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Whether you are new to intermittent fasting or an experienced intermittent faster, tune in each week to this motivational and down-to-earth podcast to get inspired, learn, and have some fun along the way. Gin Stephens is the New York Times bestselling author of Fast Feast Repeat, and host of top-ranked podcast Intermittent Fasting Stories. Sheri Bullock works in healthcare, and her passion is helping others live their best lives. Gin and Sheri are friends and intermittent fasters, and their shared goal is helping others navigate their own intermittent fasting lifestyles. You can make submissions to the podcast by going to

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  • Davita Lizzy
    More fun
    I really feel like you two ladies are lots of fun! I enjoy the simple way you explain all things IF!Keep up the good work 🙏💪💙
  • sraineycw
    Thank you
    You ladies are awesome!! Thanks for all the content and conversation! Helps keep me on the straight and narrow of an IF lifestyle! Sara
  • JanBfield
    This is the BEST Podcast!!
    I have learned so much. I am beginning IF and totally committed to wanting and needing better health. The weight loss will just be a benefit! Thank you ladies!! Reading the Fast Feast Repeat book too.
  • Mary reviewing
    So informative
    I love Gin and Sheri! They’re informative while still being entertaining. Helpful but not dogmatic or judgmental. If you want to learn everything you need to know about intermittent fasting this is the place!
  • Stacy_d
    I am so grateful and overjoyed by this podcast! I am an intermittent faster for life! IF has changed my life for the better. I am so much happier than I’ve EVER been. I learn something new every week with Gin and Sheri. Thank you for all that you do!❤️
  • Gillirob
    Intermittent Fasting for L*IF*E
    This is by far the best podcast on the subject of Intermittent Fasting. The END! (Kidding) The layout of the podcast keeps you motivated, intrigued, and coming back every week for another episode! There is something here for everyone that wants to learn more about this subject. You may be a beginner or a seasoned faster (as I am) but I learn every time in listen. Gin and Sheri are so down to earth ladies and very easy to listen to. You’re welcome!
  • scary t
    Great Resource!
    This is a great resource to learn about intermittent fasting and to refresh your knowledge. Gin, Sheri and Roxi are knowledgeable and positive. They are always encouraging while reminding listeners that it’s a lifestyle, and to get “diet” out of our brain and vocabulary.
  • • Hunny •
    Great Resource for Intermittent Fasters!
    I can’t say enough good things about this podcast. It podcast is a great resource for new and seasoned intermittent fastens alike. Each episode is just shy of an hour and has 3 key components: 1. Weekly Celebration (or victories from listeners) 2. Question of the Week 3. Tweak of the Week I’ve gained so much insight and encouragement from this podcast. Give it a listen today. You won’t regret it!
  • NHizMij
    Great support for IF lifestyle!
    Loving this podcast for Intermittent Fasters. There is some great stuff with real life experiences, questions answered and motivation books/quotes. I have been an IFer for 9 months more and always learn something from Gin and Sheri’s advice and up to date information shared. Their rapport with each other is always entertaining and their encouragement keeps me going! Thank you Gin and Sheri! Sincerely, Debi Griffith, RN, BSN
  • rannndommnickknaamre
    I call them CE podcasts!
    I’ve learned so much about IF through books, studies, videos, and of course podcasts. I would say Gin is my favorite “professor.” Ha! Her and Sheri make a dynamic duo! This podcast is my continuing education as I carry on with my fabulous IF lifestyle! Thank you ladies for your continued efforts to share and inspire!
  • Megan in RVA
    The only IF podcast you need
    Scroll no more, you have arrived! Gin & Sheri bring evidence based research, real life experience and genuine authenticity to the proverbial table in such way that suits everyone’s taste. This podcast is this the real feast! I look forward to it every week. So if you’re considering IF as a lifestyle, give it a listen. Gin & Sheri will change your life!
  • Perimenofaster
    Thank You
    Great podcast. Good info for fasters. Love to listen each week.
