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Rachel Maddow, host of the #1 hits “Bag Man” and “Rachel Maddow Presents: Ultra,” is back at the mic with a new original series, “Rachel Maddow Presents: Déjà News.” In each episode, Rachel and co-host Isaac-Davy Aronson seek a deeper understanding of a story in today's headlines by asking: Has anything like this ever happened before? Would knowing that help us grapple with what’s happening now… and what might happen next? Follow now and listen to the first episode on June 12.

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  • Jacki in Wisconsin
    Deja News
    Loved Bag Man and this one didn’t let me down! Looking forward to your next project. This one was a must listen!❤️
  • Mouseclickchick
    Very well researched
    They show the mirror activities from what was tried and done in the past to explain why it’s being done again.
  • EW
    Brilliant podcast
    Very well done. Fascinating stories and dive into some little known historical events.
  • midwestBlue
    now is the time
    better late then never for you and Isaac-Davy Aronson to do an epi on the brooks brothers operatives riot. talk about fraudulent ballot counting, republicans are the ones. gore v bush. you MUST do an epi on dejanews or on your regular show, please!
  • Susanna in Seattle
    Excellent content but wrong notes
    I am a huge fan of Rachel Maddow’s narrative approach and love her books and the Agnew podcast series. This one has an overly snarky tone that I just can’t shake and comes across as poor taste. And as with the Ultra series, the relentless music became too distracting. Keeps whipsawing between plinky Scooby Doo whodunnit and overly dramatic Unsolved Mysteries moods—just stop.
  • Sandra Kay good
    Mr.Frank Barzilla
    As a former American history and u.s. government teacher the accuracy and relevance of her topics are without equal. She and her partner have captured the real set of events and quickly apply them to some modern counterpoint. They are very entertaining and very accurate. I enjoyed them very much
  • Nicrdh
    This was fantastic! Very engaging. My new favorite podcast.
  • blau1202
    This podcast was excellent and insightful!
  • sptinggirl
    Everything old is new again. We can learn if we want to do do.
  • karategal1210
    Looking forward to season 2!
    Great timely reporting. Loved how they are putting current events in context. Thanks!
  • Try2doitall
    Listen to this!
    “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” and this show has you learning. Even as a history buff I learned things I was totally unaware of. Thank you. Looking forward to the next episode.
  • Accomplishedmess
    Must listen
    I feel like I’m fuzzy on some US and world history. It’s embarrassing but true. Rachel is brilliant and ties current events to past events. This is my favorite podcast. Give it a try and you’ll be hooked.
  • PappiJack
    Hope there’s a Season 2!
    Great series, great stories, and important insights on current events
  • curtisgkelly86
    Fantastic Historical Context
    I have been craving a way to put current events into historical context to better understand the potential impact these events have. Smart insights, witty tête-à-tête, entertaining guests and more.
  • Ron ll
    Déjà news
    Rachael Maddow is an astounding journalist and educator. I have listened to her weekly shows for several years and felt like I was back in school when I listened to her pod casts (I am 70). I have learned so much about our countries dark history that was never talked about in school. I hope she continues this outstanding work along with her outstanding staff. Thank you Ron Flood
  • Hot truth
    much needed context for current affairs
    amazing historical context and storytelling ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ can’t wait for season 2
  • W Ilena
    Excellent Series
    This series is spectacular!! Racheal Maddow is the consummate story teller. This series touches on our history in ways many are not familiar with. The series enlightens us of caveats throughout history we should be aware of, yet we do not know. I thrust for more. Excellent Work!!!
  • Blue in Louisiana
    I binged all the episodes in one day — once I started, I couldn’t stop! Such astonishing and infuriating stories…the one about the Reverse Freedom Riders broke my heart, but I’m glad to be aware that it actually happened.
