King of the Court

Tennis #4

All things Pickleball brought to you by pro pickleball player, Tyler Loong and his co-host and personality Jimmy Miller

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  • largo Billy
    You’re our Information central
    I’m a loyal KOTC fan. You guys have great on-air chemistry! Jimmy, the Ann Landers of Pickleball, gets input from God know where and then puts it out to your listeners to let us know what’s going on with PPA, MLP & APP.
  • Extra Roostee
    Great podcast!
    These guys will keep you up to date. They cover all the drama and controversy in the pro pickleball scene.
  • Just One More Game Addict
    Love the podcast!!!
    Everything included, nothing held back. Good, honest, humorous information, including the drama! Well done Tyler and Jimmy! Keep it up!
  • felixjimenez
    Undoubtedly the best
    If you don't listen to any other pickleball podcast, this is the only one you need, the most informative and most entertaining, there's not even a close 2nd!
  • Eddie Panic
    Must see/listen podcast
    Jimmy is becoming soft, but he’s GM now - so dude’s got to watch his words a bit more. May need to add a 3rd host who can drop the bombs that we want. Tyler - glad to see the drilling has paid off. You’ve been on fire of late. So what’s your vertical? Could you dunk on Jimmy?
  • Jake'nBake
    Not bad
    It’s okay
    Great PB pod!
    Love the podcast! Check the audio though…spotty at times. Stay REAL Jimmy!
  • seanpmcveigh
    King of the court - Awesome
    With Tyler’s knowledge of the game and his pro experience and viewpoint along with Jimmys irreverent takes on life, pickleball and the pros, this is by far the best pickleball podcast out there . There is such an easy rapport between the two hosts that the time goes by so far.
  • Erinln74
    Absolutely LOVE KOTC
    The most entertaining pickleball podcast period!! If I could give more stars I would.
  • DCD-Dallas
    Love KOTC
    Great podcast guys! I love all the behind the scenes info that Jimmy shares regarding trash talk, controversies, rumors, beefs, etc. And love Tyler’s insight as a Pro on what it’s like on tour and his intelligence on partnerships. Keep up the good work and don’t listen to the haters.
  • Taydigs
    An honest review of pickle, no holding back! Love it!
  • Lucy chang yung
    Jimmy is just GOLDEN!
  • Cpigeon
    Good stuff.
    Good stuff
  • he 49017
    All Me
    Tyler = good stuff, don’t be afraid to color outside the lines Jimmy = GOAT, don’t change w the promo Great podcast!!
  • Drain Swamp
    Pickleball fan
    TL = color outside the lines once in awhile Jimmy = da king of the court GOAT. Don’t change!! Fantastic podcast
  • Ecraven72
    TMZ of pickleball podcasts
    I have to be honest, I tune in to listen to the dirty gossip.
  • TysonMcMuffin
    Best pickleball podcast!!
    Tyler and Jimmy are pure Gold!
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