  • Nlclace
    Excellent IF Support Podcast
    Love this podcast and the hosts! Gin and Sheri answer questions, celebrate success and guide listeners through the ups and downs of their intermittent fasting journey. Love listening to the tips, tweaks and celebrations each week!
  • Toddchat2
    My forever answer
    Love all the reminders and new information. Went on my first diet at 12 years old. Dieted for 40 years. I always lost on each plan, but ALWAYS gained back whatever I lost, PLUS more. I’ve been clean fasting every single day (varying windows as life flows) since I read Gin’s first book (Jan 2018). Have not gained the weight lost back for the first time in my life. Will never go on another diet - ever.
  • 1hdrn
    Coffee & a lesson
    I enjoy listening to these ladies! Sheri & Gin are warm, welcoming, & you feel like your at the kitchen table having a coffee with the both of them. This is a great investment of your time. They add value to your health journey, & encourage you along the way. Both are knowledgeable & pleasant, you will countdown to the next episode each week ❤️
  • Grateful Faster
    Thank you!
    Love this podcast, lots of wonderful information and tips to help with fasting and other information as well. Look forward to the episodes every week.
  • Trina-Lou
    Best IF teacher!
    Gin inspired me 2 years ago to adopt intermittent fasting with her incredible, well-sourced, inspiring teaching! It has changed the way I see fueling my body, getting rid of the “shoulds”, giving myself grace, and understanding what good things happen when I give my body a break from bombarding it with food every few hours!
  • fittrip
    No Nonsense Truthful Podcast about Intermittent Fasting
    I came across Gin Stephen’s Intermittent Fasting Stories several years ago and it has changed my life. As a woman growing up in the late 70’s aand early 80’s I have had a life long struggle with dieting and weight loss. Gin breaks intermittent fasting down in relatable and easy to understand terms. Sheri Bullock is very knowledgeable and supportive. Sheri and Gin also address other informative health topics related to women. This podcast helps me to stay on track with my Intermittent Fasting goals. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in learning about intermittent fasting.
  • JKfromtheblock
    The Best!
    This podcast is packed with helpful and informed intermittent fasting information! Gin and Sheri help demystify the science behind IF to guide your individual journey to better health. I eagerly await each new episode as an uplifting and informative supplement to FAST.FEAST.REPEAT.
  • IF - a new way of life
    IF, A great way to get rid of diet brain
    I’ve been a dieter for years and years. Scales go down, scales go up, and ultimately I don’t keep the weight off and I feel like I failed. Over and over. This has been the process for the last 40 years at least. Then I found Gin Stephens book, Fast Feast Repeat. And then I searched for the podcast of the same name and I actually listened before I read. The podcasts with Gin and Sheri are so helpful and inspiring. People, REAL people, like me looking for a better way to get healthy and live a life style that we can sustain . Intermittent Fasting (IF) is it. If you’re even the slightest bit curious how an IF lifestyle could benefit you, with the “side effect of weight loss “, you’re in the right place. I bet you can’t listen to just one!
  • mads1063
    A must listen
    This is such a supportive podcast. Gin and Sheri and like 2 friends who are highly educated. Please read Gin’s book “Fast, Feast, Repeat”. It is very helpful and the podcast is an excellent addition to the book. They are both up to date on the latest research and always help with any questions you might have. I lost 60 pounds Intermittent Fasting and have maintained this weight loss. It is the first time in my life I have found a lifestyle that works. If you are struggling with weight loss or. Interesting in a very healthy lifestyle this podcast is a must listen!
  • Dar_loves_IF
    A Must-Listen-To Podcast
    If you are new to intermittent fast or are an IFer, this is a must listen to podcast. So many of my questions have been answered just by listening to Gin and Sheri. They are so knowledgeable and I am grateful to have found them ❤️
  • bige45
    Always great,timely tips and advice for intermittent fasters
    I love the great girlfriend chats! We all need such friends that give us great advice and support on the fasting journey.
