and redundant. I respect the effort and concept but come on. Take a critical ear, listen to your interview, and fix it. The good humans of earth have basically lost any tolerance or patience for men who don’t understand when it’s necessary to tuck in their egos. Don’t hate me for being honest- be mad at the dilettantes who have used up all the worlds reserve tolerance for themselves. (Cough cough Musk, Trumps etc).
  • Almost a Fan2.0
    Loved what I heard with exception of the profanity. Would not recommend to my friends because of that one issue. Wasn’t needed and did not add anything to the interview.
  • SoniaMDA
    Love always wins
    Hearing these life stories fills my heart. There’s a message in every story for everyone. For those that haven’t joined in -do it. It’s inspiring. They didn’t let their pain be their forever. Ordinary people doing extraordinary things.
  • 2k coinz
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  • Rix
    You and me
    I love the idea and execution of this podcast. There’s so much to appreciate and be grateful for that isn’t covered in the news. Let’s stop and listen to what our neighbors (and fellow citizens) around the country are doing. Only we can improve the state of our world. These stories can inspire us.
  • aubreercortes
    Best new podcast
    The Authentic, inspiring, and beautiful stories that we need now more than ever! Thank you for making a podcast that’s making a difference.
  • Tiffanyleanne81
    We all need this!
    I often delve into true crime and was so happy I found this podcast. Loved the first three episodes and can’t wait to see what comes. Inspires and motivates me that maybe I can make small changes to make big impact.
  • Chazorama
    Real people doing real things to make the world a better place.
    Great conversations with real people doing real things to make the world a better place. Exactly what we need more of.
  • IheartBill
    So refreshing!
    So nice to hear real people having real conversations. So refreshing!
  • CatttttM
    Incredible podcast
    Loved the first 3 episodes. Looking forward to hearing what’s next!
  • amendon2456
    Great Listen
    Great, thought provoking conversation!
  • _rynamite
    What the world needs
    Positive vibes. Stories of everyday Americans doing extraordinary good in their communities. Inspiring.
  • Listen Everyday (!)
    Must listen
    Inspiring and compelling, recommend , well worth the listen
  • JerKath
    This was very inspiring. Thanks for starting this podcast. I am in! Jerry Pack
  • A new recruit!
    Inspiring and feel-good stories!
    An Army of Normal Folks is inspiring and hopeful! Can’t wait for more episodes.
  • Itsallgood124
    Finally no sugar coating
    It’s nice to hear the perspective of someone who shoots it straight and doesn’t sugarcoat any of the issues we all wish that we would address
  • CJLaC
    A refreshing take
    An effective example of community policing and the Coach brings a level of comfort that invites the listener and amplifies the voices of “Normal Folks”. 10/10
  • Stu Angry
    Great show. So authentic. Bill is an inspiration.
    I love the perspective Bill brings to Army of Normal Folks. You can tell he's not working from a bunch of scripted questions, but from a genuine desire to have an authentic conversation with amazing people, who you may have never heard of, doing great things.
  • EmilySamBlaz
    Everyday people with world changing stories. Refreshing podcast. 👍
  • vrang89
    Self Reflection
    Bill is great. Made for this. Amazing podcast.
  • Ehil09
    Inspiring and comforting
    With all the chaos going on in the world, Bill Courtney and his guest provide a nice perspective, it’s up to us to create positive change we want for our country!
  • magzcourt
    The simple change we need… love and inspire your community
    Refreshing, a genuine exhale in a world so divided… It’s simple. Stop relying so much on the media for info and scrolling on social media.. they too often fuel divisiveness and fear of each other. Get out and talk to people. Get to know your community. Love each other. People are hard to hate up close! I can’t wait to hear more stories of people doing amazing things in their local communities!
  • NormalDude17
    Rejuvenates your soul
    provokes self-reflection and inspires real change.
  • RelNiss
    Bill’s voice!
    Inspiring and comforting. A must listen!
  • mspassell
    466745 stars!!!
    Bill Courtney is amazing!
  • AACortes1989
    Coach Bill is the type of leader we need right now
    and he’s so right that just An Army of Normal Folks could change the country.
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