  • Savvy WildChild
    You missed the real issue
    Conservative governors wouldn’t have had migrants to bus to liberal cities if the Biden administration had been doing their job in securing our country’s borders. We now have over 7 million people in our country who are unvetted and unaccounted for. We have let in human traffickers, drug cartels, criminals and possibly terrorists. Governor DeSantis received so much condemnation for sending 48 immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, a place that had a sign basically saying “All are welcome here” But the truth was that these people were not welcome, and the wealthy residents of Martha’s Vineyard had them shipped out within 48 hours. Now if a town of really rich people can’t afford to take in 48 of these migrants, then how in the world do you think these poor border towns are able to handle the thousands of people coming into their towns?! The hypocrisy is astounding, and that is what was exposed by DeSantis sending a comparatively small group of people to a “sanctuary city”
  • themattb
    I am bereft it is over
    I looked forward to this podcast in a way I have never looked forward to a podcast before. I hope there will be many more episodes in the future. This sort of analysis is desperately needed these days. Bravo!
  • Candy in Sherman Oaks
    Deja News Podcasts
    History “repeat[ing] itself” !!! Thank you, Rachel (and others), for all you do. Your informing and gentle chiding us of such suppression of history seemingly running rampant. The “doomed to repeat itself” is the result of our “not learning.” This world and its gifts are not for a select few! This climate crisis is about to teach us a lesson very few of us are equipped to acknowledge or handle. Your words and deeds will ring out down through time. I will encourage me and mine to encourage themselves and theirs to keep hope alive!!!
  • ViewerOne
    Absorbing and Informative
    Excellent listening!
  • nydramama
    Great Series
    Thank you Rachel & Team for a brilliant podcast. “When will we ever learn”
  • Glock76
    Smart Entertainment
    Listening to history is fun and enlightening
  • Arnie’s gran.
    DeJa Mews
    I tried to listen and it is at “Chipmunk” speed.
  • debba5678
    Excellent Podcast
    Thoroughly enjoyed listening to the six episodes. Maybe there is hope for this country.
  • Gabe 205
    Dèjá News Rachel Maddow
    FANTASTIC!!! Very eye opening as to what is going on in today’s America. I appreciate the work of Rachel & her team!!!
  • Scrapple
    Incredibly informative & educational
    It’s so refreshing to hear information that truly makes you think about how far we have and have not come in not only this great nation of ours, but also our world. I love hearing information that makes me want to learn & know more. Honestly, I feel like this could be a fantastic course to teach in schools across the country.
  • Syndi_cation
    More, more
    more Deja News! Or at least another podcast soon. Thank you! I love all your podcasts
  • Danno 1944
    An absolutely great podcast. I really enjoy history applied to current news. Rachel is the best.
  • None334
    When Is the Next Podcast Series?
    Rachel’s work is incredible and I inhale all the works she has created and co-created. Her topics are great and always leave me wanting more. Thank you for your in depth look at history. It provides this Baby Boomer with some solace to realize we have been here before and have held onto our democracy despite the presence of nefarious behaviors.
  • mom rene
    Déjà News
    Best Podcast I have ever followed! Hate to see it end!
  • cwatkinsgo
    Leave the door open…
    There’s so much more to unearth, future episodes are bound to come.
  • Janetsteiner
    Thank you
    The most shocking thing was how quickly that 6 episodes went! Thank you this was really helpful. Hopefully we have learned something from our history
  • mostsky
    As always…
    Excellent podcast.
  • Jetsettergm
    One has to know our history not to repeat it
    I absolutely love this podcast, tying in past history to current events. We have a dearth of knowledge of our history in this country, and mostly that is because of forces that don’t want us to know our own history, and want to be able to repeat things that happened in the past against the masses. I have enjoyed learning about the parallels in history to things that are happening in today’s current events, and I certainly hope that Rachel will pick up for another season of De Ja News at some point in the near future.
  • Curious and Concerned
    Background music - why so much and so loud?
    I wonder whether the show hosts thought about those hearing impaired or challenged baby-boomers when they chose to have the background music compete with the narration? It is a shame to be so distracted from what is important by music, albeit exciting and dramatic. It prevented me from listening fully, which I regret since the stories are compelling and smart.