  • Fivehole29
    All things IF!!
    If you are an intermittent faster, look no further. Just add this to your podcast library. Gin and Sheri are such a good team. Each and every episode is chock full of info and tips to help you along your IF journey. You will look forward to all new episodes as you await the upcoming topics. They’re fun demeanor and positivity makes you feel like they are alongside you helping every step of the way❤️
  • bplaster2000
    Great podcast!
    Love this podcast! So much great info!
  • 4MDT
    Fun, informative, and “real talk”
    I love the Fast Feast Repeat Podcast. I tune in every week (like I would for one of my favorite television shows—and if I’m being honest some of my favorite TV shows are guilty pleasures 😊. However, there is no guilt involved with “my listening to this podcast.” I look forward to listening, learning, and feeling as if I am receiving blessings for my heart, mind, and soul after listening to the Fast Feast Repeat podcast. The honesty and patience Gin and Sheri convey when answering questions, teaching, and sharing while allowing others to share comfortably is AmAZING.💗
  • Inefficient and doesnt work
    Gin and Sheri dynamic duo
    I can’t wait for my commute every Wednesday to listen to a new episode. I love the format of the show where they answer questions, share personal stories, inspirational quotes and resources. They motivate me to stick with my IF lifestyle. I love how accessible they are and how they interact with each other. Keep up the great content ladies!
  • HSavvy
    Encouraging, Wise, and SO Helpful!
    This show keeps me going me every week of fasting! They answer relevant questions, give you practical answers, and are just so kind and encouraging. I love the wisdom they have and are willing to share with the rest of us. 10/10 recommend!
  • Angrob35
    IF changed my life
    This podcast is so informative. I’ve been fasting for 2 years and these ladies keep me motivated!!! It’s informative, funny, and easy to listen to. Way to go ladies! Keep up the good work! I am and always will be an intermittent faster!!
  • n1Ck13w1gal
    Will always be a IFer
    Love the info and dynamic between Sherri and Gin. I have followed the “clean” fast for a year and a half and it will be always be part of my lifestyle. Love it ;)
  • kat24kat
    Great Podcast!!
    I love this podcast. Gin and Sheri are so knowledgeable about IF. They keep me so inspired and motivated with every step of my journey with IF. I look forward every Wednesday to this podcast, it is one of the best out there. Thank you Gin and Sheri for all that you do. Keep up the good work!
  • jkanepod
    Great IF Podcast!!
    Love this podcast! Have always been a fan of Gin’s, and now Sheri is on the top of my list too. The information they provide is easy to understand and always interesting. Thanks for all you do!!
  • Grateful Rach
    Gin and Sheri deliver week after week. With hearts of true passion and service they share valuable content, heart touching stories, and great tips and advice for everyone on the path to wellness. Best overall and definitely the best in Intermittent Fasting podcasts! Thanks ladies.
  • wfbgames
    Intermittent Fasting & Health Advice
    Thank you Gin and Sheri for a knowledgeable and insightful podcast. You keep up with current studies/news and are able to answer a wide variety of questions and offer advice. I have learned so much more about IF and making it a lifestyle. You both are so genuine and I appreciate you sharing your real life struggles and lessons. If you are new to IF, be sure to read Gin Stephen’s book Fast, Feast, Repeat for the variety of options of IF to fit your life and health goals.
  • Stacyann1010
    Information and Encouragement
    Gin and Sheri feel like friends who have my best interest in mind. They provide such helpful advice and encouragement; my IF journey is enhanced by this terrific podcast!
  • Sassy422
    Awesome podcast!
    This is a great podcast with excellent advice and tips for IFers. Thanks Gin and Sheri for spreading your knowledge. It’s greatly appreciated!
  • Rayofhope2024
    Game changer!
    I first read Gin’a book in early November, 2023 and started the 28 day fast right away. Listening to her podcast reinforced what she wrote about and adds more tidbits and ideas- exactly what I needed to keep the faith and stick to IF! I’m down 25 lbs and will continue to listen to help reach my GW!
