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Rob Cesternino, Jenny Autumn and guests recap the weekly episodes of ABC’s Claim to Fame

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  • Leggett44
    Love this pod!
    These two are great together, and this show is fantastic. So glad they’re covering it!
  • BnB1210
    Best part of Claim to Fame in addition to Franklin Jonas
    I love every podcast Jenny and Rob do and it has led me to watching many weird reality tv shows but the one I’m happiest I watch is claim to fame! Also funny I showed my mom Chris and she instantly knew he was related to Donny Osmond the theory is so real.
  • RedLineToBraintree
    Pretty good coverage, but googling earlier went too far
    I like this podcast generally, and think the coverage has a good mix of funny commentary and serious strategy discussion. However, earlier in the season they googled some pretty broad clues based on the celebrities’ year of birth and birthplace. That spoiled both Jane and Gabriel for me. If they hadn’t done that, Gabriel might still be under the radar, or at least wouldn’t have been locked in so soon. In the future, I hope they’ll refrain from googling “list all celebrities who meet x criteria.”
  • pandabear6464
    Almost Good
    Jenny is constantly obsessing over small details, going on long loud rants, or needlessly bringing up politics. Rob needs to work on his stammering and overuse of “uhhh.” Somehow they bring up Trump about every episode even through he is not related to the show? Please stick to the source material.
  • Memed55
    Great show & equally great podcast!
    Great first episode of season 2. The show was a surprise hit last season, but a great Rob and Jenny podcast is never surprise; you know you’ll have a great time listening to them!
  • putefarm
    Love Rhap
    So I just came across Claim to Fame due to a TikTok of Tom Hanks nieces eviction. I was like I have to watch this show and I hope RHAP covers it. So I went back and watched season 1 and listened to all of Rob and Jenny’s podcasts. Love them both so much!!! Now I’m enjoying season 2 of the show and rob and Jenny’s thoughts.
  • Jane2520
    Love the podcast. Please get Chappell on to help you guys with the cultural points. Please.
  • mmkahler
    We’re back, baby!!
    Rob and Jenny are back for Season 2 and I’m so ready!! This is such a fun podcast and I love you both together. I’m a huge Jenny stan and I’m ready to hear all of your takes this season! Also, blue clue wall is better and I’m pretty sure Gabriel is Kenan Thompson’s brother. They sound very similar IMO. Can’t wait for more Claim to Fame!!
  • Caz Phets
    I clapped after the podcast!
    I clapped for you Jenny after the podcast finished! I love this dumb fun show and I love listening to y’all recap it
  • Lachattenoir
    Could be a five star pod
    Jenny, Please please please learn to stop saying “I mean, like, and y’know” so often that they’re distracting from the otherwise entertaining content.
  • Smileyxoxo
    A must-listen for Claim to Fame fans!
    Rob and Jenny’s Claim to Fame recap (just like all of their podcasts) is so much fun! You don’t need to study the clue wall to know that this podcast is necessary listening.
  • Elisabeth81890
    Rob and Jenny are famous for this podcast!
    This podcast is Rob and Jenny’s Claim to Fame!! They are a great team and I would listen to them podcast about anything from bad to worse (looking at you Special Forces Colon World’s Toughest Test). But this show is great and the podcast is even better!!!!! Don’t ring the bell on these two!!!!
  • BrianScally
    Underrated like Frankie Jonas
    Two truths and a lie: My relation to this podcast is me being an enormous fan This podcast’s job is being even more fun than the show This podcast has already won a Grammy
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