  • neverlost4good
    Puzzle solved
    With the crazy, nonsensical politics nowadays, it’s comforting to learn this isn’t new, and lessons must be learned to avoid such chaos. Rachel and her team, put it all together, piece by piece. No one lays it out better.
  • vickie brooks
    Started watching Rachael when the Pandemic started. Where have you been all my life I love your show. Keep up the good work Rachael.
  • Rubyxcxcjjj
    Being comforting isn’t what’s needed
    Sure it’s great and interesting, excepting the god awful music … I don’t think things are the same as before and I don’t think there is a precedent to the fascism and authoritarianism that is happening now. I think this is a way of making people feel UNalarmed that the US is hurtling towards what is likely the last election of the American experiment in 2024. The hokey music and cute groundhog just makes all seem like oh some silly game the GOP Fascists are thinking will work. The first lesson of fascism is start with theatre and buffoonery so everyone thinks it’s a big joke.. idk. Worth a listen but not sure it’s the best approach at a time when fascism already has its foot well in the door.
  • Teffor
    Rachel Maddow #1 show ‘Deja’ New
    Rachel Maddow is the reason some of us still believe in the truth of reporting the News that is happening around the country and the media world. She’s one of my best News Network journalist. When ever I listen to her reporting I understand and learn a lot about what is going on around the country and the world. Thanks MSNBC for having this treasure the whole Team of reporters.
  • MHzMama1
    History Repeats Itself, or Rhymes
    Rachel Maddow and her good friend have together made sublime reporting as usual, reaching back in time to weave in perfectly parallel threads. And that’s just the canvas! I can’t wait to listen and listen and listen to these stories over and over. Thank you Rachel and co-host…..BRB Isaac-Davy Aronson You two rock! Your reporting makes clear that history repeats itself. Societies oscillate between wanting democracies and wanting autocracies. Why? Because we get sick of inaction and gridlock in democracies. We tell ourselves that a strongman / bully is what is needed to get our way bc we otherwise don’t feel heard. I love that you’re showing us what the difference is, and how one always stars a highly flawed character. How do we get ourselves to stop this cycle? I dunno, but I hope you help figure that out. And soon! You go Rachel and Isaac-Davy, tell us this story.
  • LilFiery0ne
    Illuminating Truth !!
    This is exactly what people need today to navigate all the things happening in the political stratosphere. I can’t say this enough, Rachel Maddie’s true gift is ILLUMINATING TRUTH and Rachel with co-host Isaac make an awesome Duo to do just that!! In a world filled with spin, hidden agendas and political prevarications their voices are desperately needed. Thank You!! Thank You!!
  • zozobrayuo
    Why did it end?
    The worst part of this podcast is that it ended… it’s only 6 episodes long. Otherwise I love how they connect the past to the present, and how they commentate on it. I wish they would keep going!
  • Xiomi1409
    Deja News is excellent!
    Thank you for all the history lessons, I hope the leaders of the world listened to all the cautionary tales. Xiomara Ortiz
  • Review Away
    Great Series
    I’m not ready for this series to end and I truly hope you will continue your incredible reporting and succinct insights into this crazy ole world. Thank you!
  • ERRN0911
    Top Notch!
    I don’t think I could’ve survived these last few years of politics if it wasn’t for Rachel and her team making sense of it all. Keep up the strong work, and thank you.
  • Erika Pliska
    Informative History
    ✅ Accurate historical context ✅ Niche stories hidden inside the news archives ✅ Maddow Analysis
  • I knew him
    Well worth the time to listen
    This garbage is going on NOW! At FL taxpayer expense…but instead of worrying about that…he’s got citizens up in arms about fictional evils…and he’s busy rewriting history. These migrants are HUMAN BEINGS and deserve so much better! Thank you for your podcast, your point of view, and for not being afraid to share!!
  • mamamaloney
    Thank You!
    I really needed this.
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