  • nqbgr
    My Weekly Dose of Inspiration
    I feel like I'm sitting with friends as they encourage me in my daily health walk with intermittent fasting. They are my lifeline and I moved my "diet brain" to a confidence to make this a lifestyle. I've been folowing them for ove a year and have lost 25 pounds and won't ever go back to spending money on failed ways of eating. Thank you. 5 STARTS!!!!
  • jillyeo
    Great morale booster
    I was so sad when I caught up on all the episodes! Ow I can’t binge them anymore. Anyway, I look forward to listening to Gin & Sheri each week. Their show really boosts my morale and gives me motivation and confidence to keep fasting!
  • Amy was n Boston
    Informative AND fun
    I look forward every week to this podcast. Sheri and Gin are like old friends, the kind who cheer you on. But they also provide excellent and sensible advice about intermittent fasting. Love this podcast!
  • Mom2Gram2
    So inspiring!
    I am new to intermittent fasting. I have listened to other people’s recommendations for how to IF, but I find this podcast to be the most helpful in terms of varied information and also the emphasis on the clean fast. I truly look forward to the weekly episodes. Gin and Sheri, keep up the great work and thank you!!!
  • fitandskinnylisa
    I just love, love this podcast. So much great information shared by Gin and Sheri!!!! I look forward to the next episode….
  • BethP6872
    This show will change your life
    Every episode I learn new things, get new ideas and a great education. It just keeps building your knowledge base in a friendly, fun way!!
  • Arnabeth
    So informative
    I love listening to each new episode. I have been doing IF for over 4 years, and I still learn so much listening to this. The hosts make it seem as though we are having a conversation together. I recommend this to anyone starting IF or who are starting this way of life.
  • Doty C
    Great podcast!
    I absolutely love the Fast, Feast, Repeat podcast! Gin and Sheri do an amazing job keeping the topics fresh, interesting, and applicable. They have great chemistry and the insight they provide is well worth the listen! Thank you Gin and Sheri for continuing to be a part of the solution and for improving so many lives!
  • NWPat
    My Weekly Dose of Motivation
    My overall health, weight loss and physical resilience have all been helped so much through Intermittent Fasting, Gin Stephens’ books and her “Clean Fast, the online Delay Don’t Deny Community, and now this weekly podcast with Gin and Sheri Bullock. I listen for all the good info they share, their obvious commitment to the IF lifestyle and their friendly and fun conversations. I always learn something. And through listening, it’s like I get a booster shot that strengthens my own commitment to the IF lifestyle. Do something good for yourself and subscribe to this podcast! Thank you, Gin
  • BMENG11
    Best IF Podcast
    I absolutely love this podcast. With Gin’s gift of teaching and Sheri’s knowledge of healthcare they make the perfect duo. I have never met or talked with them in person but they have changed my life so much that I would like to think of them as close friends. Whether you are new to Intermittent fasting or not this podcast is a wealth of knowledge, both Gin and Sheri have both walked this IF journey themselves and have such great advise on any IF related topic.
  • PBS 68
    Inspiring and informative
    Gin and Sheri are so knowledgeable about all topics related to intermittent fasting and give such clear and direct answers to all kinds of questions. I recently started AD fasting and binge listened during my first full day fast. You got me through it, ladies. Thank you!
  • tigerlover52
    Amazing Podcast
    This podcast is one of the best I have listened to in the wellness space. I love the relationship between Sherri and Gin and the balance they have between science and life experiences. It feels like you are sitting down with friends! A must listen!
  • Ssingh525
    Update: I love this podcast! It’s helped me so much with understanding the tools of IF! I thought I tried it all, and each time I listen I learn something new, thank you Gin & Sherry!! I joined the Circl app and love it! The community aspect is so huge! It helps when I’m ever in a lull and frustrated with my weight. The fact that Gin responds to questions, comments, NSVs make a huge impact! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
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